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Any politician who employs deceit, deception, lies, propaganda, spin, corruption, cheating, defamation, character assassination, libel, slander or any other form of corrupt practice to achieve power, should never hold office.

Currently elections are a free for all, reliant on the integrity or parties and individuals, with few, if any, checks and balances to protect the public from foul play.

What checks and balances that do exist are too slow and cumbersome to be of any effective use. The Electoral Commission, the independent body which oversees elections and regulates political finance in the UK, does not have the power or resources to live monitor the election process. In the same way, there is no effective real time media oversight to hold media outlets to account, they are free to mislead the public through any and every dubious tactic they employ.

Yet again, the troubles in Ireland have been raised by the Conservatives to undermine Jeremy Corbyn. These are the usual low rent, cheap tricks, employed by the Lynton Crosby school of muck raking and mud slinging, but it tells me more about the Tories than it does about anything else. Have not the long suffering people of Ireland had enough trouble without this abuse?

What this highlights for me is the utter contempt that the Conservative Party have for the lives and concerns of ordinary people. How must it feel in Derry right now, after all they have been through, to witness a bunch of English toffs using them for cheap political point scoring… again? I know exactly how it makes me feel and it is difficult to contain the anger that rises up and the desire for vengeance against a party that cares as little for my own life as is does for the people of Ireland.

I was in Cleadon, South Tyneside, in County Durham, during the miners strike, I witnessed the violence unleashed against the striking miners and their families, which meant entire communities, and I witnessed the bravery and courage of people who were having their livelihoods stolen from them by a party and, very specifically, Thatcher, whose entire intent was to crush the Miners Union and, thereby, all unions. That’s what all the violence and chaos was about.

Memories rise up unbidden, but in the present, there is the party that invokes those memories, who are very comfortable with the suffering they cause ordinary people, who treat us all as an enemy to be crushed. That’s what has happened to disabled people, people looking for work and poor people generally, therein lies the entire ideology of the Department for Work and Pensions, to penalise us and crush us with a casual indifference for those who die along the way.

If the Conservatives win the General Election, I do not expect to survive another five years of their brutality. I am not emoting here and require no ones sympathy, I am merely stating a stark internal awareness based on Tory plans for pensions and health care, both of which I am reliant on through the progress of age and illness in my life. And I am by no means alone, as family, friends, acquaintances, and connections to people which extend out through social media, face their own diverse circumstances under the brutality of Tory misrule.

Theresa May, Michael Fallon, Boris Johnson, Amber Rudd, Michael Gove, Damian Green, Iain Duncan Smith, Jeremy Hunt, Priti Patel, and not forgetting David Cameron and George Osborne (to name but a few), these are people in whom I see no shred of humanity or decency, to whom we are mere pawns in their ‘game’. Whoever and wherever you are right now, do you feel these people have a positive regard for your life? If so, in what way?

What I see is a bunch of smug, over privileged, self serving, lying, cheating, stealing, thugs. Don’t agree? Sue me and let’s see the evidence for a government against whom the EU has found, “UK welfare reforms have led to “grave and systematic violations” of disabled people’s rights”.

Theresa May has claimed this General Election is “the most important election this country has faced in my lifetime”, if so she’s making a piss poor show of giving a tinkers cuss. What I know for certain is that this General Election is the most important election I’ve faced in my lifetime and I’ll fight her every millimetre of the way to the ballot box for a fair and just Britain and an end to the party of the privileged few for the privileged few and an end to their lies and deceit and their easy dealing in death and misery.

Enough is enough.

KOG. 29 May 2017



George Orwell War is Peace

This election is going to be one of, if not the hardest elections the left has ever fought. The ruling elites don’t like Corbyn, the monied elites don’t like Corbyn, the main stream media almost all don’t like Corbyn, the BBC, meant to be the nations impartial broadcaster, doesn’t like Corbyn, the Tories, moving ever further to the right, don’t like Corbyn, Daniel Finkelstein, a Jewish Tory Lord, speaking to British Jews via the Jewish Chronicle, writes, “If Jeremy Corbyn and his followers do not suffer a gigantic defeat in this election, it will be an utter, complete, ghastly disaster for Jews.”  The Labour Party Blairites don’t like Corbyn. Much of the nation, responding to the relentless negative press and propaganda, doesn’t like Corbyn. Even educated fleas don’t like Corbyn (sorry about that). And, of course, none of them like Corbyn supporters, against whom the kindest of the many names used, ‘Corbynistas’, is spoken with disdain and contempt.

