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The bible is a remarkable book, it has influenced and shaped world history for nearly 2000 years. It is an apocryphal tale which many believe is literally the word of God, yet even if taken literally, those who do so interpret it wildly to suit any agenda they wish to pursue, hence the many and diverse Christian factions and churches.

Whilst it is a very difficult book to wade through, it is a book I recommend highly to critical and wary readers (treat it with all the respect you might a stick of dynamite on which the fuse is lit) because we are all, to a greater or lesser extent, affected by its outworking in history to the present day.

Put very simply the bible is a book of Law and Grace and a tale of the abject failure of human kind to work out their affairs justly under the rule of law without the necessary application of grace, consideration and loving kindness. To this day it is easy to see that the world is dominated by biblical Pharisees, those who adhere to the rigid dogma of law and claim moral and spiritual superiority, against those of a more common and gentle nature who live by the virtues of loving kindness and social justice to whom moral and spiritual superiority hold no interest.

Today, then, I give you, the Tories and those who they consider to be ‘stock’ (especially those unable to work), the common herd, ordinary people. It is no small thing that Theresa May is the daughter of a Church of England Vicar, the Rev. Hubert Brasier, yet she exhibits all the traits of a brutal dictator and none of the virtues of Christ. Her religion is the religion of money, the unrestrained free markets, the destruction of public services, the robbing of the wealth of the nation and the deprivation, penalisation and hounding of the poor and most vulnerable people in society to death.

Recent events have shown that Theresa May is a horrific grasper after power at any price to pursue her dogma of social destruction and regression, the pursuit of the transfer of public wealth into private hands and the wanton destruction of our public services including our NHS.

It is into this social crisis that Jeremy Corbyn has emerged, against all the odds and political (including those in his own party) and media machinations and forces raised against him. A champion of the underdogs, defender of the rights of ordinary people, a fierce campaigner for social justice, a straight talking, plain speaking man of the people who has been accused of inciting religious fervour and even casting an ‘Orphic spell’ (by Boris Johnson) over the minds of the dumb masses and who ironically and coincidentally shares the same initials as the beardie chap of the biblical New Testament.

It is a modern epic of good versus evil and the stuff of every fairy tale since time began, except this time we are living it and the price for ordinary people is monstrous. On the one hand we have a conniving, lying, cheating, stealing party of the rich and powerful against Jeremy Corbyn and all those who champion social justice, in which I happily include myself, the cares and concerns of ordinary people and the well being and interests of the many and not just the privileged few.

For all those who see themselves small in their own eyes, who face the vast forces of modern day oppression, not knowing what to do, how to express their fears and who feel they have no voice and still less anyone to listen, a glimmer, and for many, a beacon, of hope has emerged. It is not down to one man and yet that one man has become, rightly, the political focus of millions. Everything that Theresa May aspires to in her wickedness and manipulation, and yet fails utterly, Corbyn achieves through plain speaking and shared humanity.

Every step of social progress we have ever made against rich and powerful interests has come through struggle, from the bottom up, through the engagement of ordinary people against the enormous power of the privileged few. That struggle is, I hope, reaching an historic climax, one that is long overdue. A climax that will not be the end, but promises to be a new beginning if we hold true to our vision. It is a struggle that needs every voice and the concerted action of all those who see themselves small who together can bring about the social change which millions of people in Britain and the wider world are crying out for.

This piece is entitled, ‘Who dares despise the day of small things?’ I have unashamedly ripped it out of any biblical context quite deliberately, and I apply it to my own faltering footsteps in life, and to every life struggling to take one step at a time in these unbelievably difficult times against the vicious forces which oppose us. I offer it as a compliment and a celebration of modest lives and modest aspirations, which collectively can make a difference. Those with power, through wealth, status and influence (by which I mean the mogul owned and driven media) will do anything and everything to crush us, as they have always done in times past.

Theresa May and the Tories know what they are up against and they are desperate, afraid and in complete chaos, even buying a few extra votes for a billion pounds. It is within our power to keep them in disarray and to oust them, let’s do just that, for all our sakes. The power grubbers hate Jeremy Corbyn with a raging passion, there is no shame in loving him and looking forward to him being Prime Minister.

