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It is not the strongest of a species that survives, nor the most intelligent, it is the one most adaptable to change, that survives. Charles Darwin.

The growth of civilisation was made possible because every able bodied person is capable of producing more goods than they need for their own personal survival, bearing in mind that human societies were formed and flourished long before mechanisation.

Work, as we now know it, was established in the Industrial Revolution. Workers were not paid for what they produce, but the minimum that the industrialists could get away with, whilst keeping all the produce and the profits from their exploited workers.

To be honest, I think that overall we’ve been pretty tolerant of this over the last two and a half centuries, as far as I know not a single factory or business owner has been strung up, not least for the exploitation, beating, maiming and killing of children in the work place. Measures to support and protect workers were hard fought for and hard won by workers unions, which are, to this day, utterly despised by many business owners, conservatives and, what we now call, the right wing media.

I think it is remarkable that contempt for workers seems to exist in direct proportion to the greed of factory/corporate/business owners. Perhaps it is just an extension, from feudal times, of contempt for the peasantry and perhaps that helps explain the contempt of the Tory party, which is establishment to the bone, who are busily dragging us back to, for them, the halcyon days of Poor Houses/Work Houses and Debtors Prisons.

Work, or employment, is one of those encultured norms, like Royalty and Christmas, that are so difficult to challenge. Working class people who vote Tory, called deferential voters, also tend to follow the Daily Express, Daily Mail, and latterly The Sun, line in despising our Unions, and are frequently likened, with a fair degree of accuracy, to turkeys voting for Christmas.

The corporate media is well practised in the dark arts of division, sowing and breeding hatred between different groups of tax paying workers. In the recent Birmingham bin strike, the Daily Mail headline, or one of them, was “Birmingham bin strike costing taxpayers £40,000 a day”. Stoking discord and petty hatreds is pretty standard stuff, as George Osborne proved in his 2012 Conference speech, “Where is the fairness, we ask, for the shift-worker, leaving home in the dark hours of the early morning, who looks up at the closed blinds of their next door neighbour sleeping off a life on benefits?” Sadly, it works like a charm, preventing workers from seeing or doing anything about the daily reality of being robbed blind in the work place and the accumulation of wealth made on the back of their daily toil and even being paid a minimum wage that is not enough to live on.

Not content with getting away with paying a minimum wage, many companies now exploit workers through zero hours contracts and what Damien Green, then Work and Pensions Secretary, called the exciting Gig Economy, saying it had huge potential, but omitted to say, ‘for worker exploitation’.

It is a measure of the tenacity and determination of workers, even the most exploited and befuddled by political and media rhetoric, that their ability to adapt and change under the most trying conditions imposed upon them is taken for granted and exploited by their oppressors.

Not so their oppressors, the merest hint of actually paying their fair share of taxes or decent wages is enough to send them into apoplectic rage, resentment and the bribery of politicians to maintain their accustomed and cosy lives of greed and plenty at our expense.

It is in the nature of human vanity that those who enjoy the benefits of the current system the most think of themselves as the strongest and most intelligent, but they are the least adaptable.

The Tories despise the rise of social media and its existence as an open democracy for ordinary people. They simply cannot adapt and can be frequently seen walking into the brick wall of their own privilege and ignorance and would like nothing better than to shut social media down. The Snoopers Charter, under the guise of preventing terrorism is, in reality, a means to snoop into the lives of ordinary people who they uniformly despise.

Unable to adapt, they choose repression and when challenged they bluster, hide, lie and deny, or besmirch and vilify those who oppose them.

2018 is going to be an interesting year, because, if Darwin is right, then the end is swiftly approaching for the Tory party which is ripping us all off and has plunged the country into chaos, not least in our greatest ever achievement, our NHS.

It is not my intention to suggest that the Tories should die, and, like the dinosaurs, become extinct, but it is my personal and fervent hope that, as a political party, they disappear into the vault of history and never darken our lives again. Then we might begin to address the oppression and exploitation that has bedeviled us for centuries and achieve a change for the better for all ordinary people, the many, not the few.

