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Terrorist isn’t anything other than a sobriquet, a meaningless, but convenient, nickname for anyone who does something, or might do something, against society or the state. It exists on a par with yob, layabout and hooligan. It is a lazy and deceitful term brought into play by George W Bush in his bogus ‘war on terror’ who first used it on 20 September 2001 after 9/11.

Terrorist means anyone and no one, and has been used ever since 9/11 for indiscriminate killing absent of any evidence. A drone strike on a terrorist cell tells us absolutely nothing other than it is a group so labelled by politicians with deceitful intent. It means huge profits for the military industrial complex and misery for everyone else at an estimated cost (over a decade) of ‘$4.4 trillion to western tax payers’ and has not made a single person safer but has made the entire world less safe.

The war on terror is a war against an enemy or enemies unknown who may or may not represent a threat to western interests and who may or may not commit acts of terror, it is a war without end because it has no meaning in real terms. lacking entirely in specifics.

Terrorism is a political ideology, like austerity, and both serve a dishonest political agenda.

The recent incident in London was called a terrorist attack within minutes, which was all that was required to set the world ablaze. The Police have since reported that ‘Khalid Masood (now named but unknown at the time) acted entirely alone for reasons that may never be known’.

Anyone who uses the term terrorist is participating in a monstrous public relations scam, it is a triumph of public manipulation by unscrupulous politicians and specifically George W Bush and the hawks who surrounded him.

The war on terror is primarily a war for profits, and arms and security industries have flourished since 9/11 and they are just the tip of an enormous iceberg of rapacious corporate greed for global resources.

But the war on terror is first and foremost an ideological war of words, of public manipulation and psychological distortion. It is an aggressive war prosecuted by the powerful, including the media, over the lives of ordinary people. Our best weapon in this war is resistance and calling it for what it is, a scam perpetrated by corrupt politicians and liars with vested interests in its continuation.

KOG. 26 March 2017

How the front pages of newspapers are reporting the London terror attack



This is a difficult one, what I am about to do is like going on stage and having a shit. As a writer, that’s not something you ever want to do and then something happens and you have to write something because if you don’t it’s just going to be in there tearing your head and heart apart.

What the fuck happened in London? People have died because someone for reasons unknown decided to drive a car through pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, killing four people and injuring 40 others, and attack parliament with a knife, stabbing a copper to death. I don’t care who the guy was and I care even less about why he did it and I am deeply sorry for the harm he caused and those he killed and I cannot help but be affected by that, especially in ways that are not obvious until you start to think about it.

It headlined all around the world… Latest terrorist attack, usual racist, xenophobic, shit from the Sun and others, hate spreading. Heroes of the hour. Statements from Theresa May and parliament. Endless talking heads talking bollocks and meaningless conjecture.

We are living in extraordinary times, but certain things have not changed and parliament is still the home to the worst, terrorist, government in UK history, and Theresa May, whatever she may say, doesn’t give a shit about ordinary people and what this fucking idiot has done is hand her a golden chalice to continue to oppress us, invade our privacy, destroy lives and steal from us all that makes life good and meaningful. All the stuff that day by day does not make any headlines, all those who have died due to Tory austerity policies, the violence of increasing poverty, the suicides, the hunger that drives people to food banks in shame and despair.

Every fucking day. Every day.

Parliament was in lock down on Wednesday, Theresa May was whisked away to safety, safe in the knowledge that she will probably never have to answer for her crimes against humanity, just like David Cameron and a Tory party which is robbing all of us blind: the most corrupt government in UK history and entirely corrupt financial markets which have also robbed us blind and are protected by government as they continue to do so.

On that day, Wednesday 22 March 2017, the world reacted in horror and Britain joined the club of nations subjected to a very public, so called, ‘terrorist’ attack – by a bloke with a knife.

Knife crime in the UK is rising, the Office for National Statistics reveals that there were 13,613 offences of “assault with injury or intent to cause serious harm” in the year to the end of June 2015, a rise of 1,788 from the previous year.