This was a recent Tweet to me about socialism, “It’s a failed experiment that some insist on endlessly repeating. Thankfully the majority understand this.”

Given all that, and that’s a lot of ‘that’, it’s surprising that the local elections returned a single Labour win, if all we had to go on was all or any of the above.

Unsurprisingly the Tories are still ahead in the polls and given that all the vast majority of people have to go on is the main stream media it would be wholly surprising if they were not and the uncomfortable truth is that the Tories could win in June and with a clear majority.

As a simple test to find out what people know about Tory policies, may I suggest asking around a bit, friends, supermarket check out people, people in your church, neighbours you might chat to, I don’t think you’ll have to try too hard, ask them if they know the NHS is being taken apart and privatised. No more than that, although they may ask what you mean and you might tell them it is being broken up and given to private companies like Virgin. From their answers and even their questions you’ll get a clear idea of how much or little they know.

If they know nothing, they aren’t sheeple, stupid or ignorant, but the sources of news they rely on in their busy lives have simply failed to inform them what is going on, wilfully, deliberately and with malicious intent.

People aren’t generally stupid, but they are creatures of society and habit and most people simply don’t question that, or the media, and why should they? Activists are always a social minority, most people want to get on with their lives and most people lead busy lives (yes, including activists) and is it so great a crime to want to get by and not have to deal with the complexities of politics? And, godammit, they are complicated and they are complicated by slick talking, money grubbing, snake oil salesmen out for power and money.

The problem with Jeremy Corbyn, and don’t they just have a problem with him, is that he talks plain speak, plain English, and the career politicians have no answer other than to mock, denigrate and slag him off and those who support him.

Socialism hasn’t failed. Our NHS and our system of social security, those bastions and triumphs of socialism, aren’t failing, they are being dismantled by a right that is cunning, deceitful and brutal, full of its own grandiosity and greed.

How many times have you heard, “Why should I pay for them (poor, unemployed, disabled, old people, you name it)?”

When have you ever heard socialists screaming over the years, “Why should we pay for you?” Health, education, university, fire services, ambulance service, police, GPs, our vast national infrastructure, libraries, legal aid, etc.

And then there are all the benefits that organised labour and the unions have fought for – weekends, paid holidays, maternity leave, 40 hour working weeks, retirement ages, occupational health and safety, workplace pensions, the right not to be sacked for getting married, having a baby or being ill, the list goes on.

But do let’s hear it for the bankers, “Why should we pay for you!?!” And all the corporate scroungers, “Why should we pay for you?”

Never have I heard it said, “let’s have a cut off point, a level of income at which you can sort all your own shit out, every last whining, whinging, ungrateful bit of it.” It would be impossible to make it work.

Yet now, out of spite and media hate fuelled prejudice, people want to cut off their own noses to spite everyone including themselves, they want to sacrifice the benefits of socialism they’ve enjoyed all their lives because they hate the idea that other people are getting something out of it as well, and perhaps a bit more than them at this moment in time.

If there was any truth in advertising and without relentless propaganda, it is the Tories who would be unelectable and who would be vilified the length and breath of Britain.

The fact that the ruling elites, the media barons and the exceedingly wealthy, who do everything in their power to avoid contributing to the tax pot, detest Corbyn should really speak for itself, but the efforts and money they expend to trash him works.

Jeremy Corbyn is one of the most, if not the most, electable Labour leader and future Prime Minister the party has has ever had. The battle we have is not to prove he is electable, it is to battle the power of the wealthy propagandists and the ruthless Tory campaign war room backed by enormous wealth and employing unscrupulous masters of the dark arts of perception management.

Social, citizen and independent media has never been more important that in this general election and for the able bodied to hit the streets to get the honest message across that Britain needs and deserves to hear. Labour does not need to deceive, the Tories do. Labour wants to rebuild the nation after the Tories have spent seven years dismantling it and they’ll finish the job if they get back in.

