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01_august_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,165

Saturday 01 August 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

This is a letter that has come out of an email conversation with a friend who posited, “What if ‘making work pay’ isn’t another lie coming out of Cameron’s, Osborne’s and IDS’s mouths, but might actually be the truth only not in the way it has been interpreted? What if when Cameron, Osborne and IDS spout ‘making work pay’ they don’t mean that work pays for the worker? Everyone assumes that it is the workers who will receive that ‘pay’. What if what they really mean – and what has been shown time and again to be what is really happening – is that ‘work pays the employers’? That is what ‘workfare’ is all about, isn’t it, subsidies for businesses no matter whether workers are paid or not?”

I can’t think why I’ve not written about this before, I thought I had and it has certainly taken up a good deal of my thinking time. I think my friend is exactly right. Just as you can say ‘Britain is for hard working people’ in a country where you want full employment. A country of hard working people for businesses, to drive profits up. A National Health Service ‘free at the point of use’ which you can still say even if it is paid for through private insurance schemes the same as in the USA, which is what you want.

‘Hard working people’ , in various forms, is now something of a mantra for those resenting people on benefits, people adopt it for themselves as you intended, but that isn’t what you Tories mean and I am sure you revel in your clever mouthed deceit.

When Andy Burnham launched his Labour leadership campaign he talked about ‘aspiration’ as about ‘giving every single person the dream of a better life, about helping all of our businesses, small and large, to get on and grow’. Every single person can have a dream, but it’s businesses that get help to get on and grow. As the saying goes, ‘If wishes were fishes we’d all be throwing nets’. New Labour giving every single person the dream of a better life is (meaninglessly) clever as far as it goes, but Burnham can’t out-Tory a Tory, who can speak a literal truth which relies on human vanity to adopt and thus people fool themselves.

Robert Tressell’s ‘The Ragged-Trousered Philanthropists’ is entirely about the philanthropy of working people who vote for their own enslavement to the profit hungry Tories. ‘Don’t vote Labour’, the Tories cry, ‘Those socialists will price you out of your jobs. If they demand higher wages, we’ll all go to the wall. We’re all in this together my lads.’ It’s not an empty threat, you’d sack the entire labour force and shut the business down if you had to (which Thatcher did), then open a new one offering lower wages and it’s all those bloody socialists fault, killing businesses. Oh yes, the Tories are for hard working people alright, making work pay, all the way to the corporate comfort off shore tax havens.


17_july_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,150

Friday 17 July 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

On 7 June 2011 you said the following: “But let me also be clear, no: we will not be selling off the NHS, we will not be moving towards an insurance scheme, we will not introduce an American-style private system.

In this country, we have this most wonderful, precious institution and idea.

That whenever you’re ill, however rich you are, you can walk into a hospital or surgery and get treated for free. No questions asked. No cash asked.

I will never put that at risk.”

It seems that age is catching up with members of the other house as they appear to be a little hard of hearing. Lord David Prior, the newly ennobled “Under Secretary of State for NHS Productivity” has called for an inquiry into future funding of the NHS which will include private insurance schemes. Labour peer, Lord Desai, apparently suggested an “Oyster card” scheme with fees deducted whenever a patient uses healthcare, and patients should receive a “bill” at the end of the year, saying this would “help make it clear to people that a free National Health Service is not a costless one.” I am grateful to the noble Lord for insulting my intelligence, does he really think I assumed that our NHS was magicked out of a bag of oofle dust by Sooty? What are we like eh? Us human dregs, can’t cook, wash, talk proper and think money grows on trees and that health care is a magic freebie. Perhaps his Lordship doesn’t understand ‘free at the point of use’, do explain it to him and that our NHS is world renowned as the best (keep it that way!).

But wait, not so fast. Gorgeous George himself is ‘considering’ personal welfare accounts, to extend “personal responsibility” in the welfare system, run by private-sector providers such as insurers and fund managers. Privatised Social Security because we’re all irresponsible layabouts? You Tory Toffs must wonder how us dirt poor, unwashed plebs, ever made it out of the primordial soup or even why we bothered because we’re all as thick as shit anyway.

You know, it’s one thing to create an ‘economic catastrophe’ in order to rid the nation of all state provision and publicly owned assets, but really, must you insult, smear, demonise, slander and demean us at every turn? As Kitty Jones puts it rather well, ‘Tory rhetoric is designed to have us believe there would be no poor if the welfare state didn’t somehow “create” them’. And don’t we just love to suck the tit of state dry as we abuse and neglect our children, roll another fat one and down a can of Tennent’s!

Whatever our failings, real or imagined, it has to be said that I have never met a poor person who can lie, cheat and steal like a Tory!–2