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(This last week has been one of the worst I have lived through in a long time and I make no apologies that it is reflected in this piece of writing)

Here’s a very simple statement, the consequences, however, are anything but…

There is no democracy without accountability.

All too often the first casualty in elections is truth. If people do not know what they are voting for, or think they are voting for something which is a lie, then the election itself is not democratic, the entire process is a fiction perpetrated by power to serve its own ends.

A very obvious example is the EU referendum and the leave campaigns promise of £350 million a week for the NHS. Only a complete fool could now believe that the promise was an honest mistake and not exactly what it was, a deliberate. deceitful, lie.

In 2010 David Cameron published a signed contract to Britain which was a pack of lies, in fact false promises are so common in politics they are taken for granted, under such conditions parliamentary democracy is at best a sham, but is, in fact, non existent.

As we have discovered to our very great cost, since 2010 and an election fought on false promises, Britain is a hostage to power in which any semblance of democratic accountability has been entirely removed.

Many people have asked and continue to ask, ‘What can we do?’ as those in government drive us ever further into social breakdown.

We’re told to focus on policies and not indulge in feelings. I beg to differ. We need to focus on policies and LIES and that involves feelings, because I am livid: furiously angry. And that is absolutely the right thing to be.

In Prime Ministers Question Time this week, in response to Jeremy Corbyn saying, “We are a government in waiting,” Theresa May said, “We all know what that means – waiting to put up taxes, waiting to destroy jobs, waiting to bankrupt our country. We will never let it happen.”

“We will never let it happen.” What? Who the hell does Theresa May think she is? That is not for her or her party to decide. That is the statement of a despot.

Theresa May has no intention of making herself accountable to the people. She would never have called a snap election if she’d had any idea that it wouldn’t pay off, since when she has done everything in her power to strengthen her position, paying out a £1 billion bribe to the DUP even whilst sneering in the faces of public sector workers, denying them a decent wage and, in the recent vote to scrap the public sector pay cap, her party cheered when they voted it down.

I’ll tell you what democracy feels like right now. It is rock bottom, it is the belly falling out of life. Lead fingers trying to find words on my keyboard, and cursing at every clumsy misspelling and sitting waiting for words that are clamped in feelings of rage and hopelessness. It is staring at those who speak false words and meaningless bullshit, who lie as a way of life, who hold on to power by any foul means they can manipulate and enforce. Democracy is the voice that asks, ‘How do we end this?’ looking for answers that they have stolen from us. Their democracy is every broken life smashed down by vicious cruelty and uncaring brutality.

Real democracy is raging anger so deep it burns. Theresa May says she got the most votes in the GE, X’s in boxes, but what matters is what informs those X’s, and lies are not informed, they are the food of ignorance, division, deception and hate. The general election was not an election, it was a complete farce.

Living isn’t a static process. When David Cameron said that Britain is ‘for hard working people’, he created a myth out of nonsense the purpose of which was social division. Anyone not on his bandwagon of robotic idiocy was fair game for every attack that has since been launched against all manner of people, including single mothers, disabled people, old people, young people just starting out in life, even immigrants, no matter how hard working, they are not Cameron’s hardworking people, they are the job stealers from Cameron’s eugenicist, lunatic, white master race of complete idiots. Their victims bleed when the knife goes in, but they are non-people, they do not matter. Another useless life thrown overboard from the Tory ship of fools.

I weep for this country and all its people, unlike the emotionless freaks who are destroying it for profit. This last week has been absolutely fucking awful and I am glad because unlike the power crazed zombies in the Tory party, I am fully human and fully alive.

KOG. 08 July 2017

Here’s how spectacularly wrong the Brexit bus £350million lie was


On March 17th 2012 I chose to enter the political ‘arena’ in a pro-active way by writing ‘a letter a day to number 10’. It was a personal decision because I had passed the tipping point in what I could stomach from a government which continues to have a callous disregard for the lives and well being of ordinary people.

The irony was not wasted on me that I was writing to the Prime Minister of a government which was implementing the final solution, the eradication of the lives of all those considered to be useless eaters, of whom I was one.

It was a refusal, on my part, to slip silently into the grave without protest. In limited circumstances the one thing I could exercise was my voice, as protest, and if the letters proved anything, it was in the lack of a single reply from the man responsible for what we now know was the implementation of a pogrom of genocide on the most vulnerable people in society.

Prior to Theresa May’s snap election in 2017 Disability activist and writer Fiona Robertson wrote, “Voting Tory in #GE17 is a vote to kill people like me, and you need to know why.” She went on to say that following the 2015 General Election, “Amid the elation so many in Scotland felt at the sweep of SNP seats, we disabled people also felt utterly betrayed and hopeless, because the population of the UK had voted to enforce extreme, frequently lethal, damage to our health.”

I watched on the Internet in the early hours of 8 May 2015 as the results of the General Election came in with the growing realisation that either through ignorance or callous disregard, the voting public had committed us to another five years of Tory misrule and the brutal destruction of our lives. I shall never forget the overwhelming feelings of despair and hopelessness that crushed me for days afterwards.

