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Seeing the title of this piece, readers can be forgiven if their immediate reaction is that I am just being ridiculously naive.

Politicians and lying go together like a horse and carriage, fish and chips, Batman and Robin, Theresa May and Brexit cluster fuck. Surely everybody knows that!

When David Cameron became Prime Minister in 2010, he did so on the back of a whole series of manifesto lies and what prompted me to begin ‘A letter a Day to Number 10’ was the need to expose the truth of what the Tories were doing to Britain. Not least amongst all the destructive policies that the Tories unleashed was that we the people were forced to rescue the (too big to fail) banks and as a consequence were punished by the Tories with austerity. One of George Osborne’s most used expressions was that we, the bread and butter people of Britain, had to pay down the debt.

In his 2015 summer budget speech, Osborne said, “So those who oppose any savings to Tax Credits will have to explain how on earth they propose to eliminate the deficit, let alone run a surplus and pay down debt.” He very specifically laid the responsibility for eliminating the deficit and paying down the debt on low income families, who, as we all know, had gambled away and crashed the global economy.

You couldn’t make it up, but George Osborne did.

Year on year the lies kept coming until Theresa May became Prime Minister at which point the lies became much more sinister and cynical, she promised the Earth and gave us hell, not least to the survivors of the Grenfell Tower catastrophe to whom she promised, “Residents of Grenfell Tower will be rehoused at the earliest possible opportunity, within three weeks at the latest.” They are still waiting six months later.

Poor, sick and disabled people are being brutally punished under Universal Credit (UC) and despite calls to pause or scrap the rollout of UC, the government are having none of it, claiming the system is working.

But something else has risen up and grown since 2010. Those familiar with my letters, are probably also aware of the incredible artwork of Stew Art’s postcards to David Cameron, the biting humour of Katy Anchant’s letters to her unwitting paramour, Dave, her ‘little pink flip-flop’, and the postcards of Linda Strickler. There were also the beautifully illustrated ‘Dear Dave and Nick’ letters of Bern O’Donoghue.

Also rising and now dominating the political landscape, we have Vox Political, Skwawkbox, The Canary, Another Angry Voice, Pride’s Purge, The Poor Side of Life, Dorset Eye, SPeye Joe (Welfarewrites), Evolve Politics, Disabled People Against the Cuts (DPAC), Samuel Miller (a tireless campaigner for social justice), Taxpayers Against Poverty (TAP), Rachael @Rachael_Swindon on Twitter, Sue Jones – Politics and Insights, Welfare Weekly and many others who have slipped my mind. There are also individual campaigners like Paula Peters and protector groups against fracking and ecocide, amongst many others.

What we all have in common is speaking the truth to power and exposing the lies, deceit and corruption of the Tories and holding government to account and demanding justice.

In 2010, David Cameron promised, “Greater transparency across Government is at the heart of our shared commitment to enable the public to hold politicians and public bodies to account.” He lied.

It should not be down to us as individuals or for organisations to dedicate our precious time to exposing government corruption and lies, that is a travesty of justice. We need much more stringent powers to hold government to account, not a bung happy free for all amongst over privileged career politicians who think and behave as if they are above the law and sneer at court judgements and, of course, the many and diverse ordinary people who make up this once functioning nation.

Is truth in politics really such an outlandish thing to demand from our supposed representatives in government? Are they not just glorified (mostly in their own sight) managers of the nations laws, finances, social services, infrastructure and our international interests? The Queen calls them ‘her government’, if so, why isn’t she paying for them and not us and why isn’t she demanding that they do their damned jobs with honesty, integrity and due diligence and if they don’t, and they aren’t, why is she not kicking their worthless hides out onto the streets or putting them behind bars?

In 21st century Britain can we not do better than a bunch of lying, corrupt, self serving criminals in the, so called, mother of all parliaments?

Truth in politics should be the very least of our demands and expectations.

It is time for a new, honest, accountable, politics, it is time for Labour headed by Jeremy Corbyn and a manifesto for the many, not the few. The challenges he faces are immense, from a corrupt right wing media, a dirty opposition, opposition within the Labour party, a country in Tory induced chaos, corporate self interest and greed, to name the more obvious ones, but above all he must be true to the people in an institution steeped in historic elitism and privilege and the insidious corrupting influences of wealth and power. Personally, I think Jeremy Corbyn, the team of people around him and we, are ready, and most especially those whose lives are most at risk every day under the Tories.

I am 66 years old, first generation NHS, and I never imagined that I’d see the country, and the world, so betrayed by corruption, self interest and greed or such a rise in informed opposition to it. It is very much time for change. Decency, honesty and integrity are, and always have been, powerful, and the politics of our time demands them for the present and for any kind of humane, sustainable, future. The generation that survived WWII built a Britain fit for all and we can do it again.

KOG. 02 January 2018



The world is being driven by the morally bankrupt and the utterly corrupt for whom accumulated wealth has more worth than life itself and in the hunger for which, globally, they destroy the lives and livelihoods of billions of people.

It is impossible for most ordinary people, including me, to know how corrupt the UK government is, and, indeed, governments and corporations across the world.

In the UK corporations are invited to advise on writing tax law and help design the loopholes they will later exploit. In 2010 Ian Brimicombe, described as a tax guru for AstraZeneca, was appointed as an adviser to a government liaison committee, along with senior executives from some of Britain’s biggest companies, to develop UK corporate tax policy. Within 5 months of the new tax regime coming into effect in 2013 ‘AstraZeneca had set up an unusual and intricate Dutch tax avoidance structure that would enable it to take full advantage of the new loopholes it had so helpfully advised on.’

Meanwhile over at Forbes, Tim Worstall writes, ‘Now They’re Chasing AstraZeneza: If Only These People Understood The System’. He goes on to say, ‘To be honest, it does seem reasonably sensible to have the world’s experts in corporate taxation advising on how to tax corporations but perhaps other people don’t see it quite that way.’

I rather think that Worstall knows the system and displays his disingenuousness well. Britain is languishing under a terrible misapprehension, the myth of the great and the good. Leave it to the experts and don’t worry our little heads about why the system is so complex and why it is, according to Tax Justice Network (TJN), that between $21-32 trillion dollars of private wealth is held offshore in tax havens. TJN goes on to say, ‘Measuring the size of the offshore economy is an exercise in night vision. It is hard to define it; it is fragmented and messy, and it is swathed in secrecy.’ But, but, but, wasn’t the system designed by the great and the good, the worlds finest, so there’s nothing to bother our little heads over? It’s 2017 and we didn’t discover financial literacy yesterday and yet somewhere in excess of $500bn per year of corporate profits is shifted by multinational companies into tax refuges and (unsurprisingly) ‘as a percentage of their gross domestic product, developing countries are hit hardest.’

