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After the 2015 General Election, I sat watching the results come in and as it became clear the Conservatives had gained a majority I physically and mentally collapsed. I was completely devastated and it took a week or more to begin to claw my way back out of the pit of despair.

This time around I knew that if the Conservatives gained another majority my reaction would be much, much worse. We’ve had seven years to work out what their agenda is, back when I began a Letter a Day to Number 10 it was mostly speculation and striving to gain an understanding of their agenda, now it’s as plain as the nose on my face.

This is the false austerity party, telling us they can cut Britain back to growth, with murderous intent towards poor, sick and disabled people, privatise everything by deceitfully strangling and destabilising the public sector with catastrophic results. It doesn’t matter who you are, young, middle aged or old, they think it is their god given right to steal from our lives to benefit vultures who want to pocket the wealth of the nation. This is the party that will steal nutritious food from children for a 7p breakfast, the party of the privileged pouring scorn and contempt on our lives.

As I sat following the election results overnight the most wonderful thing happened, Labour were taking ground. Against all the predictions of polls, talking heads and so called experts, Labour defied them all as the popular will of the people exerted itself in this election. There was no hint of the despair I had dreaded, this was amazing, we’d done it against overwhelming odds, against the media barons full of spite, filth and bile, against the dark ads placed by the Conservatives on social media targeting millions of voters with disinformation and smears, the front page cover wraps on local papers, money no object as hedge funds, bankers, and magnates poured in millions to the Tories. And millions of voters defied them all.

I didn’t wait for the final results, it was a hung parliament, time for some sleep. To wake up to… chaos. Theresa May was going to the Queen to form a government in coalition with the Democratic Unionist Party, and social and the independent and citizen media had erupted. In her arrogance and her vanity Theresa May was prepared to trifle with the bitterly struggled for and hard won peace in Ireland for power and to satisfy her own vanity.

On return from the palace her car parked in Downing street and she stepped out to walk to the lectern in front of number 10 Downing Street with her husband. It must have felt like a million miles as she made her obviously nervous way in dead silence before the ranks of the media, gathered like vultures. Not a single voice greeted her, just the empty stares of blank lenses. She spoke cold words with darting, dead eyes, turned and walked to the door of number ten where she posed briefly, her face like death, with the look of someone who had announced her own funeral.

What was in my mind was how very different it would have been had it been Jeremy Corbyn.

Since then the mood of the country has been feral, Theresa May’s vanity general election has been a dismal failure but that has not stopped the hubris from the likes of Conservative MP Crispin Blunt, telling us with predictable arrogance “the electorate plainly have got it wrong.” Others in her party have been brutal in condemnation of May, as Tory MP Nigel Evans said, the “Only thing missing from our manifesto was compulsory euthanasia for over 70s!” The atmosphere is chaotic and, personally, tiresome. Theresa May, who accused Corbyn of wanting to form a coalition of chaos, is the one responsible for the chaos, she is playing personal vanity against the interests of the whole of Britain, and we wait.

Jeremy Corbyn is energised and ready to lead as Theresa May’s election charade unfolds and unravels. Behind Corbyn is a nation hungry for change, for an end to the dismal ideology of austerity and hateful division and to get the country moving and growing again. There is a feeling in me that the nation is holding its breath, it’s hard to see what cards Theresa May has left to play. The Conservatives are not known for their compassion and right now it looks as though Theresa May is about to find out just how brutal defeat can be when clearly her gamble has failed and her own party know it as her gamble and no one else’s.

May’s fall is certain, not least because she has not a shred of humility and no love for the lives of ordinary people who she seeks only to dominate and control. Jeremy Corbyn is her polar opposite and her nemesis, he does not fear us, he enjoys being one of us and with us, and to serve a country he clearly loves, giving hope, not hate. Right now he’s standing in the wings, but not for long.

KOG. 11 June 2017



Any politician who employs deceit, deception, lies, propaganda, spin, corruption, cheating, defamation, character assassination, libel, slander or any other form of corrupt practice to achieve power, should never hold office.

Currently elections are a free for all, reliant on the integrity or parties and individuals, with few, if any, checks and balances to protect the public from foul play.

What checks and balances that do exist are too slow and cumbersome to be of any effective use. The Electoral Commission, the independent body which oversees elections and regulates political finance in the UK, does not have the power or resources to live monitor the election process. In the same way, there is no effective real time media oversight to hold media outlets to account, they are free to mislead the public through any and every dubious tactic they employ.

