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Any politician who employs deceit, deception, lies, propaganda, spin, corruption, cheating, defamation, character assassination, libel, slander or any other form of corrupt practice to achieve power, should never hold office.

Currently elections are a free for all, reliant on the integrity or parties and individuals, with few, if any, checks and balances to protect the public from foul play.

What checks and balances that do exist are too slow and cumbersome to be of any effective use. The Electoral Commission, the independent body which oversees elections and regulates political finance in the UK, does not have the power or resources to live monitor the election process. In the same way, there is no effective real time media oversight to hold media outlets to account, they are free to mislead the public through any and every dubious tactic they employ.

Yet again, the troubles in Ireland have been raised by the Conservatives to undermine Jeremy Corbyn. These are the usual low rent, cheap tricks, employed by the Lynton Crosby school of muck raking and mud slinging, but it tells me more about the Tories than it does about anything else. Have not the long suffering people of Ireland had enough trouble without this abuse?

What this highlights for me is the utter contempt that the Conservative Party have for the lives and concerns of ordinary people. How must it feel in Derry right now, after all they have been through, to witness a bunch of English toffs using them for cheap political point scoring… again? I know exactly how it makes me feel and it is difficult to contain the anger that rises up and the desire for vengeance against a party that cares as little for my own life as is does for the people of Ireland.

I was in Cleadon, South Tyneside, in County Durham, during the miners strike, I witnessed the violence unleashed against the striking miners and their families, which meant entire communities, and I witnessed the bravery and courage of people who were having their livelihoods stolen from them by a party and, very specifically, Thatcher, whose entire intent was to crush the Miners Union and, thereby, all unions. That’s what all the violence and chaos was about.

Memories rise up unbidden, but in the present, there is the party that invokes those memories, who are very comfortable with the suffering they cause ordinary people, who treat us all as an enemy to be crushed. That’s what has happened to disabled people, people looking for work and poor people generally, therein lies the entire ideology of the Department for Work and Pensions, to penalise us and crush us with a casual indifference for those who die along the way.

If the Conservatives win the General Election, I do not expect to survive another five years of their brutality. I am not emoting here and require no ones sympathy, I am merely stating a stark internal awareness based on Tory plans for pensions and health care, both of which I am reliant on through the progress of age and illness in my life. And I am by no means alone, as family, friends, acquaintances, and connections to people which extend out through social media, face their own diverse circumstances under the brutality of Tory misrule.

Theresa May, Michael Fallon, Boris Johnson, Amber Rudd, Michael Gove, Damian Green, Iain Duncan Smith, Jeremy Hunt, Priti Patel, and not forgetting David Cameron and George Osborne (to name but a few), these are people in whom I see no shred of humanity or decency, to whom we are mere pawns in their ‘game’. Whoever and wherever you are right now, do you feel these people have a positive regard for your life? If so, in what way?

What I see is a bunch of smug, over privileged, self serving, lying, cheating, stealing, thugs. Don’t agree? Sue me and let’s see the evidence for a government against whom the EU has found, “UK welfare reforms have led to “grave and systematic violations” of disabled people’s rights”.

Theresa May has claimed this General Election is “the most important election this country has faced in my lifetime”, if so she’s making a piss poor show of giving a tinkers cuss. What I know for certain is that this General Election is the most important election I’ve faced in my lifetime and I’ll fight her every millimetre of the way to the ballot box for a fair and just Britain and an end to the party of the privileged few for the privileged few and an end to their lies and deceit and their easy dealing in death and misery.

Enough is enough.

KOG. 29 May 2017




The Tories have decided to play skittles with 3 million lives, assisted in their bastardy by ‘UKIP, the DUP and a few Eurosceptic Labour rebels’.

These are peoples lives and livelihoods, families and children. It involves their life choices and endeavours, legally and legitimately strived for and achieved. All cast aside by a vote of 335-287 by politicians who demonstrate nothing but contempt for real people and their lives.

This is the Lords amendment that they have cast aside like an old chip wrapper: “Within three months of exercising the power under section 1(1), ministers of the crown must bring forward proposals to ensure that citizens of another European Union or European Economic Area country and their family members, who are legally resident in the United Kingdom on the day on which this act is passed, continue to be treated in the same way with regards to their EU derived-rights and, in the case of residency, their potential to acquire such rights in the future.”