But I need not delve so far into the twisted la la land of the financial interests of the super wealthy to gather hints of the enormity of corruption that bedevils us.

In 2010, as manifesto pledges, David Cameron promised, ‘With the Conservatives there will be no more of the tiresome, meddlesome, top-down re-structures that have dominated the last decade of the NHS’, ‘absolutely no plans to raise VAT’, ‘No cuts to front-line services’, to name but three. How great the lies that trip off the tongues of the great and the good to bedazzle and beguile the minds of those they rob blind.

As important as lying to the public is, the lies and deceit that Cameron and his cronies and the present government under Theresa May spin so glibly, provide only the merest glimpse of the tip of the iceberg of the fantastic corruption of those who lay false claim to serve the best interests of nations.

2013 also saw the introduction of the ‘bedroom tax’ and David Freud and Iain Duncan Smith were busily redesigning Britain’s system of social security, transforming it into a secret penal system that, it is now horrifically clear, is more brutal and far harsher than any punishment delivered by the nations justice system, and which, with casual indifference, has wiped out the lives of tens of thousands of people, and targets the poorest and most vulnerable people in the UK many times over. A report from The Centre for Welfare Reform in 2013 revealed that under the governments welfare reforms, ‘People in poverty are targeted 5 times more than most citizens, Disabled people are targeted 9 times more than most citizens and People needing social care are targeted 19 times more than most citizens.’

Austerity means hunger, deprivation and death for the poor and tax cuts, bonuses and protection for the rich.

Britain is one of the most unequal countries in the developed world and in 2015 was found to be the most unequal country in the EU. The UN’s Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities has established that ‘welfare cuts have created a ‘human catastrophe’ for disabled people in the UK and accused the government of “grave and systematic violations” of the rights of disabled people. Damian Green, then Work and Pensions Secretary, dismissed the EU’s findings as, ‘an outdated view of disability which is patronising and offensive’, and claimed, ‘The UK is a recognised world leader in disabled rights and equality.’ If so, then this disabled person says to the government, “Spare me your tender ministrations and the Judas kiss of your treachery.”

The problem with corruption in high places is that it is so much a part of the system and so normal that its magnitude is barely discernible to even the most determined investigative research. It is not that there might be a few rotten eggs in the basket, but that the entire system is based on corruption as an absolute, it is written into its DNA, corruption is its raison d etre, backed up, supported and underwritten by a right wing media that targets and vilifies those who oppose and expose this obscene orgy of corruption.

In 2015 David Cameron spent over £10 million on what was described as ‘his army of spin doctors and advisers’ to purposefully deceive the nation. They are the living proof that not only is it entirely possible to polish a turd, but too many people are far too willing to feast on it, digest and regurgitate it in virulent retribution and hate and attack disabled people, immigrants and vulnerable people on the streets as if they are the cause of the all the worlds woe and, as we’ve seen time and time again, much to the delight and braying laughter and mockery of the architects of despair in government.

David Cameron, just prior to an anti-corruption summit in London, said, in front of the Queen and televised, “We’ve got some leaders of some fantastically corrupt countries coming to Britain… Nigeria and Afghanistan, possibly the two most corrupt countries in the world.” leading the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby to disagree and say in defence of Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, “But this particular president is not corrupt… he’s trying very hard.” James Landale, BBC diplomatic correspondent, said of Cameron, one of the most corrupt Prime Ministers in UK history (and certainly the most blandly shiny faced), ” it is perhaps one of the most undiplomatic things a prime minister could say – to describe two countries as fantastically corrupt just hours before their leaders visit Britain.” And therein lies the real problem of the fantastically corrupt, like Cameron, a wholehearted belief in their own righteousness and outspoken in their appalling ignorance.

Just like May’s government, Cameron served on an entirely corrupt platform of lies and deceit, penalising and brutalising millions of ordinary people, who they despise, whilst transferring the nations wealth into the hands of a grasping elite which is corrupt to the bone.

And children starve and the innocent die young.

KOG. 27 November 2017.–l1It2nHEZb


Jobcentres – Britain’s secret penal system
Zero hours contracts
Cuts to workplace protections
Cuts to legal aid
Gig economy
Getting rid of safety ‘red tape’
Scrapping social housing
Scrapping housing benefit for young people
Food banks
Child poverty
Extreme inequality
The ‘free’ market economy
Government attacks on disabled people
The intention to scrap the Human Rights Act
Grenfell – murder
War on the poor
Class war

The above is a list, just a list, although there are plenty of supporting links below, it is a list I am not going to expand on as I have been doing that for five years. The list uses words familiar to anyone paying attention to life in Britain today under the most brutal Tory regime since Victorian times when the poor were brutalised in work houses for the crime of being poor.

The end of the British slave trade was finally made law in 1838 through the passing of the Slavery Abolition Act, it was achieved only through bitter struggle against powerful resistance from those who reaped vast profits from slavery, including the British establishment, amongst whom was an ancestor of David Cameron, the clergy, small businessmen and a great many widows who, then as now, outlived their husbands.

The law, however, did not mean changed hearts or minds and abolition was only achieved by generous compensation for the loss of ‘property’ to slave owners. Slaves received not a brass farthing for their years of abject misery and the abolition of slavery was far from the end of their misery as no provision was made to aid them in their newly ‘given’ ‘freedom’ and they were also compelled under the Act to provide 45 hours of unpaid labour each week to their former masters for a further four years after their supposed liberation. So not only did they have to contribute to the cost of their own liberty, they were cast adrift with nothing, and plantation owners were quick to exploit them further.

It would be a mistake to think that the mentality of the establishment, the so called financial elites and the aristocracy has changed significantly despite hard won legal protections for ordinary people and since 2010, and exploiting the financial crash, the Tories have ruthlessly set about the brutal control and exploitation of the lives of ordinary people in Britain. Put the list above in a pot and shake it, tip it out and what will appear is ‘Slave Nation’. We may have moved on from bull whips, floggings and chains, but the attitude has not changed one bit, nor the desire to exploit and impoverish people for profit.

Whether it is Iain Duncan Smith and his bringing to the DWP the Nazi slogan “Arbeit macht frei”, in his own words “work actually helps free people”, from the German death camps in his welfare reforms, to Damien Green celebrating the gig economy and insecure employment as exciting, “Just a few years ago the idea of a proper job meant a job that brings in a fixed monthly salary, with fixed hours, paid holidays, sick pay, a pension scheme and other contractual benefits. But the gig economy has changed all that.” Adding, “The potential is huge and the change is exciting.” For him, maybe, for us, it means misery and exploitation.

