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Buried in the heart of increasing right wing governments is a little recognised phenomenon, even by those who walk the corridors of power, what we call ‘The Establishment’, those who formulate and dictate the life of nations. It is not a new phenomenon and can be discerned throughout history in the attitude of the ruling elites towards ordinary people. It’s hidden dominance underpins the attitudes of those who are raised and educated to rule.

Fundamental to their use and abuse of the lives of common people, in war and peace, is contempt. Cynical, exploitative, abusive and murderous, it is used to manage the lives of ordinary people and manipulate our minds to consent to the abuses of power, even to vocally demonstrate to support and even violently justify it.

It’s invisible force is no better demonstrated than in the ‘theatre’ of war, in which the minds of ordinary people are ‘stage managed’ to not only support war in an orgy of patriotic fervour, but to expend their lives extravagantly, ‘waging’ war whilst those who prosecute war look on and award themselves the greatest protections from its consequences. The killing fields of war are littered with the bodies of those who have no say in its prosecution, which lies exclusively in the hands of those who make up the privileged elite, who could justifiably be described as champagne warriors who protect themselves from the privations and consequences of the wars they perpetrate.

Following two world wars one man saw an opportunity to use the propaganda of war in peace time, a dark genius who recognised the need to rebrand propaganda for peace time, calling it ‘Public Relations’. His name was Edward Bernays and is eulogised as ‘The Father of Public Relations’. This is what he said: “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, and our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of… It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind.”

This unseen mechanism of society which constitutes an invisible government is actually hidden in plain sight and assaults us on a daily basis, without which the machinations of power would be rightly condemned by ordinary people and yet, by and large, its acceptance is visible in every aspect of our lives, not only so but we willingly demonstrate our acceptance of it by paying for it.

It is called, ‘The Media’, although today, through the power of the Internet and the rise of democratic and independent media voices, it should be called the ‘Corporate Media’, owned, managed and controlled by unaccountable, fantastically wealthy, oligarchs like Rupert Murdoch, Lord Rothermere, David and Frederick Barclay, Richard Desmond and others who are called ‘Press Barons’, people whose wealth we add to daily as we consume their ‘products’ which are also replete with another of Bernays targeted manipulative endeavours, ‘Advertising’.

One of his most successful achievements, which was visible in his first ever public demonstration of power, was the idea of freedom. The tobacco industry, eager to promote their products to an unsuspecting world, hired Bernays to ‘overcome “sales resistance” to cigarette smoking among women. Fully aware of studies linking smoking to cancer, he organised a demonstration at the 1929 Easter Parade in New York in which a group of debutantes lit up cigarettes and flaunted them as ‘torches of freedom’. It was a resounding success.

What followed was a revolution in advertising, which had hitherto focused on the practical and durable virtues of products, into the lifestyle choices and aspirations of the cult of the free.

In Germany, Joseph Goebbels adopted Bernays techniques in promoting the cult of the Führer around Adolf Hitler. When Bernays discovered that the Nazis were using his work, Bernays said, “They were using my books as the basis for a destructive campaign against the Jews of Germany. This shocked me, but I knew any human activity can be used for social purposes or misused for antisocial ones.” What Bernays never did was to consider his own contemptuous abuse of power in manipulating the minds of ordinary people for control, profit and power. Bernays was a man consumed by his own virtuousness, blind to what we see today in rags like the Sun, Mail and Express, in particular and the daily onslaught from the one eyed monster that has overtaken all other forms of leisure activities, television and our slavish devotion to it.

The message of our times is not how do we beat the most abusive government in the history of Britain, but in how we liberate our minds from slavery to the abuse of the media which supports them.

Ordinary people are accused of apathy, derided as sheeple, mocked for their ignorance, accused and despised for the outpourings of hate and bile that is the bane of social media, called extremists when they take the law into their own hands and murder those they have been taught to hate and treat as the ‘Untermensch’, the German word for undesirables, subhuman’s, in the ever growing tide of right wing xenophobia.

I have written extensively on ‘the war on the poor’, the overwhelming successful war promoted by the Conservatives since 2010. Propaganda has triumphed over reason. The mindless hate directed against Jeremy Corbyn, reached new heights when the BBC displayed a huge backdrop of a manipulated image of Corbyn in a Russian hat, in front of the Kremlin, after he demanded proof for Theresa May’s fact free assertion that Russia was entirely responsible for poisoning an ex-spy, his daughter and a policeman. Today, she is pressing her advantage with a picture in the media of her holding a baby.

The cynical use of propaganda by a government which has been systematically destroying the social structure of Britain since 2010 costing the lives of hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people is obscene. But the greatest tragedy of all is that so many of the Conservatives intended victims will cast their vote for a government that has nothing but contempt for them.