Yet again, the troubles in Ireland have been raised by the Conservatives to undermine Jeremy Corbyn. These are the usual low rent, cheap tricks, employed by the Lynton Crosby school of muck raking and mud slinging, but it tells me more about the Tories than it does about anything else. Have not the long suffering people of Ireland had enough trouble without this abuse?

What this highlights for me is the utter contempt that the Conservative Party have for the lives and concerns of ordinary people. How must it feel in Derry right now, after all they have been through, to witness a bunch of English toffs using them for cheap political point scoring… again? I know exactly how it makes me feel and it is difficult to contain the anger that rises up and the desire for vengeance against a party that cares as little for my own life as is does for the people of Ireland.

I was in Cleadon, South Tyneside, in County Durham, during the miners strike, I witnessed the violence unleashed against the striking miners and their families, which meant entire communities, and I witnessed the bravery and courage of people who were having their livelihoods stolen from them by a party and, very specifically, Thatcher, whose entire intent was to crush the Miners Union and, thereby, all unions. That’s what all the violence and chaos was about.

Memories rise up unbidden, but in the present, there is the party that invokes those memories, who are very comfortable with the suffering they cause ordinary people, who treat us all as an enemy to be crushed. That’s what has happened to disabled people, people looking for work and poor people generally, therein lies the entire ideology of the Department for Work and Pensions, to penalise us and crush us with a casual indifference for those who die along the way.

If the Conservatives win the General Election, I do not expect to survive another five years of their brutality. I am not emoting here and require no ones sympathy, I am merely stating a stark internal awareness based on Tory plans for pensions and health care, both of which I am reliant on through the progress of age and illness in my life. And I am by no means alone, as family, friends, acquaintances, and connections to people which extend out through social media, face their own diverse circumstances under the brutality of Tory misrule.

Theresa May, Michael Fallon, Boris Johnson, Amber Rudd, Michael Gove, Damian Green, Iain Duncan Smith, Jeremy Hunt, Priti Patel, and not forgetting David Cameron and George Osborne (to name but a few), these are people in whom I see no shred of humanity or decency, to whom we are mere pawns in their ‘game’. Whoever and wherever you are right now, do you feel these people have a positive regard for your life? If so, in what way?

What I see is a bunch of smug, over privileged, self serving, lying, cheating, stealing, thugs. Don’t agree? Sue me and let’s see the evidence for a government against whom the EU has found, “UK welfare reforms have led to “grave and systematic violations” of disabled people’s rights”.

Theresa May has claimed this General Election is “the most important election this country has faced in my lifetime”, if so she’s making a piss poor show of giving a tinkers cuss. What I know for certain is that this General Election is the most important election I’ve faced in my lifetime and I’ll fight her every millimetre of the way to the ballot box for a fair and just Britain and an end to the party of the privileged few for the privileged few and an end to their lies and deceit and their easy dealing in death and misery.

Enough is enough.

KOG. 29 May 2017



Just for the moment, forget policies and even the general election, and let’s look at humanity.

It’s been said many times, ‘elections are not about personalities’, and every time, they are wrong.

If you want to experience a world devoid of personality and humanity and based solely on policy, take a trip to your local Jobcentre and sign on, or face the arrival of an ESA50 form in its hideous brown envelope, fill it out, and await notification and then attend a Work Capability Assessment. If you get lucky, you’ll get an assessor who will engage with you at a human level, but the process is designed for that not to happen. And here’s the important bit, for many, if not most, people, these experiences are traumatising because they are dehumanising by design.

We face an election that mostly revolves around two parties, but that’s just because it is a rotten system of first past the post and is not representative of the voting public, but all of the parties will be campaigning, and the art of campaigning is the art of persuasion, and the majority of people will vote based on a complex mixture of upbringing, social status, whether they are essentially deferential or not, prejudice, personality, media influence, and so on, and tagging along somewhere at the back, there might be a greater or lesser awareness and understanding of policies.

Like it or not, the popular rise and rise of Jeremy Corbyn is about, and because of, Jeremy Corbyn himself. Cometh the hour, cometh the man. And why? Because he relates to people, speaks to the people, is open and behaves in a sincere and honest way to which people can, and do, relate.

If I were to name a few others in a loosely similar vein, I’d say Caroline Lucas, who just strikes me as a thoroughly decent human being, Mhairi Black and good old Dennis Skinner.