KOG. 28 June 2017


IDS Calls Those Unable To Work ‘Stock’



It was a huge shock to lose a good friend and campaigner on Monday 1st January 2017. I spent the day in and out of tears, but as the day unfolded I was astonished to realise the extent of her reach and the number of lives she had profoundly touched. It was typical of Denise Bellamy to just get on with it, she was at times completely disabled by recurring illness and had a busy family life to boot. I can’t imagine how she did it, but I do feel profound awe and overwhelming of love for a dear departed friend and campaigner.

We’re just a few days into the new year, it’s not even toddling yet, but what has struck me is the force of the opposition to what the Tories are doing to our country and our people. It feels the year has started like a tidal wave and we are a lot wiser than at the start of 2016, but the fundamental problem remains, the way the Tories treat us and their attitude towards us.

Today I read about a woman who had her mobility allowance stopped because she could squeeze someone’s thumb. She has since had her mobility allowance restored and backdated after interventions from her MP and the press, but that is not the point. Despite having evidence from MS specialists at Leicester’s hospitals, during the assessment the lady was asked to, ‘squeeze this person’s thumb, to touch her toes from a sitting position and to stand on one leg, which she managed to do although holding on to something.’ And that was it, her support was stopped.

I must mention here that within the Department for Work and Pensions we are called ‘Stock’!

Throughout history the lower orders, that’s ordinary people, have been used and abused as cannon fodder, cheap labour, providers for the great and the good as well as being their servants (and being forced into other less savoury roles) and the problem with this government is that this attitude still prevails.

The Work Capability Assessment (WCA) is designed to be humiliating, demeaning, infantalising and downright disrespectful. Medical evidence that claimants provide is ignored and people are forced to perform for so called Healthcare Professionals who go through a tick box process and the results are sent to a decision maker who has the final say in denying them support.

One nurse who worked as a Healthcare Professional had this to say about her job, “It is made clear throughout training and working that we are not nurses – we are disability analysts. Also, we do not carry out “medical assessments” we carry out “functional assessments”. We did not even need a diagnosis to carry out assessments.”

The entire point of ‘functional assessments’ is to assess whether the claimant could do any form of bullshit work at all, no matter how limited, so squeezing a finger qualifies a claimant as capable of work and the entire point of the assessment is to deny benefits to as many people as possible. In short, it’s a punitive system of benefit denial.

What used to enrage Denise, which we discussed many times, and still enrages me and many others is the arrogant paternalism of the government who treat people more like groveling penitents who are forced to physically beg for help through a series of meaningless and demeaning actions like performing monkeys. The word and expertise of real healthcare professionals, like GPs and hospital specialists and, indeed, the word of the claimant, is treated as of no value and meaningless.

In his book, PostCapitalism: A Guide to Our Future, Paul Mason wrote the following, “The truth is, as finance has seeped into our daily lives, we are no longer slaves to the machine, to the 9-to-5 routine, we’ve become slaves to interest payments. We no longer just generate profits for our bosses through our work, but also profits for financial middlemen through our borrowing. A single mum on benefits, forced into the world of pay-day loans and buying household goods on credit, can be generating a much higher profit rate for capital than an auto industry worker with a steady job.

“Once every human being can generate a financial profit just by consuming – and the poorest can generate the most – a profound change begins in capitalism’s attitude to work… financialization is a permanent feature of neoliberalism. Like fiat money, it leads to breakdown – but the system can’t do without it.”

Financial insecurity, whether through poverty pay, insecure jobs on zero hours contracts, the destruction of social safety nets, reducing or denying people the pensions they have paid for over a working lifetime, is a systemic abuse of ordinary people for profit and the transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich.

Drive people into the ground and they become slaves to debt and interest rates all of which just increases the wealth of those who control the financial markets and so it is no surprise to see a report today that the public subsidies to the privatised rail networks, £3.999 billion in 2015/16 alone, is declared as profit and siphoned off as bonuses and fatcat pay packages. Meanwhile rail fares are on the rise again and rail networks fail to meet customer needs merely to get to work.

Whether it is in the trenches over 144 days of hell and ultimate horror in the battle of the Somme at the cost of over a million lives, numberless billions trying to scratch a mean living as wage slaves, or sick and disabled people denied even the right to basic mobility and care, it all feeds the greed of those who own and control wealth and make obscene profits and pay themselves more money than they could need in a hundred lifetimes and give nothing back, not even taxes towards the very system that sustains them.