KOG. 07 May 2017


The right wing media, the Telegraph, Sun, Mail, Express, etc. are celebrating the hiring of Lynton Crosby to run Theresa May’s election campaign. They describe Crosby in such terms as ‘mastermind behind 2015 win’, ‘political guru Sir Lynton Crosby’, ‘the architect of David Cameron’s victory’, but he’s also known as ‘master of the dark political arts’.

Psychological manipulation and perception management, better known as propaganda or PR, lie at the heart of much of what we are going to be assaulted with in the following weeks.

This is a real time information war, a media onslaught against the best interests of ordinary people. The elites (very much the Tories) are for the elites and no matter how wealthy they get, they always want more and the source of their wealth is always ordinary people.

Every time they foul up, create a financial crash, boom and bust, they expect the victims, the ordinary tax payers, to pick up the tab regardless of the cost in the lives and well being of the people. And the media is fully complicit in this, telling ordinary people that the rich and powerful are the only people we can trust, even whilst sucking us dry, and demonising socialists and anyone calling for a fair and just society.

Anyone wanting a clearer picture of what is going on has to make an effort to find sources of information other than the main stream media. But in order to do that, it first requires that people begin to suspect that they might not be getting the full story. Even then it is not easy to gather information, it takes practice.

Alternative media sites are ranked lower than the mainstream media (MSM) by Google and other search engines. Type any trending headline and the MSN is top of the list. Information is sifted in favour of the dominant narrative of those in power including those who own the media.

What you will see are news articles from the Guardian, Telegraph, Sun, Mail, Express, etc. What you will not see are independent sites like Vox Political, Dorset Eye, Skwawkbox, The Canary, Evolve Politics and so on. Any reputable news site will source their information enabling readers to check what they are reporting for themselves, rags that the Sun, Mail and Express, the more extreme right, don’t bother to do so because they are in the business of manipulating their readers, not informing them.

Even the least curious, least media savvy, people will have heard how awful or useless Jeremy Corbyn is, and indeed, are likely to be the most vocal in their denunciation of him. They have likely never heard him make a speech, other then the soundbites offered by the mainstream media in discrediting him, never looked at his policies, never questioned what socialism is and perhaps strongly suspect it is really just the western face of communism, a wolf in sheeps clothing, and that Corbyn eats babies for breakfast (I think I am jesting there, but who knows?).

Theresa May would not have called this general election if she were not very confident of winning and she certainly wouldn’t be refusing to appear in debates or accepting any media presence (even those loyal to her) at her staged rallies or any questions from anyone about her policies. And she’s ahead in the polls. In fact she is supremely confident that she will get an overwhelming majority.

In front of us, then, is a battle royal.

I was raised in a dirt poor royalist Tory household and I learnt my politics in the school of hard knocks and I am now a socialist to my bones and I am certain of one thing, we have to take the Tories down. It’s been said again and again, we must get rid of the Tories, too many have already died at their hands.

We are faced with an opportunity, we have at our fingertips a means of mass communication unlike anything previously seen of the planet. If we are to be victorious then it falls to each one of us to use it and exploit it to challenge the propaganda that will be filling the airwaves over the next few weeks.

This is not the time for hopelessness, especially amongst those who are suffering the most under the Tory jack boots and who have my every sympathy. This is the time to fight, this is the time for vengeance, this is the time to direct all the pain and suffering, the fear and desperate anxiety, at taking out the enemy within. This is the time to use our fury and bring the Tories down.

For every moment of fear of the dreaded brown envelope falling though the door, hit back! For David Cameron saying, “For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens ‘as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone.” Let’s give it right back and hound them out of office.

Those who know me will know I never argue or debate. I share information to the best of my creative ability and care nothing for trolls and shills and Theresa May is nothing if not a troll and a plague on our lives.

I am not a democracy, I am a sovereign human being and do not agree or submit to being subjugated by anyone, least of all by the likes of Cameron and May, but Theresa May is the subject of democracy, she is seeking to remain in office as Prime Minister and she has a duty to the people, to the democratic power of the people and the people have a right to be informed. If she will not do it, and she won’t, we can and must. She wishes to rule by deceit, that is what she has employed Lynton Crosby to do. We have to call the shots and challenge every lie and they come up with, every deceit, every rotten ploy to deceive the public, using all our intelligence and creativity and the tools at our disposal.