I wrote to Cameron on the 10 May, “For those who rely on help from society for whatever reason, another five years of you and your government is going to be an unmitigated disaster, striking terror in their hearts and facing the very real possibility of literally being driven to death. Austerity is merely the deceit of transferring financial risk to the poor. Capitalising on people who Iain Duncan Smith refers to as ‘stock’ and treated as expendable, after all suicide is good for business, getting rid of the high cost elements and concentrating on the stock you can manipulate, not the dead end stock, like the disabled.”

As the facts have emerged out of the Grenfell Tower disaster, it is clear that it was an act of genocide, a disaster that was waiting to happen for which warnings had been consistently given and ignored and even silenced, but worse, far worse, was the arrogant disregard for safety by those responsible. Cost cutting, corner cutting, disregard for safety regulations, meant that the disaster happened with all the inevitability of a killing ground by those who cared nothing for those who lived and died there. Grenfell Tower was social murder because, quite simply, the lives of those who lived there did not matter and everything that has happened since only serves to reinforce that simple but catastrophic fact.

So why write this, what can possibly be the point in writing about genocide whilst it is happening and will continue to happen whilst the perpetrators do everything to evade and avoid any form of accountability?

It is quite simply that, when representative democracy dies, killed by those who have set themselves above the law, only the people can resurrect democracy. When our lives become forfeit for the sake of profit and greed and the doors of the privileged and powerful in government are slammed in our faces, then we are the last and only bastion of democracy and its only hope.

I have lost count of the number of times I have been told to be silent, criticised for penning a letter a day to David Cameron, I was even offered a proper rewrite of one of my letters in the appropriate language to use to those in power, to which I have said every time, ‘I am not a democracy’. I did not seek anyone’s permission to speak out, nor offer anyone a vote on the matter, because I am exercising a right, as now, which is not subject to permit. Rights are sovereign, inaccessible to democracy, and yet are the heart, soul and expression of democracy. The absolute right of ordinary people is the exercise of democracy, and anyone who stands against that is a despot, a tin pot dictator, and, above all, a fool because they are seeking to destroy their own rights and their own freedoms by attempting to curtail mine.

Are we a ship of fools to stand silent whilst the boat is scuttled? Is that not absurd? The residents of Grenfell Tower were not listened to and are still not being listened to. Is the answer, then, to be silent? To give up? Surely the answer is to make such a noise and clamour that those who ignore us quake in their boots and if they are inconvenienced by that, good, so they damned well ought to be.

The powers that be, including Theresa May, have said there will be an investigation into the Grenfell Tower disaster. Should the survivors of genocide be silent whilst its perpetrators investigate it? Is that a joke?

Several people have resigned in the wake of the Grenfell disaster, each of them to golden handshakes and doubtless gold plated pensions as well, just as David Cameron resigned as Prime Minister to a life of greater privilege and wealth, just as May will when she finally resigns or is driven out. Poor people can be sanctioned and deprived of the means of survival for being a minute late for an appointment at the Jobcentre, whilst those at the top are rewarded for the policies that kill poor people or cause them to take their lives.

Excuse me if I get above myself in saying that’s not right. They can call us all the names under the sun, rabble, ‘stock’, extremists, yobs, malcontents, Marxists, Communists, Corbynistas, socialists… Socialists!?! Is that meant to be an insult?

Writing in the Dorset Eye, Eddy Abs offered ‘A quick explanation of socialism’. “You know the way you love your family? The way you’d do anything to protect them? Extend that feeling to everyone else and that’s socialism. In a nutshell.”

If you want to know what democracy is, if your child is being bullied at school and you decide to do something about it to protect her, that’s democracy, in action. The exercise of an inalienable right when it is threatened is the expression of democracy. There are a million ways to express democracy, but few that suppress it and always by illegitimate force by those who pretend to legitimacy through the imposition of intimidation and fear.

Do I fear the government? Yes. They are horrifying and despicable. Should I be silent? No. Should I be cowed? No. Should I respect them because they are in a position of power? No. Should I do what I am told? Should I submit to their power? Should I forsake my own life in silence because they have the power to kill me? Isn’t it obvious? Do you need my answers? Are you a democracy? Or do you already know your own answers and your own mind because you are not a democracy? You, dear reader, are a sovereign being, just as I am and being a sovereign being can be very, very scary, but we are worth fighting for and we are worth fighting for our selves.

These are truly bad times and yet more and more people are waking up and realising that we are the people we have been waiting for. It has always been so. Whatever Jeremy Corbyn has to offer us, he cannot do it without us. The Tories have made it very clear that they can do without us and our inconvenient lives, whatever Jeremy Corbyn has to offer he needs us because we are the people who will make it happen. Who built the NHS that the Tories are stealing from us? Who teaches our children, who operates our frontline services, who make the wealth of the nation? It has always been us, even though we have been despised for doing so.