We’ve had seven years of Tory misrule and they don’t come anywhere in the humanity stakes. Theresa May, by any sane standard, has nothing going for her, lacking personality and common or garden decency and empathy. She has no people skills and is clearly deeply uncomfortable around ordinary people, lacking any qualities of spontaneity, warmth, personality or humanity. She is ahead simply because she is ‘establishment’, along with royalty, Lords and Ladies, pomp and pomposity, and she appeals to a deeply conservative streak in Britain which views anything remotely challenging to the status quo as tawdry, lower class, suspicious and ‘not the done thing’. She is the perfect ‘upstairs, downstairs’ candidate, and mixing with the lower orders is definitely not her thing.

Who wants a Prime Minister who is at home in Safeway or Lidl? Oh gawd! If Theresa May went into such places, they’d have to clear everyone out and those who remained, to show her a packet of cornflakes, would be carefully chosen and expected be on their best, deferential, grovelling, behaviour. Sound familiar?

Why was Thatcher so popular and even got away with adopting the royal ‘we’ when talking about herself? She was establishment through and through, even though she wrecked all our national industries and put the boot in, literally, to the unions.

It is said that ordinary people voting Conservative is like turkeys voting for Christmas, and it’s absolutely true.

And Corbyn? He is anti-establishment and has no time for cap doffing, he’s trying to head the turkeys off at the polling booth and asking them to think again.

The establishment and their media nearly had a heart attack when Jeremy Corbyn didn’t bow deeply enough at the Cenotaph. What did David Cameron mockingly say during Prime Minister’s Questions? He said his mother would advise the Labour leader to “put on a proper suit, do up your tie and sing the national anthem”. And, god help us, Corbyn has an allotment and grows stuff and gets his hands dirty and that, according to the Tories and the right wing media, makes him unelectable. Really? Yes, really, and in so doing they mock each and every one if us in our ordinariness, in our unprivileged, unpretentious, profoundly and deeply human, lives.

That’s what this election is about. For millions of us, it’s about fighting for our lives and our right to exist, to have somewhere to live, food on the table, heating in our homes, medical treatment when we need it, a decent education for our children, care in the community, help with disabilities, hospitals, fire stations, police to help against crime, doctors and GP surgeries, nurses, junior doctors and specialists, A&E departments, and enough security to live our lives without fear or want.

It’s about humanity.

KOG. 14 May 2017


The right wing media, the Telegraph, Sun, Mail, Express, etc. are celebrating the hiring of Lynton Crosby to run Theresa May’s election campaign. They describe Crosby in such terms as ‘mastermind behind 2015 win’, ‘political guru Sir Lynton Crosby’, ‘the architect of David Cameron’s victory’, but he’s also known as ‘master of the dark political arts’.

Psychological manipulation and perception management, better known as propaganda or PR, lie at the heart of much of what we are going to be assaulted with in the following weeks.

This is a real time information war, a media onslaught against the best interests of ordinary people. The elites (very much the Tories) are for the elites and no matter how wealthy they get, they always want more and the source of their wealth is always ordinary people.

Every time they foul up, create a financial crash, boom and bust, they expect the victims, the ordinary tax payers, to pick up the tab regardless of the cost in the lives and well being of the people. And the media is fully complicit in this, telling ordinary people that the rich and powerful are the only people we can trust, even whilst sucking us dry, and demonising socialists and anyone calling for a fair and just society.

Anyone wanting a clearer picture of what is going on has to make an effort to find sources of information other than the main stream media. But in order to do that, it first requires that people begin to suspect that they might not be getting the full story. Even then it is not easy to gather information, it takes practice.

Alternative media sites are ranked lower than the mainstream media (MSM) by Google and other search engines. Type any trending headline and the MSN is top of the list. Information is sifted in favour of the dominant narrative of those in power including those who own the media.

What you will see are news articles from the Guardian, Telegraph, Sun, Mail, Express, etc. What you will not see are independent sites like Vox Political, Dorset Eye, Skwawkbox, The Canary, Evolve Politics and so on. Any reputable news site will source their information enabling readers to check what they are reporting for themselves, rags that the Sun, Mail and Express, the more extreme right, don’t bother to do so because they are in the business of manipulating their readers, not informing them.

Even the least curious, least media savvy, people will have heard how awful or useless Jeremy Corbyn is, and indeed, are likely to be the most vocal in their denunciation of him. They have likely never heard him make a speech, other then the soundbites offered by the mainstream media in discrediting him, never looked at his policies, never questioned what socialism is and perhaps strongly suspect it is really just the western face of communism, a wolf in sheeps clothing, and that Corbyn eats babies for breakfast (I think I am jesting there, but who knows?).