At what point do we stop and admit what’s staring us in the face? Cameron used our money to pay off the bankers debts and then passed on the resultant economic black hole to us and introduced swingeing austerity. That is not in any degree anything less that a slaver would do to pay down his debts.

In 2015 after David Cameron had pledged not to cut Tax Credits, in his budget speech George Osborne said, “As Alistair Darling has said, the sheer scale of Tax Credits is “subsidising lower wages in a way that was never intended.” So those who oppose any savings to Tax Credits will have to explain how on earth they propose to eliminate the deficit, let alone run a surplus and pay down debt.” At that time the Office for National Statistics reported that ‘Britain’s richest 1% own as much as poorest 55% of population’. Yet who did Cameron and Osborne target for living profligate lifestyles with their wide screen TVs and tattoos and their culture of entitlement? The poorest people in society, only swapping the bullwhip for food banks and sanctions and suicide. The rich got richer.

To borrow the words of George Osborne, those who oppose any suggestion that we are a slave nation will have to explain how on earth they deny the facts sitting right under their noses. Today’s slavers praise the bravery and courage of our frontline workers and yet cheer as they vote down a pay rise for them. Grenfell Tower was a scene of multiple murders because the lives of slaves don’t matter, their lives entirely expendable, deprived of the most basic protections, safety measures and procedures.

Modern slavery differs only in the means used to enforce it, our lives are just as expendable and our slave masters could not give one damn as long as they enjoy the rich rewards they steal from us to maintain their lives of luxury.

There are many, many reasons why Theresa May must go, along with the rest of her party of the privileged, but the main reason she must go is that she’s a modern day slaver driving Britain ever deeper into a slave nation. Today’s slaves don’t even qualify for food and housing.

KOG. 12 July 2017

Government ministers ‘congratulated themselves’ for cutting fire regulations


In 2010 the incoming government was handed a note penned by departing treasury minister Liam Byrne which read, “Dear chief secretary, I’m afraid there is no money. Kind regards – and good luck! Liam”. It was, of course, a joke, the kind of joke shared between colleagues which us Brits are, or were, rather good at.

We are known the world over for being self deprecating, we love to talk ourselves down, something that leaves many of our American cousins scratching their heads.

In the face of uncompromising disaster, some wag will crack a deadpan funny or make a towering understatement. as the Captain of the Titanic might have said to his First Officer that fateful day in 1912, ‘Well that’s a bit inconvenient, Bill’, to which the response might have been, ‘Indeed, Sir’.

Byrne’s note was a classic, an in joke, and when David Cameron made political mileage out of it, all he really did was reveal himself to be the crass opportunistic oaf he was and remains to this day.

Cameron went on to fundamentally change British politics and the social landscape with all the heavy handed crassness the worst of the privileged elites have to offer, epitomised by tales of burning £50 notes under the noses of homeless people. When Lord Ashcroft alleged in his book, ‘Call me Dave’, that Cameron had put ‘a private part of his anatomy’ into a dead pigs mouth, it was an act of revenge and bitter rivalry between posh boys, but entirely believable because that’s the kind of people they are.

Cameron successfully diverted the nations attention away from the bankers who had crashed the global economy and who had been bailed out by bewildered tax payers, money that paid for their continuing bonus culture and Stock Exchange gambling habits, to blame it all on the poorest and most vulnerable people in society. He paved the way for an obscene outpouring of poverty porn and lethal hatred of all those on benefits, in which the symbol of burning £50 notes under the noses of homeless people translated to, ‘Why should ‘we’ pay for scum?’

To succeed in the Tory long held dream and long term plan of ripping the heart out of Britain’s system of health and social care, frontline services, education, publicly funded services and to asset strip the nation, Cameron was the perfect front man, along with coked up fellow Etonian rich bitch George Osborne. To the mantra of ‘we’re all in this together’, Cameron launched an all out war on poor, sick and disabled people not seen since Victorian times.

The remit for hounding the poor to death, fell to David Freud, Iain Duncan Smith and Esther McVey, loathsome individuals who between them turned Britain’s system of social security into a secret penal system with the introduction of brutal welfare reforms, under the guise of Universal Credit, Fit Notes, sanctions, benefits denial and Workfare, 500 disabled people a week having their Motability vehicles stolen from them, and seeing off tens of thousands of lives.

In 2017 this is routine, even Frankie Boyle seems to struggle to find a joke about Britain under Theresa May who is now so inhuman she’s called ‘Maybot’ and listening to Tories speak, they wouldn’t even pass the Turing test as even remotely sounding like anything human. In February Jeremy Hunt went off to America for secret meetings with health care companies and our NHS stands on the brink of full privatisation. Iain Duncan Smith is rewriting history as if he was some kind of saviour of the poor and Theresa May is behaving like a tin pot dictator having a constant paddy that anyone dare question her divine right to rule as she sees fit, even declaring in Parliament about the prospect of a Labour government, “We will never let it happen.”

Meanwhile, in a parody of Labours Momentum, Jacob Rees-Mogg is running a leadership campaign called ‘Moggmentum’ which, astonishingly, is attracting a good many Victorian minded, cap doffing, sycophants for whom, doubtless, the reintroduction of workhouses might be seen as the solution to the poor problem, whom Rees Mogg has consistently voted against, from scrapping human rights to the imposition of mass surveillance, welfare cuts and against guaranteed jobs for young people. He’s a walking relic of a bygone era which the Tory party are hell bent on driving us back to, and for Rees Mogg to consider that his time has come says everything we need to know about the direction we’re headed.

In all of this, however, something is happening for which these hide bound privileged elites have no answer other than to hit back with vile slander and hate filled language. Ordinary people have had enough, and, despite the closed ranks of the privileged, are eloquent in saying so and if some speak out in affronted spluttering rage, better that than the deceitful xenophobic tones of spite with which our lives are scorned.

These days Britain is looking ever more like a monstrous Titanic and like the Titanic there are (seemingly) not enough life boats for the many, but unlike the real Titanic, those who are securing safety for themselves are the very people who are sinking the ship and care nothing for those who are losing their lives. Where once it was women and children first, these days, it’s the privileged and powerful first and only, the rest of us can sink or swim. It is impossible to imagine Theresa May saving anyone but herself. There can be no more horrifying symbol of this titanic and deliberate national injustice than Grenfell Tower.