And above all, set our teeth, our minds and hearts, to WIN! It is time to commit the nasty party to history. Whatever the result on the 8th of June, that is for then, this is now. Fight to wipe the smiles of their arrogant faces and eat their mockery of us. Fight to win back our lives!

KOG. 22 April 2017


The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) has announced its 2016 word of the year – “Post-truth”: “Relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief,” apparently first used in a 1992 essay by the late Serbian-American playwright Steve Tesich in The Nation.

Speaking to the Guardian the OED said, “Given that usage of the term hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down, I wouldn’t be surprised if post-truth becomes one of the defining words of our time.”

I think activists, investigative journalists and all of us who are very much in the business of challenging the mainstream dialogue and propaganda need to be very wary of its re-emergence at this time and take steps to repudiate it.

To put it bluntly, it is a propagandists’ wet dream and in an era of Tory Britain, Trump, global neoliberalism etc. it’s unsurprising that it’s arisen.

It is a long step up from, ‘everyone has a right to their opinion’ and if it is allowed to take hold without comment then it has mind warping (Orwellian) possibilities. I think it behoves us to be very wary of its usage because, firstly, what’s the point of writing anything offering insight into the machinations of power and politics if it can merely be lumped altogether with a post-truth narrative which can simply dismiss it as irrelevant? Secondly, it falls into the trap of the propagandist which treats the public like dumb animals to be herded like sheep.

The more it is used, the harder the task for any of us to be purveyors of truth, so the Tories can say they are making work pay and there is no argument into the tactics they are using to create the twisted logic which means driving anyone not working into penury and not, in fact and in truth, making work pay well and not brutally forcing people to accept poverty pay. Right now there are more people in poverty who are working than there are those out of work, so work, in reality and in truth, is not paying for millions of people, the very people who the ‘making work pay’ propaganda is aimed at.

As a writer I am deeply angered by the rise of such an expression into the mainstream, it is an insult to intelligence and individually demeans and belittles us, as such it can be seen as an attack on individual thought and endeavour in seeking to promote a truthful narrative, especially politically. It seeks to discredit us merely by its existence in political and social narratives.

Public opinion should be treated with the deepest suspicion as we are all subjected to intense propaganda, the global Public Relations industry being worth some $14 billion in 2016. Holding an opinion entirely absent of thought is nothing new individually or collectively, hence the horrible term ‘sheeple’. It serves no one to reinforce it by accepting the term ‘post-truth’. Bullshit is bullshit, non sense is nonsense, ignorance is ignorance, prejudice is prejudice and bigotry is bigotry. Nothing has changed apart from a lot of nonsense being heralded and lent credence as post-truth. It’s bollocks.

The reported rise in fake news needs no reinforcement by granting it any substance in a ‘post-truth era’, it should be called for what it is, fake.

I would prefer not to be writing about this and am driven to do so only because this process of dumbing down truth must be challenged and dissent must be expressed. We can’t afford to let ‘them’ get away with it.

Michael Gove said this year, prior to the EU referendum, “People in this country have had enough of experts”. As the Guardian reported, ‘a recent Ipsos Mori survey showed that academics come behind only “friends and family” (57%, compared to 72%) in terms of whom people trust on issues related to the referendum. Politicians, such as Gove, came in at 11%.’ What’s surprising is that those who attended the Gove interview dignified it with their presence, unless, of course, they were Tories, in which case they are perfectly happy to be deceived and to watch the Tories tear the UK apart whilst declaring the opposite.

If they want to hound us with bullshit, and they do, than we must be wolves. And that’s the truth.

KOG. 01 January 2017.$14bn-in-2016-as-growth-slows-to-5


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,515

Sunday 07 August 2016.

Dear Mrs May,

Yesterday was Hiroshima Day, the 71st anniversary of the first of the two nuclear bomb attacks on Japan. The death toll was between 90,000 and 146,000 people and the cry across the world to this day is “Never again!”

In writing about terrorism the late Howard Zinn wrote, “war is itself the most extreme form of terrorism.” War contains within it all the brutality of what you call terrorism but with the added might of the full weight of industrial (for profit) armed power and the armed forces of nation states. For all the jingoistic patriotism drummed up through propaganda, in both world wars Britain had to impose conscription on the people. War is glorified and treated as the ultimate form of patriotism, but there is nothing glorious in its reality and no sane person wants it.