We may not have been consulted, but we bailed the banks out and saved the corrupt financial system. Did anyone hear a thank you?

KOG. 06 July 2017


The bible is a remarkable book, it has influenced and shaped world history for nearly 2000 years. It is an apocryphal tale which many believe is literally the word of God, yet even if taken literally, those who do so interpret it wildly to suit any agenda they wish to pursue, hence the many and diverse Christian factions and churches.

Whilst it is a very difficult book to wade through, it is a book I recommend highly to critical and wary readers (treat it with all the respect you might a stick of dynamite on which the fuse is lit) because we are all, to a greater or lesser extent, affected by its outworking in history to the present day.

Put very simply the bible is a book of Law and Grace and a tale of the abject failure of human kind to work out their affairs justly under the rule of law without the necessary application of grace, consideration and loving kindness. To this day it is easy to see that the world is dominated by biblical Pharisees, those who adhere to the rigid dogma of law and claim moral and spiritual superiority, against those of a more common and gentle nature who live by the virtues of loving kindness and social justice to whom moral and spiritual superiority hold no interest.

Today, then, I give you, the Tories and those who they consider to be ‘stock’ (especially those unable to work), the common herd, ordinary people. It is no small thing that Theresa May is the daughter of a Church of England Vicar, the Rev. Hubert Brasier, yet she exhibits all the traits of a brutal dictator and none of the virtues of Christ. Her religion is the religion of money, the unrestrained free markets, the destruction of public services, the robbing of the wealth of the nation and the deprivation, penalisation and hounding of the poor and most vulnerable people in society to death.

Recent events have shown that Theresa May is a horrific grasper after power at any price to pursue her dogma of social destruction and regression, the pursuit of the transfer of public wealth into private hands and the wanton destruction of our public services including our NHS.

It is into this social crisis that Jeremy Corbyn has emerged, against all the odds and political (including those in his own party) and media machinations and forces raised against him. A champion of the underdogs, defender of the rights of ordinary people, a fierce campaigner for social justice, a straight talking, plain speaking man of the people who has been accused of inciting religious fervour and even casting an ‘Orphic spell’ (by Boris Johnson) over the minds of the dumb masses and who ironically and coincidentally shares the same initials as the beardie chap of the biblical New Testament.

It is a modern epic of good versus evil and the stuff of every fairy tale since time began, except this time we are living it and the price for ordinary people is monstrous. On the one hand we have a conniving, lying, cheating, stealing party of the rich and powerful against Jeremy Corbyn and all those who champion social justice, in which I happily include myself, the cares and concerns of ordinary people and the well being and interests of the many and not just the privileged few.

For all those who see themselves small in their own eyes, who face the vast forces of modern day oppression, not knowing what to do, how to express their fears and who feel they have no voice and still less anyone to listen, a glimmer, and for many, a beacon, of hope has emerged. It is not down to one man and yet that one man has become, rightly, the political focus of millions. Everything that Theresa May aspires to in her wickedness and manipulation, and yet fails utterly, Corbyn achieves through plain speaking and shared humanity.

Every step of social progress we have ever made against rich and powerful interests has come through struggle, from the bottom up, through the engagement of ordinary people against the enormous power of the privileged few. That struggle is, I hope, reaching an historic climax, one that is long overdue. A climax that will not be the end, but promises to be a new beginning if we hold true to our vision. It is a struggle that needs every voice and the concerted action of all those who see themselves small who together can bring about the social change which millions of people in Britain and the wider world are crying out for.

This piece is entitled, ‘Who dares despise the day of small things?’ I have unashamedly ripped it out of any biblical context quite deliberately, and I apply it to my own faltering footsteps in life, and to every life struggling to take one step at a time in these unbelievably difficult times against the vicious forces which oppose us. I offer it as a compliment and a celebration of modest lives and modest aspirations, which collectively can make a difference. Those with power, through wealth, status and influence (by which I mean the mogul owned and driven media) will do anything and everything to crush us, as they have always done in times past.

Theresa May and the Tories know what they are up against and they are desperate, afraid and in complete chaos, even buying a few extra votes for a billion pounds. It is within our power to keep them in disarray and to oust them, let’s do just that, for all our sakes. The power grubbers hate Jeremy Corbyn with a raging passion, there is no shame in loving him and looking forward to him being Prime Minister.

KOG. 28 June 2017


IDS Calls Those Unable To Work ‘Stock’


Whilst the right wing media still has daily fits over the rise of Labour and Jeremy Corbyn, the Conservatives fall ever further into the abyss where they rightly belong.

At 66 years of age I remember the post war era, of moving from an ageing prefab to a brand new 3 bedroom house with a garden front and back, of visits to the doctor when needed and the dentist as a matter of course for regular check ups and treatment. I vividly recall a life saving operation as a child in London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital, writ large because of the agony I was in and of being cared for at home afterwards by a district nurse. In the new, post war, world I grew up in we learnt to take such care for granted, available to us even though we were dirt poor.

