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A letter a day to number 10. No 1,435

Monday 16 May 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Following on from yesterday on investigations into electoral fraud, had the election results been different, not only would your majority have been in question, but the vote to cutES ESA by £30 a week for the sick and disabled people would also have been in question. 309 Tories voted for the cuts against 274, no other party voted for the cuts, whilst 26 Labour MPs abstained.

I have no idea who those abstentions were, but shame on them anyway. Had they voted with any sense of social justice the vote would have been 309 to 300.

What an entirely different story that might have been if the alleged corrupt elections had produced a different result and a few more backbones had straightened up.

Your wholesale attacks on sick and disabled people are without precedent, you have weaponised money to assault the poor. Any government that can afford to give tax breaks to the rich whilst targeting cuts at the poor to supposedly pay down a debt which the poor had no part in creating has abandoned all decency and descended into barbarity.

Let’s make no mistake, Stephen Crabb, who has replaced that arch villain Iain Duncan Smith, is a neoliberal sock puppet, as is Priti Patel who seems to find abusing the poor amusing. It is a great pity Patel cannot be prosecuted for electoral fraud as a self serving political careerist. Actually, were such a thing possible, it would spell the end for your party, there may be a few exceptions amongst you but I can’t think who they are.

Topically, I am reminded of William Shakespeare’s, “Cry ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the dogs of war” Money was once a means of exchange, now it is a means of economic warfare, as such it is globally the most used and abused weapon of mass destruction.

Little did we realise at the time, the bankers global economic crash was a window of opportunity to attack the poor, to rebrand us as grasping losers, as welfare opportunists and a source of modern slave labour. You have abandoned civilisation for plunder. You leech off us and loathe us in equal measure in your, as Ken Loach said, “conscious cruelty” towards the poor. It makes me grateful that by fortune of birth I was not born into your loathsome, bigoted, privileged world of inherited wealth and worth.



A letter a day to number 10. No 1,428

Monday 09 May 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I hope that your relentless war on the poor haunts you for the rest of your days. I also hope that Iain Duncan Smith will be reviled and prosecuted for his obscene escalation of the sanctions regime, punishing the poor for merely being poor. And not just him, but everyone who has had a hand in it, including David Freud whose peerage is a slur on the nation, Maria Miller, Esther McVey, Mark Hoban, Priti Patel, Justin Tomlinson and not forgetting George Osborne targeting the poor to pay down his and the bankers debts. The list extends beyond them, I merely wish to highlight those named. Just to be clear, Labour are culpable in this too, including Tony Blair, but in nothing close to what this vile system has escalated into under your government.

There is no excuse. To wage an ideologically driven war against the poor is both baseless and heartlessly cold blooded. You have all corrupted a laudable and once proud system of social security into a penal system. You have turned Jobcentres, once called Labour Exchanges, into punitive dens of misery and human suffering.

Whatever Iain Duncan Smith’s stated reasons for resigning from the DWP, it followed a four year legal battle which ended in him being ordered to disclose Universal Credit internal reviews in the week prior to his resignation. No attempt by him to spin himself as a champion of the poor can expunge his dismal record and hate filled actions.

So many lives have been lost, such that Smith would never dare release the true figures, but sought to suppress and fudge them in every way.

I have written before (letters 1,017 and 1,037) that no court in the land would hand out a sentence depriving people of the means of survival and yet more sanctions are handed out than fines in Magistrates courts. People are judged and sentenced in secret without representation and driven into penury for up to three years to survive by what means, no one knows, or to die, many taking their own lives.

Last, but by no means least, is the disproportionate attacks on disabled people, nine times more than for most citizens and for severely disabled people it is 19 times. Disability hate crime has gone through the roof under your government, in one year alone, 2014-15, it increased 41% with the  Disability Hate Crime Network saying this was an under estimation of the true scale of the problem. Whatever mealy mouthed denials we hear from government on these issues, it cannot be denied that it is happening under your government and on your watch.

Your war on the poor will end, it is a matter of when, not if. We measure the time in human suffering and death, we will not forgive and we will not forget.

Benefit sanctions are ‘Britain’s secret penal system’

Miller and Atos face angry heckling at disability poverty conference

20_april_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,408

Wednesday 20 April 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

The EU debate is an absolute shambles and it is a shambles formulated by your party, with malicious intent to deceive, befuddle and bewilder and to create fear and uncertainty. As such it is unforgivable.

According to George Osborne people who support trading outside of the EU are “economically illiterate”, his 14 year projection is that everyone in Britain would be £4,300 worse off by 2030. Which is not bad going when he can’t manage a single accurate annual projection in his budgets.