War is the province of the aristocracy and despots, whether religious or secular, people with too much time on their hands and dreams of glory and/or conquest. You’ll find no farmers, nurses, secretaries or production line workers plotting war, they are too busy getting on with living, the very idea is utterly absurd, yet it is they who are called upon in time of war and whose lives are sacrificed, whilst the perpetrators take a back seat.

Modern warfare is horrific, not least in the overwhelming escalation of civilian deaths over the last century, from 5% at the turn of the century to 90% at its end and still the deaths roll on.

Nuclear weapons are currently the ultimate weapon and their destructiveness indiscriminate, they represent a threat to all life on Earth. When asked if you would be personally prepared to authorise a nuclear strike that could kill 100,000 men, women and children, you said, ‘Yes!’ Let’s be clear about this, the question was a conservative question, the conditions under which you would use nuclear weapons would be far more horrific. Just one nuclear bomb would take out 100,000.

Why have we not got a government department for nuclear disarmament whose sole purpose would be to work internationally to end this menace to life? It is the people’s money you are spending, the same people who would be wiped out in a nuclear war, do you not think you have a responsibility to us to constantly work to remove the threat of nuclear war forever?

19_december_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,290

Saturday 19 December 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Nice to see that you’ve had to increase the number of your special advisers and spin doctors which cost us £11.1 million last year because if anyone needs them, you do. I am fascinated by the world of PR/spin/propaganda, call it what you will, managing public perception or, more correctly, deception and it takes you a small army to do it.

Here’s the thing though, it really doesn’t matter how many people you spend our money on to deceive us, they might be able to affect perception, but they can’t change reality.

One of the curses of progress, for you, is education. An enquiring, informed public is harder to manage than an ignorant one. Small wonder that Michael Gove as education secretary favoured rote learning over enquiry. Rote learning is one of the keys to success is how he span it, which is absolute nonsense of course. People asking questions and enquiring can be extremely inconvenient. Let’s just examine your war on the poor for a moment. You could never have got away with it unless your legion of spin doctors hadn’t manufactured contempt for the poor. If you can turn compassion into contempt then you can get away with murder. The problem is that compassion is innate so you have you keep pumping out the lies and spin in order to smother people’s innate caring. One of your more egregious lies was accusing the poor of having a culture of entitlement. On its own that would have been laughably insane so the poor had to be rebranded as benefit scroungers, milking the system of hard working people’s cash. As Osborne put it, “Where is the fairness, we ask, for the shift-worker, leaving home in the dark hours of the early morning, who looks up at the closed blinds of their next-door neighbour sleeping off a life on benefits.” Just manufacture up some hate there George.

A lot of stuff got dumped in the Christmas skip on Thursday, 424 documents thrown into the rubbish skip of democracy and accountability, hoping no one would notice, as you all sidle off for a nice little seasonal break. One of the nuggets that was conveniently dumped was the failure of the bedroom tax, from the department of the very man who orchestrated it, the hardship it is causing and its failure to free up housing. The bedroom tax was and is a brutal attack on the poor. The only incentives it imposes are for people to starve themselves and be driven to despair. First you marginalise them then you crush them.

Democracy is the people engaging socially and it frightens the living daylights out of those who oppose it, look at what you and the right wing media are doing to Jeremy Corbyn as he encourages and champions democratic involvement. He’s got you spinners of lies in a real muck sweat, which I have to say is rather pleasing to see, but the hate filled propaganda is as disgusting as it is unforgivable from the enemies of democracy. Readers of Murdoch’s Sun in particular would do well to think about that rather than allowing themselves to be led by the nose.


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,229

Tuesday 13 October 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

The black arts of propaganda, PR and spin are the ability to couch something in terms which trigger a popular conception and response in the minds of its target audience but which means something quite different in its intent.

Let’s look at your claim to be the party for hard working people. It is a wonderfully divisive term, a really juicy them and us sound bite, and the truly sad part is that the harder people work the more you betray them. Teachers, doctors, nurses, fire services, police, ambulance, the legal profession, carers, the entire public sector, workers on zero hours contracts, the growing numbers of desperate self employed people, union members, apprentices, young people, workfare, sick and disabled people, in fact anyone on low to median pay. One way or another you’ll shaft them.

