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This is a difficult one, what I am about to do is like going on stage and having a shit. As a writer, that’s not something you ever want to do and then something happens and you have to write something because if you don’t it’s just going to be in there tearing your head and heart apart.

What the fuck happened in London? People have died because someone for reasons unknown decided to drive a car through pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, killing four people and injuring 40 others, and attack parliament with a knife, stabbing a copper to death. I don’t care who the guy was and I care even less about why he did it and I am deeply sorry for the harm he caused and those he killed and I cannot help but be affected by that, especially in ways that are not obvious until you start to think about it.

It headlined all around the world… Latest terrorist attack, usual racist, xenophobic, shit from the Sun and others, hate spreading. Heroes of the hour. Statements from Theresa May and parliament. Endless talking heads talking bollocks and meaningless conjecture.

We are living in extraordinary times, but certain things have not changed and parliament is still the home to the worst, terrorist, government in UK history, and Theresa May, whatever she may say, doesn’t give a shit about ordinary people and what this fucking idiot has done is hand her a golden chalice to continue to oppress us, invade our privacy, destroy lives and steal from us all that makes life good and meaningful. All the stuff that day by day does not make any headlines, all those who have died due to Tory austerity policies, the violence of increasing poverty, the suicides, the hunger that drives people to food banks in shame and despair.

Every fucking day. Every day.

Parliament was in lock down on Wednesday, Theresa May was whisked away to safety, safe in the knowledge that she will probably never have to answer for her crimes against humanity, just like David Cameron and a Tory party which is robbing all of us blind: the most corrupt government in UK history and entirely corrupt financial markets which have also robbed us blind and are protected by government as they continue to do so.

On that day, Wednesday 22 March 2017, the world reacted in horror and Britain joined the club of nations subjected to a very public, so called, ‘terrorist’ attack – by a bloke with a knife.

Knife crime in the UK is rising, the Office for National Statistics reveals that there were 13,613 offences of “assault with injury or intent to cause serious harm” in the year to the end of June 2015, a rise of 1,788 from the previous year.

Disability hate crimes recorded by police rose to 2,765 incidents in 2014-15 compared to 1,955 incidents in 2013-14, up 41 per cent. A UN report revealed evidence of “grave or systematic violations of rights of people with disabilities” by the UK government. Work and Pensions Secretary Damian Green rejected the report’s findings and said the document demonstrated “an outdated view of disability which is patronising and offensive”.

Damian Green also criticised as “monstrously unfair” the portrayal of Job Centre staff (who are, by government dictat, destroying people’s lives on a daily basis) in ‘I, Daniel Blake’, despite admitting he had not watched the film.

Ken Loach, the films director, said of the government, “If they don’t know what they are doing to people they are incompetent and shouldn’t be in Government. If they do know what they are doing then they are not fit to be in Government.”

When is the world media going to report on the systematic brutality and cruelty of the UK government towards ordinary people, when will we see the outrage, the shock, the horror of what goes on every day in Britain by the terrorist actions of the UK government?

KOG. 24 March 2017



A letter a day to number 10. No 1,515

Sunday 07 August 2016.

Dear Mrs May,

Yesterday was Hiroshima Day, the 71st anniversary of the first of the two nuclear bomb attacks on Japan. The death toll was between 90,000 and 146,000 people and the cry across the world to this day is “Never again!”

In writing about terrorism the late Howard Zinn wrote, “war is itself the most extreme form of terrorism.” War contains within it all the brutality of what you call terrorism but with the added might of the full weight of industrial (for profit) armed power and the armed forces of nation states. For all the jingoistic patriotism drummed up through propaganda, in both world wars Britain had to impose conscription on the people. War is glorified and treated as the ultimate form of patriotism, but there is nothing glorious in its reality and no sane person wants it.

War is the province of the aristocracy and despots, whether religious or secular, people with too much time on their hands and dreams of glory and/or conquest. You’ll find no farmers, nurses, secretaries or production line workers plotting war, they are too busy getting on with living, the very idea is utterly absurd, yet it is they who are called upon in time of war and whose lives are sacrificed, whilst the perpetrators take a back seat.

Modern warfare is horrific, not least in the overwhelming escalation of civilian deaths over the last century, from 5% at the turn of the century to 90% at its end and still the deaths roll on.

Nuclear weapons are currently the ultimate weapon and their destructiveness indiscriminate, they represent a threat to all life on Earth. When asked if you would be personally prepared to authorise a nuclear strike that could kill 100,000 men, women and children, you said, ‘Yes!’ Let’s be clear about this, the question was a conservative question, the conditions under which you would use nuclear weapons would be far more horrific. Just one nuclear bomb would take out 100,000.

Why have we not got a government department for nuclear disarmament whose sole purpose would be to work internationally to end this menace to life? It is the people’s money you are spending, the same people who would be wiped out in a nuclear war, do you not think you have a responsibility to us to constantly work to remove the threat of nuclear war forever?