KOG. 07 January 2018.



In the Tory mindset, the lives of ordinary people have no intrinsic value. Our value is measured only in terms of our utility in creating wealth, all other aspects of our humanity are treated as useless and a drain on the ‘free’ markets, including thought, child birth and rearing and our most basic human rights and needs.

The financial markets are treated as more valuable than life, yet without human life there would be no markets at all.

The Tories value as supreme those who control and hoard money and expect the rest of us to feed their greed. Anyone who is not participating in feeding market greed is treated as superfluous to requirements, humiliated, punished and eradicated through deceitful policies of attrition and persecution.

David Freud said, “people who are poorer should be prepared to take the biggest risks as they have the least to lose.” and he also said disabled people are, “not worth the full wage”.

Anyone who measures the worth of life in monetary terms is a stain and a blight on humanity.

Currently, the duplicitous National Living Wage, which is actually the new minimum wage, is £7.50 per hour for those over 25.

£7.50 per hour is an insult to our humanity. They are telling us that an hours labour is worth less than one bloody plastic DVD, less than a mass produced Aluminium 20cm Saucepan from Tesco. The current real living wage is £9.75 per hour for London and £8.45 per hour everywhere else, and that’s not much to write home and brag about.

We’re so used to being totally undervalued we undervalue ourselves. We’re treated like shit and the Tories get away with insulting us with £7.50 per hour and companies are doing everything they can to deny us full time work or even the minimum wage in Damian Green’s bastard (sorry – “exciting”) gig economy.

Britain is now a country where poor, disadvantaged, traumatised and destitute people must be punished and forced to pay a premium rate penalty for their poverty. The Tories are stealing even the basic necessities of life and then punishing those they already persecute.

Oxford is threatening homeless people with a £2,500 fine because they are “having a detrimental effect… on the quality of life of those in the locality”. When you are literally on the floor, homeless and destitute, non-people, persona non grata, only a moron or a sadist would think the solution is a £2,500 poverty penalty.

Let’s take it as self evident that Tories (who are barely holding Oxford) are morons but they are sadistic morons and they are running a pogrom of social cleansing. There is a magic money tree for the rich and eradication for the everyone else.

They began with poor, sick and disabled people (the war on the poor) and have been escalating it ever since. They have weaponised money and are conducting economic warfare. They have absolute, sovereign control of the money supply. If people go to the banks or money lenders for loans all they obtain is a debt plus interest. People bargain their labour for debt, and if their labour is so undervalued that it doesn’t even provide enough to live on, they become debt slaves. If people want an education, they now begin their working life as debt slaves.

We have been robbed of our bargaining power, health, safety and employment rights. We have no recourse to justice because justice is only available to those who can afford for it.

We are slaves to market forces, the average market rent is £921 a month and they have destroyed social housing.

A new indignity has just emerged, hygiene poverty, personal hygiene or eat and we even have a tampon tax.

All of this, all of it, is driven by government policy. There are no natural forces at work here, the natural primal needs of life are being wilfully denied and penalised. Living has become a crime for which millions of people are being punished, sanctioned and murdered.

And the only defence the Tories have is to lie about it, to parliament and via the media and their own propaganda in which they invest millions of pounds.

They have no legitimacy, they have attempted to buy what meagre authority they claim to have, they have no mandate, no manifesto. We do not have a government, we have a cabal of thieves, a mafia, an extreme terrorist organisation, on organised crime syndicate, a bunch of gloating, braying, thugs.

They won’t walk out so they must be pushed, by every means of resistance and protest we have available, words, non-violent action, resistance and civil disobedience. They have the means to resist violence and will not hesitate to use it, not least because our lives are so cheap to them and they have nothing but contempt for us. But constant, sustained and relentless pressure they cannot prevent and they cannot suppress. Freedom of expression is available to everyone, the right to speak, the right to write, the right to protest, the right to peaceful assembly, these freedoms exist by right of being alive, inalienable, self evident, contained in our being, constrained only by fear, expressed by boldness and courage in the face of an implacable, brutal, enemy. We can spread information like the plague or virus they think we are, informing others.

