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I have received my PIP decision which is to pay me £214.65 every four weeks, that’s a loss of £95.95 from DLA which was £310.60. All else being equal, and it isn’t, I can take the hit, it’s manageable.

My first payment is due on 6 February which means neither DLA nor PIP this month, an instant hit of £214.65 from my real time income so that, in my retirement, the government can teach me how to manage on a work related system of payment in arrears.

Curiously, I managed my entire working life on payment in arrears, whether weekly or monthly, but it seems it is important that I now relearn this in retirement.

Presumably DLA was paid in advance, I have no idea, and my last payment was 12 December and with PIP starting in February, it just leaves a hole. It might all balance out in the end, but a hole is a hole which just takes something else unexpected to make that a sodding great ditch.

My Pension Credits were due to be paid on 5th January, they weren’t, so that hole instantly became a ditch of £490.73 (on top the £95.95).

I called Pension Credits on Friday and was told their system was down. That wasn’t the reason I wasn’t paid, it was just down and phone staff had no access to it.

I have rung them this morning and was asked if there had been any change in my circumstances. I told them I was moving from DLA to PIP. ‘That’ll be the problem,’ they told me. Although PIP has nothing to do with Pension Credits, it has, apparently, caused a glitch in the system which they will look into urgently and sort out as soon as possible.

Ok, so two completely unrelated benefits are linked in such a way that one disappears without notice under Universal Credit. The costs of Universal Credit over its ‘lifetime’ are estimated at £15.8 billion, much of the cost being linked to software problems of which I now have two, their system and my grey matter, neither of which is doing well.

All this is happening because the Tories decided that the old system of social security created perverse incentives to sit around all day watching super sized plasma TVs, drinking alcohol and taking drugs and, naturally, sleeping them off. Universal Credit has introduced ‘conditionality’. Claimants are faced with a series of mandated tasks, often meaningless and trivial, which they must complete or face a sanction. The government believes that people will be incentivised by being deprived of the most basic means of survival. I can see how that works, the poorer you are the harder you have to work to stay alive, which means that the loss of all income must transform people into super workers… with nothing to live on. What could possibly go wrong with that? The future is bright, if you believe that death is the doorway to the glory of heaven.

As a retired man I mistakenly thought that the pension I had paid into all my working life would provide some surcease to the daily travails of worrying about where the next penny might be coming from and enable some income stability with which to relax somewhat into my dotage and spend my time working on things that matter to me as a human being, like writing.

Grand fool that I am, I am writing. About a government that is hell bent on hounding all of us from the cradle into an early grave. Life, that most precious free gift of nature, far from being celebrated and enjoyed for the wonder it is on a planet that is capable of meeting our every need, if not our every consumer want and desire, has been turned into an inhumanly contrived man made burden we must earn our (begrudged) right to keep on a daily basis. Or else!

When I look at the Tories, a quite revolting task, I see a bunch of criminals basking in their own contrived ignorance. They are dedicated to siphoning the wealth of the nation, its assets, resources and people into the hands of the already exceedingly wealthy to stash away in Tax havens while those they have robbed die in their hundreds of thousands.

The Tories, the gateway to oblivion for the many, not the few.

KOG. 08 January 2018.



Whilst Britain languishes in the twilight zone of Tory, something just happened in the US State of Virginia, something wonderful.

I woke up this morning in more pain than I have ever experienced before, it wasn’t just one part of me, it was spread across my body and I felt like death warmed up. I stumbled downstairs, grabbed a glass of water, fell into my chair, switched my computer on and took my meds. I opened two emails from Eileen in Little Rock, Arkansas, and began to cry.

I spent an hour trying to absorb what has just happened in Virginia.

Danica Roem, ‘a Democrat who will be one of the nation’s first openly transgender elected officials’, ousted a man who described himself as Virginia’s “chief homophobe”.

Say what? Just pause for a moment to allow that to sink in. Savour it on your tongue. Let it filter into your bones.

I feel like a portal just opened into the 21st century in a world dominated by right wing demagogic rabble rousers and feudal throwbacks.

