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I am now officially retired and although I have been sickness retired for some years now, I am experiencing high levels of what is called cognitive dissonance – “the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioural decisions and attitude change.”

Reflecting on my life, I feel my generation was arguably one of the most fortunate generations in history. Born in 1951, I emerged, all unsuspecting, into an emerging cultural revolution, one that, in my teens, I was to grab onto like a drowning lad needing air.

I was educated in a Secondary Modern school which was essentially a school that generated factory fodder and my personal experience was that I felt, as a 16 year old teenager, I was sucked into a yawning pit of alienation and despondency in which I saw, for the first time, my life spread before me with all the glamour and attraction of a tomb. I was, to say the least, not a happy bunny.

Documentarian Matt Wolf described teenagers as ‘a “wartime invention.” They chose to define themselves, rather than let adults do it for them.’

Nothing represented that more than the emergence (cultural explosion), in the 60s, of Hippies, a youth revolution, music revolution and drug revolution all rolled into one and encapsulated by Timothy Leary, talking to a ‘Human Be-In, a gathering of 30,000 hippies in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco’, as, ” “Turn on, tune in, drop out.”

Naturally, in the small, greater London, leafy suburb of Eastcote, it was a little more restrained, but, thank goodness, a revolution, none the less, and I was in it, and smoked my first joint at 14 (far out!). So far out, in fact, that I once had the inspired idea of hiding my meagre dope stash in our cutlery drawer at home, thus creating a situation in which ‘mother’ and ballistic’ neatly fitted in the same sentence. I don’t recall, but I really hope, I was stoned when I did that, it makes the ‘stupid’ easier to swallow.

Looking back it is clear, now, that what the cultural revolution created, ideologically and in reality, was choice. The post Victorian world my mother grew up in was dying, the duties she inherited and which dominated her life were being challenged by a generation growing up in a world for which her generation paid a horrific price to win for us, in which liberty and freedom and choice were real, tangible, life experiences, even whilst, inevitably, poorly understood, chaotically explored and hedonistically enjoyed. And how not, nothing like it had ever happened before?

My personal reality was that I was probably more than half insane. I didn’t get it at the time, my understanding of anything could have been comfortably written on the point of a pin in large handwriting, but I was in it, half swimming, half drowning, in an ocean of music, which dominated everything.

I was in a band for a time, and we were perhaps not as rubbish as I recall, because everyone was rocking, getting high, and even, on one occasion, destroying my cherished 30 watt Selmer Amp when someone literally dived head first into it, completely off his face.

I wandered for years and gravitated into community and youth work, driven by the desire for a meaningful existence. I had my first, personal, understood, thought at 33, in my first year as a mature student at Durham University when I realised that the Sun Newspaper had a political agenda. It was the first time the light of understanding had switched on in my life, and it took more than a year to have my next eureka moment, but they increased slowly until they became a veritable flood and nothing before or since has given me the same pleasure as the joy of understanding.

The years since, from Thatcher onwards, have seen us going backwards, slowly but steadily unravelling the gains of ordinary people, in work and leisure. Thatcher declared war on working class people, and in Britain, for me, two events stand out above all others, the destruction of the miners and the Unions and the Battle of the Beanfield, Thatcher, as Andy Worthington, writer, investigative journalist and commentator, put it, “metaphorically, razed the country to the ground like a medieval conqueror.”

New Labour and Tony Blair, Thatchers child, were not all bad and saw the greatest fall in death rates in UK history, now rising again under the Conservatives, but Iraq was ultimately his undoing when he climbed in bed with George Bush and launched the supreme crime of a war of aggression against Iraq that continues to this day.

However, no one, but no one, could ever have predicted the devastation that has been inflicted upon us since 2010 from Cameron’s coalition with the treacherous Liberal Democrats to the mayhem of Theresa May.

For me, reflecting on the 60’s and now, the Conservatives have ripped the soul out of Britain. What might have been my declining years of peaceful retirement, pursuing whatever interests might take my fancy, are dominated by a new war, without mercy, The War on the Poor. Relentless, inexcusable, brutally vicious, malicious and vindictively sadistic, the Britain I was born into, the first generation to enjoy universal healthcare under the towering post war achievement of the NHS, is being culturally and economically destroyed for ordinary people, as we face the biggest rise in death rates (a genocide) since WWII.