Disability hate crimes recorded by police rose to 2,765 incidents in 2014-15 compared to 1,955 incidents in 2013-14, up 41 per cent. A UN report revealed evidence of “grave or systematic violations of rights of people with disabilities” by the UK government. Work and Pensions Secretary Damian Green rejected the report’s findings and said the document demonstrated “an outdated view of disability which is patronising and offensive”.

Damian Green also criticised as “monstrously unfair” the portrayal of Job Centre staff (who are, by government dictat, destroying people’s lives on a daily basis) in ‘I, Daniel Blake’, despite admitting he had not watched the film.

Ken Loach, the films director, said of the government, “If they don’t know what they are doing to people they are incompetent and shouldn’t be in Government. If they do know what they are doing then they are not fit to be in Government.”

When is the world media going to report on the systematic brutality and cruelty of the UK government towards ordinary people, when will we see the outrage, the shock, the horror of what goes on every day in Britain by the terrorist actions of the UK government?

KOG. 24 March 2017


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,528

Saturday 20 August 2016.

Dear Mrs May,

There is one great big reason that fracking is an issue that we must face and deal with. It is the last gasp of a dinosaur that refuses to evolve or die; an industrial behemoth that doesn’t care how much devastation it causes in its death throes as long as it can strangle the last penny out of the Earth in its rapacious greed for profit.

Peak oil is something that the petrochemical industry has never wanted to acknowledge or talk about and yet fracking is the embodiment of the exploitation of last gasp resources. It is nothing like the discovery of oil, great underground oceans of black gold ready to gush up out of the ground. That stuff is running out and petrochemical companies are desperate, why else would Shell want to undertake vastly expensive and high risk arctic drilling which would devastate the world’s last pristine environment?

The great oil and gas bonanza is over, oil is on the way out and what’s left is desperation and governments and corporations are prepared to rip the Earth apart in that desperation regardless of the consequences to the environment and life itself.

The only viable future is in renewables, but right now the future is looking more like an extinction event if the greed for oil and natural resources is not constrained and contained. Is there anyone left on Earth who seriously believes that Bush and Blair wanted to bring democracy to the Middle East? America is the most militarised resource hungry nation on earth which has amply demonstrated its willingness to embark on corporate colonialism and terrorism to feed its greed even whilst abandoning its own people. America is a nation divided, corporations and the people, and it is increasingly militarising against its own people as well as the world. Even whilst Bush was chanting his newly found mantra of ‘Terrorist’ he was The Terrorist in Chief aided and abetted by Blair and look at the world now.

If people want to understand fracking and its devastating consequences, they need look no further than America. The only future we can have is if we keep dirty fuel in the ground and stop the resource wars before some fool presses the nuclear button and commits the ultimate act of ecocide and genocide. Nature is very forgiving, it’s the very thing that gives us life, but unless we learn to know our place in nature and do something about it and clean up our act, the best thing that we can do is carve our epitaph now with the words, ‘An object lesson in greed and futility’, as a warning to any space travellers who might happen by one day.

List of Bans Worldwide

28_june_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,131

Sunday 28 June 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

People ask me how I can write these letters day after day? I can write them because I have no mercy in my soul for you. You do not forgive someone for abusing you knowing they will do it again the next day, you set your heart, mind and will like granite against them, yet I at least exercise restraint where you do not. You are committing violence against the people every single day and we are not using the militarised Police to beat you up with weapons and nerve holds, crashing you to the ground, that’s what you do, those are your tactics and you should be, at least, grateful that we are not kettling you, forcibly restraining and arresting you, which you richly deserve and we do not.

The bankers bail out slips so easily off the tongue, but how many bankers have died because of their greedy, wilful and recklessly criminal behaviour? And as a consequence, how many ordinary people have died? How many children are going hungry?