So it is with some authority that I can say that what Jeremy Corbyn is offering us is not new, it has been done before in a time of immense upheaval in this country which had suffered what today in Britain is unimaginable destruction, save in the memories of those older than I am, and bravely survived.

In those days Britain had to draw on skills from across the world to realise the vision of a National Health Service and to run Transport for London. Without that influx of immigrant Labour the dreams would never have become reality and the NHS would have collapsed. Then, as now, immigration was a thorny issue, Britain has never shied away from hypocrisy and bigotry to serve its own ends.

Age provides a longer memory and a longer perspective, so imagine my rage when Theresa May was told by nursing staff on the election special of BBC Question Time, “My wage slips from 2009 reflect exactly what I’m earning today. How can that be fair, in the light of the job that we do?” and another telling her, ‘the 1 per cent cap on annual public sector pay rises had meant a real-terms decrease in his salary of 14 per cent since 2010, adding: “So don’t tell us we’re getting a pay rise”,’ to which Theresa May responded, “there isn’t a magic money tree that we can shake that suddenly provides for everything that people want.”

First and foremost my fury was directed at the sheer arrogance and patronising contempt of Theresa May with which she insulted the intelligence of not just nurses but the entire nation, on prime time television, and then the fact that what May had said was an ideologically driven bare faced lie. There is more than enough money to do whatever her party wants to do, including MPs pay rises. Cut price, tax payer funded, sell offs to vulture privateers of national assets and public services across the board, tax breaks for the rich and for corporations, vanity infrastructure projects like High Speed Rail, with its tidal wave of unnecessary destruction on our tiny island nation which has no need of any such thing.

What Jeremy Corbyn is experiencing from the Conservatives and the right wing media is something about which, were he alive, Aneurin Bevan could share a tale or two about the bloody Tories of his time which led him to declare in bitterness and rage, in 1948 at a Manchester rally:

“… no amount of cajolery, and no attempts at ethical or social seduction, can eradicate from my heart a deep burning hatred for the Tory Party that inflicted those bitter experiences on me. So far as I am concerned they are lower than vermin. They condemned millions of first-class people to semi-starvation. Now the Tories are pouring out money in propaganda of all sorts and are hoping by this organised sustained mass suggestion to eradicate from our minds all memory of what we went through. But, I warn you young men and women, do not listen to what they are saying now. Do not listen to the seductions of Lord Woolton. He is a very good salesman. If you are selling shoddy stuff you have to be a good salesman. But I warn you they have not changed, or if they have they are slightly worse than they were.”

If Jeremy Corbyn had said the same at Glastonbury, Manchester, Liverpool, Gateshead or London, not a word of it would have been out of place other than ‘Lord Woolton’ who could be replaced by any Tory propagandist of our time.

It is a hatred that burns inside me today at the suffering and destruction the Tories have inflicted upon us.

The united voices of people chorusing, “Oh, Jeremy Corbyn,” is more than a cry of sentiment from the ignorant masses, it is a cry of protest that we’ve had enough of Tories lies and destruction. It is a cry of hope, aspiration and yearning the like of which has never been seen in Britain before.

Millions of people have had enough of Tory eugenics (what else can I call it?) which have cost tens of thousands of lives and “Oh, Jeremy Corbyn” means ‘enough is enough’. The Conservatives do not serve the nation, they serve the interests of a tiny few, those interests of polarised wealth and greed, betraying the hopes and dreams of millions who just want to get on in reasonable prosperity and comfort, with the right to a roof over our heads and a decent meal on the table.

At 66 years old I do not aspire, nor ever have, to becoming a millionaire, what use would that be to me? I would like to end my days in peace, with enough to survive and thrive on and for any rainy days which inevitably fall, to attend my local hospital for vital treatments in the knowledge that such health care will outlast me for the future. That is no great ask, it is a modest demand and expectation.

Do not tell me it can’t be done. It has been done before and it can be done again. All it requires is the people’s will to make it so, to drive the Tories and austerity off the awaiting cliff and rebuild a better Britain for the many, not just the grasping few.

KOG. 25 June 2017


Since the days of Margaret Thatcher what has become abundantly clear is that at the very heart of neoliberalism, the financial markets, the ‘free market’ ideology and right wing ideologues like the Tories, they know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

The cause of the Grenfell Tower tragedy is not just a lack of human values, but absolute scorn for them and arrogant contempt for the lives of ordinary people.

Right now it looks as though the human tragedy in north Kensington might have the power to galvanise people to bring to an end a contempt for common people which stretches at least as far back as the Norman conquest of England which saw England carved up for the benefit of the invaders and home grown sycophants. Time passed and the Industrial Revolution saw the rise of another brand of brutal elites, the Industrialists who amassed enormous wealth on the backs of common people. Britain became the richest country in the world and amassed an empire, yet, then as now, that wealth was concentrated in the hands of the elite few, whilst the many lived as paupers, struggling for a daily crust.

