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In an interview with Deutsche Welle’s, Germany’s public international broadcaster, reporter Zhanna Nemtsova asked Boris Johnson, “Mr Johnson, you argue that the source of this nerve agent, Novichok, is Russia. How did you manage to find it out so quickly? Does Britain possess samples of this?”

Johnson, after some preamble, replied, “When I look at the evidence, the people from Porton Down, the laboratory… they were absolutely categorical, I mean, I asked the guy myself, I said, ‘are you sure?’ and he said ‘there’s no doubt.’ And so, we have very little alternative but to take the action that we have taken.”

On the Andrew Marr show, Sunday 08th April, Marr said, “In that German TV interview, it wasn’t clear that he was saying it was absolutely categorical that it had come from Russia. He was saying that it was absolutely categorical that it was Novichok, which is what the Porton Down guy said, so to that extent it wasn’t actually a slip.” This was after BBC News had gone so far as to talk over the question asked by Zhanna Nemtsova to make it appear she was asking about the Novichok sample and not Russia.

What we have here is a typical (these days) double whammy, Johnson was lying and then Andrew Marr lied (after BBC news’ deliberate distortion) about Johnson lying.

Since 2010 we have been living in a land of lies from David Cameron’s pledge that there would be no more top down reorganisations of our NHS, to the Department for Work and Pensions claims of ‘Making work pay’ by driving people into poverty, to Jeremy Corbyn being a Russian stooge and a Jew hating anti-Semitic.

The problem is that the evidence against this sea of lies is readily available to anyone with a browser and an Internet connection, but we cannot make an inch of progress because we are lost at sea in the relentless bombardment of continued lies from the government and the mainstream media. It’s a non-stop tidal wave of the most feral and wilful bullshit.

This is far worse than a house built on sand, although a cess pit in reality, it means the house is propped up by lies and each new lie stalls what should have been inevitable long ago, the fall of house Conservative. The only way the Conservatives are clinging to power is by increasing the lies they tell in order to completely undermine democracy and block accountability.

The Conservative government are utterly reliant on the lies they tell to cling to power and for every day that democracy is stalled people die. It started with the weakest and most vulnerable people but it is now sweeping across the country as our public services crumble.

I am a political animal and I have Margaret Thatcher to (largely) thank for that. As a Community and Youth Worker I watched helplessly as she stripped us bare and the Youth Service became a shadow of its former self.

Thatcher was the start of the neoliberal assault on Britain, through the Tory lite years of New Labour until 2010 and Cameron’s rise to power on a pack of lies. He took the gloves off and launched what the Conservatives still hope will be the final (neoliberal) solution for Britain. With the death of Thatcher, far from her being “a historic footnote in a culture that had abolished history”, the worst was yet to come.

Daily, the lies become more fantastical, emboldened by every lie that supersedes them, the government and the media play up their own deceit as if it is a twisted moral virtue and, in fact, become affronted when they are challenged, as happened when Craig Murray was interviewed by a visibly pissed off Kay Burley for Sky News, which was subsequently dumped, but released by Murray himself.

I have only ever used the expression ‘you couldn’t make it up’ sparingly, now I can’t use it at all. It is difficult not to believe they believe their own lies. Watching Theresa May in PMQs, is that faux outrage or is she convinced of her lies? Is it performance art or is it diabolical self delusion?

Whatever it is, it is the sickness of our time, a sickness George Orwell wrote about and warned about in 1984 (“The citizen, in exchange for promises of well-being such as food, health care, education, and security, forfeits her freedom and gets neither.” – Matt Reimann – 1984 review).

Unimaginably here we are. People voting for their own enslavement (gig economy and bullshit jobs). People voting to die. People voting to lose their National Health Service. People believing the lies and, indeed, stridently, vocally and physically, protecting them. Thanks to the right wing media, specifically (but not exclusively) the Mail, Sun, Express and Telegraph, Jeremy Corbyn has been resolutely monstered in the minds of many.

To quote the Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil track, “We gotta get out of this place, If it’s the last thing we ever do.”

A few days ago I wrote about my mistaken idea that we have to somehow take back our humanity. The actual and real truth is that our humanity is all we’ve got to counter the times we are living in.

I am an old hand at depression, it’s as familiar to me as dirt, yet I find myself in a new place. I will not allow these people to steal my bitterly fought for and hard won love of life for a pack of lies. At 67 I am determined of this, they shall not have my mind or my life. If they want my life, they are going to have to take it, but I will not surrender it to them or give up the fight.