And for what? To use as fodder for blackmail to grab the best trade deals and market freedoms, once again, on the backs of people’s lives and well being.

The Tories could not make it any clearer that they are willing to sacrifice the living for private gain and personal profit. From a public perspective their crimes should rightly be regarded as hate crimes and yet the even more brutal reality is that they are malicious crimes of complete indifference.

Theresa May is prepared to sacrifice the livelihoods and well being of 3 million EU residents who have legitimately settled in Britain, using them as little more than casino chips, gambling with their lives.

They began with the poor, which remains to this day in their ongoing ‘war on the poor’, but their contempt and indifference is for everyone who is not a member of their corporate club and the elitism of wealth.

These are the vilest human beings imaginable without a shred of human decency for whom no lie is too egregious, no deception too despicable, no depth too low to which they will not stoop.

Theresa May, like Cameron before her, and her government are impervious to reason or entreaty, an enemy of the people at the heart of Westminster. They appear on the media and are accorded respect and dignity which they in no way deserve. It falls to us to call them out at every opportunity, to treat their every word with the deepest suspicion, as we would any cheap chiseler and fraudster. We cannot afford to accord them any room for doubt, the evidence is entirely against them and too many lives have been lost, it is not our place to make any allowance or room for manoeuvre, they simply cannot be trusted.

The notion of innocence until proven guilty in law no longer applies to this government, the empirical evidence is overwhelmingly against them, even as they demonstrate utter contempt for the rule of law, supreme court rulings and the findings of the United Nations for “systematic and grave violations” of disabled people’s human rights. Words like disgrace, shameful, shocking, no longer apply to the outrage that is this Tory government. This is a rogue government and should be treated as such without mercy. They have abandoned the right to any consideration of human decency and respect.

KOG. 15 March 2017



A letter a day to number 10. No 1,501

Sunday 24 July 2016.

Dear Mrs May,

Words are the candles of our souls, in which a brighter light shines but stumbles for expression. 1,500 letters are just my own flickering light of the struggle in Tory Britain.

For reasons which are beyond comprehension, David Cameron led your party in a brutal war of austerity aimed specifically at the poor and disadvantaged in which disabled people have borne the greatest burden of cuts.

I graphically remember the day I discovered that I was not well, that I lived with an internal austerity I do not believe you have any concept of or idea about. I was in my early twenties and woke one morning feeling extremely strange, a feeling that persisted throughout the day. It wasn’t until the late afternoon that I realised what it was about. For one day I felt inexplicably well and it was in that moment in the afternoon that the thought occurred to me, ‘If this is how most people live their lives, no wonder they seem to manage life so much better than I do’.

For one day I was free of the searing black hole in which I lived my life, the terrible mind bending austerity of depression which at one point had led me to beat my head against my bedroom wall, without awareness and without conscious volition. My brother found me and held me, preventing me harming myself further, until I came back to conscious awareness.

For this, for the crime of disability, Iain Duncan Smith launched his crusade of punishment and denial of social security declaring, ‘work actually helps free people’. This from a man who had visited Auschwitz and seen the words forged in iron above the gates, in his own words, “It was when we walked into Auschwitz 1 through the gate with its infamous statement, Arbeit Macht Frei, that I realised how little I really knew about this place of cruelty and death.”

Who could have guessed that he would ever bring the legacy of Auschwitz to Britain and build it into his pogrom of welfare reform? Who could have known that a peer of the realm, David Freud, and unelected Minister of State for Welfare Reform would have the temerity to say, “people who are poorer should be prepared to take the biggest risks” as they have “the least to lose”?

As MPs take their summer recess, the legacy of Smith lives on whilst he walks free, as does Freud. Men guilty of unimaginable crimes against poor, sick and disabled people, men without care or conscience. My voice may not count as much, but of this I am certain, I will never be silent in the face of such brutality.

Work makes you free


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,451

Wednesday 01 June 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

In an article entitled ‘Election Madness’ in the USA, the late Howard Zinn wrote, “Voting is easy and marginally useful, but it is a poor substitute for democracy, which requires direct action by concerned citizens.”

This is by no means restricted to the USA, the idea that the expression of democracy is in voting every few years is the prevailing orthodoxy here in the UK. I wonder what children are taught in schools these days? Are they taught and do they discuss human rights such as the right to peaceful protest which is one of the foundations of a democratic society?