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,447

Saturday 28 May 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I am sick and tired of fear and hate mongering. Your threat of war if we leave the EU, Boris Johnson’s argument against staying by comparing the EU to a Nazi superstate, the latest Osborne threat to pensions and pensioners if we leave, Priti Patel wanting to halve the ‘burden’ of the EU social and employment laws to give a guesstimated £4.3 billion boost to the economy on Brexit and create 60,000 new jobs without workers protections (we have more than enough job insecurity as it is).

Let’s not forget Zac Goldsmith and his shameful use of the 7/7 bombings against Sadiq Khan in the London mayoral election and especially Iain Duncan Smith’s terror campaign of sanctions on poor and vulnerable people and the subsequent deaths.

It rolls on and on, it’s been going on too long and it is a betrayal of the nation.

The latest breaking news is that there have been anonymous bomb threats to at least 27 schools up and down the country, many of them primary schools, threatening beheadings and shootings, forcing evacuations and, of course, a massive police response.

It is detestable that terrorism and modern warfare, which is itself terrorism, routinely target civilians. Despite all the weasel words, civilians and civil infrastructure are primary targets in modern warfare. This is the vilest kind of war for which governments and terrorist groups are guilty, though not in equal measures, state warfare far exceeds terrorism in civilian deaths across the world. Unicef reports: “Civilian fatalities in wartime climbed from 5 per cent at the turn of the century, to 15 per cent during World War I, to 65 per cent by the end of World War II, to more than 90 per cent in the wars of the 1990s.” Children are not spared as Unicef notes, “It is estimated that 500,000 under-five-year-olds died as a result of armed conflicts in 1992 alone.” Under fives – military targets!?! Half a million children is not a mistake!

And who can forget Madeleine Albright’s response when asked if the half million children who died in Iraq (more than died in Hiroshima) due to sanctions was worth it, “I think this is a very hard choice,” she said, “but the price – we think the price is worth it.”

What makes me sick to my bones is not just that school children are under threat from filthy anonymous cowards, but that in asking myself who would benefit from such an obscenity I now have to acknowledge that government itself has a stake in such fear and terror tactics. I have to question just how low would my government stoop in spreading terror across this nation? And you know what, I will never forgive you that such a thought would ever occur to me, but you have brought it on yourselves. You are as guilty as sin if for no other reason than the lies and fear which you have sown.

A government that lies to the people renders itself illegitimate.

Boris Johnson compares EU to Nazi superstate

Who let the cats out? Priti Patel suggests we could lose half our EU work rights after #Brexit

09_october_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,225

Friday 09 October 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Your conference has been the most ridiculous and disgusting spectacle I never thought I’d see in this country. It came across as a ‘Janet and John’ exercise in lies and spin and a cringingly embarrassing display of self congratulations. Poor little Michael (Pob) Gove set the tone with his, “David Cameron won a famous victory – he deserved to win a famous victory – and all those who doubted, who denigrated, who disagreed were proved wrong”. Less than 25% of all who could have voted and a slender majority of 12 seats is not famous. 34% of the electorate were so underwhelmed by what was on offer on the corner shop political shelf they couldn’t get past their yawning disinterest to even bother to turn up to put an ‘X’ in a box for anyone.

What was going on with Theresa May and Gorgeous George, striking triumphalist poses like x-Factor wannabe bunnies caught in the headlights of an oncoming car for the first time for a flickering moment of fame? When you consider there were doubtless more than a few of the fox hunting/shooting fraternity in the auditorium, standing pigeon toed and gormless, as George was, was tempting fate a little, don’t you think?

But the best was yet to come. I’ll not bother with most of what you said, I am not your target audience and give no credence to liars. However, there is one matter that deserves attention, your vicious and despicable attack on Jeremy Corbyn. He doesn’t need me sticking up for him, so let’s call this watching his back, which is the preferred area of attack for Tories as Margaret Thatcher found out to her great cost.

When the European arrived in what we now call America, the indigenous peoples had no idea or even concept of what was in store for them, especially from the aristocrats and elites who made promises and signed treaties with hearts as black as pitch. What ensued was the bloody slaughter and near extinction of the magnificent buffalo and the death and destruction of the indigenous Indian nations through the white mans diseases from which they had no immunity or protection and the bloody slaughter undertaken by the insurgent white man. Interesting to note here is that the stories of the scalping savages we’ve been told, were, in reality, the white man and the “scalp bounty” on dead native Indians. In 1703, Massachusetts apparently paid 12 pounds for an Indian scalp but by 1723 that price had rocketed to 100 pounds. Whether the expression, ‘white man speaks with forked tongue’, was used by the indigenous peoples or whether it was a later literary invention, it is an entirely appropriate term to describe, if not all whites, then certainly the aristocracy and ruling elites and none more so that the modern day Tory party.

You said to conference the following, “And on the subject of protecting our country from terrorism, let me just say this: Thousands of words have been written about the new Labour leader. But you only really need to know one thing: he thinks the death of Osama bin Laden was a “tragedy”. Using this one word, removed of any contextual meaning you then went on to say, “My friends – we cannot let that man inflict his security-threatening, terrorist-sympathising, Britain-hating ideology on the country we love”. You are not the man to talk of love, nor to point the finger of hate at another. The enemy within Britain is Tory.