We have a government in waiting, a national leader worth having, supported by ever growing numbers as people wake up to the reality of lethal Tory brutality. It is only a matter of time. The Tories must go! If you will pardon me for stating what should be the absolutely bleeding obvious to anyone but a Tory, people must come first for life and living.

KOG. 27 July 2017


In a speech to students at DePauw University in Indiana (December 2016), David Cameron apparently said that western leaders must take steps to help those who feel left behind by globalisation and address the “movement of unhappiness” about the state of the world. He called for leaders to change course, ‘So you will see a greater emphasis on trying to help those who are left behind,’ through, ‘a higher minimum wage and tax cuts for low-income workers as measures aimed at helping address such concerns’.

Just as a reminder, the minimum wage is a wage below that which people actually need to live on. The minimum wage drives poverty, over half the people in poverty in the UK are working. No cut in income tax will change the lot of the dispossessed other than, perhaps, marginally slowing their descent into penury, poor health and a shorter life span.

No UK government has done more than the government under Cameron to escalate poverty and despair in the UK, he even set (via Osborne) the ‘New Living Wage’ below an actual living wage.

Cutting taxes for the poor is meaningless tokenism, it’s rather like offering people who are freezing in their homes a bigger fire grate. It does not address the fundamental problem.

A company that cannot make enough to pay for plant, resources and labour is not a viable company. If such companies declare a profit, they have done so by robbing staff. The government could pass a law that no company may declare a profit until every member of staff is paid a living wage, that no government has done so tells us all we need to know about whether poverty is systemic or not. Poverty is good for profits and the transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich.

Capitalism, and the free market ideology that you can leave it to the markets to regulate themselves for the common good, has failed. It is written in the lives it has destroyed and continues to destroy. The myth of trickle down economics is just that, a myth, it has no bearing in reality in which the exact opposite is true.

If there is a “movement of unhappiness”, which I would contest, then Cameron is responsible for driving it in the UK. In reality it is not a movement, it is the brutality of lived experience and it is driven by policy in what is now commonly called and acknowledged as ‘the war on the poor’.

This is not a new problem, however, poor bashing and blaming is also systemic, the following is from a speech called ‘Acres of Diamonds’ (delivered over 5000 times at various times and places from 1900-1925), by Russell Conwell, in which he claims that the only thing preventing everyone from becoming millionaires is personal failing:

“I say that you ought to get rich, and it is your duty to get rich… The men who get rich may be the most honest men you find in the community. Let me say here clearly… ninety-eight out of one hundred of the rich men of America are honest. That is why they are rich. That is why they are trusted with money. That is why they carry on great enterprises and find plenty of people to work for them. It is because they are honest men…

“I sympathize with the poor, but the number of the poor who are to be sympathised with is very small. To sympathize with a man whom God has punished for his sins… is to do wrong… let us remember there is not a poor person in the United States who was not made poor by his own shortcomings.”

No one can doubt the sincerity of Conwell’s belief, but that’s all it is and like many beliefs it has no basis in reality, but it neatly sums up an ideological belief that drives government policy to this day. It was precisely such fraudulent conviction on which (Lord) David Freud based his interference in Britain’s social security system, turning it into a secret penal system to punish the poor.

I despise no one’s beliefs, everyone is free to believe anything they want so long as they do not presume to inflict those beliefs on others to their detriment and cost, in which case they are to be opposed and resisted as the criminals they are no matter what high office they may hold in life.

That they know their policies and beliefs are fundamentally fraudulent is proven by the amount they spend on PR and spin doctors who are charged with making the indefensible palatable through lies and deception. The Tory mantra of ‘Making work pay’ by taking away the means of survival from those out of work, for whatever reason, is one of the most deceitful and vicious attacks on the lives of millions of ordinary people in the UK.

People are fond of adding a corollary on benefits, an acknowledgement that some do defraud the benefit system and the government even has a National Benefit Fraud hotline, but benefit fraud is so tiny as to be irrelevant and compared to the systemic fraud being perpetrated by government and corporations it’s meaningless other than as a further attempt to demonise the poor.

