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A letter a day to number 10. No 1,475

Sunday 26 June 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

There is a shit storm sweeping this country and why? Because too many politicians lie through their teeth and cannot be trusted to tell the time of day unless you’re standing next to Big Ben. That’s why.

There is now a petition calling for a second referendum, currently standing at 2,002,902 signatures, yes that’s 2 million signatures (in one day). I’ll sign it when I hear that every politician that lied in the referendum would be chained and gagged and locked in the Tower of London for the duration.

I am sure you know by now that Boris Johnson was booed resoundingly as he left his home on Friday without a word of apology and that Nigel Farage has had the temerity to call the Leave campaign’s £350 million for the NHS a ‘mistake’. The UK Statistics Authority called it ‘misleading’ and the Institute for Fiscal Studies said it was ‘absurd’ and yet this misleading absurdity was used till the bitter end.

Let’s not forget the fear mongering either, more candidates for the Tower, gagged and shackled. Your own warning of the potential for a European wide conflict if we leave the EU was dutifully reported by the media as a warning that ‘Brexit’ could trigger World War Three.

The real biggie, of course, was immigration, with Farage’s now infamous ‘Breaking Point’ poster to cap it all off.

Special mention, though, must go to Michael Gove who said, ‘People in this country have had enough of experts’. Perhaps what he should have said was that experts had been so successfully drowned out by political and media bullshit like his that trying to make any sense of the referendum was nigh on impossible. Credibility was successfully stretched to breaking point by relentless lies and spin from corrupt and venal politicians manufacturing chaos.

There is a whole lot of blaming going on right now. The country is bitterly divided, but there is really only one enemy, those who practice to deceive and the tangled web they have wilfully and deliberately woven. Were I a more vengeful and blood thirsty man I’d say hang the lot of you, but I’ll settle for forced incarceration in the Tower of London as long as there is a public gallery where we can mock you and listen to your pathetic bleating against the justice visited upon you. A handy trough of fruit and veg well past it’s sell by date would not go amiss either: good therapy. Boris got off lightly.


07_april_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,051

Tuesday 07 April 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) found that the George Osborne’s spending plans over 2015-2019 would be the “largest fiscal consolidation out of 32 advanced economies over the period”. The IFS warned that “Osborne will make the deepest cuts in the industrialised world if the Tories win May’s general election” and that the chancellor will inevitably have to raise taxes after the election, that’s a lose/lose for the public with nothing to show for it other than more swingeing austerity.

The Public and Commercial Services Union has said, rightly, that we need three things to get the economy growing, public investment, job creation, and tax justice. Your claim to have created 1000 jobs a day over the last 5 years is a ludicrous one with no assessment on job quality which has seen the majority of jobs as low paid and insecure and of no tax benefit to the nation and little or no value, in real terms, to workers. In fact in-work benefits have soared with the number of housing benefit claimants in work rising from 650,561 in May 2010 to 1.03 million by the end of 2013 and an extra cost of £5 billion up to the general election. In-work poverty continues to rise as do your empty boasts of recovery which is nonexistent for millions.

Where’s the impact assessment for the cuts proposed by George Osborne? These are cuts that are going to cost lives and not only are you refusing to offer any details of how they will be applied you haven’t attempted to assess their impact.

The people are the heart of the nation. What, do you really think that the aristocracy and the aristocrats of wealth are the lords of all? Great pompous oafs more like, not a house built, nor hospital dressing changed, nor child educated, nor land tilled, nor animal cared for (though certainly shot or torn to pieces), nor banquet cooked and served, by any of you ungrateful fools.

You have gathered rich rewards to yourselves and you cannot even be bothered to assess the impact of your heinous policies or even provide us with details of your plans. Your arrogance is stupendous! As you cull the civil service who will do the real work  of government without the hard working people who provide the backbone of government? You treat this country like a rich boys club with no idea of, or care for, the untold harm you do.

14_march_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,028

Saturday 14 March 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

As the head of a government which all too often states that it cannot comment on individual cases, that does not seem to apply when that individual, in your words, “is a constituent of mine, he is a friend of mine, he is a huge talent” and that you hope the situation regarding him can be resolved so your children will not be left “heartbroken”.

So an ex-soldier can be sanctioned and found dead in his home with no power for his vital insulin and with no food in his stomach about which the DWP cannot comment and yet you can comment on a man who allegedly punched his producer because he was offered a cold meal instead of a steak.

It’s nice to know where your priorities lie, perhaps you’ll manage to do a cumulative impact assessment (CIA) for the benefit of your kids and the 800,000 or more people who’ve signed a petition to reinstate a TV presenter whereas your government falsely claimed it was impossible to do a cumulative impact assessment on the impact of the Welfare Reform Act on sick and disabled people.

The WOW petition gathered more than 104,000 signatures to secure a commons debate where both Mike Penning and David Freud claimed  an impact assessment could not be reliably performed yet about which David Phillips of the The Institute for Fiscal Studies said, “We can’t find anything we have written down saying we can’t do a CIA”.

How extraordinary that you care more for the television presenter of a programme that is really no more than an entertaining bit of fluff at best but have nothing to say about the widely reported misery, despair and deaths of thousands of people in this country caused by your governments welfare reforms and Iain Duncan Smiths sanctions regime in particular.

Experts, national and international organisations, victims, writers, bloggers, national newspapers and TV programmes present evidence that you entirely ignore, Iain Duncan Smith just doesn’t believe and Esther McVey sounds like a robot with terminal software problems.

It may well be the case that we are beyond impact assessments because you’d just delay it, bury it, deny its findings or spin it into a back slapping Tory victory for social care and responsibility. Meanwhile, in the real world, where the rubber hits the road, outside the exclusive bubble of Westminster entitlement and privilege, hundreds of thousands of people are denied even the privilege of a cold meal.