Priti Patel (a second-generation migrant) blames migrants for the “crisis” of our “broken school system”, as Shadow Education Secretary Lucy Powell put it. There is only one reason that our education system is in crisis, it’s called The Tories. Under Michael Gove and now the entirely vacant eyed Nicky Morgan, that we have a functioning education system at all is down to staff dedication and nothing to do with government as Morgan attempts to privatise the entire system.

Gove and now Morgan are responsible for literally giving away tens of billions of pounds worth of school properties, robbing the nation blind, as one blogger put it, it’s ‘ideological vandalism of the education system’. Not too many migrants to blame for any of that then.

Meanwhile Gove reckons Britain’s trade and financial systems would ‘thrive’ if we left the EU and we’ve had your £9 million leaflet (I hope you’ve enjoyed the returns) to say how hunky we’d all be if we stayed.

What it all comes down to is a farce put on by a bunch of cheap, chiseling, low rent, snake oil salesmen. We’d be better off if you were all put in a sack with a few of anvils for company and dropped from a great height into the Mariana Trench. And, actually, that holds true whether there is an EU referendum or not.

‘The government is privatising our school system – and disregarding parents, teachers and communities’

20_march_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,377

Sunday 20 March 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Whilst I welcome the news that Iain Duncan Smith has resigned as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, he walks away from the chaos that he remains responsible for orchestrating.

In his letter of resignation Smith writes, ‘It has been a particular privilege to work with excellent civil servants and the outstanding Lord Freud and other ministers including my present team’.

Let us not forget the outstanding Lord Freud who said, “people who are poorer should be prepared to take the biggest risks” as they have “the least to lose”: only their attachment to welfare holds them back.” In that one statement was contained the entire ideology of the attacks on social security, the sanctions regime and incentivising people by reducing them to penury and worse.

What Smith leaves behind is a bunch of like minded rabid dogs who share his vision and will continue to hound poor, sick and disabled people to death, most notably Lord Freud, Priti Patel and Justin Tomlinson. These are people with no more conscience than Smith himself, they are ideological attack dogs who care nothing for those they viciously hound.

Let us also remember Debbie Abrahams saying to Smith, ‘People are dying after being sanctioned’, and Smith responding, ‘No, I don’t agree with that’. There have been deaths a plenty, David Clapson to name but one, yet you and your entire government have ignored their plight and the ongoing suffering of all those despairing under your brutal cuts and ideological austerity.

Whatever Smith’s reasons for resigning, he remains answerable for his actions. The record of his time as head of the DWP is engraved on the lives he has ruined, in grieving families and those in the grip of abject terror. I wrote yesterday of ‘brown envelope syndrome’ to which I can personally testify. I care not how you spin it or what lies you tell, I am telling you a plain truth and you cannot rob me of that. You, Smith, Freud, Patel, Tomlinson and now Stephen Crabb can issue a million denials, but you cannot erase what we know to be self evidently true or our lived reality and the certain knowledge that your war on the poor is not over yet. In the light of all that, Smith’s resignation must be viewed as the first step towards the end of your government.

28_february_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,356

Sunday 28 February 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I entirely understand that the DWP no longer recognises sickness or disability in any form and that supporting people who are living with sickness or disability just encourages them in their delusion and promotes a dependent mentality in which they fall into what Priti Patel calls the ‘benefits trap’. It makes sense then, or so the twisted logic goes, to cut benefits that support sickness and disability and, allegedly, use that money to offer extra support into work.

In the real world sickness and disability actually do exist, in fact some are so serious that scientists have developed vaccines to combat the more serious and deadly diseases. I have to wonder why scientists went to such lengths to combat what they, in their deluded world, thought were life threatening diseases. Perhaps they should have spoken to Iain Duncan Smith, Lord David Freud, Priti Patel and, of course Unum, who would all have reassured them that illness and disability are merely malingering and that ‘Work actually helps free people’ as Smith so eloquently put it. Work cures all ailments, who knew?

Yet even the DWP recognises that some people cannot work right now but might be able to work in the future. Quite why the DWP thinks they cannot work right now is one of life’s great mysteries until one realises that in placing coercive programming practitioners in GP surgeries people can be reconditioned out of their delusional world of sickness and disability. Quite why GPs have never worked this out for themselves and continue to treat patients for imaginary illnesses and disabilities is another great mystery.

The sickness delusion is big business and, of course, it’s not cheap as anyone diagnosed with cancer will tell you. There is all that added expense of regular hospital visits and the extra care required for treatments that can be incredibly debilitating. Quite why hospitals insist on such treatments for what is a delusion must be added to the ever growing list of profound mysteries.

It seems a little harsh, however, that until people are cured of their sickness and disability delusions, a little extra help isn’t forth coming, after all until Unum and the DWP made their astonishing breakthrough discovery of the sickness delusion we’d all been caught in the web of sciences deceit. Before the DWP cures us of the benefits trap, perhaps, as a logical sequence, they should first find a cure for the science trap. The benefits would be profound, imagine a currently disabled person with no legs, cured of their delusion and miraculously growing a new pair of legs.

