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A letter a day to number 10. No 1,516

Monday 08 August 2016.

Dear Mrs May,

According to the BBC you want to compensate residents whose communities are affected by fracking with a proportion of the proceeds from shale gas projects.

If the BBC are to be believed, which these days is tricky, you have apparently said that your government wants to help “ordinary families for whom life is harder than many people in politics realise. This announcement is an example of putting those principles into action, It’s about making sure people personally benefit from economic decisions that are taken – not just councils – and putting them back in control over their lives.”

For the purposes of this letter I shall have to assume these are your words and you are right many of our lives are harder than many people in politics realise and one of them is you, because from there on, things start to fall apart.

The idea of private industry compensating communities for the adverse effects upon them is a novel one and I wonder if communities in the once (pre Thatcherite) industrial areas of Britain might retrospectively claim compensation? I may write to the National Union Of Mineworkers (NUM) to get their take on this. The BBC reported in 2012 that the historic damage from mining has left landscapes devastated with estimated repair costs running into hundreds of millions of pounds.

Pre-emptive offers of compensation, or bribes as I prefer to call them, to communities and residents for the disruption, and possible destruction, of their quality of life is an admission, before the fact, that people and communities will be adversely affected making life for ordinary people harder in ways for which bribes can never compensate.

In what way then are you putting people back in control of their lives when you are clearly removing control from their lives by allowing fracking in their communities which they may well be opposed to both in principle and practice? As the good people of Balcombe discovered, where the police, far from protecting the public interest, were deployed as corporate police at a cost of £4 million to protect the interests of Cuadrilla Resources with horrifying brutality and mass arrests of peaceful protesters, the majority of whom were later acquitted, the real concerns of the people are ignored.

To be blunt and as the late great Douglas Adams put it so aptly, you are talking cross-eyed badger spit, just as your predecessor did. Let’s hope that people resist this Judas money because when the lorries start rolling in they’ll live to regret it.


02_april_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,390

Saturday 02 April 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

The problem with April 1st is that you have to be careful what you read, or more correctly, what you believe.

Yesterday Business Secretary Sajid Javid was reportedly visiting Port Talbot for talks at the steel works. That really did beggar belief, but given the numbers of workers waiting to welcome him I decided this was not a prank and that he really did have the front to face an industry that he’d sold down the river.

Six weeks ago Javid told MPs, “The responsibility of government is to look at the overall impact on British industry and jobs. If duties get disproportionate it would have an impact in Britain and elsewhere on consumers of steel. Those businesses tell us it will cost jobs and exports if duties got out of control. To go further might in the short term look the right way to go to protect industry but you have to remember in Britain there are also companies that consume steel as part of the production process.”

In other words, to hell with import tariffs, let the cheap steel roll and to hell with the UK steel industry.

If tariffs were agreed then manufacturers of steel and companies that consume steel would all be operating on a level laying field and the world would not be drowning in China’s largely state owned steel production. State owned means nationalised, by the way.

There is also the matter of price wars for end products, British high quality steel at quality prices down the line against Chinese low quality steel at junk prices down the line. The race to the bottom on prices serves no one other than those who seek profits at any price leaving a trail of losers behind them. Steel workers at Port Talbot are paying the price for greed.

Darling Thatcherite that he is, Javid prefers the sink or swim approach for an industry that is vital to the UK’s national security and your government has been front and centre in opposing tariffs. It’s called laissez-faire economics, but what that does not take into account are polices which tie a rock round the legs of those you doom to fail, as you’ve done with disabled people. What you do best is betray ordinary people on a market principle of naked greed.

Sajid Javid Deliberately Collapsed British Steel