Deception aimed at divisiveness must be resisted. Benefit fraud is just smoke and mirrors, it isn’t worth the effort expended in even naming it as an issue of any significance. According to Forbes it is estimated that there is something like $21 Trillion sitting in offshore tax havens and if all that $21 trillion earned 3% a year and were taxed at 30%, it would raise $188 billion in revenues. Now that is something worth doing something about, instead it is the poor who are hounded to death.

Bearing in mind that driving poverty is wealth producing, it is clear where the real crime lies. It’s built into the system.

All of which will come as no surprise to regular readers, but it is important to say it and keep on saying it every which way we can. Capitalism has failed, but they are doing everything they can to shore up this failed system. It is a system that will devour itself because those who drive it and benefit most from it are too greedy to do anything about it. It is a system that must change, but that change will never come from the inside.

There can never be endless growth in a closed system. Neoliberalism is predicated on eliminating anything that stands in the way of profit, which includes those they regard and treat as useless eaters. Eliminating the poor is a heinous global crime which all people with any social conscience must fight in whatever way they can. Bearing in mind that for many the awakening is yet to happen, but it serves no one to mock, we’ve all had to learn at our own pace, many driven by the dire circumstances of our own brutalised lives. We need to win people not mock them or shun them and empower them through knowledge and understanding.

Having said that, there are those who will back the system and attack us to the bitter end with extreme prejudice. They are really not worth bothering with, they are just energy sucking vampires and really not worth a moment of our time. There are far better things to do with our time and our lives in our brief sojourn here on this little jewel of a planet in the goldilocks zone of our solar system, where the conditions for life are ‘just right’, other than in those who for whatever reason want to remove from us our right, by birth, to be here. It really is incredible that having given rise to life, there are those born on this Earth who despise it in others. They must be opposed to protect life itself which is the most incredible and beautiful gift the universe has to bestow.

KOG 09 December 2016


There are many people who cannot give praise, encouragement or a kind word. It’s almost as if they are regarded as sparse commodities that might run out.

The point is that they are a give, a gift, from one person to another (or many others), they are the expression of an innate regard for the well being of another, but not in a way that’s self denial because giving the gifts of kindness, care and consideration to another puts us firmly in the frame. We have to be there to give the gift. We are the well spring from which it is drawn up and given, we are only selfless in that moment in that our ego is necessarily muted. If it isn’t the whole thing reeks of self interest and is received as fake.

Do goodery is not the same thing as kindness and it is well said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions because good intentions are essentially egotistic. They are the imposition (usually without seeking permission) of an intervention defined by ourselves regardless of whether it is merited or even welcome.

Kindness, care and consideration are essentially other regarding and they send a powerful message that we’re paying attention.

As a community and youth worker the question came up from time to time, what is the best thing I can give my children? My response was always, your time and attention. These days, with family life under direct attack as wages plummet and work is ever more insecure, it is expected that parents work (singles or couples), and children are expected to spend a significant part of the day in child care.

At its most toxic, the pressures of life and struggling to make ends meet can lead to children growing up starved of attention (which high quality child care can pick up on and address). However, growing up with an attention deficit, can lead to a narcissistic need for attention and an inability to give it, which very much includes praise and encouragement.

However, the story is bigger than that. Capitalism is a champion of personal insecurity, it powerfully encourages narcissistic self regard and, at the same time, insecurity. Advertising, capitalism’s mouthpiece, is an industrial purveyor of insecurity.

On a side note, I use an ad-blocker in my browser and increasingly websites are blocking access if you use an ad-blocker and ask you to whitelist their site. Advertising has inveigled its way into becoming a source of income for sites and users who block adverts are rogue users who have chosen not to be the target of marketing. Not wanting to be targeted by adverts is regarded as selfish. It’s positively Orwellian and part of our modern dystopia. It’s not ok to not be a consumer beyond what we actually need and to be self determining about what those needs are. In that sense, advertising is infantilising, it’s the promotion of need above our individual self defined needs.