Theresa May would not have called this general election if she were not very confident of winning and she certainly wouldn’t be refusing to appear in debates or accepting any media presence (even those loyal to her) at her staged rallies or any questions from anyone about her policies. And she’s ahead in the polls. In fact she is supremely confident that she will get an overwhelming majority.

In front of us, then, is a battle royal.

I was raised in a dirt poor royalist Tory household and I learnt my politics in the school of hard knocks and I am now a socialist to my bones and I am certain of one thing, we have to take the Tories down. It’s been said again and again, we must get rid of the Tories, too many have already died at their hands.

We are faced with an opportunity, we have at our fingertips a means of mass communication unlike anything previously seen of the planet. If we are to be victorious then it falls to each one of us to use it and exploit it to challenge the propaganda that will be filling the airwaves over the next few weeks.

This is not the time for hopelessness, especially amongst those who are suffering the most under the Tory jack boots and who have my every sympathy. This is the time to fight, this is the time for vengeance, this is the time to direct all the pain and suffering, the fear and desperate anxiety, at taking out the enemy within. This is the time to use our fury and bring the Tories down.

For every moment of fear of the dreaded brown envelope falling though the door, hit back! For David Cameron saying, “For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens ‘as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone.” Let’s give it right back and hound them out of office.

Those who know me will know I never argue or debate. I share information to the best of my creative ability and care nothing for trolls and shills and Theresa May is nothing if not a troll and a plague on our lives.

I am not a democracy, I am a sovereign human being and do not agree or submit to being subjugated by anyone, least of all by the likes of Cameron and May, but Theresa May is the subject of democracy, she is seeking to remain in office as Prime Minister and she has a duty to the people, to the democratic power of the people and the people have a right to be informed. If she will not do it, and she won’t, we can and must. She wishes to rule by deceit, that is what she has employed Lynton Crosby to do. We have to call the shots and challenge every lie and they come up with, every deceit, every rotten ploy to deceive the public, using all our intelligence and creativity and the tools at our disposal.

And above all, set our teeth, our minds and hearts, to WIN! It is time to commit the nasty party to history. Whatever the result on the 8th of June, that is for then, this is now. Fight to wipe the smiles of their arrogant faces and eat their mockery of us. Fight to win back our lives!

KOG. 22 April 2017


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,479

Thursday 30 June 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I think it’s pretty rich for a failed has-been to tell Jeremy Corbyn in Ex-Prime Ministers Question Time, “For heaven’s sake man, go.”

Of course you’d say that, what’s yours and Osborne’s reaction to Brexit? Do nothing, delay, leave it to the next person who’ll have to pick up the poisoned chalice.

£2 trillion knocked off the world markets and the pound taking the biggest one day hit in recent history and you stand in parliament and tell the opposition leader to plunge us into further chaos by stepping down.

A friend in the USA has emailed me wondering what the hell is going on. Here’s what she wrote, “They all come across as so ‘unconcerned’ about any of it. “La dee da, fiddle dee dee.” What kind of fucking game are these people playing at?” Not quite the language you get in the Westminster bubble, but that’s how real people talk.

And what’s Osborne’s response to Brexit? Do nothing, but he warns that the next Prime Minister ‘would “absolutely” have to inflict further austerity measures on the population’. And, yes, that’s the same austerity that has failed to get the country back on track after 6 years, during which time Osborne has increased the national debt by over 50%, and which has cost countless lives.

You may not remember speaking about cutting the deficit in Milton Keynes on 7 June 2010, but here’s what you said, “this government will not cut this deficit in a way that hurts those we most need to help, in a way that divides our country or in a way that undermines the spirit and ethos of our vital public services.” Six long years of Tory lies later and a Brexit vote which for many was a vote of desperation with the majority of votes coming from those on the lowest incomes and, yes, those who have endured the greatest death toll in Tory austerity Britain.

Any other government in UK history would have stood down and called a general election, but not you Tories and you have the effrontery to tell Jeremy Corbyn who has pledged to oppose austerity that he must go? Like those in his own party who care nothing for the chaos they are inflicting in their attempted coup against Corbyn, it is those who create carnage who must go and that means you and your party of compulsive liars.

21_july_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,154

Tuesday 21 July 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

In your stunning U-turn over your pay rise you said, “you’re paid a rate for the job and you should take the rate for the job”. All well and good, except you and your government are not doing the job that we pay you to do. We do not pay you to lie to us. In 2010 you said, “We have absolutely no plans to raise VAT” yet in his first budget George Osborne raised VAT from 17.5 to 20 per cent, which, unsurprisingly, very specifically hits poorest people hardest.