In the last half of the previous century ordinary people saw many advances and improvements in life on the back of WWII which led Prime Minister Harold Macmillan to say in 1957, “most of our people have never had it so good.” There was much talk of the growth of technology, shorter working weeks, shared wealth from the machines which would do the work for our universal benefit. It never happened in the way it was imagined and fast forward to today, Tory policy is that ‘work makes you well’ and if you are not working you will not have support for even the basic necessities of life whether you are just unemployed for whatever reason, sick, disabled, young, middle aged or old and sanctions are routine and rife, depriving people of the means of survival. Whilst Britain is said to be in the top ten of the richest nations, ordinary people have no access to that wealth, it is exclusively in the hands of a very small elite from whom nothing trickles down to ease the age old burdens of ordinary people no matter how ‘hard working’ we are.

Grenfell Tower wasn’t a tragedy waiting to happen, Grenfell Tower was a killing field brought about by policy and wilful neglect and official malfeasance, by people who should have had a duty to make it fit for human habitation, to ensure that all reasonable safety measures were in place, to make provision for front line services which were fit for purpose and adequately manned, to legislate for health and safety, instead of tearing up the rule book for profit and private gain.

This is not, as they say, rocket science, it is ‘common’ sense.

So what do we want?

In the words of Jeremy Corbyn, ‘a fair, more equal and just society’. These are not difficult words to understand, they are kindergarten concepts made complex by adults. They are not weasel words uttered with malicious intent to deceive and anyone who does speak them with intent to deceive is a criminal, because that is what gave rise to the killing fields of Grenfell.

Grenfell carries the sympathy and the love of anyone with a heart for lives shattered by tragedy. The response has been overwhelming, donations are already in million of pounds, the community is overwhelmed with aid. That is what ordinary people do in times of trouble when they are free to do so and not beaten down by politics and a media more intent on spreading lies, hate and division than caring, mutual trust and support.

It can surely be no great mystery that people just want to live and get on with their lives in peace, security and in reasonable prosperity so that they have enough to live on and enough for a rainy day and a holiday, if they so choose. How hard is that to understand, and yet how hard it is to achieve in a country run by those who do not mean us well and who legislate against us?

We are standing on the doorstep of change, a change we must demand and keep on demanding until we, the people, get our way. We need a government that is on our side, with policies that can rebuild our beleaguered nation after years of right wing neoliberal oppression, neglect and destruction.

The time for that is now, the country is in disarray, the Conservatives are a failed party, this must be the end of their world and the start of ours. Nothing else will suffice and nothing else will work. We must have a country for the well being of the many and not just the elite few.

KOG. 16 June 2017


In an interview on BBC news on 12th June, Conservative MP Alan Mak dribbled out a tawdry series of platitudes and nonsense, including, “Well our job is to make sure that we form a strong and stable government…” At which point he was interrupted by the interviewer, “Are you really still saying strong and stable?” Mak replied, “Our job is to provide certainty,” at which the interviewer laughed, saying, “I am sorry to laugh but we’re in a country where if you talked to anybody at the weekend, people are quite worried. Three words you would not have heard were, strong, stable and certainty. Those three things that we don’t have.”

I’ll leave it there, the link’s below, but Mak continued for several minutes, never once going off message that wouldn’t have even passed the Turing test (for whether a human being would be able to identify an artificial intelligence in a conversation).

Across the nation it seems a sea change is occurring. The right wing media, and much of the middle and left, and, of course, television presenters, see themselves as makers of news, controlling the dialogue, talking heads to a supine nation soaking up the received ‘wisdom’ relentlessly thrown at them by ‘those who know best’ or who are paid to shape the minds of the masses, and this is no longer ok and nor will it be tolerated. It is not ok for politicians to sit and spout gobbledygook. It is not ok for the media to spin lies and distortions and spread hate and division, and nor is it ok that media moguls get away with subverting democracy for their own self serving ends and gain.

It would be easy to put all this at the door of Jeremy Corbyn who has been so successful at energising voters across the nation, encouraging people to engage and get involved. Although he clearly has done this, he’s a plain speaking, straight talking man, emerging like a breath of fresh air in a political arena that is full of smog. But he has not done it alone. Preceding him has been the rise of social media in all its many forms and a determined and growing number of bloggers, vloggers, citizen journalists, independent media sites, entirely independent of corporate money, determined by self motivated dedication, willing to meet their own costs, helped by donations as people see fit, to speak plainly about issues relevant to ordinary people – the great ignored.

In short, what’s happened is democracy. We all know the word, but how many people know what it means? The most commonly held idea of democracy is a system of government of the people, elected by the people. It’s called representative democracy. We go and vote every few years, based on very little understanding of what the different parties are all about apart from what we’re told by the media and whatever bits and pieces are posted through our doors, and then go home, have a nice cup of tea and get on with our lives, till the next time we’re inconvenienced to go and put another X in a box at a polling station. This has quietly been largely accepted for generations, and those in power expect us to go back to sleep and not bother our little heads about them as they go about governing the country and our lives.