In 2014 we saw exactly what the state thinks of peaceful protest when the police were sent in to clear Parliament Square and forced protesters off a tarpaulin and where pizza boxes and umbrellas were confiscated as ‘structures’ which might be used to sleep on or provide shelter.

Arrested protesters were cleared in court where the judge ruled that a tarpaulin was not ‘a structure designed or adapted for sleeping’. The farcical heavy handed police operation cost nearly £2 million and saw fencing erected round what has become known as ‘Tarpaulin Square’ on the fatuous grounds of protecting the grass. Boris Johnson was reported calling the protesters “Crusties” engaged in a “thoroughly maddening protest against capitalism” and repeatedly called for them to be removed.

The protesters were exercising their democratic and human right to protest peacefully and it was Johnson himself who was abusing protesters rights and proving himself to be the enemy of democracy. So much for the establishments attitude to protest.

The fact is that democracy is the last thing that you want in this country and the idea that you are answerable to the people is anathema to you. You ignore the will of the people as if it does not exist or have any place in the policies you inflict upon us. Disabled people and Disability groups have been visible and vocal in opposing your treatment of them and yet still they have been hit by 19 times more cuts than the able bodied.

Protest remains at the heart of democracy as a human right. It is our inalienable right to speak up and take action against oppression and victimisation by the state. Every sanction, every cut in care and support for those most in need, every act of forced labour by the DWP is a violation of human rights and democracy. We are right to fight, we are right to protest and what this nation needs is a whole lot more peaceful direct action of any and every kind and if that is socially and politically inconvenient, well so it should be. That’s entirely the point.


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,446

Friday 27 May 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Despite a modest rise in tax receipts the future is still far from rosy under George Osborne’s long term economic plan which is long on long and short on results, having borrowed more than all Labour governments put together and doubling the nations debt.

Odd though, don’t you think, that he can somehow find £93 billion support for businesses yet there is no money to support low paid workers, disabled people, our NHS, frontline services and so on.

The entire bill for the NHS for 2015/16 was £116.4 billion. The NHS is Britain biggest employer looking after the health of an entire nation 24/7, yet it is falling apart for want of funding.

Corporate welfare does not compare to NHS core funding, nor does it compare in terms of national responsibility. Osborne is making choices between aiding private businesses which have no responsibility to the public nor the public to them and public services which are dependent on our tax money for core funding and exist to benefit all, including the private sector.

This is the problem with your fabricated austerity. You are using it to undermine every state apparatus which gives support to the people, even whilst siphoning off public funds into private pockets. Austerity is a grand scam, hatched up to shrink the state and to take people’s hard earned cash, delivered to government coffers as taxation, and to pass it straight into the hands of private profiteers.

Jeremy Hunt claims to want a 24/7 NHS which already exists and has gone to extraordinary lengths to create as much fear and confusion as possible. In April he clarified his position saying, “there is concern that the government may want to see all NHS services operating 7 days. Let me be clear: our plans are not about elective care but about improving the consistency of urgent and emergency care at evenings and weekends.” His plan is supposedly to improve existing service and had he done his damned job he could have quietly got on with support for training, recruitment and supply and heralded a triumph. He has done everything but.

This is your grand Tory project, to undermine every part of the state, to reduce it to a state of chaos at the cost of countless lives, jobs and the very fabric of public life and privatise the lot. There was never any necessity involved, it was always a robbery, wilfully, deceitfully and maliciously orchestrated. Grand theft Tory, the real deal.


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,428

Monday 09 May 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I hope that your relentless war on the poor haunts you for the rest of your days. I also hope that Iain Duncan Smith will be reviled and prosecuted for his obscene escalation of the sanctions regime, punishing the poor for merely being poor. And not just him, but everyone who has had a hand in it, including David Freud whose peerage is a slur on the nation, Maria Miller, Esther McVey, Mark Hoban, Priti Patel, Justin Tomlinson and not forgetting George Osborne targeting the poor to pay down his and the bankers debts. The list extends beyond them, I merely wish to highlight those named. Just to be clear, Labour are culpable in this too, including Tony Blair, but in nothing close to what this vile system has escalated into under your government.

There is no excuse. To wage an ideologically driven war against the poor is both baseless and heartlessly cold blooded. You have all corrupted a laudable and once proud system of social security into a penal system. You have turned Jobcentres, once called Labour Exchanges, into punitive dens of misery and human suffering.