And that cognitive dissonance I mentioned. I do not resent the years I have spent opposing the Conservatives for a moment, but inside, internally, I struggle with gob smacked disbelief that this could ever have happened to the Britain I grew up in. I see it, I believe it, I have written extensively about it and continue to bitterly oppose it, but really, what kind of inhuman bastards could ever do such a thing to us or congratulate themselves and consider it right and their right to do so?

That’s where words fail but determination must never fail, until every last one of them is gone and we bury them in the memory book of history, never to darken our lives ever again. Maybe that is wishful thinking, we, humans, are very good at repeating our mistakes, but right now, the Conservatives must go for all our sakes, that is carved in stone in my heart and I hope I live to see the day, and even if I don’t, I will never give up the fight.

KOG. 05 February 2018.



A letter a day to number 10. No 1,486

Thursday 07 July 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Like many others, I wrote to Tony Blair prior to the invasion of Iraq because what was very clear at the time was that the hawks wanted war. George Bush was like a dog with a bone, there was nothing reasoned or temperate about his gung-ho attitude but as much as he was ramping up the invasion, he didn’t want to go it alone. The apocalyptic disaster of Vietnam still hung over America with a death toll somewhere between 1.3 and 3.9 million and a toll on American lives of 58,220.

Whatever else Britain’s role was, an ally across the Atlantic played a significant role in Bush’s warmongering. Blair’s motivation was more opaque, or so it seemed to me, but at the time I and many others feared he wanted his own Falklands, which successfully secured another term in office for Margaret Thatcher.

The problem with Iraq was that there was no case for going to war in self defence, Iraq had committed no armed aggression against the UK and what was being proposed was a war of aggression and that was my primary focus in writing to Blair.

What I received in reply was a copy of the September (dodgy) dossier in the forward of which Tony Blair cited Saddam Hussein’s capability of deploying weapons of mass destruction within 45 minutes four times.

This was Blair’s golden egg. without which there were no other grounds to justify committing the supreme international war crime of a war of aggression, but such a threat blurred the edges just enough to secure the vote for war.

As ever the voices of the people raised against the war, and a march of at least 1 million in protest, were ignored. Of course, we now know irrefutably that there were no weapons of mass destruction, Bush’s ‘Shock and Awe’, an illegal war ongoing to this day, was entirely bogus. Whatever Blair might say, the nature of western armed conflict was disastrously changed and wars of aggression in the Middle East have become the de facto means of armed intervention with devastating results for millions of lives.

One burning question remains, how much longer will we tolerate war, prosecuted by those who sacrifice the lives of others but never have to pay the price themselves?

How Many People Died In The Vietnam War?

Corbyn’s response to the Chilcot Inquiry is one of the most moving things you’ll see all week (VIDEO)


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,485

Wednesday 06 July 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Well it’s good to see the new kind of politics that MP’s are laying out for us, so that we can act accordingly.

I have been remiss in thinking that your party was fairly unique in its paternalism and sneering disdain for democracy, accountability and integrity.

In the finest traditions of Imperialism, it seems a great many politicians are now coming out of the closet to make their mark as autocratic throwbacks to a bygone era. If only people knew their place as in the good old days, eh, Mr Cameron?

With the release of the Chilcot report immanent, it seems, once again, that Tony Blair will not be held accountable for the invasion of Iraq, against which the largest protest in UK history took place with a million people taking to the streets. Lord Butler, the UK’s top civil servant between 1988 and 1998, has said of Blair, “He wanted to be in helping the US because he thought Saddam Hussein was a dangerous person to the world and to the Middle East and the world would be better off without him.”

In order to get rid of this man who Blair had decided the world would be better off without, UN figures show that ‘1.7 million Iraqi civilians died due to the West’s brutal sanctions regime, half of whom were children’ and from 2003 onwards around 1 million Iraq’s have been killed and a nation devastated to this day.

Let’s not forget that Madelene Albright considered half a million child deaths (more children than died in Hiroshima) as a result of sanctions was, ‘A price worth paying’. It’s not just democracy that’s being trashed, it’s civilisation itself.