I have lost count of how many times you have promised to look after sick and vulnerable people, for example, in your speech on the Welfare Reform Bill on 17 February 2011, you said, “I passionately believe that the welfare system should be there to support the needy and most vulnerable in our society and provide security and dignity for those in old age. That’s why the system was born, that’s what it’s always done – and with me, that’s the way it will always stay.” On June 30th this year you abandoned the most disabled people in the country by closing the Independent Living Fund with almost nothing in place for their ongoing support.

Just prior to the general election in May you were asked, by ‘Jenny’, on national television about cuts to tax credits to which you replied, “Thank you Jenny for that question. No, I don’t want to do that. This report that’s out today is something I rejected at the time as Prime Minister and I reject it again today.” David Dimbleby asked for clarification, to which you replied, “It’s not going to fall.” Yet fall it did in Osborne’s ’emergency budget’.

We know that whatever comes out of your mouth is almost a gold plated guarantee that you are planning to do the opposite. Any reassurance or promise from you is red flag of betrayal for the nation.

Only yesterday the Mirror reported yet another death of a sick and disabled man two weeks after being found fit for work by the DWP who had stopped his benefits. A DWP spokesman said, ‘It’s wrong to suggest a causal link between the death of an individual and their benefit claim’. Really? What is damned certain is that it didn’t help, did it?

You have forgotten, if you ever grasped it or considered it for a moment, that you work for us and we pay your wages and we pay you to serve the people of this country. What is absolutely clear to anyone paying attention is that even before the 2010 election you had long laid plans to betray the entire nation, to demolish the state, privatise our NHS and sell off or give away, public services and assets into private hands. That is precisely what you’ve done and continue to do and you lie about it every step of the way. The question on pay isn’t about the rate for the job, the question is about you ever doing the job we pay you to do.

22_may_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,093

Friday 22 May 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

People still ask, ‘How could what happened in Nazi Germany have come about?’ Today, Britain is an object lesson in exactly how it came about.

The DWP has created our own ‘Untermensch’, a class of people treated as sub-human, people who are seen and treated as lesser creatures even than the worst criminals (who are at least housed and fed), vilified on national television and who can be attacked with impunity, without protection in law, without rights and who are being mercilessly persecuted.

I mean, of course, people on benefits, people who are sick, the terminally ill and people who are disabled who are being socially abandoned and deprived of the means of survival.

I was up all night watching as the votes were counted after the general election and I don’t think I have ever felt so desolate as it became clear that you were going to get a majority of seats. After a lifetimes battle with mental ill health, a personal war I fought every day working as a Community and Youth Worker and now, at 64, sickness retired, facing the very real possibility that I might not be permitted to survive another 5 years almost broke me.

Evidence from the PCS Union reveals that (some) Jobcentres are expected to reach targets of 80% sanctions and to get as many people off benefits as possible using provocation, intimidation and harassment with staff encouraged to use the “hassle factor” to “frustrate claimants off benefits”.

The worst cuts are yet to come with welfare as one of the primary targets and disability benefits firmly in the firing line.

Millions sacrificed their lives to prevent this country being invaded by Nazi Germany and yet this country has voted to allow George Osborne and Iain Duncan Smith to vilify and target the most vulnerable people in society, to roll out their pogroms of cuts and sanctions that will deprive people of life. May they hang their heads in shame for such a callous disregard for life.

07_april_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,051

Tuesday 07 April 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) found that the George Osborne’s spending plans over 2015-2019 would be the “largest fiscal consolidation out of 32 advanced economies over the period”. The IFS warned that “Osborne will make the deepest cuts in the industrialised world if the Tories win May’s general election” and that the chancellor will inevitably have to raise taxes after the election, that’s a lose/lose for the public with nothing to show for it other than more swingeing austerity.

The Public and Commercial Services Union has said, rightly, that we need three things to get the economy growing, public investment, job creation, and tax justice. Your claim to have created 1000 jobs a day over the last 5 years is a ludicrous one with no assessment on job quality which has seen the majority of jobs as low paid and insecure and of no tax benefit to the nation and little or no value, in real terms, to workers. In fact in-work benefits have soared with the number of housing benefit claimants in work rising from 650,561 in May 2010 to 1.03 million by the end of 2013 and an extra cost of £5 billion up to the general election. In-work poverty continues to rise as do your empty boasts of recovery which is nonexistent for millions.