Grenfell Tower should remain as monument of our times as a warning to future generations to never again allow humanity to become enslaved to money. Life is too precious to be allowed to be auctioned by those whose only god is greed.



We are much more complex creatures than we give ourselves credit for and certainly more than those who mis-govern us give us credit for.

If you’ve paid any attention to the government over the last seven years you’ll doubtless have learnt that our only worth is in whether we are working or not, and if we are not, we are essentially scroungers and bone idle useless eaters.

In the mental dribbling of Priti Patel and fellow authors of ‘Britannia Unchained’ they accused British workers of being “among the worst idlers in the world”.

They don’t even care whether we raise our own children or not, just as long as we’re working and ‘hard working’ at that.

The very idea of family has taken a beating in the past few decades, from Thatcher onwards. Thatcher used an entirely fallacious argument that “too many people have been given to understand that if they have a problem, it’s the government’s job to cope with it”, “They’re casting their problem on society”, to declare, “there is no such thing as society”. To conflate government with society is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard, she might just as well have said, ‘there’s no such thing as government’ for all the meaning it had. But for all it’s meaninglessness it has had powerful consequences.

Casting (sharing) our problems on society has been the entire history of human development, a vast collective endeavour of co-operation, interspersed with power hungry grasping wars and empire building, none of which was of the people’s making, who pretty much always just want to get on and not see their off spring die at the behest of colonial minded elites intent on conquest at the people’s expense. We are, in fact, social creatures and we exist and develop and grow through co-operation.

The past seven years have been brutal in government attempts to individualise us and set us against one another. Thousands have died, hate crimes have risen, collective bargaining has been crushed, wages have tanked, job and life insecurity has risen, our most cherished public services have been near destroyed. We have seen very well what happens without society and working together with one another for our common good.

It was Thatcher, again, who said, “There’s no such thing as entitlement, unless someone has first met an obligation”. If you study the lives of those in the cabinets of David Cameron and Theresa May, what you’ll discover is a world of entitlement ordinary people don’t even dream of, a world so utterly divorced from our common awareness and consciousness that we live, literally, worlds apart. David Cameron was the very epitome of privilege and the embodiment of entitlement who accused the poorest in society of a ‘culture of entitlement’ as he launched his governments all out attack on Britain’s system of social security in his war on the poor. Many gave up their lives in despair and many more wondered if it would ever end.

But then, in 2015, something remarkable happened. After the 2015 General Election, Ed Miliband resigned as Labour leader and a leadership contest was held in which a rank outsider found his way onto the ballot sheet, Jeremy Corbyn. He went on to win the greatest electoral mandate of any UK political party leader in history, twice, the second time, after being attacked from within by his own party, with an even greater majority. Jeremy Corbyn was the people’s choice. Attacked by members of his own party elite, reviled by the press, along with all those who voted for him and supported him, he stuck and not only that, he rose. Steadily and relentlessly, he rose as a dominant figure in the political arena to the utter dismay of the powerful and privileged, especially the moguls of the media world, who used every trick in the book to denigrate him and destroy his credibility and ours.


In the most simple and yet most complex way, Jeremy Corbyn spoke to humanity. He resonated, he empathised, he shared common cause, he spoke plainly and clearly, he understood and was understood, he was and is a man of the people.

Many of us wondered if he could survive the relentless onslaught of the attacks he had to endure. He did. Personally, I shuddered at even the thought of undergoing the trial by fire he endured, knowing I would surely have crumbled. He didn’t.

And then, post EU referendum and looming Brexit, for reasons which remain elusive, having pledged she would not, Theresa May, pretender to the political throne of Britain and a one party state, called a snap General Election and then ran for the broom cupboard, perhaps hoping that the polls were right and that her future was secure as Britain’s leader and dictator, no matter what.

Jeremy Corbyn took to the streets, towns and cities of the nation, producing a fully costed manifesto for rebuilding Britain after seven dismal years of Tory misrule, and the country started to shake and then rock, and then roll for a country of the people, by the people, for the people. It seems almost asinine to have to say it, but a country is its people. Even the worst dictator in the world isn’t so stupid as to kill all the people off, just subjugate them and drive them through fear, but still the people make the nation, with scant gratitude from traditional ruling elites.

Corbyn, an allotment owner, understands that people are the bread and butter of a nation, a vegetarian for some 50 years and a man of peace and strong in defence of peace, he shares a vision of a nation working together and prospering in every way, politically, culturally, educationally, healthily, personally and together.

The Telegraph, that stalwart of conservatism, declared in 2016, “Jeremy Corbyn is joyless vegetarianism made flesh”. There is nothing to be seen of joylessness in Corbyn as he tours the country, in the people laughing and cheering, in the hope he inspires and, in a short time, I very much hope, leader of the nation, when the Telegraph will be forced to eat its own measly words.

Can you feel it coming?

Hope is back, front and centre, and it feels great.

KOG. 21 May 2017–Wk35Qn7uIl


It all began when his mates Isla and Jeb moved house and in the midst of chaos Jeb had set up his computer system. After a day of lunking boxes he’d emerged from beneath his desk, wrestling with the usual spaghetti, to note the time on his digital clock was 9h:9. Too knackered to even begin to make sense of it, he’d given it the finger and hit the sack, but not before Isla had grabbed a shot on her phone and texted it to her mate KOG, quoting Jeb, “Now what the hell is wrong with that clock?”

For KOG it had been a Damascus moment, he’d nearly wet himself with joy, the ultimate victory, an anarchist’s wet dream.

Recently retired, KOG was in the process of reclaiming his life from all that time represents, the orderliness of work, appointments, schedules and a slavish obedience to order which was none of his own. Now 66 he resented every external routine that had ever controlled his life. What use was time to an ageing hippy with anarchist pretensions? Time was now his own, but that was a misconception, still ruled by rules he despised. Fuck time, it was his own life he wanted. And Jeb, friend and computer genius, had cracked it in one moment of knackered inattention and ramped himself up to inadvertent hero status in KOG’s life.

Time, KOG mused, is the orthodoxy of our time and has been since the Industrial Revolution and the rise of the factory, the machine and thus enslavement to time. Time has all the characteristics of the blind unquestioning following of a religious cult to which KOG now aspired to become an apostate.

In response to Isla’s email KOG had immediately turned his digital alarm clock upside down to thus enjoy its now meaningless symbols of his once enslavement. Glancing up he noticed that it was just past midnight 50:0, or SOD. Perfect in its meaninglessness. Every time he glanced at it he was presented with an ever changing display of linear nonsense which delighted him.