But there is another democracy which has traditionally been understood and exercised by a vocal and active few, painted as suspicious and dangerous by both the media and government as neither respectable nor respectful of the status quo. The most obvious example of this participative democracy is workers Unions. You know, those united workers who mess up our lives by making unreasonable demands for better pay and working conditions and don’t care how much they inconvenience the rest of us by having the temerity to go on strike when their demands are either ignored or outright refused. Yes the bloody unions, without whom we’d have no weekends, no paid holidays, no restriction on working hours, no employment laws, no retirement age, no maternity leave, no minimum wage and no restrictions on child labour. Yes, them with their gold plated pensions and earning more than all the rest of us, the bastards, or so the media would have it. I cannot count the number of times I have heard ordinary working people curse the unions. I even got a ten minute lecture from a furious woman at a printers who printed a ‘Save our NHS’ leaflet for me who was clearly triggered into an anti union rant by the democratic activist nature of the leaflet, a lecture which almost word for word came off the pages of the Daily Express (owned by tax avoiding billionaire pornographer Richard Desmond who thinks people are mostly stupid).

All might have been well and the nation might have just got on with business as usual if David Cameron and his coalition government hadn’t got into ‘power’, in the very worst possible sense, in 2010. He quite blithely set about taking the nation apart, selling off everything that stood still for longer than ten minutes and destroying the welfare state and the NHS and the lives of ordinary people and lying about it every inch of the way. The right wing billionaire owned media got right on board sewing division and setting ordinary people against each other and immigrants (swarms and cockroaches) in particular. Ah, those heady days of poverty porn and Iain Duncan Smith killing off disabled people. It seems like a long time ago now, since when they decided they could happily get on with destroying public services, attacking junior doctors, teachers, social care, pensioners, young people, job security, ruin the economy with their great austerity lie, and pour riches into the hands of corporations and the already exceedingly wealthy.

It was slow, but steadily more and more people began to take notice, more and more people were reporting what was really going on, and then Brexit happened. Cameron lost his silly game and reckless gamble and pissed off, and Theresa May took over with a working majority in government. The NHS was driven into crisis by Jeremy Hunt, children were starving, disabled people lost their support, people were sanctioned to death, too many and too much to be ignored any longer.

Then, out of nowhere, to the immeasurable dismay of everyone on the accustomed gravy train of power, came the rise and rise of one Jeremy Corbyn. For ordinary people, a breath of fresh air, to the those who enjoyed all the trappings of wealth and power, horror personified. Jeremy Corbyn who said let’s have a fair and more equal society, let’s do something about these Tories and greed and corruption, Jeremy Corbyn who said let’s build houses for people, let’s feed our children, let’s save our NHS, let’s have social justice and a people’s democracy. Jeremy Corbyn who said, ‘Get involved’.

Those in power didn’t know what had hit them, they had no idea what to do, least of all Prime Minister Theresa May and her party of the privileged. The entire corporate media, including the BBC, like surprised Meerkats, did a collective, “What the fuck!”

It is a measure of how completely taken by surprise and clueless all those with power and influence are to anything remotely resembling a people’s democratic movement, that Theresa May decided, in an act of madness and desperation, in order to secure her position and get shot of the Corbyn threat once and for all, to call a snap election.

She took on the people, with all the power and influence of a vengeful corporate media behind her, and lost, she lost her majority, she lost her mandate and she lost every ounce of credibility. And what is amazing, truly and wonderfully amazing, is that neither she, nor the media nor all the talking heads and so called experts have a single clue what to do or how to get the people to get back in the box of supine political ignorance where they belong and just to do as they are told.

Those who see themselves as the masters of the universe don’t like it, they are utterly lost and clueless and I can’t stop smiling. It is a thing of beauty to behold. Do, let’s, keep it up, for all our sakes.

KOG. 14 June 2017


After the 2015 General Election, I sat watching the results come in and as it became clear the Conservatives had gained a majority I physically and mentally collapsed. I was completely devastated and it took a week or more to begin to claw my way back out of the pit of despair.

This time around I knew that if the Conservatives gained another majority my reaction would be much, much worse. We’ve had seven years to work out what their agenda is, back when I began a Letter a Day to Number 10 it was mostly speculation and striving to gain an understanding of their agenda, now it’s as plain as the nose on my face.

This is the false austerity party, telling us they can cut Britain back to growth, with murderous intent towards poor, sick and disabled people, privatise everything by deceitfully strangling and destabilising the public sector with catastrophic results. It doesn’t matter who you are, young, middle aged or old, they think it is their god given right to steal from our lives to benefit vultures who want to pocket the wealth of the nation. This is the party that will steal nutritious food from children for a 7p breakfast, the party of the privileged pouring scorn and contempt on our lives.