Needless to say, I really, really, don’t like adverts, they are the antithesis of kindness, care and consideration and self affirmation and giving affirmation to others and, indeed, self determination. I don’t like nagging and adverts are nothing if not that, especially on television, where they are subject to endless repeats at short intervals and the primary reason why I do not own a television. If companies want to pump adverts at me then they should ask me and be prepared to pay me for my participation. Currently, and absurdly, we pay for them to do it in every form of commercial media.

People have become just another product or resource. We are reduced to our usefulness in servicing the free markets through our profitability, a profitability which is a one way street. Tens if not hundreds of millions of workers across the world are profit makers but denied a share of the profits they create. Asian factories producing iPhones fitted suicide nets to prevent workers from taking their own lives in despair.

A sign of our times is the growing dysfunction of our humanity, especially online. Trolling and abuse is rampant, but that requires a suspension of humanity to treat others with contempt with complete disregard for their well being as real people. Death threats being the ultimate expression of the degradation of life, value and meaning.

C S Lewis wrote: “We all want progress, but if you’re on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.”

The world is crying out for want of kindness, care and consideration. We live in times where the affirmation of others and helping others are revolutionary and yet dismissed as coming from bleeding heart liberals or lefties.

On Wednesday this week (30th November 2016) a homeless man was found frozen to death. Far from finding this horrific, there are plenty of people who will be gratified that another useless eater and waste of space is dead and no longer a burden on their, self focused, narcissistic, humanity.

Against such degradation, which is promoted from the very top by government, holding on to our humanity has become something that requires our best attention. (Lord) David Freud, who is thankfully leaving the Department for Woe and Persecution, said in 2014 that disabled people are not worth a full wage. In fact, not being worth a full wage is the norm for millions of people. It is government which sets the minimum wage (or the so called new living wage which isn’t) (introduced by Labour as a protection from the worst iniquities of the market, which quickly became the industry standard), and is set as less than that what we need to live on. Money has become the measure of our worth and lack of money the measure of our unworth, disregarding entirely that the measure of our unworth is systemic, imposed by government and yet it is government that leads the way in blaming poverty on individual failing.

Resisting the tide of the degradation and erosion of our humanity has become a vital necessity for mental wellness. Today, Gandhi’s saying, ‘You must be the change you want to see in the world’, is in affirmation and in giving kindness, care and consideration and it is demanding of our best attention to survive the onslaught of right wing marketeers who are destroying our way of life, depriving us of security, homes, food, warmth and health care for profit. The most basic of human rights.

From personal experience it is like living with a gun at your head, never knowing when they are coming for you through the next iniquitous policy to deprive us of the means of survival and of life.

David Cameron said, “For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens: as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone.” Resisting such government extremism is the battle of our times, whether the attack comes through sanctions, depriving disabled people of vital support, being denied a pension, being priced out of housing through unrestrained housing prices and rents, denied health care and the loss of vital front line services, yet the biggest battle ground is for our own minds and our essential humanity.

We must not forsake our selves, every suicide is a cry for our humanity to fight back for everything we hold dear. And to fight together, and acknowledge that we exist through co-operation, as social creatures who rely on each other for everything, including our well being. As John Donne rightly said, “No man is an island, entire of itself… any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.” The alarm bells are ringing and it is our humanity which must and does respond. It is innate, but we must protect it from being drowned out by those who mean us harm. Revolt is expressed through attention, through kindness, care and consideration, by being the opposite of their intent; holding on to our humanity with every fibre of our being and being bold in giving the best that we are, both to ourselves and to others.

When I stopped writing the letters, I’d come to the end of my resources and am still recovering. It was hard to see and hard to acknowledge that I am broken hearted and I have wept bucket loads of tears as I work to recover. It has made me realise as never before, how precious life is and yet how fragile and precarious it can be against unscrupulous forces and this government in particular. I’ve said it before and will doubtless say it again, as now… We are better than this!

KOG 02 December 2016


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,538

Tuesday 30 August 2016.