From Thatcher onwards the rise of autocracy has gathered pace until today, so inured are many politicians to the arrogant assertion of their sovereign will over the people, that we, the people, are regarded and treated as the enemy and like dirt. It is long overdue that the insufferable arrogance of those who presume to power learnt their place and that you all hold your positions on the sufferance of the people. It is time that the ingrained deference to those in authority was eradicated, if you want respect, earn it. It begins with respecting democracy, not destroying it.


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,482

Sunday 03 July 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

James Traub, unsurprisingly a member of the ignorant social elites, has written the following, “It’s time for the elites to rise up against the ignorant masses. The Brexit has laid bare the political schism of our time. It’s not about the left vs. the right; it’s about the sane vs. the mindlessly angry…”. He goes on, “The Republican Party, already rife with science-deniers and economic reality-deniers, has thrown itself into the embrace of a man (Donald Trump) who fabricates realities that ignorant people like to inhabit.

“Did I say “ignorant”? Yes, I did. It is necessary to say that people are deluded and that the task of leadership is to un-delude them.

“Is that “elitist”? Maybe it is; maybe we have become so inclined to celebrate the authenticity of all personal conviction that it is now elitist to believe in reason, expertise, and the lessons of history.”

As with all elites, Traub plays fast and loose with reality to suit his own prejudices and purposes. The elites do not fabricate realities that ignorant people like to inhabit, they fabricate the realities that they want the masses to inhabit. From Edward Bernays, the father of PR and mass social manipulation, to Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair’s Director of Communications and Strategy who was involved in the preparation of the infamous “Dodgy Dossier”, to Lynton Crosby, your own political strategist, known as the “master of the dark political arts”, confounding and manipulating the public is big business for those intent on self serving misrule. Propaganda is the raison d’etre for news rags like the Sun, Mail and the Express.

The so called elites run the world and are exclusively, and historically, responsible for the mess we’re in. Whilst ordinary people were busy working, earning a crust on minimum wage, being forced into debt whilst producing, above all, profit, it was the elite bankers who crashed the global economy. And who was forced to pay? The chaos surrounding the EU referendum was manufactured from on high, not least by you, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, and whilst the ‘ignorant masses’ have taken the blame as ever, Gove is now looking to replace you as prime minister because you’ve washed your hands of the whole filthy business. If the masses are angry it is because they are sick and tired of the lies and deceits of the elites and suffering and dying as a consequence of the vile abuses of the ruling elites.

If Traub wants to learn the lessons of history, he should look to the French revolution which was not triggered by the masses, it was triggered by the wholesale abuses of the aristocracy and the elites who were starving the people to death. Traub in his arrogance accuses the masses of mindless anger. Believe me, the anger is not mindless, it is very focused, it is the rage of the abused. It may appear chaotic and disorganised, the reaction to oppression often is, but the rage is just, as is its purpose. The terror that Corbyn invokes in the minds of elitists, is that he is on the protests and picket lines for organised justice, a man of peace and a man of the people and all you elitists are on the wrong side of the protests and picket lines and, indeed, the wrong side of history. And you never learn.


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,459

Thursday 09 June 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

It is at least unfortunate that we have three of the worst characters possible representing the Tory case for leaving the EU, at worst it is wilful manipulation to swing the referendum in favour of staying in the EU.

Priti Patel makes her case that leaving the EU would enable her to attack employment protections and, “halve the burdens of the EU social and employment legislation”. On the face of it that firmed my feeling that I should be voting to remain in the EU, forgetting for a moment that to pull a stunt like that she would be acting undemocratically, without consultation and against our best interests, in short, she’s being her usual self, a petty dictator. That’s not an argument to remain in Europe.

Moving right along, let’s have a look at Boris (BoJo the clown) Johnson. In a street speech that was more a pantomime piece than anything else, in reference to someone saying ‘bananas’ (A shill? A plant? An idiot?), Johnson claimed that the EU prevents Britain from selling bananas in bunches of more than 2 or 3 and that they must not be excessively bent, unlike him. It was a claim so self evidently false I wondered why the crowd didn’t plant him head first in a water butt? This wasn’t an argument for Brexit, it was a temptation to vote for anything other than the idiot, but even if I voted remain, we’d still be stuck with the idiot.