Years ago KOG had discovered that the human experience of time is not an orderly linear progression. Our experience of time speeds up over time. A newborn of course has no concept of time, but in her first year experiences an infinite extent of time. By her second birthday a year represents 50% of the entirety of her experience. But at 66 KOG’s 67th year only represented a 66th of the entirety of his lived experience and the years were racing by at an ever increasing rate. That’s where time goes as we grow older, it truncates as Christmases come and go with what feels like ever decreasing time in between.

If he was ever reduced by age and no longer capable of looking after himself, KOG might find himself in a care home, something he contemplated with horror, imagining some well meaning member of staff asking him if he knew what day it was. As if days mattered to him, or even weeks or months. The passing seasons impressed themselves upon him as the wholly natural cycle of nature, in which the surest clock was a window or simply opening a door and stepping outside. No longer a marketable commodity, he had not much use for time, other than for visits to the doctors or hospital. Time was function for others in which he fitted when he had to.

In latter years KOG had turned to political activism, though he disliked the term. He had no time for television or whiling away his time in sedentary meaninglessness. Retirement did not mean an end to work, it just meant an end to work within the silly constraints of political polemic, at which the current government excelled and therefore got up his nose enough to write to the pointless incumbent of number 10 Downing Street about policies aimed at ridding the world of useless eaters like himself.

He saw David Cameron (for it was he), an over privileged, badly educated, fool in life, as an affront to human dignity. KOG was, by disposition, sanguine about fools as long as they kept their foolishness to themselves, Cameron was not one of those fools and the Internet had opened up a whole new world as a platform for the voices of ordinary people and KOG used it with alacrity. History, as they say, belongs to the victors, or to quote Braveheart, “history is written by those who have hanged heroes”, but the present now belongs to ordinary people, something despised by the rattled ruling elites who leave no stone unturned in their denigration of ordinary people in their attempts to silence them through division and derision and policies of attrition.

His time his own, KOG went on the attack, burning himself out in the process. He found himself leaning ever further towards anarchy, the democratised self and the exercise of inalienable human rights to speak, to think and express creatively, a social bottom up order of being instead of the oppression of top down feudal throwbacks and the inventors of the clocking in machine, a heinous affliction on the lives of workers.

So with boundless gratitude, KOG raised a delighted toast to Jeb and a life in which 9h:9 was a fitting symbol of liberation and contempt for those who are hounding and killing the living for profit.

What does 9h:9 mean? Nothing, glorious nothing. And everything.

KOG. 21 March 1027

(Any resemblance to persons living or dead is entirely gratuitous.)



I’ve lived a reclusive life for over 20 years and been a loner from as far back as I can remember. I’ve tried to do all the things that we’re all supposed to do, school, job, meet someone, get somewhere to live, settle down, have kids, grow old, die and I’ve been crap at all of it, though, to be honest, the last two are a work in progress.

I don’t do guilt any more since I discovered how useless it is apart from making me feel bad, but I do have one abiding regret which is inescapable, letting my daughter down and betraying her when I abruptly brought my marriage to an end. I am not going to say much about it other than she was the innocent victim of adult circumstances. It’s enough to say Philip Larkin was right, ‘They fuck you up, your mum and dad. They may not mean to, but they do. They fill you with the faults they had and add some extra, just for you’. It is just true, and there’s no point making excuses for it or beating myself up, it happens. Nothing makes it right and it is pointless to call it wrong, unless it is done maliciously and with deliberate cruelty in mind.

It is hard (perhaps impossible) to forgive deliberate cruelty and yet it is a fact of life, from snubs and insults to the brutal horror of war. Wilful cruelty lies at the heart of much, if not most, campaigning, my own included, which brings me to my point here.

2008 was a watershed moment when the bankers crashed the global economy and have been richly rewarded for doing so ever since, at our expense. In Britain it led to another watershed moment in 2010 when the coalition government under David Cameron launched its attack on the lives of ordinary people, wilfully, brutally and with malice aforethought. But that wasn’t the worst of it, it was intolerable but the kicker was that they enjoyed it, it pleased them. No one knows the number of lives lost since, although they probably have a good idea, but they’re not letting on and they simply don’t care.

This is last gasp capitalism in which the bankers caused a crisis, if not deliberately, then wilfully through greed, which has been brutally exploited ever since. Since Thatcher destroyed Britain’s industrial base we now have an excess workforce which, despite all Cameron’s bogus claims about job creation and making work pay, sees millions of people doing bullshit jobs for bullshit pay. How they made this bullshit work was in the transformation of our system of social security into a secret penal system that has been depriving people of he means of survival and killing people off ever since. People are supposed to be pathetically grateful for a zero hours contract and an hours work a week, because that’s better than the treatment dished out by the DWP and Jobcentre Plus. I think the ‘Plus’ relates to the added anguish and torment which now comes as standard.

I joined an ever growing number of people who decided speak out and act to expose and challenge what was going on. For four and a half years I wrote a letter a day to number 10. I believe it is vitally important to challenge the official narrative which is just propaganda and based on deception and lies. When I began writing in 2012 it was not clear to me what their plans were, what emerged over the ensuing years was shocking. It wasn’t just a war on the poor, it was a demolition derby, a neoliberal feast of the state, with its eyes on the tax pot, public services, state assets and people’s lives, a massive transfer of wealth upwards to the already exceedingly rich; a new imperialism based on the economic conquest of the nation’s wealth for private gain. It was the same colonial mindset turned inwards, devouring the nation for profit.

I burned out after four and a half years. Nothing had changed for the better politically, but opposition to this obscenity had grown along with understanding.

For me, personally, the burning question was and is, ‘what am I going to do now?’ And therein lies a problem.

I have made a working peace with reclusiveness and social phobia, problems that seem intractable, but lately that peace has been shattered, they have now become a source of acute distress and discontent in which my home has changed from being a haven to a prison. I began to realise that I had to do something, but what? I found myself thinking round in circles, unable to remain in, nor yet finding any way to move out in a circular war of fear and frustration. So acute is the distress that I found myself just before Christmas 2016 wanting and hoping to die.

That is not a solution, that would be the end and I am not ready to give up on life, which I care passionately and deeply about, enough that I am not going to be driven to death either by those who are so abusing life, nor by my own fears. Which means I need help. It’s time for change and that means I must change and that means stepping out into the great big scary unknown.