Wishful thinking is the new science, glory be to Iain Duncan Smith and the holy church of the DWP.

Found: The book that helps the government smear the sick as ‘malingerers’

25_february_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,353

Thursday 25 February 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

The real threat to our national security, the security of every woman, man and child in Britain, is a government so arrogant it presumes to treat us as less than cattle to be hounded and marketed with no regard for our lives and well being.

I have no time for fundamentalists and ideologues who are impervious to sense or reason, that a body of such creatures has usurped the position of government and is asserting itself as a totalitarian dictatorship causing actual harm to the people of Britain is an offence against humanity in itself, let alone the multiple offences against the different groups you are attacking.

Before I get onto the issue at hand, I would like to point out that we are not your labour force, you may think you can treat us without consideration for human autonomy or personal dignity, but you are mistaken. We are each sovereign human beings, it does not matter that, perhaps, many people may not have realised that or grasped what that means, to treat anyone less than a sovereign being is a crime against them. No one is born a slave, although they might be born into slavery, such treatment of others is a crime, just as forcing people into work is a crime.

Parliament has voted, against the will of the people and the House of Lords, to strip new ESA claimants deemed fit for Work Related Activity of £29.05 paying them no more than Jobseekers allowance. It doesn’t matter what mealy mouthed words Iain Duncan Smith or Priti Patel may employ in their deceit, even denying sickness and disability and their debilitating effects entirely, sickness and disability are costly and £29.05 is a mere pittance in the lives of those affected, yet to even take away such a small and inadequate an amount is utterly despicable and unforgivable.

According to Cancer Research ‘1 in 2 people born after 1960 in the UK will be diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetime’. Clearly Smith and Patel have no idea of the devastating effect this has on people’s lives, from adjusting to their diagnosis to the treatment and its effects and the necessary frequency and costs of hospital visits. At such a time the last thing people need to hear is that they will be denied any support from the state, a state which the vast majority will have paid into all their adult lives.

Illness and disability play no favourites, something you personally seem to have forgotten. Treating people the way your government does is a heinous crime, all the worse because it is entirely unnecessary and unwarranted. The odds are that Smith or Patel will be diagnosed with cancer at some point, I am not a vindictive man but I can only wish them the same consideration they are meting out to others right now.

Some Of The Conditions Covered By The Tories’ ‘Sickness Penalty’

03_february_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,335

Wednesday 03 February 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

As the national legislative body governments are responsible for the smooth or otherwise running of the nation. If policies create chaos the buck stops with government, be it work and pensions, foreign affairs, education, flood defences, the economy, health care, justice and so on. Yet governments and particularly your government are extremely good at finger pointing and laying the blame anywhere, usually the opposition, but where it rightfully belongs.

The current debacle over women’s pensions was wholly created by government. Hundreds of thousands of women have fallen foul of the DWP’s abysmal failure to notify them of changes in the pension age and the speeded up process of change which has left women with no chance of making alternative plans.

Speaking in parliament Shailesh Vara,  Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Work and Pensions, told MPs, “We need to look at things in a broad context.” then proceeded to list a range of benefits, including jobseekers allowance as a solution to the problem failing himself to address the broad context in any way. He dumped the entire problem right back in women’s laps and shrugged his shoulders.

Meanwhile, his fellow minister for DWP chaos and mismanagement, Priti Patel, sat smirking and nodding as if Vara was pointing out the bleeding obvious to stupid children who are too dumb to get with the programme. I think the pair of them got off very lightly, cries of ‘rubbish’ were the least they deserved. How MP’s resisted the temptation to wipe the smug arrogance and self satisfied self assurance off their faces with a hefty slap I will never know.

Interestingly both Vara and Patel are the progeny of Ugandan immigrants of Gujarati origin, Patel’s parents fled here from Uganda under Idi Amin’s tender mercies about which Patel says, “Coming from a country where you’re persecuted means that you want to work hard and to contribute to the society where you end up.”

The irony cannot be lost on anyone with two brain cells to rub together that both have ended up in a department that specialises in persecuting people, nor that they take such evident pleasure in so doing and couldn’t care less for the consequences or for the justified complaints of those whose lives have been thrown into chaos.

28_january_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,329

Thursday 28 January 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

In 2013 you made three statements in parliament regarding the spare room subsidy, or the Bedroom Tax as it is popularly known and reviled because the legislation refers specifically to the number of bedrooms people in social housing are allowed, not panic rooms, dining rooms, store rooms or even coal cellars.

In March 2013 you said, “People with severely disabled children are exempt and people who need round-the-clock care are exempt.”