Instead of pay being a contractual monitory exchange for services rendered to a company, you’ve managed to couch it in terms of a reward for hard work, a gift reserved for the hard working even as Boris Johnson accuses British workers of ‘sloth, low skills and a culture of easy gratification’ (whatever that means). The blunder brained Mayor of London should look at the world around himself and wonder where it all came from, Elves and Gnomes in the dark reaches of the night, the tooth fairy? He and you and your party of profligate wasters and naked greed are an insult to intelligence. If we are a nation of low skills, or perhaps lowering skills, I’ll remind you that is was you who decided that it was a really good idea to support young people seeking to better themselves in education by saddling them with a mountain of debt. If we, as a nation, are lacking skills, it is as a direct result of you strangling talent before it has a chance to get off the ground and then having the bare faced effrontery to blame the very people you’ve betrayed.

I can’t think of many promises you’ve kept, but you promised permanent austerity and you’ve delivered. A permanent drive to create insecurity and instability whilst demanding ever more for less. You are indeed the party for hard working people, all guns blazing as you target, victimise and destroy lives.

The Observer reports that 50,000 teachers left the profession last year, the highest number since records began and applications for teacher training are down across all regions, the crisis is so great that the Department for Education and school heads are now recruiting abroad (migrants to aid Britain’s crisis, there’s irony for you) as you lay waste to Britain’s talent.

I am reminded of a song by Phil Ochs ‘Here’s to The State of Mississippi’ which I shall paraphrase – Oh, here’s to the land you’ve torn out the heart of, David Cameron find yourself another country to be part of. This country will prosper when you are no more than a bad memory which we would be ill advised to forget. The Tory party should be branded an extremist terrorist party and banned from holding office in the UK.

14_september_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,202

Monday 14 September 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Ha ha ha ha ha, “The Labour Party is now a threat to our national security, our economic security and your family’s security.”

That’s propaganda for you, the ability to swear black is white and 2 plus 2 equals 5.

Of course going to the Gulf on an arms trade trip is not adding to the proliferation of arms in the world or affecting our security in any way, that’s a peaceful mission, just business as usual, flogging arms for profit, hoping to persuade Gulf leaders to buy 100 Typhoons on top of the 72 bought by Saudi Arabia and hoping to flog them 72 more.

In 2011 Gerald Howarth, then a UK defence minister, attended an arms fair in Abu Dhabi, ‘the regions largest arms fair at which 93 British companies were promoting their wares’. This was at a time when the UK was ‘forced to revoke arms export licences to Bahrain and Libya amid fears that British arms may have been used in the violent crackdown on protesters’.

Defence Secretary, Michael Fallon, demonstrating that you all learn your lines well, also voiced the exact same warning, “Labour are now a serious risk to our nation’s security, our economy’s security and your family’s security”, focusing on Jeremy Corbyn’s commitment to nuclear disarmament, ‘weakening our defences’. Nuclear arms are usually called a ‘deterrent’, a weapon no sane government would use but held to persuade anyone crazy enough to contemplate such move that it’s not a very good idea. The idea that nuclear weapons are defensive weapons is ludicrous. Taking out a terrorist in the UK with a Trident missile would, I imagine, not impress (briefly) those caught in the ensuing devastation.

You have allowed British pilots to bomb Syria under US command and authorised drone strikes which you told MP’s were ‘legal because they were intended to prevent attacks on Britain’, but have told the UN Security Council they were, ‘a necessary and proportionate exercise of the individual right of self-defense of the United Kingdom, action against ISIL in Syria is lawful in the collective self-defense of Iraq’. Kat Craig, Reprieve’s Legal Director of Abuses in Counter-Terrorism, has questioned this two faced reasoning, ‘Parliament voted strikes in Syria down, the government promised to return to parliament if it were going to strike again, and yet the PM has just told the United Nations he struck Syria in order to defend Iraq’.

Of course, saying, ‘The Labour Party is now a threat to our national security, our economic security and your family’s security’ isn’t meant to appeal to rational sensibilities, it’s just scare mongering propaganda to be regurgitated ad nauseam by those who swallow such nonsense hook, line and sinker.