Dear Mrs May,

What is happening within the Labour party has repercussions for all of us, but more broadly what the parliamentary Labour party and you Tories have in common is utter contempt for ordinary people and democracy.

What has been revealed is a war between democracy and totalitarianism.

Frank Field summed it up very nicely, pouring scorn on the very idea that he is in any way meant to represent the views of his constituents. His patronising, sneering, response on BBC Westminster Live to the idea that, ‘A lot of people watching might think that an MP is there to reflect the views of his or her constituents’, was, “No, dear, they are longing to have somebody they can all boss around as if they had a view.”

This disdain, this contempt, isn’t new, it’s as old as the hills. Only yesterday I read that Prince Harry wants those wounded in battle to be given ‘a Purple heart-style medal’. Does he not know that ex-service personnel are not getting the medical help they need, that thousands of them are homeless and going hungry and even being sanctioned by the Department for Work and Pensions or that due to government cuts they have been sacked and denied their pensions? What the hell use is a medal? It’s an anachronism from the privileged, so steeped in their own pomp and splendour, yet all they offer those who fight their wars for them is a gong with ribbons on. Service women and men swear an oath of allegiance and yet no allegiance is offered in return for their lives and well being.

Whilst we are hounded from pillar to post to be productive workers, what are our rewards, no access to fair representation in law, a minimum wage which is impossible to live on and no share of the profits we create, privatising health care and dismantling our NHS for profit, 500 disabled people a week stripped of access to Motability, no access to a decent pension after years of faithful work and, indeed, successive governments plundering pensions, plans to scrap the human rights act, flogging off the nations assets which were paid for and built by us and permanent austerity. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

And what happens when a Labour leader emerges who believes in democracy, with people having a say, with fairness and justice for all, health, housing and education for all, a fair deal? Those whose only interest is their own worthless privileged lives, including almost the entire mainstream media and the taxpayer funded BBC, lose their minds. Frank Field dismisses the concerns of 70,000 constituents and yet he expects them to not only accept whatever dictat he and parliament forces on them but to accept the enforced silence and impotence that those in power maintain over us. And so, here it is, another letter for you to ignore, I may be just an ordinary guy, but I have never and will never sell my soul for power and privilege. Even the thought of it disgusts me.

The Labour coup’s final plan to oust Corbyn proves it holds the membership in contempt


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,513

Friday 05 August 2016.

Dear Mrs May,

It is expensive being poor. Being poor comes at a premium cost, whether it is food, health, essential services, transport, life expectancy, being exploited as cheap labour, lack of choice, mental health and quality of life, the poor pay more.

Michael Gove is reported as saying that families were visiting food banks “often as a result of some decisions taken … which mean that they’re not best able to manage their finances.”

Others, like Baroness Jenkin, claim the poor don’t know how to cook.

It is an age old myth that the poor are responsible for poverty as if there are no structural causes that create and drive poverty.

It is 2016 and we still have a minimum wage, that is a wage less than the minimum required to live on. The minimum wage has been exploited ruthlessly as a cheap standard of pay regardless of an ability to pay more and, of course, the motive for that is simply greed, boosting profits. That makes cheap labour an assault on people’s lives. It means that poor people create wealth but are denied any share of that real wealth. Labour comes at a cost but the cost should be borne by the value workers add in the work they perform, if they did not add value the business would not be viable. Yet workers are routinely denied the value of their labour, denied even a minimum on which it is actually possible to live.

The scandal over Mike Ashley and Sports Direct is a case in point. Ashley is a billionaire and Britain’s 22nd richest man. There is no magic involved, he’s a billionaire through ruthless and brutal exploitation. Instead of treating those who work for him with dignity and respect, he despises them, treating them like dirt. Workers are the wealth creators of the nation, were that not true Ashley would have no billions, no life of luxury and no football club. Philip Green is just the same, just another robber baron who has utterly betrayed those who have faithfully laboured to create his wealth.

There are no excuses, no exceptions, the poor cannot afford those who get rich on their backs and it is your duty to end this historic, systemic and obscene exploitation and brutality. That’s not socialism, that’s justice.

