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A letter a day to number 10. No 1,463

Monday 13 June 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Since you inveigled your way into government you have systematically attacked the lives of ordinary people in this country, you have rewarding the rich and the corporations whilst focusing the worst of your austerity measures on the poorest and most vulnerable. I have no idea why you made the referendum a manifesto issue but just to remind ourselves, here’s what you said, “We are clear about what we want from Europe. We say: yes to the Single Market. Yes to turbocharging free trade. Yes to working together where we are stronger together than alone. Yes to a family of nation states, all part of a European Union – but whose interests, crucially, are guaranteed whether inside the Euro or out. No to ‘ever closer union.’ No to a constant flow of power to Brussels. No to unnecessary interference.” Really just a lot of meaningless nonsense in which the lives and concerns of ordinary people are entirely absent.

When Edward Heath took us into the Common Market he didn’t consult us or make it a voting matter, the British people had no say in it at all. It took the Wilson government in 1975 to hold a referendum and all the big hitters were pro remain, and I, a mere stripling of 23, having no idea of the issues, voted remain along with the majority who were doubtless just as clueless as I was. I recall Tony Benn being what I perceived be a lone voice in the wilderness, given no credence in the mainstream narrative and nor did I. I had not at that age learned to think, I had another decade to go before the battle for my own mind began in earnest.

Today, we have another chance to vote in a referendum for our place in or out of the EU and thus far it has been the biggest pigs breakfast I have ever seen, headed up by you Tories who have done everything you can to muddy the waters and sow utter confusion at every step of the way.

You have given us a referendum where one of the choices is, according to you, rubbish, “What can the Leave campaign guarantee you? Nothing at all. These people are asking you to roll the dice with our future – with your future. And for what? What is the potential upside? It would have to be something pretty special to justify these kind of risks. Yet they tell us nothing about what the future would hold. I don’t think they deserve your vote – not when leaving is so risky, not when it’s such a leap in the dark.”

If this wasn’t ever going to be a two horse race, if Britain had nothing to gain from voting to leave the EU, if there was nothing special on offer to commit to rolling the dice for our future, what in the world were you playing at? Doesn’t that just make you the biggest idiot, or Machiavellian, treacherous, tool,  playing fast and loose with the future of this nation for no good reason other than some stupid political game for reasons that you don’t have the decency to tell us? Your latest bottom feeding piece in the Telegraph scaring pensioners to vote remain for fear of losing their pensions is just another nail in the coffin of democracy from the party that doesn’t give a damn about anyone but themselves.

Conservative manifesto reaffirms In/Out EU referendum but is it light on the specifics of renegotiation?



A letter a day to number 10. No 1,462

Sunday 12 June 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I am curious to know why the main stream media, and the BBC in particular, is not reporting on the ongoing protests and civil disruption in France. Of particular national interest in Britain might be that France is considering its position in the EU and whether to leave. It took the business section of the Telegraph to report that 61% of French people favour leaving the EU and want ‘powers returned to the French parliament’ which, unlike Europe, can be held democratically accountable by the people.

Do you not think that what is happening in Britain’s nearest neighbour and currently sister nation in the EU might be of significant interest to the people of Britain at this time? The media silence shows a contempt for democracy and the people of the UK in not providing information which has a direct bearing on our ability to make informed decisions.

The German Deutsche Bank, Europe’s biggest and most powerful financial institution, has seen it shares go into free fall. Deutsche Bank is nearly three times bigger than Lehman Brothers, the first bank to fall in the financial crisis. Based on employee numbers, Deutsche Bank is four times bigger than Lehman Brothers. If Deutsche Bank goes down the Euro will almost certainly fall. Germany would doubtless be forced to step in and bail the bank out, and yet Greece was forced, not least by Germany, to allow their banks to fail. It will not go down well.

You and, recently, Gordon Brown in an impassioned video, have talked about the EU maintaining peace within its collective nations and the perils of leaving the EU. But times have moved on and there is another kind of warfare going on, as we’ve seen in Britain, economic warfare, particularly and most egregiously against ordinary people. That the economic warfare and social crises taking place in the EU are not being reported in the UK is unforgivable.

Just as there is more than one type of warfare, so there is more than one kind of peace and peace and economic security in the EU is under threat. People in the UK fear that if we leave the EU we will be at the mercy of the most vicious government this country has ever seen. The EU has not in any significant way protected ordinary people in six years of Tory misrule; the EU is no knight in shining armour protecting our lives.

So let me spell it out (and I am giving away no secrets here), you are accountable to us, it is our democratic right and within our power to stop you and break you. We the people have to power to shut this country down, just as the French are shutting France down. We are only at your mercy if we allow ourselves to be victims of state brutality. That is the very real choice facing Britain and it is a more important choice than voting in the referendum. The choice is ours, I hope we collectively have the courage to see it through, because if we do not, the failing will be entirely ours. If we fail to even try, we will not only have betrayed ourselves but our children and our children’s children. May that never be.