Where’s the impact assessment for the cuts proposed by George Osborne? These are cuts that are going to cost lives and not only are you refusing to offer any details of how they will be applied you haven’t attempted to assess their impact.

The people are the heart of the nation. What, do you really think that the aristocracy and the aristocrats of wealth are the lords of all? Great pompous oafs more like, not a house built, nor hospital dressing changed, nor child educated, nor land tilled, nor animal cared for (though certainly shot or torn to pieces), nor banquet cooked and served, by any of you ungrateful fools.

You have gathered rich rewards to yourselves and you cannot even be bothered to assess the impact of your heinous policies or even provide us with details of your plans. Your arrogance is stupendous! As you cull the civil service who will do the real work  of government without the hard working people who provide the backbone of government? You treat this country like a rich boys club with no idea of, or care for, the untold harm you do.

30_march_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,043

Monday 30 March 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Iain Duncan Smith said in response to the leaked secret plans regarding Osborne’s proposed £12 billion cuts in welfare that they ‘did not represent government or Conservative party policy and blamed the leak on a “bitter individual” in the department’.

He went on to say, ‘his party would not make “cheese-paring cuts” but added that it may not be “relevant” to explain where the rest of the cuts will fall before the election. “When we are right and we are ready, we will talk about what we plan to do. [Voters] know for certain that we are going to save the £12 billion. We may, we may not, decide that it’s relevant to put something out there about some of those changes”‘.

I think it is time that Smith was disabused of some of his stupendously arrogant assumptions.

The Welfare system is not yours or Osborne’s or Smith’s, it is ours, it belongs to all of us equally, each contributing according to our means, other than those social pariahs who wilfully evade or avoid contributing taxes. Smith’s arrogant assertion that the leaks were down to a “bitter individual” in the department says everything about him and nothing about the individual who must have believed that such a leak was in the public interest (which it was) and indeed vital if voters are to be enabled to make informed decisions in the coming general election.

Smith says his party would not be making “cheese-paring cuts” which presumably means they will be bloody great big devastating cuts which even more poor, sick and disabled people are going to pay for with their lives.

It is not down to Smith to decide what is or is not relevant for the public to know when he is ‘right and ready’, he is neither right nor ready at the best of times, even when fellow MPs report that benefit sanctions are driving people to suicide.

Cuts cost lives and the welfare system under Smiths misanthropic, pestilential and arrogant, misrule is devastating the lives of millions. He is a menace to society. But I’ll leave the last word to Helen Lewis who wrote, “Whenever I talk about the need for better representation of women and minorities in politics, there is a stock response. ‘Surely we want ministers appointed on merit?’ people ask, making a serious face. And I always think, “So how do you explain Iain Duncan Smith, then?”‘

28_january_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 988

Wednesday 28 January 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I hardly know what to write about today, not because I have nothing to say, but because I don’t know what to do about a rigged game in which the lives and considerations of ordinary people are not only routinely ignored, just as these letters are, but are sacrificed for the wealth and prosperity of the criminal few.

Our lives are ruled by robbers whose only objective is to take more away from us and own everything, including our lives as stock, human resources and servants of wealth. Why else are the crooks who crashed the markets not in jail along with you politicians who forced us to bail them out?

As we approach what may well be the most confused general election in our history, the only thing that is clear is that it’s a well orchestrated ocean of lies and propaganda. It is meant to be confusing. It’s a ridiculous silly charade being played out by people who know exactly what they are doing at the expense of ordinary people.

The government of this country is a business scam intent on impoverishing the people, driving working and non working people into poverty and reaping the rich rewards. It would be a sop to our dignity to think that we are being used as a meal ticket, but we aren’t, the meal ticket is already guaranteed, we are being used to fill coffers that are already full to overflowing.

It’s all an extravagant party to which ordinary people are not invited but at which ordinary people are paid a pittance to be servants; cooking, washing up, handing out canapés and booze and providing lavish meals for the self serving elite few.

You had the appalling arrogance and gall to announce your regime of permanent austerity for us at the lavish Lord Mayors state banquet with not a word for the all the hard working people who paid for it and prepared and laid it all out for you and who catered for your every extravagant desire. Pictures from the event show you to be completely sated and, what appeared to be, drunk and nearly insensible.

Our NHS, our welfare system, our front-line services, our national infrastructure, paid for and built by us, is being stolen from us to enrich the few whilst you demonise us and abuse us for our generosity, treating us as scroungers to reward the greatest scroungers on earth whilst sanctioning and starving us to death.