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The language being used by the government isn’t merely deceitful, or lying, their language is a weapon and their words have become weaponised.

It is impossible for the government to not know the deaths they’ve caused, the hunger and poverty they have created, the evidence is concrete and everywhere to see. In almost every town and in every city there are homeless people, and they are homeless through the wilful inaction of the government to provide adequate affordable housing for people. It would make economic sense to build houses, it would boost the economy and create jobs, but the government is not building social housing and is getting rid of the little that is left.

Theresa May’s Easter message was about coming together. Every word in it was complete nonsense from the head of the most divisive government in UK history.It was a sound stream of willful deception in a country in which hate crime is continuing to rise, particularly against disabled people.

In ‘Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance’, Robert Pirsig wrote, “And what is good, Phaedrus, and what is not good – need we ask anyone to tell us these things?”

Who is Theresa May to tell me what I should think or feel in any way about anything? Who does she think she is to tell me about coming together? I am not a child and, thankfully, certainly not her child to spout her nonsense and deceitful words at.

I’d have to abandon all reason and sense to believe a word she says. She is neither my elder nor better, in fact, in her deceit, she is a posturing elitist nobody, temporarily occupying a position she has no right to occupy. Anyone who sets out to lead by deceit is an imposter, toxic, presumptuous, dangerous and also ridiculous.

The harm she and her government are responsible for is without any mitigating factors. Austerity is a lie, imposed for ideological reasons and on the back of a financial crisis which had nothing to do with the people who are being harmed and who’ve died as a result. She is a posturing windbag who is not telling the truth, manipulating words for self serving purposes.

Words have the power of life and death in them, they can build up and they can destroy. One of my jobs as a community and youth worker was to reshape the language being used against young people. The media has a particular responsibility in this, instead of reporting or dealing with behavioural issues, they label young people as thugs and hooligans, creating a culture of fear around young people. Call a child stupid, clumsy or useless for long enough and you’ll get a child who conforms to your words, a stupid, clumsy or useless child, a child who will meet the expectations you have placed on them, not to perform better but driven to do worse. It is no good telling a child you’ve called stupid to do better, they’ve already heard the ‘stupid’, anything that follows is useless and pointless.

I wrote a story once called ‘Soda Jack’, a boy who grew up constantly failing to meet his high achieving parents expectations, who was always a disappointment to them and was told so on a daily basis and punished for his failures. As he grew up, he lived out their expectations and lost himself in a world of drink and drugs. Over time his voice grew hoarse and laboured and he always carried a bottle of soda to ease his throat, until he took his own life. A failure made, but not born that way, who lost himself in the unkindness of others, who learnt to fail and never recovered, not even his name, known only, and buried, as Soda Jack.

I am an old man now, retired, and I am not deaf to what the Tories have to say about people like me. This is what was said by a group of Tories in a book called ‘Britannia Unchained’, who accused ‘the “baby boomer” generation (that’s me) for seeking to raise taxes for young workers to pay for their lavish pension pots’. That is the heart of the Tory message, a message of division and hate as I struggle along on my ‘lavish’ state pension.

The writers of that book are MPs in parliament today, Kwasi Kwarteng, Priti Patel, Dominic Raab, Chris Skidmore and Elizabeth Truss, pursuing their policies of hate, eradicating the poor on a daily basis. The gloss that May tries to cast as a the cover on her policies are merely a disguise for a party and policies that are rotten to the core.

Instead of being beaten by their words I choose to write about them and expose them and oppose them, as many others do also. There is no passive response to their lies, they are designed to hurt and destroy lives, as are their policies. This is a rogue government, the enemy within, which has nothing but ill will and contempt for the lives of ordinary people and none of us will be safe until we are rid of the lot of them.

KOG. 17 April 2017


17_may_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,088

Sunday 17 May 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I wonder if you or George have heard of Paul Krugman? He is an economist, but not just any old economist, he’s a Nobel prize winning economist, which means he knows a thing or two about economics. In fact he is a Professor of Economics and International Affairs.

The difference between you, George and me and Paul Krugman is that we are not economists and have no training in economics. It’s tempting to say, given that you and George are in the government and responsible for such things as the economy, that out of the four of us I am the most clueless, but that would be somewhat disingenuous. Of the three of us in the economic numpty class I have the distinct advantage of being willing and able to learn and the desire and motivation to do so, whereas you and George seem to be utterly impervious to learning anything and are seemingly only interested in pursuing a self serving agenda to the detriment of the vast majority of ordinary people.

Krugman is far from alone in debunking the austerity ‘delusion’, as he calls it and quotes John Maynard Keynes, the world renowned British economist, who wrote in 1937: “The boom, not the slump, is the right time for austerity at the Treasury.”

Keynes was a man after my own heart in that he believed that the proper aim of work is to provide leisure. Work for work sake is a soul destroying notion unless, as Keynes was, it is driven by an internal fire which has nothing to do with mere money making and everything to do with passion and engagement in something which one finds captivating and worthy of investing time and money in its pursuit.

The fundamental needs of life are common to all creatures, food, shelter, and so on, with a bunch of biological imperatives thrown in for good measure. There is nothing innovative about such common needs and drives, and yet it is precisely the common needs that you and your government are engaged in attacking under the guise of the false necessity of austerity.

If we really were all in this together there might be some room to accommodate or tolerate your discredited policies, but given that your austerity pogrom is specifically aimed at the poor whilst the rich are enjoying an economic bonanza, your austerity measures are doubly damning for being patently false and for destroying the lives of those they are very specifically, punitively and unforgivably aimed at.

14_april_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,058

Tuesday 14 April 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

It is very strange living in a country where money is the measure of worth and success is measured by how much money people have. It is especially strange that people who have inherited wealth and status are considered (especially by themselves it seems) to be a superior kind of people altogether.

Ignorance and stupidity are not virtues and this fetish for adulating and idolising status, notoriety and wealth displayed across all forms of main stream media is about as shallow and vapid as it gets and yet it is pursued on an industrial scale.

Richard Feynman, one of the finest scientists the world has ever seen, said, “The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool”. Having fooled yourself, to display that for all the world to see as some kind of virtue, is really just to make an embarrassing display of your own foolishness, not matter how loud the applause.

Feynman was awarded the Nobel prize in Physics, but as he observed, “Imagination reaches out repeatedly trying to achieve some higher level of understanding, until suddenly I find myself momentarily alone before one new corner of nature’s pattern of beauty and true majesty revealed. That was my reward”. The Nobel prize was a recognition of his exceptional contribution to Physics, but his reward was always his relentless curiosity and the insights he gained.

No one, as far as I know, has ever been awarded the Nobel prize for self serving, self aggrandising, conceit or stupidity although many receive notoriety and awards for such behaviour. Katy Hopkins springs to mind, whose career has been entirely built around her own conceit and the pursuit of vindictive nastiness as a career. Her actual contribution to human development and progress can only be measured in negative terms although she is clearly amply rewarded for that.

You and your government reward the rich whilst punishing the poor, Iain Duncan Smith pursues the poor relentlessly, punishing and penalising them at every turn. Your government have not only established that as policy but also promoted that as necessary and virtuous. The reality is that such policies are draconian, Dickensian, Victorian, vindictive and asinine, driving the nation remorselessly backwards. Your evident displays of superiority and arrogant hypocrisy are, in fact, the measure of a fool, deserving not just of being voted out of office, but soundly mocked as well. Caring for those less well off than oneself is a sign of maturity, before seeking high office you really should have considered growing up first.