As I sat following the election results overnight the most wonderful thing happened, Labour were taking ground. Against all the predictions of polls, talking heads and so called experts, Labour defied them all as the popular will of the people exerted itself in this election. There was no hint of the despair I had dreaded, this was amazing, we’d done it against overwhelming odds, against the media barons full of spite, filth and bile, against the dark ads placed by the Conservatives on social media targeting millions of voters with disinformation and smears, the front page cover wraps on local papers, money no object as hedge funds, bankers, and magnates poured in millions to the Tories. And millions of voters defied them all.

I didn’t wait for the final results, it was a hung parliament, time for some sleep. To wake up to… chaos. Theresa May was going to the Queen to form a government in coalition with the Democratic Unionist Party, and social and the independent and citizen media had erupted. In her arrogance and her vanity Theresa May was prepared to trifle with the bitterly struggled for and hard won peace in Ireland for power and to satisfy her own vanity.

On return from the palace her car parked in Downing street and she stepped out to walk to the lectern in front of number 10 Downing Street with her husband. It must have felt like a million miles as she made her obviously nervous way in dead silence before the ranks of the media, gathered like vultures. Not a single voice greeted her, just the empty stares of blank lenses. She spoke cold words with darting, dead eyes, turned and walked to the door of number ten where she posed briefly, her face like death, with the look of someone who had announced her own funeral.

What was in my mind was how very different it would have been had it been Jeremy Corbyn.

Since then the mood of the country has been feral, Theresa May’s vanity general election has been a dismal failure but that has not stopped the hubris from the likes of Conservative MP Crispin Blunt, telling us with predictable arrogance “the electorate plainly have got it wrong.” Others in her party have been brutal in condemnation of May, as Tory MP Nigel Evans said, the “Only thing missing from our manifesto was compulsory euthanasia for over 70s!” The atmosphere is chaotic and, personally, tiresome. Theresa May, who accused Corbyn of wanting to form a coalition of chaos, is the one responsible for the chaos, she is playing personal vanity against the interests of the whole of Britain, and we wait.

Jeremy Corbyn is energised and ready to lead as Theresa May’s election charade unfolds and unravels. Behind Corbyn is a nation hungry for change, for an end to the dismal ideology of austerity and hateful division and to get the country moving and growing again. There is a feeling in me that the nation is holding its breath, it’s hard to see what cards Theresa May has left to play. The Conservatives are not known for their compassion and right now it looks as though Theresa May is about to find out just how brutal defeat can be when clearly her gamble has failed and her own party know it as her gamble and no one else’s.

May’s fall is certain, not least because she has not a shred of humility and no love for the lives of ordinary people who she seeks only to dominate and control. Jeremy Corbyn is her polar opposite and her nemesis, he does not fear us, he enjoys being one of us and with us, and to serve a country he clearly loves, giving hope, not hate. Right now he’s standing in the wings, but not for long.

KOG. 11 June 2017


Last week a parliamentary candidate was censored and silenced at a hustings by Amber Rudd. Following the attack in London Theresa May once again blamed cyberspace as a safe space for terrorists to breed and a former Metropolitan Police Senior Investigating Officer, Peter Kirkham, stated on Sky News that Theresa May was lying about Police numbers.

There are plenty of other examples I could have used, like the dementia tax, the right wing media attacks on Jeremy Corbyn, but what all these highlight about the Conservatives and the establishment ruling elites is, just who do they think they are?

At the hustings, Amber Rudd was not the first among equals, nor even someone in an especial position of power which gave her any authority to silence fellow candidate Nicholas Wilson, she relied on an assumed and presumptuous position of privilege which was only carried out by the chairman because he deferred his democratic authority to her. This highlights the enormous problem of inequality we have in Britain. It is so normalised that many ordinary people (probably the majority) cannot even see it and still others become incensed by the ‘presumption’ of those who dare raise any challenge to their ‘betters’.

Just as the poor are blamed for poverty, so the democratic space for ordinary people, the Internet, is blamed as a breeding ground for terrorism. Anyone who suggests, as Jeremy Corbyn has, that western wars in the Middle East create a breeding ground for extremists which in no way condones the actions of those extremists, is vilified as a terrorist sympathiser. We might just as well rewrite history and call the French Resistance in WWII terrorists, indeed, they were doubtless regarded as such by Hitler, regardless of whether they struck out against Germany or the German occupation forces in France.

Were the boot on the other foot, and Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria were striking against Britain and sending in occupying forces I would expect to be a part of the resistance and would also expect them to consider me a terrorist. I would consider it my moral duty to resist, but, and here’s the question, would it be morally right to strike like for like in revenge attacks against civilians? I would hope not, but then I am not in a war zone and have no concept of what effect the widespread devastation of my country would have on me. Without living it I cannot know how radicalised I might become.

Cyberspace is neutral, just as phones are neutral, as is writing paper, as is language itself. The vast majority of people are not using methods of communication for radical or extreme purposes, although clearly the media and government do just that, as is all too clear in the current election campaign. Theresa May is pointing the finger and calling for allied governments to “regulate cyberspace”, whilst avoiding any hint of responsibility for her and her governments role in domestic and world events herself.