The greatest effective changes in my life have been brought about through person centred therapy. With the aid of amazing therapists I have walked to the precipice of my fears and stepped out to discover that the abyss I feared was in reality, solid ground, but daring to go there means engaging with terror in a way that I do not believe can be or should be attempted alone, certainly not in my circumstances.

Tomorrow, 23 January 2017, I am taking my 65 year old bones to an initial meeting with a local therapist. If we find we are both comfortable working together then I will begin what I know will be a very scary and yet exciting journey of discovery. If either of us is not comfortable, then I shall seek another. Whatever happens now, I want to make the journey into the unknown, I am ready for change, enough that tears are falling down my face in the yearning for it.

At every level, I feel in my bones, it is time for change and whatever else follows, change begins in me.

KOG. 22 January 2017


Cities are incredibly vulnerable places and I am not sure that the Tories and neoliberals across the world have thought this through.

London is becoming increasingly gentrified as a matter of policy, big money is enforcing social cleansing, it’s getting rid of the poor and creating a haven for wealth, and wealth in and of itself is essentially useless, relying on others to make the stuff that sustains life and having it imported, hence the super port called ‘London Gateway’ in Thurrock, Essex.

The culture of greed of the global 1% enshrines competitiveness as if it is holy writ, whilst denigrating cooperation as weak, leftist, bleeding heart, socialism.

We are in the midst of a global economic apocalypse, driven by greed at the cost of everyone and everything else on the planet and the poor in particular. Those who are amassing global wealth know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

Right now our NHS is in crisis, this has been caused wilfully and with intent to privatise the nations health service and introduce an insurance payment system which, because such a system is predicated on profit, not health, will deny comprehensive health care to millions of people. People will be abandoned to die for want of care because their needs are a profit loss and therefore of no value.

The staggering stupidity of this is that they seem not to realise that they are driving people out of health care professions, which makes health care precarious for everyone, including them. The junior doctors dispute caused by Jeremy Hunt, has alienated an entire national group, a labour force, of real, actual, people, personally, politically and professionally.

Biting the hands that heal us has to be the very pinnacle of stupid.

Living in cities has, at its very core, dependence, there is not a city on Earth that is capable of providing its needs without a vast infrastructure to provide for those who live there by road, rail, sea and air. Supermarkets are contingent on daily deliveries of stock, Millions of people live one pay day away from starvation whilst entire cities and towns are just a few days away from starvation reliant, as they are, on ‘just in time’ deliveries.

I well recall going to a local supermarket for a loaf of bread after an overnight snow fall to discover that the bread shelves were empty, along with eggs and milk, I drove out of town to a bigger supermarket to find their shelves empty as well. The very fact that I could drive there says everything about panic buying for no reason and the fragility of supply.

Whilst governments hold us to ransom to sustain the competitive thirst of big business for profit, big business also holds us for ransom for overpriced goods to sustain their profits.

Cities like London, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle are consumer monsters, resource hungry, not least in fossil fuels, for their daily survival.

Prior to the 2008 banker driven crisis this may well have seemed an irrelevant issue to raise, but with the imposition of austerity on ordinary people, increasing poverty, inequality and global unrest, the cooperative endeavour that maintains modern life is not just being denigrated, it’s being attacked by those whose only motivation is greed, which includes the government which is hell bent on finishing what Thatcher started.

The so called ‘free markets’ are anything but free for the vast majority of ordinary people who are merely food ‘stock’ for corporate greed and the wealthy few. The richest 1% own more wealth than the rest of the entire world and a mere 62 people own half of all global wealth.

We no longer have a ‘salt of the Earth’ working class but a denigrated, demoralised, demonised and penalised working class who are being killed off at a terrifying rate and whose only function is to serve greed or be abandoned to manage, somehow, or die. Homelessness is on the rise and homeless people are being criminalized in a country in which the government makes no attempt to address the housing crisis. If the government really cared about jobs and housing the answer would be to build social housing! That they don’t and won’t is the measure of the hostility and contempt they have for our lives.

Those who live the most precarious lives are being targeted by government and if the consequences of that are of society rotting under the insanity of neoliberalism, it has only one direction to go and we’re already seeing the results. Student debt, shrinking the welfare state, the destruction of front line services, including our NHS and those who staff it, asset stripping the nation and selling off everything that we, tax payers, have paid for and maintained, if all that isn’t creeping rot from the bottom up I do not know what is.

On 17th January 2017, the Guardian reported that the government is failing to deal with corruption at home and in Britain’s overseas territories, David Cameron said at last years anti-corruption summit which he hosted, corruption is “the cancer at the heart of so many of the problems we need to tackle in our world.” He was in prime position to know, but there are consequences to state corruption which I am not sure he’s really thought through any more than Theresa May or the rest of the right wing ideologues.

Servicing cities and, indeed, an entire nation is a mind buggering undertaking and yet it goes largely unremarked, it’s tempting to call it a logistical nightmare, except that it carries on day and night, a gigantic cooperative operation organised by countless people in countless ways. In human terms roads and railways are the nations arteries, then there are great ships and planes traversing the world and all the technology to make it all work, including all the communications networks and who makes it all work? Not the government. There is nothing coordinating the entire system, it’s an astonishing collective effort run and operated by millions of ordinary people in which we are all players, reliant on one another and yet almost all complete strangers to each other.

If one person ceases to be able to function, however that may be at home or at work, it’s no big societal deal, but as life becomes more precarious and unstable for increasing numbers of people then the system will become affected, in ways great and small, and the more that is pushed by government policy and corporate greed, the more complex the problems become and the more chaotic.

All of this is being caused by a neoliberal agenda of unrestrained vulture capitalism and greed which, according to right wing doctrine, left to its own devices will privatise everything and sort the world out and do it more efficiently and offer better value for money and choice than public ownership and collective action. That is the same as saying that in order to sort out the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, what we need is another tsunami, bigger and more destructive than the first one that caused it.

I look forward to the day when the whole thing unravels for only one reason, when a banker comes to rural Peasedown St John, where I live, with a bar of gold, begging for food because he and his kind have turned London into a wasteland, I want be in the front line to tell him that having done it all for what’s sitting in his hand, he can now “Fuck off and eat it!” Bear in mind that David Cameron and George Osborne, the two arch criminals and architects of austerity for the poor in Britain, are currently (Jan 2017) reported to be earning five figure sums for 20 minute speeches to bankers, the architects of the global economic meltdown in 2008, at the World Economic Forum in the Swiss resort of Davos. The solution to greed is yet more greed (economics for the terminally stupid).