France Announce Likely Exit From Europe Ahead of Brexit Vote

France Announce Likely Exit From Europe Ahead of Brexit Vote

This Major Bank Is about to Go Bust – And It’s 3X Bigger Than Lehman Bros


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,459

Thursday 09 June 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

It is at least unfortunate that we have three of the worst characters possible representing the Tory case for leaving the EU, at worst it is wilful manipulation to swing the referendum in favour of staying in the EU.

Priti Patel makes her case that leaving the EU would enable her to attack employment protections and, “halve the burdens of the EU social and employment legislation”. On the face of it that firmed my feeling that I should be voting to remain in the EU, forgetting for a moment that to pull a stunt like that she would be acting undemocratically, without consultation and against our best interests, in short, she’s being her usual self, a petty dictator. That’s not an argument to remain in Europe.

Moving right along, let’s have a look at Boris (BoJo the clown) Johnson. In a street speech that was more a pantomime piece than anything else, in reference to someone saying ‘bananas’ (A shill? A plant? An idiot?), Johnson claimed that the EU prevents Britain from selling bananas in bunches of more than 2 or 3 and that they must not be excessively bent, unlike him. It was a claim so self evidently false I wondered why the crowd didn’t plant him head first in a water butt? This wasn’t an argument for Brexit, it was a temptation to vote for anything other than the idiot, but even if I voted remain, we’d still be stuck with the idiot.

Michael Gove’s central argument for Brexit is for, “a galvanising, liberating, empowering moment of patriotic renewal”. It was Samuel Johnson who said, “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel”, meaning just the kind of jingoistic, flag waving, nonsense that Gove was spouting. True patriots are those who protect democracy, as Tony Benn did all his life, who want to end wars and serve the cause of peace, the kind of people who demand that Tony Blair faces the Hague for his illegal invasion of Iraq, an invasion that Gove supported regardless of his later change of heart. Let’s also remember that Gove gave away our schools to privateers, demanded our children learn by rote and alienated almost the entire teaching profession. This man is hardly a friend of Britain or Brexit.

Your own claim that leaving the EU could herald another Europe wide conflict, was the other side of this sordid mess, senseless fear-mongering in a world riven by conflict that the EU has been powerless or useless to prevent. What matters is the we the people are able to hold power to account. Europe has done nothing to prevent the excesses of the worst government in UK history. You ignored the findings of UN special investigator Raquel Rolnik into the despicable bedroom tax. Rolnik was branded by Grant Shapps as, an “absolute disgrace”, dismissing her as “a woman from Brazil”. Iain Duncan Smith called her a  “strange woman” and accused Labour of indulging in “little gimmicks with people from Brazil.” That’s the contempt you have for us. This fight isn’t about the EU, it is about the people of this country who must fight against Tory extremism and a supranational organisation that offers no protection for ordinary people from neoliberalism and the interests of elite criminals and greedy financiers putting profits before people.

Who let the cats out? Priti Patel suggests we could lose half our EU work rights after #Brexit

24_april_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,412

Sunday 24 April 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

You said in May 2015, “For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens ‘as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone”. Making a statement like that we could not know what bastardy you intended, we could only know the shock that it was ever said at all. Truly, when you said those words, you were forewarning us of a descent into barbarity, a barbarity unconstrained by law or even common decency, which no human being should ever even contemplate, as only brutes, slavers and despots might.

When Boris Johnson attacked Barack Obama in the Sun over his views on staying in the EU in a cowardly and entirely false attack of the man and not his views, Johnson revealed just how vile a creature he really is. It is a measure of how serious this was that Nick Cohen wrote in the Spectator, “Johnson showed this morning that he is a man without principle or shame. He is a braying charlatan, who lacks the courage even to be an honest bastard, for there is a kind of bastardly integrity in showing the world who you really are, but instead uses the tactics of the coward and the tricks of the fraudster to advance his worthless career.”

The DWP’s latest attack targeting poor working people on Universal Credit with what they are calling ‘in-work progression’ (IWP) is a prime example of your intent to force obedience upon us disregarding all law and social justice. Those people so poorly paid that they cannot survive without some form of social top-up will be corralled and coerced by the DWP, under threat of sanctions and fines, to undertake activities dictated by the DWP, this on top of working full time on Osborne’s supposed New Living Wage, possibly working more than one job already.

Even Osborne having the temerity to call what is a new minimum wage the New Living Wage, is the basest deceit and a measure of his own bastardy in his treatment of the poor. I’ll remind you that the real UK living wage is currently £8.25 an hour and £9.40 an hour in London, whilst Osborne’s New Living Wage is £7.20 an hour. If you can’t live on it, a living wage it ain’t. It’s just more manipulative ideological bastardy.

As we’re seeing with the junior doctors dispute, none of us are regarded any more as sovereign human beings, but mere pawns of a government that is authoritarian, intrusive, coercive, abusive and punitive. You may temporarily have the power for such abuses, but you have never had, and never will have, the right. It’s purest bastardy because it is illegitimate and always will be.