The entire world runs on the backs of ordinary people, the worker, the disabled person, the immigrant, the single mum, the OAP struggling to stay warm, the evicted homeless, all of us plain, honest to god, ordinary folks.

And do you know what? We’re amazing, we’re so damned decent it takes my breath away. The outpouring of love for Denise says everything about us and nothing about the thieves who despoil our lives for profit. If you are English, then you quite likely hardly know how to complain about a poorly prepared meal in a restaurant, or take back shoddy goods to a store without making a fuss, just standing firm and expecting a refund, or whatever. The crimes committed against us on a daily basis we’ve suffered for generations.

Back in July 1957, Harold Macmillan blithely told us we’d never had it so good, before deciding that we needed to increase our productivity and have our wages suppressed. And he got away with it.

We are so damned good and decent it’s staggering, and when the time comes to be as obnoxious as humanly possible towards the system, we are completely nonplussed. It’s not that we’re out of practice, we’ve never really done it before. Civil disobedience? What’s that?

Personally I am learning every day, building up grit and sinew, cutting away at the veneer of civilisation because there is nothing civilised about organised society, other than in the civility of ordinary people. Behind the veneer of a supposedly civilised state is a shocking brutality in which people are dying daily and does the state care? Not one bit, indeed it creates the very circumstances in which so many are losing their lives.

It’s a slow process and we are not to blame for that, we’re learning as we go. Learning to stand up for ourselves and it is happening. When I think back to planning what I could do in 2011/12 before starting a letter a day to number 10, there was barely a ripple in general to what was going on. As 2017 begins it’s a very different story by comparison. Is it good enough, are we good enough? Yes, we are.

It takes patience, it can’t be rushed for love nor money. Not a one of us can demand any kind of popular uprising, but we can and do work towards it, daily. As others join, so much is already in place and they don’t have to do the groundwork, and getting up to speed is made easier by those who’ve gone before and worked their socks off.

Denise was such a one and I applaud her life and all she did for every one of us, yes, even those who do not even know it yet, never knew her and never will. Her efforts were no less heroic for that.

If she could have left a message on my answering machine, I am very sure she’d have left (in spirit) something like:

When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,
When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill,
When funds are low and the debts are high,
And you want to smile but you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a bit,
Rest if you must, but don’t you quit.

Life is queer with its twists and turns,
As every one of us sometimes learns,
And many a failure turns about,
When he might have won if he’d stuck it out.
Don’t give up, though the pace seems slow –
You may succeed with another blow.

Often the goal is nearer than
It seems to a faint and faltering man;
Often the struggler has given up
When he might have captured the victor’s cup,
And he learned too late, when the night slipped down,
How close he was to the golden crown.

Success is failure turned inside out –
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,
And you never can tell how close you are –
It may be near when it seems afar;
So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit –
It’s when things seem worst that you mustn’t quit.

Attributed to Edgar A. Guest (1881-1959)

KOG. 04 January 2017


If there is one thing I have learnt over a long lifetime it is that ordinary people are the donkey engine, the powerhouse, that drives the nation in war and peace and that for those in power, our lives are entirely expendable. In war it is we who are sacrificed and in peace we are (or were) the industrial heart of the nation, and in both war and peace, we pay.

It was ever thus, but we are now in the era of neoliberalism, capitalism with the gloves off, and they are wringing us dry for ever greater profits that they neither need nor care about the harm they cause.

Ordinary people are both the sacrificial lambs for rampant greed and also the cash cow that feeds their greed.

Inequality is raging across the world, last year it was reported that just 62 people had more wealth than half the rest of the world and the top 1% had more wealth than the all rest of the world put together.

In her 2016 Christmas speech the Queen said, “My ministers will continue to bring the public finances under control so that Britain lives within its means.” To which I can only say, ‘Then fix your own house love,’ as the government prepares to give her £369 million of public money to fix up Buck House, not to mention doing up Houses of Parliament at a cost to us of up to £5.7 billion.

Britain is not broke, there is enough money to do everything that is required for stable and prosperous public services, including the social safety nets and our NHS.

Only the other day someone asked me what we are supposed to do if we don’t privatise the NHS because we cannot afford it?

The problem is one of perspective and most people simply have no idea how much wealth there is, which very much includes me. I measure money in terms of tens and hundreds of pounds, I simply have no real perspective beyond that and think of a thousand pounds as a lot of money, even whilst knowing that several grand over a year goes nowhere.