What was shocking about Peter Kirkham speaking out and doing it on the mainstream media is that he was speaking to power and highly critical of it, calling Theresa May a liar, and Sky News actually had the courage to broadcast it. To put it simply and perhaps tritely, that’s just not the done thing. It bloody well ought to be, but Britain is so riddled with deference and cap doffing, such a thing, whilst refreshing, is rare.

The Amber Rudd incident sums it up. She was effectively saying to Nicholas Wilson, ‘Who do you think you are?’ What the chairman failed to do when Rudd passed a note to him to silence Wilson was demand of Rudd, ‘Who do you think YOU are?’

This normative state of deference is exactly what the Conservatives rely on to hold power. It is not the rich and powerful who keep the Conservatives as a credible main party, but the deference of those they seek to dominate and rule. This hide bound, deeply entrenched, historic deference will, I would argue, be the single most decisive factor in this election.

Interestingly, the Dorset Eye, to which I am a contributor, received a Tweet today which said, “I’ve unfollowed you I am only interested in promoting Dorset & hardworking people & businesses not lending my support to plebs”.

Well, quite. We can’t have people getting above themselves, now can we? Just who do we think we are?

‘We’, ‘they’, ‘people’, ‘some’, talk about equality… but as Mohandas Gandhi is reputed to have said when asked, “What do you think of western civilization?”, I can only say, “I think it would be a good idea.”

I doff my cap to you, dear reader, and thank you for your time, and lovingly ask only this, who do YOU think you are?

KOG. 04 June 2017


On 26th May the BBC reported – “Call to raise retirement age to at least 70” – and the first sentence of the article read, ‘The retirement age should rise to at least 70 in rich countries by 2050 as life expectancy rises above 100, according to a new report’.

Apparently the ‘World Economic Forum said that employees should continue working until 70 in nations such as the UK, US, Japan and Canada’.

I stopped, I reread, I thought, I yelled, “What the hell?”

With no hint of irony or shame, the World Economic Forum is telling us that because we are living in a rich country and living longer we need to work longer. What kind of bizarre binary logic is this? Shouldn’t our lives be getting better and easier if we are rich? But bear with me, it gets better.

The article goes on, ‘The increase will be needed, as the number of people over 65 will more than triple to 2.1 billion by 2050. By then, the number of workers per retiree will have halved to just four’. More bloody binary logic.

What happened to advanced technology and the wealth that creates and the millions of jobs freed from human endeavour?

Here we come to the myth of our rich country. Most of us are not rich, we are only relatively rich in relation to poor countries, which is why Britain had ‘ in 2015 and 4.6 million in persistent poverty – for three of the past four years’.

We the people are not rich, only those at the top. Britain, as a rich nation, is a deeply polarised nation, the poor, as ever, are poor and getting poorer, inequality is rising, this is the myth of Great Britain, it is only great for the few, not the many, and always has been. As a nation we have seen improvements in our living standards, food and health, and, yes, we are living longer, but whilst we create wealth, we are not rich, yet the rich are telling us they can’t afford us and our longer lives so we must work harder for longer. The wealth goes up and we get to labour for longer.

Over the last couple of days a brand new scam has emerged, the selling off of NHS properties and any ‘NHS Trust that doesn’t participate in the sell-off will be forced to pay a penalty of 3.5% of the value of those assets at market rates – but market rates will not apply to assets sold’, in fact properties (assets) will be sold off at knock down prices and we (ordinary people) will be charged the difference.

This reminds me of the great education sell off by Michael Gove, when he stole playing fields and the deeds of schools and handed them out to his mates for free for their academies. Just as George Osborne did with state assets, flogging them off at mates rates.

These people are utterly and fantastically (to use Cameron’s word, describing Nigeria and Afghanistan in conversation with the Queen) corrupt, but they try to tell us it’s all for the good of the country, good for us, for hard working people, for people who’ve had their pensions stolen, for disabled people who’ve had their mobility aids stolen, for those struggling to find a job and dying from being sanctioned, for those  with terminal illnesses who are found fit for work.

And last, but by no means least, these are the same people who say Jeremy Corbyn is unfit to be Prime Minister or form a government, who slander him, lie about him, attack him by every foul means available and trash his policies which call for a fairer more just society that works for the many and not the few.

The Conservative Party are the most venal, corrupt, violent, immoral, dishonest, conscienceless, greedy, grasping, evil, criminal bastards loose in our country today. If we don’t get rid of them on the 8th of June then, whilst many of us will continue to fight like fury, we might as well kiss our arses goodbye because too many of us won’t get to see them again.

I will be proud to vote for Corbyn on the 8th, it will be the most meaningful vote I have ever cast. A man who has spent his life and political career fighting for social justice. He was asked today on the BBC One Show, “Some people say that you haven’t necessarily always gone out of your way to be a PM, but you’re more of an activist, what do you say to that?” Jeremy Corbyn replied, “Is there a difference?” Ha ha ha ha ha, you’ll do Jeremy, you’ll do very nicely.

KOG. 31 May 2017