Manufacturing consent is alive and well, and will continue to flourish as long as people look no further than the screen that dominates their living rooms. Bernays would be proud of his success.

Whilst more and more people are waking up to the reality of what is happening in Britain and across the world, the tide is slow to turn and it falls to independent media sources and an increasingly vocal and active public to press on to oppose the onslaught of corporatism and governments which support the greed of powerful elites against the people. The power of the masses, the very thing that Bernays attacked and manipulated, is the only thing that will save us. The contempt of the powerful will not easily give way to the will of the people unless we demand it and keep on demanding it.

Power to the people.

KOG. 17 February 2018



In an interview on BBC news on 12th June, Conservative MP Alan Mak dribbled out a tawdry series of platitudes and nonsense, including, “Well our job is to make sure that we form a strong and stable government…” At which point he was interrupted by the interviewer, “Are you really still saying strong and stable?” Mak replied, “Our job is to provide certainty,” at which the interviewer laughed, saying, “I am sorry to laugh but we’re in a country where if you talked to anybody at the weekend, people are quite worried. Three words you would not have heard were, strong, stable and certainty. Those three things that we don’t have.”

I’ll leave it there, the link’s below, but Mak continued for several minutes, never once going off message that wouldn’t have even passed the Turing test (for whether a human being would be able to identify an artificial intelligence in a conversation).

Across the nation it seems a sea change is occurring. The right wing media, and much of the middle and left, and, of course, television presenters, see themselves as makers of news, controlling the dialogue, talking heads to a supine nation soaking up the received ‘wisdom’ relentlessly thrown at them by ‘those who know best’ or who are paid to shape the minds of the masses, and this is no longer ok and nor will it be tolerated. It is not ok for politicians to sit and spout gobbledygook. It is not ok for the media to spin lies and distortions and spread hate and division, and nor is it ok that media moguls get away with subverting democracy for their own self serving ends and gain.

It would be easy to put all this at the door of Jeremy Corbyn who has been so successful at energising voters across the nation, encouraging people to engage and get involved. Although he clearly has done this, he’s a plain speaking, straight talking man, emerging like a breath of fresh air in a political arena that is full of smog. But he has not done it alone. Preceding him has been the rise of social media in all its many forms and a determined and growing number of bloggers, vloggers, citizen journalists, independent media sites, entirely independent of corporate money, determined by self motivated dedication, willing to meet their own costs, helped by donations as people see fit, to speak plainly about issues relevant to ordinary people – the great ignored.

In short, what’s happened is democracy. We all know the word, but how many people know what it means? The most commonly held idea of democracy is a system of government of the people, elected by the people. It’s called representative democracy. We go and vote every few years, based on very little understanding of what the different parties are all about apart from what we’re told by the media and whatever bits and pieces are posted through our doors, and then go home, have a nice cup of tea and get on with our lives, till the next time we’re inconvenienced to go and put another X in a box at a polling station. This has quietly been largely accepted for generations, and those in power expect us to go back to sleep and not bother our little heads about them as they go about governing the country and our lives.

But there is another democracy which has traditionally been understood and exercised by a vocal and active few, painted as suspicious and dangerous by both the media and government as neither respectable nor respectful of the status quo. The most obvious example of this participative democracy is workers Unions. You know, those united workers who mess up our lives by making unreasonable demands for better pay and working conditions and don’t care how much they inconvenience the rest of us by having the temerity to go on strike when their demands are either ignored or outright refused. Yes the bloody unions, without whom we’d have no weekends, no paid holidays, no restriction on working hours, no employment laws, no retirement age, no maternity leave, no minimum wage and no restrictions on child labour. Yes, them with their gold plated pensions and earning more than all the rest of us, the bastards, or so the media would have it. I cannot count the number of times I have heard ordinary working people curse the unions. I even got a ten minute lecture from a furious woman at a printers who printed a ‘Save our NHS’ leaflet for me who was clearly triggered into an anti union rant by the democratic activist nature of the leaflet, a lecture which almost word for word came off the pages of the Daily Express (owned by tax avoiding billionaire pornographer Richard Desmond who thinks people are mostly stupid).

All might have been well and the nation might have just got on with business as usual if David Cameron and his coalition government hadn’t got into ‘power’, in the very worst possible sense, in 2010. He quite blithely set about taking the nation apart, selling off everything that stood still for longer than ten minutes and destroying the welfare state and the NHS and the lives of ordinary people and lying about it every inch of the way. The right wing billionaire owned media got right on board sewing division and setting ordinary people against each other and immigrants (swarms and cockroaches) in particular. Ah, those heady days of poverty porn and Iain Duncan Smith killing off disabled people. It seems like a long time ago now, since when they decided they could happily get on with destroying public services, attacking junior doctors, teachers, social care, pensioners, young people, job security, ruin the economy with their great austerity lie, and pour riches into the hands of corporations and the already exceedingly wealthy.