Start talking about millions, billions and trillions and I am basically ga ga because these are meaningless numbers to me.

According to an Oxfam study, $7.6 trillion is sitting in offshore accounts and that is just 8% of individual financial wealth, which puts the total amount of global individual wealth at $95 trillion. That’s $12,838 for everyone on Earth. That may not sound like a lot in a first world nation like Britain, but of the 7.4 billion people on Earth, 2.7 billion people live on less than $2 a day or less than $730 a year.

What does all that mean? I don’t know in terms of social justice and inequality except to say this, clearly a very small percentage of people are not only living within their means they are so far within their means that the mere concept is meaningless to them. I can only suggest that it’s like an elephant walking up to an ant and saying, ‘I’m bigger than you,’ and the ant wondering, ‘Did that mountain just speak to me?’ How can an ant make sense of an elephant? I know the feeling.

According to Noam Chomsky it used to be that some 90% of wealth was created by producers, traders and investors in the real economy, that is ordinary working people, today that is reversed with 95% of wealth being in financial markets and financial speculation and just 5% in the real world economy.

That being the case it is not hard to see why the powerful elites might think that ordinary people are now superfluous to requirements. Production is no longer labour intensive and most of the stuff we need is turned out by machines.

Our labour is no longer a necessity, but instead of everyone sharing in the abundance of wealth in the world with more spare time and fewer working hours, and for many, if not most, maybe none, wealth has polarised and ordinary people are not just abandoned, we are being robbed at every turn and hounded to death.

The world is at permanent war, and war has always been an excellent way to keep the population down and, of course, grab even more resources for the few at the expense of the many. But it seems even that is now no longer enough. In the search for endless profits, they have turned on the national pots of public taxation and public services, built and paid for by the people, and people are literally being sanctioned and financially penalised through poverty pay and shutting down the social safety nets (the same as turning off life support).

I hear a lot about Agenda 21 and population reduction, whatever your take on that, the fact is that we are being exterminated. In my first letter to Number 10 I wrote, “Clearly your contempt for the people of Britain can have only one logical end, so why not begin the cull now?”

I was, of course, being tongue in cheek because they had already started. Can anyone seriously deny it now?

Ordinary, decent, human beings have trouble with words like exterminate at any time, and quite rightly so. Words like extermination and genocide are horrific in their meaning, taking life knowingly and wilfully, which no decent person would ever consider even for a moment. But these things go on in the real world and it is always ordinary people who are the victims of such inhuman barbarity.

As recently as last November the government was slammed by the UN for abusing the human rights of disabled people, the government response? It strongly disagreed with the UN findings and Work and Pensions Secretary Damian Green said the findings demonstrated ‘an outdated view of disability which is patronising and offensive’. He went on, ‘The UN measures success as the amount of money poured into the system, rather than the work and health outcomes for disabled people’. So there we have it, if you can’t work in some bullshit job scrabbling for pennies, you might as well fuck off and die.

KOG 02 January 2017


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,507

Saturday 30 July 2016.

Dear Mrs May,

In the relentless campaign against the lives of ordinary people, welfare reforms, loss of legal aid, punitive benefit sanctions and cuts, loss of employment rights, the privatisation of our NHS, housing insecurity/no more lifelong tenancies, and so on, people are being denied dignity and respect as well as the most basic means of survival.

Why in the world any government would turn on and attack the modest lives of the people is senseless. David Cameron offered himself as the leader of an “aspiration nation”, insisting his goal was to spread privilege. Of course nothing could be further from the truth, but the point is the implicit sneer at modestly lived lives by people of modest intent, or low expectations as Cameron described them.

A modest desire is a fair days work for a fair days pay, under Tory misrule that is now an unattainable desire for millions of ordinary people. Regular meals and food on the table is now unattainable for millions of people. Thousands of disabled people have been and continue to be denied even a modest means of transport.

I do not want to live a privileged life, whatever that is supposed to mean, I never have and I never will. It may mean nothing to you, but enough is as good as a banquet. That isn’t a low expectation, it means moderation is more satisfying than excess.