Michael Gove Doesn’t Get It. Being Poor is Expensive


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,484

Tuesday 05 July 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I see that George Osborne is set to lower corporation tax to 15% and there are even calls for it to be lower to woo investors to Britain, not least from China.

The problem with overseas investment is that company profits are siphoned out of the country and corporate returns to the nation are minimised, if they even pay taxes at all and don’t indulge in tax avoidance/evasion schemes.

I am sure that you, or whoever we get saddled with after you, will tell us that these corporate immigrant gold diggers will create jobs, but they are jobs of the worst kind offering no hope to those forced to take them up. Grinding away on minimum wage and/or zero hours contracts, workers, the real wealth creators, will be exploited to the max and the ill gotten gains made at their expense will depart these shores, never to be seen again. What’s in it for ordinary people? Not a lot and we’ll be saddled with the shortfall in tax revenues into the bargain, plus fuelling the neoliberal ideology of the ever shrinking state for private gain.

What Britain needs is internal investment and higher wages, that way the fruits of investment, labour and wages boost the national economy and not the fortunes of global capitalists who have no loyalties beyond the board room.

If Mark Carney wanted to aid Britain’s recovery and ease the pain of Brexit, he could invest in the real economy via Quantitative Easing and such working money could provide schools, housing, flood defences, cleaner energy, well paid jobs and the like and would see, according to Positive Money, a return of at least £2.80 on every £1 invested. When Mervyn King gifted the financial markets with £375 billion of new money the return on that, again according to Positive Money, was a miserly 8p in the pound but saw a rise in the wealth of ‘investors’ of 20%.

Osborne is married to public debt for private gain, he talks about the Northern Powerhouse but perhaps he should go and ask the people of Sunderland, Liverpool, Manchester and Ashton Under Lyne, to name but a few, just how they are getting along in his powerhouse. You claimed in 2015 that you’d created 1000 jobs a day since 2010, that’s a grand boast to dole out during Prime Ministers Question Time, but it fails dismally to answer whether a single person was lifted out of poverty by the types of jobs created. In fact in-work poverty now exceeds out of work poverty, so well done for that. It isn’t investors Osborne should be wooing, it’s workers, but frankly neither you nor he have much time for Britain’s workers. Whilst they are, indisputably, creating wealth, they just don’t get to take it home with them.

Ashton-under-Lyne, Tameside

24_april_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,412

Sunday 24 April 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

You said in May 2015, “For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens ‘as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone”. Making a statement like that we could not know what bastardy you intended, we could only know the shock that it was ever said at all. Truly, when you said those words, you were forewarning us of a descent into barbarity, a barbarity unconstrained by law or even common decency, which no human being should ever even contemplate, as only brutes, slavers and despots might.

When Boris Johnson attacked Barack Obama in the Sun over his views on staying in the EU in a cowardly and entirely false attack of the man and not his views, Johnson revealed just how vile a creature he really is. It is a measure of how serious this was that Nick Cohen wrote in the Spectator, “Johnson showed this morning that he is a man without principle or shame. He is a braying charlatan, who lacks the courage even to be an honest bastard, for there is a kind of bastardly integrity in showing the world who you really are, but instead uses the tactics of the coward and the tricks of the fraudster to advance his worthless career.”

The DWP’s latest attack targeting poor working people on Universal Credit with what they are calling ‘in-work progression’ (IWP) is a prime example of your intent to force obedience upon us disregarding all law and social justice. Those people so poorly paid that they cannot survive without some form of social top-up will be corralled and coerced by the DWP, under threat of sanctions and fines, to undertake activities dictated by the DWP, this on top of working full time on Osborne’s supposed New Living Wage, possibly working more than one job already.

Even Osborne having the temerity to call what is a new minimum wage the New Living Wage, is the basest deceit and a measure of his own bastardy in his treatment of the poor. I’ll remind you that the real UK living wage is currently £8.25 an hour and £9.40 an hour in London, whilst Osborne’s New Living Wage is £7.20 an hour. If you can’t live on it, a living wage it ain’t. It’s just more manipulative ideological bastardy.