I have learnt to care for the little things in life, that’s how I personally hold my own in these evil times. The daffodils are more lovely this year than last, seen through the multi-coloured prism of my age and survival. They can’t take that away from me, nor the rich memories of my own lived history which so inform my present these days. I have discovered the resilience of age and consider it a blessing, even though I am ill and physically weak, inside I am a furnace of and for life, which burns much stronger than it did in the ignorance of my youth.

It does not matter to me that I might not see the restoration of humanity and justice to politics, it matters only that I am humanity and humanity is the greatest gift the universe has bestowed upon each and every one of us. For free. No questions asked. I will not be treated as if I owe rent on my own life, that is an abomination that no one has the right to demand.

In these times, just being alive is an act of rebellion, they really do despise us that much. If the offence of ordinary people is in being alive in the deluded minds of the so called ruling elites, then it behooves us live to the best of our ability, if we can, not just for ourselves, but for each other, for those who didn’t make it, for every oppressed life, and hope that offends them to their miserable bones.

Hey, I am going to die anyway but I plan to go out laughing and grateful for the most astonishing gift that nature can bestow, this little journey of life. It’s been tough at times, but its been a blast. Until then, fuck ’em. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

KOG. 08 April 2018



In 1921, C P Scott, editor of the Manchester Guardian for nearly 50 years, wrote an essay to mark the papers centenary in which he wrote that the “primary office” of a newspaper is accurate news reporting, saying “comment is free, but facts are sacred”.

He would likely have abhorred the present time where news is less the result of investigative journalism and largely just the regurgitation (copy and pasted) of whatever is reported on newswire or PR copy.

Modern news reporting is in a parlous state, not least because the expression ‘fake news’ has been dragged from obscurity, where it belonged, and has been forcibly injected into the current mess by those who should know better and those for whom it serves their twisted agenda of falsity and deception. It comes at a heavy price, in particular for those who are the main consumers, but not creators, of news, ordinary people. The most invidious use of ‘fake news’ is in dismissing anything that the user wishes to dismiss without bothering to provide any evidence. Used in that way, it becomes a term of deception in itself, and it is a mark of our times that grappling with the news is like trying to find our way in a thick smog, it befuddles the mind, which is entirely the intent.

We live in an age of deception in which war is peace, or as George W put it – spreading democracy, and driving millions of people into poverty, as the Tories are, incentivising them to work.

Incentivising people into work through sanctions and benefit delays is not fake news, but it is a deception that has at its heart human rights violations which are driving people into penury and death.

Claims for social security have ceased to be access to a social safety net which people pay into over their life time, and have, under the Tories, become trial by ordeal, or conditionality, with requirements so exacting, cruel and harsh, failure, and therefore punishment by sanctioning, is almost guaranteed.

The Tories claim that trial by ordeal, or incentives, help (drive) people into work. The entire system is based on double speak for forced labour, which, no matter how you wrap it, is a violation of people’s human rights, just as escalating poverty is a denial of people’s right to life and homelessness is a denial of people’s rights to respect for privacy, family life, home and correspondence.

The point of human rights it to prevent suffering, mental torment and anguish and premature death, through reduced life expectancy and suicide.

The Tories have long expressed their desire to rid themselves of the Human Rights Act, but why bother when they can so successfully circumvent them through deceit, psychobabble and corruption? Exactly the same tactics which have been used to bring our NHS to its knees and privatise it.

What we are witnessing is a degree of UK state criminality against the people which was hitherto unthinkable, such that it beggars public belief, which is exactly the point. Fooling the public is now a government industry, ramped up under David Cameron, costing the public tens of millions of pounds every year, backed by a vicious right wing media.

Thankfully, the growth of social and independent media is proving to be a significant thorn in the side of government corruption. The power of the people is growing daily, much to the government’s dismay and anger. What is significant about the Investigatory Powers Act 2016, or Snoopers Charter as it is known, is that under the guise of preventing terrorism, it is every member of society who suffers from paternalistic and ever more intrusive government policies.

What is truly shocking is that all of these policies, enacted by government, through subterfuge and deceit, without our consent, are paid for by us. We paid for the bankers bailout, we pay for austerity, we pay for Universal Credit and every sanction piled upon us, we pay for the Snoopers Charter, we pay to be lied to, we pay for the privatisation of our NHS, we pay for corporate tax breaks and tax avoidance and evasion and we pay the salaries, expenses, food and booze bills of this rogue government. No matter what it is, we, the people, always pay.

Has anyone heard a single ‘thank you’, ever? Hardly, because they despise us. The Tories are bleeding us dry and the only issues that remain are how and when we get rid of them.

I wish everyone a happy and politically active new year, make every one of our lives count against this atrocious government of thieves and charlatans, who have not suffered a day of the austerity they have imposed upon us, indeed, they are all better off because we paid for that too.