Our day will come although it’ll get worse before it gets better, but sooner (probably) rather than later, we will either wrest the world from their grasp, or it will unravel through their senseless greed, and we will have to restore sharing, cooperation and collective action for all our sakes, but never forgive those who caused it and have treated us with such brutality and contempt.

There are two certainties in life, they say, death and taxes, now there is a third, the absolute greed of the few at the expense of the entire planet. The world is drowning in their arrogance and stupidity.

This is global economic warfare, and there is no possible excuse for it, nor is there a way out unless we resist and fight back in whatever way we are capable of. Our essential instincts of flight or fight won’t help us here, there is nowhere to run that can ever be anything but a temporary shelter from greed. The world is our birthplace and our birthright, it is a closed system, but it is also now a prison being run by criminals who are destroying it. Our only choices are to do nothing or fight. It is as hard and as simple as that, but above all, never, ever, vote for them, that’s not democracy, that’s suicide.

KOG. 19 January 2017


I am looking forward to Donald Trump becoming the President of the most powerful, armed and dangerous, elitist establishment cunts in the world. For this reason.

Because it’s insane. I used to enjoy the use of the word cunt as the most offensive swear word in the world but it is becoming so commonplace that we are bereft of a fall back position. We have nothing left, although I did try to improve on it with ‘thunder cunt’ while writing a letter a day to Number 10.

Since 2010 in Britain it has looked like we had reached the end of days, because Britain is the beating heart of empire building and imperialism, and in its last gasp it has turned on its own people and started killing us off for yet more profit and reward for the cunts that rule the world.

And then along came Trump, a raving narcissist with more nuclear weapons than I can shake a stick at, at his finger tips.

They, the powers that be, just kill us off, as they ever have, but now they’ve lost patience with their former reticence about it, they have abandoned all pretence and Donald Trump is the last gasp of desperation and greed for no reason. The last global exercise of greed and hate for life.

I really hope that we are not all about to die in an apocalypse caused by the terminally stupid, but if we are, then the universe is going to have to come up with something better than cunt, because it hasn’t yet been invented.

All I hope is that I get given a twat bat in the after life and get to be part of a universal tide of vengeance that is much awaited and much needed to cause these people horrific pain, terror and fear for all eternity.

And above all, to mock them forever for their terminal stupidity that has no precedent in any meaningful form of life.

And ‘God’ will be on our side.

It is people like Trump who would want to own the mythical holy grail, because they are so stupid they think there will be power in such a cup or goblet and they want to possess it for themselves, like everything else. Do they really think that someone would have grabbed it at the time, to preserve it as a holy relic or because it was transformed into a source of any power? Someone as stupid as them?

Here’s the thing, these people who regard themselves as elites, that is, better than ordinary people, want to own the world and to do so they kill indiscriminately forgetting, in their stupidity and greed, that what makes the Earth unique, the only thing that makes it unique, is life. Remember when Madeleine Albright was being questioned about the imposition of sanctions on Iraq because of Saddam’s non existent weapons of mass destruction (WMD), she was told that 500,000 children had died as a result of the sanctions and asked if she thought the price of the deaths of all those children was worth it, she replied, “We think the price is worth it.”

George W Bush joked about not finding any WMD’s at a dinner party for the rich and powerful to much laughter and applause. Conservative MPs reacted with braying derision when Iain Duncan Smith was questioned over benefit related deaths.

Prior to 2010 it was unusual to hear the word evil used in terms of politics and world affairs, these days it is fairly common place. It’s a word of last resort when no other word can describe the unthinkable and yet they do this on a daily basis.

Remember Cameron walking away from being PM and an MP, with immediate effect? Tens of thousands of people dead through government policy during his time in office and he walked away to make his fortune, not least from making speeches to other like minded people.

Murderous intent by the ruling elites has escalated since the second world war, nothing in history compares to it. More bombs were dropped on Vietnam than during WWII reducing parts of Vietnam to what Noam Chomsky described as a moonscape. It is impossible to comprehend the murderous intent and actions of the ruling elites, nor their casual attitude to it. And perhaps even harder to comprehend is that people actually vote these people into power and the media celebrates them as the great and the good and if we speak out against them we can be prosecuted and punished for sedition or treason.

Who can or will speak out and oppose them if not us, the inconvenient masses? Where can dissent possibly come from if not from us? We work as unwitting slaves to those who amass unimaginable wealth and power and from our labour is war made, yes we pay for it all.

So if you think you have mental health issues living in this world, pat yourself on the back, you may live with misery on a daily basis but you’re also healthy. Those who are truly mad don’t even know it, they revel in their sense of privilege and power without conscience or regret. Bush and Blair are household names, yet they are genocidal maniacs.

Have you wondered about the punishment we’re taking from Brexit? It’s being inflicted by the markets and corporations who are the beneficiaries of globalisation, exploiting the global markets for profits. What do they care if workers in Asia have to be prevented from suicide with suicide nets or that they’ve caused the pound to tank?

There is wide spread derision for anyone who voted to leave Europe and the media has spun it that it was primarily on racist grounds. We live in a notionally representative democracy, but no such thing exists globally. We the people lose power with globalisation, having no say in it what so ever. Without a popular uprising it is nigh on impossible to hold our national governments to account, what say do we have over shutting down entire cities like Port Talbot and Redcar, to name but two, because steel can be made cheaper elsewhere through global exploitation?

What does globalisation have to do with us other than its wanton destructive power in which Britain is becoming increasingly atomised, a more divided nation in which poverty is escalating and where people can be deprived of the means of survival by government dictat? We the people did not make the global refugee crisis, and staying in or leaving Europe will not change it. We were in the EU when David Cameron called the desperate people fleeing to Europe a ‘swarm’ and did nothing to help. Was the referendum really about immigration or was that just hype to distract us from real issues?

We are spoon fed lies on a daily basis and the media has even had the temerity to call this the post-truth era. Rubbish!

They cannot so easily silence us any more nor hide their murderous intent towards us.

If there is any stability in the world it comes from us, ordinary people, going about our lives without murderous intent. We who help and support others. We who stock the food banks that those in power drive us to in desperation. We who desire to sustain life and not destroy it and who hope for a better future for our children and everyone. It is ordinary people who want peace. Remember it was Cameron who said, “For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens: as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone.” That is a measure of how bold and arrogant they now are. If there is to be any accounting it is not us who are answerable, if we are answerable for anything it must only be if we tolerate this in silence. And if we are silent, even then I don’t think we should judge too harshly, it is driven by misinformation, propaganda and lies and not by us. Being ignorant or ill informed is not the same as collaboration, those in power hide their real intent very well and the media, which supposedly informs the masses, largely serves their purposes. I am ignorant of more than I could know in a dozen lifetimes. Of all the knowledge and books in the world what I know probably ranks just above nothing.