How many MPs or their family members have died as a consequence of the banking crisis and the imposition of austerity?

In the last five years I have bought a few ‘Letter a Day’ tee shirts and a few for others, some socks and underpants last year, and a pair of boots to replace my single pair of shoes that were plain worn out, but which, in fact, I still wear. What have you paid for this austerity you have imposed on us that you claim we are all in together? Name one single thing and make good what are otherwise empty words.

I have paid for these letters with a little help from my friends, but I have paid through depriving myself of real world stuff, like clothing, for something I believe in and actually I don’t much care about ‘stuff’ or how scruffy I look, I care about life. What have you paid, Mr Cameron, for this austerity that you so ardently believe in and impose on us? Name it, name the price of your conviction, on paper, for all to see, and let us be the judge of your conviction.

We are a nation and, indeed, a world afflicted with the politics of fear and hate. The terrorist (a modern catch-all invention), the immigrant, the benefit scrounger, the undeserving poor, the malingering disabled, poverty porn, the religious extremist, those divisive Scots, too many ageing people, the feckless workless young. Endless meaningless vapid nonsense!

The greatest threat to the world today is corporate and financial terrorism, which is what TTIP and ISDL mean. And then there’s corporate welfare, worth, according to the Guardian in October last year, £85 billion of our money. If a fraction of the time spent by politicians and the media mercilessly vilifying ordinary people was spent on vilifying benefits for the welfare eating, rich corporate money grubbers, we might begin to see some social justice in this country. In the face of such extremism, we act with admirable constraint where you do not because, make no mistake, utterly corrupt neoliberal corporate greed and the imposition of poverty is violence and that is what austerity means to millions of ordinary people.

24_may_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,095

Sunday 24 May 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I was thinking about today’s letter when a friend posted online a letter from the DWP, another fabricated pack of lies and his third attack by the DWP. I conducted a straw poll yesterday asking who had been stitched up by the DWP claiming that information had been withheld, had not arrived or had been lost. There were many affirmative responses. My purpose in conducting such a poll was the suspicion that these ‘errors’ are deliberately manufactured by the DWP to cause hardship and distress.

It is now well established that austerity is ideological, that the real perpetrators of the banking crisis have got away scot free and are, indeed, continuing to richly reward themselves for their crimes, despite Osborne losing his expensive attempt, at our expense, to protect them in Europe. We know that the poorest and most vulnerable people are being targeted and penalised and being held responsible for paying back a national debt they had no part in creating. We also know that Iain Duncan Smith’s sanctions regime is designed to punish the poor, that there are targets, that staff are punished if they fail to impose sanctions for the meanest of reasons and that people are being wilfully denied the means of survival and treated, without trial, more harshly than criminals.

The bedroom tax was imposed on social housing tenants whose rents are the lowest in the country and it had nothing to do with comparisons in the private sector where rents and house prices are out of control, but just another attack on the poor. You have also crippled our justice system, given tax breaks to the rich and are privatising our NHS and destroying public services.

Small wonder then that people are in despair and feeling hopeless, many of them taking their own lives and they are doing so because they are decent people and therein lies the problem. It is still very hard for many decent people to see and understand that we are being governed by criminals who care nothing for the lives of ordinary people and who are perfectly happy to sacrifice our lives expansively for political and ideological reasons, for profit and gain and who will tell any lie, spin any untruth, cheat and rob us blind because that’s what you’ve always done.

But here’s the worst of it, you are cowards, the very least of people, the most odious, obnoxious creatures with no redeeming features whatsoever, protecting yourselves and your expensive lifestyles at our expense, as if that is your due and god given, deluded, right. This feels like an endgame, the last dying gasp of people who know nothing but greed who are too stupid to understand that if we go down, you go down with us because you are too useless to take care of yourselves, something we have always done for you and which you expect as your due and are too stupid to understand that simple fact of your miserable, worthless, lives. If you want to know what a terrorist really looks like, look in a mirror.