09_august_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,173

Sunday 09 August 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Three myths that you Tories love to peddle: The rich are the entrepreneurial drivers of progress, privatisation offers more choice and better service and the trickle down effect.

The great capitalist dream is over, bar the screaming, that is. Edward Bernays’ (who turned propaganda into PR and was the great prostitute of capitalism) torches of freedom turned out to be cancer sticks and ashes. Let’s not confuse entrepreneurs with inventors and blue sky thinkers, the people who have driven progress through invention and daring, often at great personal cost, or confuse extreme wealth with social progress.

The famous Wright brothers apparently cared little for money but were passionate inventors, leading us into the skies, and today we owe the incredible power of the Internet to Tim Berners-Lee who gifted the World Wide Web to the world for free.

The Industrial Revolution onwards saw people hungry (literally) for jobs but let’s stop the silly myth that it is they who should be grateful to the wealthy, the capitalists and the corporations. Loyal workers and hard working people built the modern world but were rewarded with low wages and punishing hours, until labour got its act together and through bitter struggle wrestled an improved lot from those who siphoned all the profits of labour into their own pockets, as they still do today. The loyalties of corporations to workers can be seen today in the apocalyptic wasteland of Detroit, once the automobile capital of the world, now abandoned by the capitalists, who fed on its inhabitants and left them empty handed, for richer pastures elsewhere.

But we need not look so far afield. In Britain you are making work pay alright, you, Osborne and Smith are driving people into poverty and death to feed the markets voracious appetite for profit. Osborne is busily asset stripping the state, privatising our public services and the NHS, to serve the greedy who cherry pick services and abandon the unprofitable and time consuming treatments for the bottom line, profit. Corporate theft includes not just exploiting the workforce but also evading and avoiding taxes that pay for the very infrastructure they abuse and Osborne protects them just as he attempted (and failed) to protect bankers (the architects of the crash) bonuses in the European Court of Justice at public expense.

The dream of capitalism turned out to be a nightmare and Britain will not recover until we re-establish public, not for profit, ownership of all that has been stolen from us. As always this won’t come from the top, it will come through the eternal struggle of ordinary people for a fair deal and a fair share of the Earth and its resources which exist for our common benefit and which need husbanding not raping to feed naked greed. We must have Co-operation and co-operatives not corporations. This not a choice, it is a necessity because capitalism is destroying, and will destroy, the world. That is the economic and the living truth, unlike your economy of truth. There is no other route for humanity than to end this insanity.–10-inventors-who-failed-to-profit-from-their-ideas-111454584.html#pm7PUAH

20_june_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,123

Saturday 20 June 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I read your Tweet today, “ISIL is one of the biggest threats our world has faced. We need to confront extremism in all its forms, violent and non-violent.”

I am sure many people will be wrapping up their embarrassing gongs and paraphernalia from those two mini fracas in 1914/18 and 1939/45 and putting them in a drawer somewhere so as not to be shamed for what they and their brothers in arms thought were pretty serious global conflicts and not much of either of them non-violent.

Of course they won’t, no matter your fatuous assertions.

Have you no shame at all? You dishonour those who made the ultimate sacrifice and also those who came back from WWII to work and build our great NHS and social housing that you are so busily dismantling.

What can you or I know of the enormity of their sacrifice? At 64 I may have been born into poverty for which, despite your best efforts, I feel no shame, nor ever will, nor countenance shame for all those you currently vilify and despise, but I was born into peace. I wonder what would have happened to the life of privilege you so take for granted if our streets had resounded to the brutal march of Jackboots. Perhaps you might have found yourself protected by familial advantage and position, but millions would not have.

The deceit and conceit of politics today is an insult to the past. The greed and relentless lies and propaganda, the deliberate erosion of our hard own liberties and freedoms from within. The dismantling of all that really made Britain great, our revolutionary social care and health system, is a national betrayal that beggars belief from a government that laughs and jeers at the poor.

My Aunt used to visit junior schools to talk about her wartime experiences and to show the children such things as a gas mask and ration book. On her last school talk before she died one lad asked her, ‘Did we win Miss?’ In 2015, that’s a very good question I’d say Mr Cameron.