Michael Gove’s central argument for Brexit is for, “a galvanising, liberating, empowering moment of patriotic renewal”. It was Samuel Johnson who said, “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel”, meaning just the kind of jingoistic, flag waving, nonsense that Gove was spouting. True patriots are those who protect democracy, as Tony Benn did all his life, who want to end wars and serve the cause of peace, the kind of people who demand that Tony Blair faces the Hague for his illegal invasion of Iraq, an invasion that Gove supported regardless of his later change of heart. Let’s also remember that Gove gave away our schools to privateers, demanded our children learn by rote and alienated almost the entire teaching profession. This man is hardly a friend of Britain or Brexit.

Your own claim that leaving the EU could herald another Europe wide conflict, was the other side of this sordid mess, senseless fear-mongering in a world riven by conflict that the EU has been powerless or useless to prevent. What matters is the we the people are able to hold power to account. Europe has done nothing to prevent the excesses of the worst government in UK history. You ignored the findings of UN special investigator Raquel Rolnik into the despicable bedroom tax. Rolnik was branded by Grant Shapps as, an “absolute disgrace”, dismissing her as “a woman from Brazil”. Iain Duncan Smith called her a  “strange woman” and accused Labour of indulging in “little gimmicks with people from Brazil.” That’s the contempt you have for us. This fight isn’t about the EU, it is about the people of this country who must fight against Tory extremism and a supranational organisation that offers no protection for ordinary people from neoliberalism and the interests of elite criminals and greedy financiers putting profits before people.

Who let the cats out? Priti Patel suggests we could lose half our EU work rights after #Brexit


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,455

Sunday 05 June 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Grossly unfit for purpose PFI deals firmly established the principle of profits before people and health.

Debt financing under PFI is a scam of eye watering proportions, leaving the public holding the baby for repayments in excess of 500%. In some cases we, the public, will be left with nothing to show for this heist of public wealth where PFI agreements are lease only.

As of April 2015, on supposed assets of £56.5 billion, the total bill to the public was in excess of £310 billion and rising. It would have been cheaper if I’d got a credit card and put a hospital on that, which I would end up owning with the added bonus that the public would have paid every last penny for me.

It is fantastically diabolical that anyone would think that a massive transfer of the nations wealth into private hands was a better idea than keeping people healthy and alive. Whoever dreamed this up in John Major’s government should be on the most wanted list of public enemies, along with Tony Blair whose government fully embraced PFI and took us into an illegal war to boot.

Of course, for successive chancellors of the exchequer, these Wonga like never-never deals could be spun as investment in public infrastructure, disguising the fact that eventually they would devour public finances and form a huge part of the crisis facing our NHS right now.

The latest news that Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust is to shed 250 full-time jobs and 200 temporary jobs from this autumn in order to meet PFI payments shows how utterly bass ackwards everything is. We are forced to serve the interests of finance at the cost of our health and well being. Money has ceased to be any kind of public good as we slavishly feed the self serving greed of the markets.

This is Britain’s hidden debt where every ‘man, woman and child in Britain is more than £3,400 in debt’ to private finance. This on top of the debt being heaped on people by your government, students and nurses being saddled with funding their education regardless of all the benefits education brings to the nation and the economy over the long term. We are being mugged by private finance to fill offshore accounts with our ever decreasing hard earned cash, whilst in excess of 1 in 5 parents struggle to feed themselves and their children. Cases of malnutrition are soaring with 2,000 cases recorded by 43 NHS hospital trusts in a single year. People and public services starve for profit and successive governments have not only allowed this, they have pursued it as policy, at which your government brutally excels.

PFI is a Failed Treasury Policy


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,428

Monday 09 May 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I hope that your relentless war on the poor haunts you for the rest of your days. I also hope that Iain Duncan Smith will be reviled and prosecuted for his obscene escalation of the sanctions regime, punishing the poor for merely being poor. And not just him, but everyone who has had a hand in it, including David Freud whose peerage is a slur on the nation, Maria Miller, Esther McVey, Mark Hoban, Priti Patel, Justin Tomlinson and not forgetting George Osborne targeting the poor to pay down his and the bankers debts. The list extends beyond them, I merely wish to highlight those named. Just to be clear, Labour are culpable in this too, including Tony Blair, but in nothing close to what this vile system has escalated into under your government.