It is true that consumerism has been aggressively promoted as a way of life and sadly many have been snared into such a life. You’ll have to forgive me that I see no appeal in it, it just looks like an endless treadmill of unsatisfied expectation and desire and a one way street into debt to me. I threw my television out nearly fifteen years ago because I got fed up with endless adverts being pumped into my living space. Commercial television is richly rewarded for advertising, yet charge people for the platform which throws adverts at them. That’s a brilliant scam, beam adverts into people’s lives and encourage them to buy, buy, buy, and charge them for the privilege? Wow, good one, that’s having your cake and eating everybody else’s as well. Profit is god!

Living modestly is actually the only sustainable future for everyone. Endless growth is impossible in a closed system, resources can and will run out. The planet cannot cope and even now the damage done may not be reversible. The only possible future is a sustainable one and that future cannot contain the current corporate greed. It isn’t a case of should not, as some kind of moral choice, it is an absolute “cannot”. Attacking the lives of those who live modestly whilst allowing the ‘free markets’ to do as they like is bass ackwards. Living modestly, as much as you may hate the very idea of it, is the only sensible solution if we are to have any future at all. Greater equality means survival where the current extremes of inequality and rampant corporate greed for resources and profits can only lead to an extinction event. Take a long hard look, the world is groaning in agony.


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,498

Wednesday 20 July 2016.

Dear Mrs May,

Yesterday’s letter was met with a remarkable response on Twitter, “Keith Ordinary Guy – Member of the Labour Party – says it all – how pathetic.” At such times I do feel that for some people the act of procreation was a waste of time. It’s not the same as the more general contempt that many MPs have for the lives of ordinary people, who use and abuse us so extravagantly and treat us as a cash cow even whilst despising us, lying to us and robbing us.

Someone having a meaningless pop on Twitter is such a display of futility, it is by definition pathetic and it is notable if no other reason than it is uncommon. In a general sense I enjoy Twitter as a social media site on which most of the Tweets I see are worthwhile whether I agree with them or not, or share them or not.

In six years of Tory misrule we have witnessed the appalling contempt your party has for the electorate, in recent weeks in both the referendum and the Labour leadership challenge such contempt has reached white heat and the central issue is that democracy is under attack as never before.

There is nothing banal about Jeremy Hunt’s attacks on our NHS or our junior doctors, underlying all his machinations is the determination to privatise our NHS. That’s the bottom line. No government would dare declare its intention to privatise the NHS, so it is being done by stealth and deception because politicians rightly fear democracy and an informed electorate.

I can’t say I am proud to be a member of the Labour party, it isn’t about pride, it’s about standing up for social democracy, which accounts for the ever growing popularity of Jeremy Corbyn and explains the vitriolic attacks upon him by politicians and the media. It is impossible to insult me as a member of the Labour party because that is my informed personal choice which anyone is free to dismiss as pathetic, but that only says something about them and nothing about me.

The Police have apparently said that the scale of your party’s election fraud is of ‘staggering proportions’ and have accused your party of trying to cover it up by silencing the media, which, I have to say, is an extraordinary move on their part. What we are seeing is an unprecedented attack on democracy, but what we are also seeing is an extraordinary response and all those who oppose democracy should rightfully be trembling with fear because democracy is the foundation of social justice and social responsibility. Democracy is too often touted without consideration and without any meaningful context, yet behind its glib misuse lies the very bedrock of civilisation.

UK Police: Tory Election Fraud Scandal Is Being Covered-up


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,426

Saturday 07 May 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I confess that I was completely taken aback to discover Lynton Crosby had received a knighthood. It made me realise I had a bit of personal bias going on. Of course you’d knight the guy, his contribution to the election of the unelectable is second to none. That Britain has allowed you to even remain a party, let alone have a small majority in parliament, is nothing short of a miracle, a triumph of PR and spin over sense and reason.

You must be utterly delighted to have fooled so many people when voting Conservative is actually like paying someone to rob you. It’s an astounding achievement.

People complain about voter apathy, and it is a shame that people are so mistrustful, confused, disdainful or possibly apathetic about politics that they don’t vote. But what’s really astonishing is that enough people got up and went out of their way to go to polling stations and actually vote for a party that is taking the nation apart piece by piece, brick by brick, life by life and which legislated to end the states duty to provide universal health care and is privatising our NHS. Seriously, that’s like hedgehogs voting for a massive road expansion scheme.

Why wouldn’t you reward a master of the dark arts of social manipulation like Crosby? The tragedy is that you hired him, paying his firm some £2.4 million, to wilfully and knowingly deceive millions.