Whatever Iain Duncan Smith’s stated reasons for resigning from the DWP, it followed a four year legal battle which ended in him being ordered to disclose Universal Credit internal reviews in the week prior to his resignation. No attempt by him to spin himself as a champion of the poor can expunge his dismal record and hate filled actions.

So many lives have been lost, such that Smith would never dare release the true figures, but sought to suppress and fudge them in every way.

I have written before (letters 1,017 and 1,037) that no court in the land would hand out a sentence depriving people of the means of survival and yet more sanctions are handed out than fines in Magistrates courts. People are judged and sentenced in secret without representation and driven into penury for up to three years to survive by what means, no one knows, or to die, many taking their own lives.

Last, but by no means least, is the disproportionate attacks on disabled people, nine times more than for most citizens and for severely disabled people it is 19 times. Disability hate crime has gone through the roof under your government, in one year alone, 2014-15, it increased 41% with the  Disability Hate Crime Network saying this was an under estimation of the true scale of the problem. Whatever mealy mouthed denials we hear from government on these issues, it cannot be denied that it is happening under your government and on your watch.

Your war on the poor will end, it is a matter of when, not if. We measure the time in human suffering and death, we will not forgive and we will not forget.

Benefit sanctions are ‘Britain’s secret penal system’

Miller and Atos face angry heckling at disability poverty conference


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,418

Saturday 30 April 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Just in case you were wondering, junior doctors have not gone away, Jeremy Hunt is not off the hook and the support for junior doctors will continue. The contract that Hunt wants to impose on them is not safe and will put lives at risk.

But let’s shimmy aside from junior doctors here and consider our fire services which have been subject to crippling cuts leading to stations being closed, equipment sold off and huge staffing cuts. The latest report says that fire deaths have seen the biggest increase for a decade and yet the fire service faces up to 50% further cuts by 2020, following 30% cuts under your coalition government. Cuts imposed by your government cost lives and that will only get worse.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I have heard or read people say, “It’s as if the government doesn’t care about our lives,” to which I respond, “There’s no ‘as if’ about it, the government doesn’t care about our lives.”

Yours is the government that deprives people of the means of survival for up to three years, has ignored the massive rise in food banks and yet gives tax cuts to the wealthy and reduces corporation tax.

How many lives would have been put at risk if you’d hiked corporation tax as a response to industrial scale tax avoidance and tax evasion thus imposing an industry wide corporate responsibility to address tax dodging? How many people would starve to death if a City Tax was imposed on the City of London, home to those who get fat on selling Olympic sized tax dodging deals?

Every single person and every single business that sets about dodging tax is putting up two fingers to the nation which sustains and supports them through the massive infrastructure that taxation pays for. Whether it’s junior doctors, fire services, low paid workers or disabled people, all pay the price for greed.

Greed costs lives, it’s not an impact free choice, the consequences are measured in human suffering and deaths. Osborne expects those without wealth to pay down the debt caused by those who enjoy obscene wealth and who continue to enjoy fat city bonuses. You claim we are all in this together, were that true then we might get a fully 7 day NHS which includes elective care, we would not see a 21% increase in fire deaths, we would not see the biggest increase in England’s death rate since WWII caused by the imposition of your ideological austerity. Austerity is a war imposed on those who can least afford it by those who are unaffected or gain from it.

Latest Stats

06_april_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,394

Wednesday 06 April 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

There is only one thing that is puzzling about the Panama Papers, because the papers themselves really only add wallpaper to a very familiar elephant that has lurked in plain sight for millennia. The rich don’t want to contribute to the world that sustains them. Is anyone really surprised? No, what is puzzling is the leak itself and really begs only one question: what have the rich ever done for us?

Your fathers tax haven dealings were already known prior to this latest leak, I have a Guardian article from 2012 in front of me. Osborne’s family business has not paid corporation tax for seven years. He also struck a derisory tax deal with Swiss banks for a mere £384 million gesture of good will whilst maintaining Swiss secrecy surrounding these accounts and spent £43,064 of public funds to protect bankers bonuses. So the big question today is, what have you ever done for us?

Our young go off to fight your wars, some paid even less than the minimum wage and today there are thousands of homeless ex-service personnel on our streets. What have you ever done for them?