There is no excuse. To wage an ideologically driven war against the poor is both baseless and heartlessly cold blooded. You have all corrupted a laudable and once proud system of social security into a penal system. You have turned Jobcentres, once called Labour Exchanges, into punitive dens of misery and human suffering.

Whatever Iain Duncan Smith’s stated reasons for resigning from the DWP, it followed a four year legal battle which ended in him being ordered to disclose Universal Credit internal reviews in the week prior to his resignation. No attempt by him to spin himself as a champion of the poor can expunge his dismal record and hate filled actions.

So many lives have been lost, such that Smith would never dare release the true figures, but sought to suppress and fudge them in every way.

I have written before (letters 1,017 and 1,037) that no court in the land would hand out a sentence depriving people of the means of survival and yet more sanctions are handed out than fines in Magistrates courts. People are judged and sentenced in secret without representation and driven into penury for up to three years to survive by what means, no one knows, or to die, many taking their own lives.

Last, but by no means least, is the disproportionate attacks on disabled people, nine times more than for most citizens and for severely disabled people it is 19 times. Disability hate crime has gone through the roof under your government, in one year alone, 2014-15, it increased 41% with the  Disability Hate Crime Network saying this was an under estimation of the true scale of the problem. Whatever mealy mouthed denials we hear from government on these issues, it cannot be denied that it is happening under your government and on your watch.

Your war on the poor will end, it is a matter of when, not if. We measure the time in human suffering and death, we will not forgive and we will not forget.

Benefit sanctions are ‘Britain’s secret penal system’

Miller and Atos face angry heckling at disability poverty conference

10_april_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,398

Sunday 10 April 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

The Tory mind set is remarkable and one I shall never understand. The post-war consensus was a revolutionary movement which gave rise to the NHS and the welfare state. Those who oppose it dismiss it as socialism, wrapping it up in an ideology they can attack by deceit and ignore the real issue which was social justice. Nothing has changed, I see people railing against Jeremy Corbyn as a hard left socialist, with sneering disdain, a convenient cover for them, when what Corbyn is about is social justice.

Tony Blair said that Corbyn supporters were living in a “parallel reality” and just in case we were unclear what that meant he called on party members to reject his “Alice in Wonderland” politics. The curious thing is that Blair was right with his “parallel reality”, just not in the sneering and mocking way he meant it. Blair, child of Thatcher that he is, and you Tories don’t give a damn about social justice, the very idea is repugnant and offensive to you and that is a parallel reality to the one in which I live.

The Panama papers, called by one observer, ‘the icing on the cake’, have exposed a system built by the wealthy and privileged, for the wealthy and privileged, and you’ve been pursuing that agenda since 2010 to the exclusion of all else. What has nailed you now is your own towering hypocrisy. We are not now, nor ever were, all in this together. The problem has been that most people are so inured to a system that is rigged and stacked against them, they have been hobbled by their own disbelief and I put it to you that you have depended on that from the very start of your crusade to dismantle Britain.

You have bleated that your father has been “unfairly written about” over the tax furore that has arisen around your own tax affairs, if your father wasn’t engaged in tax avoidance he wouldn’t have founded Blairmore Investment Inc, in a tax haven which its own prospectus states was to avoid paying UK tax. Where was your sense of fairness when you publicly named and shamed Jimmy Carr? With his usual style Carr hit back using your own hypocrisy against you, “I’m going to keep it classy,” he posted on Twitter. “It would be ‘morally wrong’ and ‘hypocritical’ to comment on another individual’s tax affairs”.

So what is the metaphorical cake that now has an iced topping? It is the devastating harm you have caused and the misery you have brought to millions of people across the UK, including tens of thousands of deaths which you have utterly ignored in pursuit of your ideological austerity agenda, whilst rewarding the rich and asset stripping the nation for private gain.

We the people want justice and that means not only your resignation but an end to Tory misrule and a new consensus with social justice as its beating heart. That will never come from your party, indeed it is anathema to you and that is why you must go.