From time immemorial, this nation has grown on the back of ordinary people, the unsung, unassuming, unseen and unheard, loyal, hard working British public. They are the real heroes, just as junior doctors and nurses and legions of supporting staff are the heroes of the NHS, shift working 24/7, 365 days a year, just as firemen and women are heroes ready to risk their lives daily to save others every minute of every day.

No knighthoods or gongs for ordinary people. Just austerity, hardship and vilification from a government that rewards the rich and sneers at all those who live lives of quiet desperation, making their lot ever harder. Tell me, when you’re being served at the banquets you attend, do you ever thank those who serve you or those who produce the gastronomic wonders you stuff yourself with or do you just expect it as your right and due for being an over privileged, over priced, traitor to this nation?

Why we need a political campaign to reinstate the NHS

07_april_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,395

Thursday 07 April 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Tax evaders have an implicit arrogant expectation that everyone else will pay for the social infrastructure that supports their criminal lifestyles. Tax avoidance, whilst technically legal, is the equally morally bankrupt equivalent of tax evasion.

Those who exploit such practices even have the temerity and arrogance to accuse people (like me) of the politics of envy. What they fail to understand or wilfully propagandise to their own advantage, is that it is not envy of their wealth that prompts indignation and even outrage, it is their self serving greed and their disdain for the common wealth of ordinary people that supports them.

You really should understand this better than most as your own father established Blairmore Holdings Inc, in Panama in 1981 in which its 2006 investment prospectus stated, “The directors intend that the affairs of the fund should be managed and conducted so that it does not become resident in the UK for UK taxation purposes. Accordingly… the fund will not be subject to UK corporation tax or income tax on its profits.” At this time it is moot whether you profited by your fathers tax arrangements, what matters is the issue of financial arrangements which exist to evade or avoid taxation of which you are indisputably fully aware.

Even the most politically ill informed must surely be aware of the issue of tax dodging but it is likely that these shady pursuits could well have continued unremarked were it not for one thing, you have weaponised money in the UK. Under your government money (the means of survival) has become weaponised as a means of punishment and torture in order to force compliance to government dictat causing material and life threatening harm to millions.

It is possible that you might still have got away with your ‘permanent austerity’ and ‘all in this together’ rhetoric were it not for egregious policies that reward the rich with tax breaks and protection, including tax havens in British crown dependent territories, whilst impoverishing and depriving poor, sick and disabled people of support and even the means of survival, costing thousands of lives.

The pressure you are under is of your own making. If you want someone to blame for the political storm that is sweeping this country, look in the mirror. If you are feeling hounded and persecuted, it is no more than you have been dishing out for six years to millions of ordinary people. It is too late to expect mercy, the mercy ship sank a long time ago and you were at the helm and if tax evaders and avoiders are beginning to exude some perspiration, it is not before time.

Cameron tax avoidance: If dodgy Dave isn’t getting the money, who will?

25_march_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,382

Friday 25 March 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

John McDonnell, Labour’s shadow Chancellor, stood at the despatch box opposite George Osborne and called for him to, “Apologise for the pain and anguish he’s caused disabled people and their families for the last two weeks.” He went on, “When you make a mistake and you correct it at least you should apologise.”

The camera in the House of Commons panned across to find Osborne laughing and joking with a grinning Michael Gove who was playing with his phone.

Clearly these are men, and I use that term loosely, who are so secure in their privilege and arrogance, their lives untouched by any hint of hardship or suffering, they do not even realise that their self absorbed antics mock the suffering of millions.

It’s one of the mysteries of the aristocracy and privileged that the meaning and value of life becomes debased, the poor are treated as mere breeders for use and abuse, for war, for profit, and there’s always plenty more where they came from.

Osborne and Gove revealed themselves as insults to life itself. It’s no different to your theatrics at PMQs which you use for mockery with sneering disdain for serious issues, in what is, for you, a mere game; a pantomime.

Your kind insult us every day, accusing us of the politics of envy and even of having a culture of entitlement. Oh, the arrogance and conceit of it. There is nothing about you I could envy, it is that you insult us as you assault our lives which is the most egregious and unforgivable. I have known very few people who wanted more than enough, the vast majority of people I know and have known have only wanted enough, a fair share. Yes that thing that you deny us. Merely enough.