Lastly, confronting the reality and truth of global despotism hurts us, it is hard to face the enormity of it. To confront the enormity of the death of 500,000 children as merely expedient, that one example alone is staggering and we are right to be staggered, we are right to want to recoil from the horror of it and we are right not to grasp or understand how any group of powerful people could do such a thing. And it is right that we feel dulled and are weakened in the face of reality and so much brutality because it hurts us and it is damned hard to deal with.

I burned out after four years of writing a letter a day to number 10 and have yet to recover from it. I have no complaints, I knew what I was doing and had several mini blowouts along the way. What would be more surprising is if I hadn’t. There is a cost to caring and it is a cost that must be borne willingly. It may be difficult to bear but if we do not, nothing gets done. We are the answer, if there is one, not the problem.

KOG. 12 January 2017


In a speech to students at DePauw University in Indiana (December 2016), David Cameron apparently said that western leaders must take steps to help those who feel left behind by globalisation and address the “movement of unhappiness” about the state of the world. He called for leaders to change course, ‘So you will see a greater emphasis on trying to help those who are left behind,’ through, ‘a higher minimum wage and tax cuts for low-income workers as measures aimed at helping address such concerns’.

Just as a reminder, the minimum wage is a wage below that which people actually need to live on. The minimum wage drives poverty, over half the people in poverty in the UK are working. No cut in income tax will change the lot of the dispossessed other than, perhaps, marginally slowing their descent into penury, poor health and a shorter life span.

No UK government has done more than the government under Cameron to escalate poverty and despair in the UK, he even set (via Osborne) the ‘New Living Wage’ below an actual living wage.

Cutting taxes for the poor is meaningless tokenism, it’s rather like offering people who are freezing in their homes a bigger fire grate. It does not address the fundamental problem.

A company that cannot make enough to pay for plant, resources and labour is not a viable company. If such companies declare a profit, they have done so by robbing staff. The government could pass a law that no company may declare a profit until every member of staff is paid a living wage, that no government has done so tells us all we need to know about whether poverty is systemic or not. Poverty is good for profits and the transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich.

Capitalism, and the free market ideology that you can leave it to the markets to regulate themselves for the common good, has failed. It is written in the lives it has destroyed and continues to destroy. The myth of trickle down economics is just that, a myth, it has no bearing in reality in which the exact opposite is true.

If there is a “movement of unhappiness”, which I would contest, then Cameron is responsible for driving it in the UK. In reality it is not a movement, it is the brutality of lived experience and it is driven by policy in what is now commonly called and acknowledged as ‘the war on the poor’.

This is not a new problem, however, poor bashing and blaming is also systemic, the following is from a speech called ‘Acres of Diamonds’ (delivered over 5000 times at various times and places from 1900-1925), by Russell Conwell, in which he claims that the only thing preventing everyone from becoming millionaires is personal failing:

“I say that you ought to get rich, and it is your duty to get rich… The men who get rich may be the most honest men you find in the community. Let me say here clearly… ninety-eight out of one hundred of the rich men of America are honest. That is why they are rich. That is why they are trusted with money. That is why they carry on great enterprises and find plenty of people to work for them. It is because they are honest men…

“I sympathize with the poor, but the number of the poor who are to be sympathised with is very small. To sympathize with a man whom God has punished for his sins… is to do wrong… let us remember there is not a poor person in the United States who was not made poor by his own shortcomings.”

No one can doubt the sincerity of Conwell’s belief, but that’s all it is and like many beliefs it has no basis in reality, but it neatly sums up an ideological belief that drives government policy to this day. It was precisely such fraudulent conviction on which (Lord) David Freud based his interference in Britain’s social security system, turning it into a secret penal system to punish the poor.

I despise no one’s beliefs, everyone is free to believe anything they want so long as they do not presume to inflict those beliefs on others to their detriment and cost, in which case they are to be opposed and resisted as the criminals they are no matter what high office they may hold in life.

That they know their policies and beliefs are fundamentally fraudulent is proven by the amount they spend on PR and spin doctors who are charged with making the indefensible palatable through lies and deception. The Tory mantra of ‘Making work pay’ by taking away the means of survival from those out of work, for whatever reason, is one of the most deceitful and vicious attacks on the lives of millions of ordinary people in the UK.

People are fond of adding a corollary on benefits, an acknowledgement that some do defraud the benefit system and the government even has a National Benefit Fraud hotline, but benefit fraud is so tiny as to be irrelevant and compared to the systemic fraud being perpetrated by government and corporations it’s meaningless other than as a further attempt to demonise the poor.

Deception aimed at divisiveness must be resisted. Benefit fraud is just smoke and mirrors, it isn’t worth the effort expended in even naming it as an issue of any significance. According to Forbes it is estimated that there is something like $21 Trillion sitting in offshore tax havens and if all that $21 trillion earned 3% a year and were taxed at 30%, it would raise $188 billion in revenues. Now that is something worth doing something about, instead it is the poor who are hounded to death.

Bearing in mind that driving poverty is wealth producing, it is clear where the real crime lies. It’s built into the system.

All of which will come as no surprise to regular readers, but it is important to say it and keep on saying it every which way we can. Capitalism has failed, but they are doing everything they can to shore up this failed system. It is a system that will devour itself because those who drive it and benefit most from it are too greedy to do anything about it. It is a system that must change, but that change will never come from the inside.

There can never be endless growth in a closed system. Neoliberalism is predicated on eliminating anything that stands in the way of profit, which includes those they regard and treat as useless eaters. Eliminating the poor is a heinous global crime which all people with any social conscience must fight in whatever way they can. Bearing in mind that for many the awakening is yet to happen, but it serves no one to mock, we’ve all had to learn at our own pace, many driven by the dire circumstances of our own brutalised lives. We need to win people not mock them or shun them and empower them through knowledge and understanding.

Having said that, there are those who will back the system and attack us to the bitter end with extreme prejudice. They are really not worth bothering with, they are just energy sucking vampires and really not worth a moment of our time. There are far better things to do with our time and our lives in our brief sojourn here on this little jewel of a planet in the goldilocks zone of our solar system, where the conditions for life are ‘just right’, other than in those who for whatever reason want to remove from us our right, by birth, to be here. It really is incredible that having given rise to life, there are those born on this Earth who despise it in others. They must be opposed to protect life itself which is the most incredible and beautiful gift the universe has to bestow.

KOG 09 December 2016