As we’re seeing with the junior doctors dispute, none of us are regarded any more as sovereign human beings, but mere pawns of a government that is authoritarian, intrusive, coercive, abusive and punitive. You may temporarily have the power for such abuses, but you have never had, and never will have, the right. It’s purest bastardy because it is illegitimate and always will be.

06_april_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,394

Wednesday 06 April 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

There is only one thing that is puzzling about the Panama Papers, because the papers themselves really only add wallpaper to a very familiar elephant that has lurked in plain sight for millennia. The rich don’t want to contribute to the world that sustains them. Is anyone really surprised? No, what is puzzling is the leak itself and really begs only one question: what have the rich ever done for us?

Your fathers tax haven dealings were already known prior to this latest leak, I have a Guardian article from 2012 in front of me. Osborne’s family business has not paid corporation tax for seven years. He also struck a derisory tax deal with Swiss banks for a mere £384 million gesture of good will whilst maintaining Swiss secrecy surrounding these accounts and spent £43,064 of public funds to protect bankers bonuses. So the big question today is, what have you ever done for us?

Our young go off to fight your wars, some paid even less than the minimum wage and today there are thousands of homeless ex-service personnel on our streets. What have you ever done for them?

Disabled people have had their Independent Living Fund stopped, care provision slashed, mobility stolen, benefits cut and found fit for work when dying. What have you ever done for them?

Our elderly, many who served in the last war, are having services and care cut to the bone and you are attacking pensions which people have spent their lifetimes working towards. What have you ever done for them?

Young people are facing lousy, ever more insecure jobs for miserly pay, benefits cuts and no help with housing, sanctions, huge university debts and treated like dirt. What have you ever done for them.

MPs have had an 11.3% pay rise, a gold plated £50,000 pension bonus, lavish expenses, subsidised meals, you insult us, demean us and punish us at the cost of thousands of lives. So really, Mr Cameron:

What have you ever done for us?

21_march_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,378

Monday 21 March 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Whatever kind of civil war that is currently plaguing your party, you have no one to blame but yourselves, which is kind of the point really. You have walked into this with eyes wide shut.

You have wilfully ignored and dismissed experts and lay people alike. I wonder what the real numbers are of those who have been warning you for years that you’re walking off a cliff?

Even across the despatch boxes in the House of Commons you play pantomime games and fire cheap shots for even cheaper entertainment, but you never listen or take heed.

The scale of protests in the UK since 2010 is, I strongly suspect, unprecedented. I cannot recall anything like it on such a huge range of issues, though I honour the miners strike.

I see reports on things like Agenda 21 and any number of theories about what the supposed ruling elites are up to. Whatever the truth is, what is very certain is that we the people are treated as an irrelevance to be ignored and disregarded.

Our only duty is to work till we drop for as little pay as possible. You drive people into work no matter how badly paid, or under what abysmal terms and conditions, like zero hours contracts, and then mock and blame people for living in the poverty they have been driven into. Poverty does not escalate because people are suddenly forgetting how to budget or cook, or whatever other feeble minded ideas people who’ve never known a days want in their lives come up with. Working is to work for life, for living, and wages are not meant to be some paltry reward, like a child’s pocket money. The minimum wage is an insult to intelligence, if you can’t live on it then it’s downright criminal.

I haven’t seen it but Iain Duncan Smith is quoted as saying on the Andrew Marr show yesterday (20th March), “I want people to work whatever their condition.” That would explain why people dying in hospital have been sanctioned. Whatever his current protestations of innocence and claims of victimisation might be, Smith has inflicted too much suffering to whitewash his way out of it. Stephen McPartland MP is not impressed with the sanctification of Iain Duncan Smith and considers it to be “disgusting” and that he (McPartland) had ‘never seen evidence of this conscience people are talking about’ during meetings about welfare in the past.

The simple truth is that your party is not fit to be the government of this country, you’ve lied in manifesto pledges and even to parliament, no habitual liar should ever be Prime Minister or allowed to continue in that office.