KOG. 31 December 2017


The right wing media, the Telegraph, Sun, Mail, Express, etc. are celebrating the hiring of Lynton Crosby to run Theresa May’s election campaign. They describe Crosby in such terms as ‘mastermind behind 2015 win’, ‘political guru Sir Lynton Crosby’, ‘the architect of David Cameron’s victory’, but he’s also known as ‘master of the dark political arts’.

Psychological manipulation and perception management, better known as propaganda or PR, lie at the heart of much of what we are going to be assaulted with in the following weeks.

This is a real time information war, a media onslaught against the best interests of ordinary people. The elites (very much the Tories) are for the elites and no matter how wealthy they get, they always want more and the source of their wealth is always ordinary people.

Every time they foul up, create a financial crash, boom and bust, they expect the victims, the ordinary tax payers, to pick up the tab regardless of the cost in the lives and well being of the people. And the media is fully complicit in this, telling ordinary people that the rich and powerful are the only people we can trust, even whilst sucking us dry, and demonising socialists and anyone calling for a fair and just society.

Anyone wanting a clearer picture of what is going on has to make an effort to find sources of information other than the main stream media. But in order to do that, it first requires that people begin to suspect that they might not be getting the full story. Even then it is not easy to gather information, it takes practice.

Alternative media sites are ranked lower than the mainstream media (MSM) by Google and other search engines. Type any trending headline and the MSN is top of the list. Information is sifted in favour of the dominant narrative of those in power including those who own the media.

What you will see are news articles from the Guardian, Telegraph, Sun, Mail, Express, etc. What you will not see are independent sites like Vox Political, Dorset Eye, Skwawkbox, The Canary, Evolve Politics and so on. Any reputable news site will source their information enabling readers to check what they are reporting for themselves, rags that the Sun, Mail and Express, the more extreme right, don’t bother to do so because they are in the business of manipulating their readers, not informing them.

Even the least curious, least media savvy, people will have heard how awful or useless Jeremy Corbyn is, and indeed, are likely to be the most vocal in their denunciation of him. They have likely never heard him make a speech, other then the soundbites offered by the mainstream media in discrediting him, never looked at his policies, never questioned what socialism is and perhaps strongly suspect it is really just the western face of communism, a wolf in sheeps clothing, and that Corbyn eats babies for breakfast (I think I am jesting there, but who knows?).

Theresa May would not have called this general election if she were not very confident of winning and she certainly wouldn’t be refusing to appear in debates or accepting any media presence (even those loyal to her) at her staged rallies or any questions from anyone about her policies. And she’s ahead in the polls. In fact she is supremely confident that she will get an overwhelming majority.

In front of us, then, is a battle royal.

I was raised in a dirt poor royalist Tory household and I learnt my politics in the school of hard knocks and I am now a socialist to my bones and I am certain of one thing, we have to take the Tories down. It’s been said again and again, we must get rid of the Tories, too many have already died at their hands.

We are faced with an opportunity, we have at our fingertips a means of mass communication unlike anything previously seen of the planet. If we are to be victorious then it falls to each one of us to use it and exploit it to challenge the propaganda that will be filling the airwaves over the next few weeks.

This is not the time for hopelessness, especially amongst those who are suffering the most under the Tory jack boots and who have my every sympathy. This is the time to fight, this is the time for vengeance, this is the time to direct all the pain and suffering, the fear and desperate anxiety, at taking out the enemy within. This is the time to use our fury and bring the Tories down.

For every moment of fear of the dreaded brown envelope falling though the door, hit back! For David Cameron saying, “For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens ‘as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone.” Let’s give it right back and hound them out of office.

Those who know me will know I never argue or debate. I share information to the best of my creative ability and care nothing for trolls and shills and Theresa May is nothing if not a troll and a plague on our lives.

I am not a democracy, I am a sovereign human being and do not agree or submit to being subjugated by anyone, least of all by the likes of Cameron and May, but Theresa May is the subject of democracy, she is seeking to remain in office as Prime Minister and she has a duty to the people, to the democratic power of the people and the people have a right to be informed. If she will not do it, and she won’t, we can and must. She wishes to rule by deceit, that is what she has employed Lynton Crosby to do. We have to call the shots and challenge every lie and they come up with, every deceit, every rotten ploy to deceive the public, using all our intelligence and creativity and the tools at our disposal.

And above all, set our teeth, our minds and hearts, to WIN! It is time to commit the nasty party to history. Whatever the result on the 8th of June, that is for then, this is now. Fight to wipe the smiles of their arrogant faces and eat their mockery of us. Fight to win back our lives!

KOG. 22 April 2017