My grateful thanks to my friend Eileen for cutting through the crap and for her kind permission to use the following.

I’ve never heard of Aberfan. The photographer at Aberfan that day, David Hurn said, “In this case it’s pretty obvious what had happened was obscene; you wanted to show that this is exactly what happened so there could be no cover up, and that in my mind was a very powerful justification for what I was doing.”

The Grenfell Tower fire, just as obscene, was the same kind of man-made disaster-in-waiting as Aberfan, as Fukushima and Chernobyl, as Hurricane Katrina, as Deep Water Horizon, and on and on. People know.

“The tips are safe.” “The containment areas are secure.” “The levees will hold.” “The drilling is safe.” “We don’t need regulations.” “The corporations and the market will police themselves.” Then, how easily the excuses and justifications drip from the lips of the guilty, the negligent, the cost-cutters, the profiteers. As at Aberfan, so at Grenfell.

People know, before and after every disaster.