Fastest Asset Stripping Of The UK Ever As Economic Policies Fail To Deliver

08_september_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,196

Tuesday 08 September 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

If the rise of Jeremy Corbyn has revealed anything it is the widespread political contempt that so many politicians have for the electorate. Democratising the leadership election has politicians running around like headless chickens, in fact it reminds me of story of Chicken Licken, ‘If Corbyn gets in the sky will fall on our heads’.

This isn’t new, it is clearly deep seated and deep rooted. Tony Blair said, ‘I wouldn’t want to win on an old fashioned leftist platform’ and, ‘people who say their heart is with Corbyn, get a transplant’. The arrogance of the man is breathtaking, that he can insult us so brazenly and openly says everything about him and nothing about us.

Since 2010 we have seen the greatest transfer of wealth from the poorest to the richest in our history. That is what fundamentally underpins austerity Britain as it is aimed specifically at the poor, whilst rewarding the rich.

Welfare reforms have been driven by the baseless rhetoric of people on benefits being work shy scroungers fraudulently abusing the social security system. Iain Duncan Smith has gone to extraordinary lengths to vilify and demonise people on benefits, treating them like criminal offenders and depriving them of the means of survival through cuts and sanctions. Instead of supporting poor, sick and disabled people, Smith has created a benefit denial system and even claiming that work makes you well and helps recovery from sickness. He is rewriting sickness and disability as a personal failing, as people lacking incentive and motivation and milking the benefits system. Whilst George Osborne rewards the rich, the poor are beaten and cudgeled into compliance by Iain Duncan Smith.

I can do no better than to close by quoting Frances Ryan in the guardian, ‘ IDS hates ingratitude. As he told Channel 4 news this week when Krishnan Guru-Murthy suggested disabled people felt “hard done by” under this government’s policies: “We probably spend more on disabled and sick people in Britain … than almost any other country in the developed world.” He doesn’t let the fact that this is a lie stop him. He inserts the word “probably” and then says whatever fits with his policies.

I believe IDS is “probably” incompetent and is reducing thousands of people, scared, in pain, and humiliated, to poverty. This latest farce is emblematic of a government-wide culture of dehumanising, dangerous benefit cuts that have rotted every part of the social-security system and are causing people to die.’

14_january_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 974

Wednesday 14 January 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I wonder what future generations will call this period in history since the rise of neoliberalism, my personal choice would be, ‘the age of hypocrisy’.

Margaret Thatcher invoked St. Francis of Assisi the day she arrived at number 10 – “Where there is discord, may we bring harmony. Where there is error, may we bring truth. Where there is doubt, may we bring faith. And where there is despair, may we bring hope.” She went on to wipe out Britains manufacturing base and called workers the enemy within. It must have been a bitter irony for someone who had taken to using the grandiose royal ‘we’ that it was not the country that ended her reign but her own party.

She was a champion of the ‘free markets’, the battle between corporate power and ordinary people which is still raging to this day. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) will mark its triumphal moment ending the sovereignty of the nation state which you are blindly leading us into. If ever there should be a referendum on anything it is TTIP. Ordinary people are in bondage to the hypocrisy of the ‘free markets’.

But let’s move on to Tony Blair and his war of aggression, a military conflict waged without the justification of self-defence, which the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg described as “the supreme international crime”. The illegal invasion of Iraq, which you voted for, prosecuted by Blair under false pretences was hailed by Bush as the war on terror and bringing democracy to the Middle East. The invasion of Iraq was the triumph of hypocrisy over reason and international law.

Your latest adventure into hypocrisy follows your trip to France along with Forty-three other world leaders in support of free speech after the massacre at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and what was described as “three days of terrorist mayhem”. You have used this tragedy to propose greater surveillance in the UK. You ask in your anti-encryption propaganda, “Are we going to allow a means of communications which it simply isn’t possible to read? My answer to that question is: ‘No, we must not.’” You would seek to ban encrypted online messaging unless your government is given backdoor access. Wow and double WOW!

That is what you meant when you said, “We stand absolutely united with the French people against terrorism and against this threat to our values – free speech, the rule of law, democracy. It’s absolutely essential we defend those values today and every day.” Really? The age of hypocrisy indeed.