In July 2013 you also said, “When it comes to the spare room subsidy, anyone who needs to have a carer sleeping in another bedroom is exempt from it.”

And in PMQs, November 2013, you said, “Obviously, what we have done is to exempt disabled people who need an extra room.”

All of these statements were, of course, lies and the appeal court ruling, handed down on the 26 January 2016, made clear that the legislation is being applied illegally as it discriminates against vulnerable people, including disabled children and victims of domestic violence and abuse.

Questioned in PMQs by Jeremy Corbyn yesterday on the appeal court judgement you said, “We always look very carefully at the judgements on these occasions, but, of course, our fundamental position is that it’s unfair to subsidise spare rooms in the social sector if you don’t subsidise them in the private sector where people are paying a housing benefit. And that is a basis issue of fairness.” Allow me to congratulate you on making a statement that makes no sense what so ever.

Why in 2016 are hundreds of thousands of disabled people still being hit by a tax they are specifically exempted from nearly three years after its implementation? Like sanctions, this legislation was designed to be punitive and to cause the maximum distress to the most vulnerable people in the UK. There is nothing fair about it, to anyone. It’s just your government hell bent on its crusade to beat up poor, vulnerable, sick and disabled people.

Priti Patel called Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare reforms, ‘the moral message of IDS’s gospel of work’; playing god with people’s lives and eradicating those who don’t fit his hideous gospel.

27_january_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,328

Wednesday 27 January 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Here’s a cosy little conundrum for you. On a balance of credibility and probability, who is more likely to be telling the truth, you and Jeremy Hunt (parliaments best known typographical error) using statistics to scaremonger the nation for political reasons, or 59 of Britain’s top stroke doctors who accused Hunt, and thus you also, of “misrepresenting statistics”?

It’s a pity that Hunt’s department refused to accept the eight foot mock-up of Trisha Greenhalgh’s book ‘how to read a paper – the basics of evidence-based medicine’, delivered by protesters to his department. It might have served a useful purpose as a daily reminder that politics is the greatest game in town for liars, cheats and thieves.

Imagine if computers had been designed by politicians, we’d never have got past the blue screen of death.

Having spent £53,000 of public money to fight a High Court battle in an attempt to keep the benefit cap on carers, a U-turn would have been quite sufficient from Iain Duncan Smith and David Freud rather than the spin they indulged in. The resignations of Smith, Freud and Priti Patel would, however, have been more appropriate.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) claim that the decision was to honour the “hugely important contribution carers make to society”. Let’s face it the DWP don’t have any honour and nor do they care for the well being of vulnerable people. Baroness Pitkeathley told Freud: “The value of unpaid carers’ support to the economy is £132 billion every year – the cost of a second health service.” The DWP would have been very aware of the contribution carers make to the country before they decided to attack them.

It does not seem that the same ‘value’ is being extended to vulnerable people who need extra support and sheltered housing and who still face the benefit cap, which will force the ‘closure of many schemes like women’s refuges, specialist dementia accommodation and veterans’ services’. Perhaps the NHS protesters could have also included a mock up of something like ‘The Idiots Guide to Joined up Thinking’ to parliament as well as ‘how to read a paper’, but I fear you are all too far gone in your ideological war on the poor and should all just be booted out on your backsides, never to darken the corridors of Westminster ever again.

21_january_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,322

Thursday 21 January 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I expect much from the party of lies and prejudice, but there’s one thing that tops both of these, and indeed drives them, the presumption and power of privilege.

From cover ups of accusations of paedophilia to ignoring high court rulings on welfare reforms to bypassing parliament through statutory instruments to sneering disdain for the lives and cares of ordinary people to arrogant insults, like Education Minister Nick Boles calling protesting students ‘shroud-wavers’, presumption and the power of privilege rule in your government.

No business in the land would suffer the indignities heaped upon us, your employers, on a daily basis, even for a moment.

Iain Duncan Smith pours mockery on the poor in a grand pretence of moral outrage when questioned on the actions of the DWP and claimants deaths. Priti Patel accused Labour of ‘chuntering away’ and ‘scaremongering about suicides’, yet neither one of them would have the courage to visit Ashton Under lyne on a Thursday afternoon when campaigners meet to support job seekers facing the routine brutality meted out by their local Jobcentre under the orders of the DWP.

250,124 people demanding the release of the information of ‘how many people have died within six weeks of their benefits being stopped’ are still waiting for figures that are clear and not fudged and manipulated to the point of being useless. Smith may well find it ‘disgraceful’ that so many people would want access to that information, but that’s precisely the point, one man of stupendous arrogance exercising the over privileged presumption of his position and power.

That’s the Tory way and begs the question of just who the hell you think you all are, lording it over the misery you inflict in your appalling arrogance and further begs the question of just how we get rid of you as soon as humanly possible for all our sakes and before more precious lives are lost?