Do you really think people are killing themselves for wealth? Dying in despair because they want your millions? The mere thought is obscene and an insult to their humanity and to their memory. Michael Gove and Boris Johnson are exhorting us to clean for the Queen to honour her, I will do that the day a member of the aristocracy honours the lives spent by them throughout history without honour and acknowledges the pain and suffering they inflict and lift not one finger to spare ordinary people and apologises. I’ll make it easy for you, I nominate George Osborne.

10_march_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,367

Thursday 10 March 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

In your campaign speech, ‘Making work pay’ you said, “Since we came to power we’ve got more people working than in our history.” Two things. Firstly, it’s an interesting term, ‘came to power’, I have a feeling that had I used such a term in front of any of my employers, I suspect they’d have, at the very least, raised an eyebrow. I was, like you, a public employee and as such I was a public servant. The people I worked with tended to be plain (blunt) spoken folks and I am not sure I would ever have lived down saying anything as daft or as arrogant as that.

Secondly, it may be true that you’ve ‘got more people working than in our history’, although the way your party ‘massages’ statistics leaves plenty of room for doubt, the big question is, for what?

This poor beleaguered country suffers, not the least, from it’s subservience to and oppression from it’s historic hereditary aristocracy. To name but one example. The Irish potato famine wasn’t a famine at all, it was a mass starvation (genocide) in a land overflowing (literally) with abundance. One report reveals that ’67 out of 130 regiments of Britain’s Empire army were in Ireland’ to ensure ’40-70 shiploads a day were removed at gunpoint assisted by British constables, militia and troops. They seized tens of millions head of livestock, tens of millions of tons flour, grains and poultry’. Prime agricultural land in Ireland was owned by English landlords and the aristocracy and they were having no truck with starving Irish peasants. Up to 6 million people died at the hands of those who were not at all inconvenienced by a bit of genocide in their rapacious greed for profit.

The destruction of Britain’s dirty empire secrets in the colonies in the closing days of British (mis)rule does not do much for the credibility of Liam Fox in his Brexit aspirations in saying, “the United Kingdom is one of the few countries in the European Union that does not need to bury its 20th century history.” But there you have it, it’s all down to which histories you read or which you choose to ignore, expunge or bury in archives.

Nothing has changed, the attitude of those who lord it over us is alive and well and as dark and oppressive as ever. It seems not to bother you for a moment to give no more than a 1% pay rise to Britain’s public sector workers, including nurses and teachers, whilst pocketing a hefty 11.3% pay rise yourself as your privileged right and due.

The dinosaur of empire has risen again to attack the very people who were the fuel of empire, used extravagantly, ordinary people. You are a long way past your extinction date because you are unable to change or adapt, we are not your chattel and you are not our masters.

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16_february_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,344

Tuesday 16 February 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Jeremy Hunt, the celebrated national champion of vaginal discourse!

Nothing says more about the man than, on the day he announces he will impose his almost universally opposed contract on junior doctors it is announced that he has launched an urgent inquiry into junior doctors’ morale led by Dame Sue Bailey of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges.

Is Hunt really so arrogant, patronising, paternalistic and devoid of sense and reason that he cannot see or begin to understand how offensive this latest move is, at who knows what cost, that he has inflicted on junior doctors who are clearly more intelligent, better qualified and better trained to do their job than Hunt is to do his?

There is only one central reason why junior doctors have recently been on strike for the first time in 40 years – Jeremy Hunt.

He also insulted the intelligence of junior doctors by blaming the British Medical Association for behaving in a “totally irresponsible way” and of “spreading misinformation, as if junior doctors are too dumb to read this new contract and understand the impact it will have on the working conditions and lives of junior doctors and the patients in their care.

Junior doctors delivered to the Department of Health HQ an eight foot mock up of a book called ‘How to Read a Paper – The Basics of Evidence-Based Medicine’ for Hunt’s false and malicious use of statistics about weekend deaths.

It’s not just Hunt. The problem this country faces at every level of government policy is that we have a government which is privileged beyond intelligence and reason. You presume to act with all the inherited arrogance of the privileged classes, talking down to all who are not of your class. Britain has become a totalitarian dictatorship of the privileged and we’re all just peasants in your eyes. That is the most nauseous and egregious insult to the lives and intelligence of ordinary people in all walks of life across the length and breadth of Britain.