It was slow, but steadily more and more people began to take notice, more and more people were reporting what was really going on, and then Brexit happened. Cameron lost his silly game and reckless gamble and pissed off, and Theresa May took over with a working majority in government. The NHS was driven into crisis by Jeremy Hunt, children were starving, disabled people lost their support, people were sanctioned to death, too many and too much to be ignored any longer.

Then, out of nowhere, to the immeasurable dismay of everyone on the accustomed gravy train of power, came the rise and rise of one Jeremy Corbyn. For ordinary people, a breath of fresh air, to the those who enjoyed all the trappings of wealth and power, horror personified. Jeremy Corbyn who said let’s have a fair and more equal society, let’s do something about these Tories and greed and corruption, Jeremy Corbyn who said let’s build houses for people, let’s feed our children, let’s save our NHS, let’s have social justice and a people’s democracy. Jeremy Corbyn who said, ‘Get involved’.

Those in power didn’t know what had hit them, they had no idea what to do, least of all Prime Minister Theresa May and her party of the privileged. The entire corporate media, including the BBC, like surprised Meerkats, did a collective, “What the fuck!”

It is a measure of how completely taken by surprise and clueless all those with power and influence are to anything remotely resembling a people’s democratic movement, that Theresa May decided, in an act of madness and desperation, in order to secure her position and get shot of the Corbyn threat once and for all, to call a snap election.

She took on the people, with all the power and influence of a vengeful corporate media behind her, and lost, she lost her majority, she lost her mandate and she lost every ounce of credibility. And what is amazing, truly and wonderfully amazing, is that neither she, nor the media nor all the talking heads and so called experts have a single clue what to do or how to get the people to get back in the box of supine political ignorance where they belong and just to do as they are told.

Those who see themselves as the masters of the universe don’t like it, they are utterly lost and clueless and I can’t stop smiling. It is a thing of beauty to behold. Do, let’s, keep it up, for all our sakes.

KOG. 14 June 2017

11_october_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,227

Sunday 11 October 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Who are ISIL/ISIS/IS and what more real and present danger are they to this country than you and your government? As heads of state posture and rival with each other for the deceit of the moral high ground in the escalating war of aggression in Syria, marching us ever closer to Armageddon and mutually assured destruction, there is another unseen and barely remarked war going on, unremarked by you, of course, as its prosecutor, and of little interest to a corporate media who prefer shock and awe news, rather than anything resembling journalism.

The two fields of war at home and abroad have one certain thing in common, the politics of self interest and corporate greed, which is the ruling brute fist driving policy at home and abroad. You care nothing for the victims of war, the thousands of lives lost, the poverty, the homeless, the starving, the abandoned, the betrayed, and the children who must suffer the consequences of your austerity and your war on the poor, mere collateral damage in the corporate take over of Britain.

Our growing homeless, are they any less refugees in this war, with nowhere to go, no hope of relief, hounded without mercy, even threatened with fines of £1,000, and those who care enough to offer the homeless food threatened with prosecution? These are the refugees of austerity and the corporatocracy imposed on Britain today.

Britain is not short of a bob or two when it comes to corporate relief and welfare, £93 billion in corporate subsidies and tax breaks, £375 billion in quantitative easing pumped into the financial markets. We’re not short of handouts to the rich either as Osborne provides inheritance tax relief for wealthy families.

In Britain it is a war without guns, but it is just as brutal as Iain Duncan Smith deprives the poorest and most vulnerable of the means of survival. And like any war, it is fuelled by propaganda, demonising the enemy, blaming the enemy for the brutality which is the sole prerogative of those who conduct wars, those with the might and self given right to mercilessly crush their enemies.

The corporate propaganda machine is out in force, demonising and calling the champions of peace and social justice, unpatriotic and a threat to security and conducting the most virulent, hateful, attacks upon them – Jeremy Corbyn, Charlotte Church, DPAC, Russell Brand and many more. Priti Patel even had the audacity to describe disabled and elderly campaigners as a ‘thuggish gang’. And just as in any war, you sit far from harms way protected from the consequences of your vile actions, buffered by the front line obedient troops you care nothing for either.

Not in my name, Mr Cameron. You do not represent me and I will not lend my silence to your smug, self assured, couldn’t care less brutality. Someone told me yesterday that I should tell you I am ashamed to share the same surname as you, I am not ashamed to bear my fathers name, the shame is all yours.