Disabled people have had their Independent Living Fund stopped, care provision slashed, mobility stolen, benefits cut and found fit for work when dying. What have you ever done for them?

Our elderly, many who served in the last war, are having services and care cut to the bone and you are attacking pensions which people have spent their lifetimes working towards. What have you ever done for them?

Young people are facing lousy, ever more insecure jobs for miserly pay, benefits cuts and no help with housing, sanctions, huge university debts and treated like dirt. What have you ever done for them.

MPs have had an 11.3% pay rise, a gold plated £50,000 pension bonus, lavish expenses, subsidised meals, you insult us, demean us and punish us at the cost of thousands of lives. So really, Mr Cameron:

What have you ever done for us?

05_april_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,393

Tuesday 05 April 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Oh dear, talk about taking your eye off the ball, did you really lose your rag with the press in the ‘luxury library of the British ambassador’s residence in Washington’? A more unfortunate choice it is hard to imagine as hundreds of libraries the length and breadth of Britain fall foul of your brutal cuts.

Did you swallow a dictionary? In your tirade against journalists you said, ‘You all go around setting each others’ hair on fire and getting very excited about this but it’s all a lot of processology’.

I confess I had to look up Processology although I could probably have had a fair stab at it. Here’s one of the more elaborate explanations –  “Processology: as defined and practiced by the professional processologist proposes to study and gradually interconnect our understanding of ongoing causes, effects (and resulting causes) taking place within all the multitudinous and simultaneous processes in the universe.” I confess that gets me no further forward in understanding what you were on about regarding flaming quiffs and top knots.

It’s no good having a go at journalists anyway, you have no one to blame but yourself, you and George are a pair of snollygosters (I only learnt that yesterday), over privileged and educated in nothing related to the real world, sanctimonious, self serving, arrogant and fronting the worst government in UK history.

When death stalks our social security system, you should be angry, but you’re not, you don’t even care, your anger is self centred, self focused and meaningless. When 100,000 children go hungry because their parents have had their lifeline support stopped, you should be angry, but you’re not because you are responsible. When disabled people took over the Central Lobby of parliament with banners saying ‘No more deaths from benefit cuts’, that was the time for anger for what your government has done to the lives of disabled people, but you’re not interested.

People are fighting for their lives but your boat is sinking so of course you’re angry. All your chickens are coming home to roost and not before time. The people you so brutally attack have had enough and your departure is long overdue and if you’re feeling the pressure right now, that can only be good. We were not responsible for causing the financial crisis, yet you have blamed the welfare bill and us and made us responsible for paying down the debt, it is we who are rightfully outraged and angry.

Angry David Cameron loses his rag as he attacks news reporters in rant | Mirror Online

28_march_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,385

Monday 28 March 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Given the growing chaos and disintegration within your party and the country I have to admit I was surprised you had the gall to video an Easter message.

Hope and help for the homeless? Since 2010 homelessness has increased year on year and is more than double what it was in 2010. Praising people who work with the homeless when your government is responsible for its escalation, not least through the bedroom tax, is hypocrisy of the highest order.

Under the circumstances, praising those who help the homeless is actually an insult because they are working despite you and such praise is patronising in the extreme.

You went on to say, “And at the heart of all these acts of kindness and courage is a set of values and beliefs that have helped to make our country what it is today. Values of responsibility, hard work, charity, compassion and pride in working for the common good and honouring the social obligations we have to one another, to our families and to our communities.”

Working for the common good is something that your government knows nothing about and, in fact, you are the enemies of the common good, from disabled people to junior doctors to public services to our NHS, there is no common good coming from you and your government.

The new head of the DWP, Stephen Crabb, has announced, “People with brain tumours, motor neurone disease, Parkinson’s disease and a number of other conditions are “able to work.”” Claiming that such people are in the Work Related Activity Group and therefore able to work is not just misleading, it is plain wrong. They are in the group because they may be able to work at some time in the future but are currently too ill to work and many of them will never be well enough to work.

There is no hint of compassion being evinced by Crabb towards people suffering life threatening diseases and conditions, and your government cynically forced through the vote to cut ESA to the most vulnerable people in the UK.

Odd don’t you think, that at a time which celebrates a man who was nailed to a cross who cared for the poor and healed the sick and disabled, you are doing the exact opposite and spouting utter hypocritical nonsense into the bargain.