Talking to MSNBC News Roem said, “You should be celebrated because of who you are, not despite it. In the words of Saint Francis deSales, “Be who you are, and be that well”.”

“You should be celebrated because of who you are.”

I live in the neo-feudal state of England under the boot heels of the neo-fascist Tory party who are driving us into penury, persecution and death and who have not a single decent word to say about any of us and who regard us and treat us as ‘stock’. The Tories who represent everything that is wrong with the world and delight to spread misery and despair by any foul means at their disposal.

I have lamented that in 200,000 years of human development we are being dragged screaming back to a feudal state in which the poor are being hounded to death to feed the rapacious greed of the few.

Who would ever have imagined that one of the infamous southern slave confederate states would become a portal into the 21st century?

I am as amazed and delighted as, I am sure, Trump is horrified, even as, in the UK, May’s government implodes in utter chaos.

Things, as they say, are definitely looking up.

Well done Danica Roem who also said “Be yourself, better than anyone else ever could.”

Quite so.

KOG. 08 November 2017.


Regular readers will know I lose the plot from time to time, but I have to say the last month has definitely been one of my more spectacular ones to live through. As a writer, finding I have nothing to say and no way to say it anyway, is itself a crisis. It’s like falling through a hole into another dimension where nothing makes any sense. The trouble is that looking back at the one I’ve come from, nothing makes any sense there either.

I picked up a sandwich in our village Tesco this morning and the guy on the checkout told me he’d just won a six month appeal battle for PIP for his disabled wife. I said I was delighted for them, but that’s the way the system is designed, and he said, ‘That’s why they’re called the Nasty party’. And that’s the point, if there is one, nothing is going to be right until we find a way to wrestle our lives back from the vermin who’ve taken over. And it’s global.

I’ve not been keeping up on the news, I didn’t want to read another news report that said the bastards are still bastards as they reveal their latest filthy trick. But what’s worse, far, far worse, is that 40% of the great British public would still vote for them. That’s the point where my brain falls over, done and busted. We’re living in la la land and 2 plus 2 means any kind of made up shit anyone wants it to.

Some MPs are to gather to hear the last tolls of Big Ben for many years. The BBC reports – “Prime Minister Theresa May has said “it can’t be right” that the famous bongs will not be heard again until 2021 and has asked for the proposals to be reviewed.”

Really? And where were any of them when the Grenfell Tower inferno crime eradicated a still unknown number of lives?

That ‘can’t be right’, they are gone for all fucking eternity, killed by criminal wilful neglect because poor people’s lives don’t matter. Not only that, but the money donated to support the survivors has been stolen by the council and is being denied the victims.

And 40% of the British public will vote for more of the same. That’s insane.

I may be bonkers, but I am not insane.

For Theresa May to say something can’t be right is the babbling dribble of a lunatic, she wouldn’t know what’s right if it hit her repeatedly over the head attached to a heavy club, though I heartily wish it would for the entertainment value.

The Tories are a lying, stinking, cheating, rats arse of a party with no legitimacy other than the super glue they’ve attached to their arses to keep them in power.

But above all, this is personal, day by day they drag us screaming on the road to ruin, life gets harder every day, by increments of wanton destruction.

And I see that Jeremy Hunt is still alive, what a damned shame. If there is a hell then a very special place should be put aside for all the thugs who are hell bent on global ruin and, by right of voting, everyone who supports their evil empire of thuggery.

And if you are inclined to mind slip, as I am, don’t fight it, the universe is probably trying to tell you something, and if you think that the universe speaking to you is mad, imagine if it didn’t and that all you had in life was a world inhabited by the Tories.

And that you voted for them. Now that’s mad.

KOG. 21 August 2017


The Conservative party has thrown all caution to the wind in their self interested pursuit of privilege and power over the cares, concerns, and needs of ordinary people and anyone who is not outraged at what they are doing fails the litmus test for basic humanity, as indeed do the Tories themselves.

The fundamental problem is that no one from the high table is going to lift a damned finger that might risk rocking the boat of their own privileged world on which they depend and is their reason for being.

The Tories are not so much the nasty party as the self interested party, being nasty is secondary, a mere consequence of the self perpetuation of their arrogant overweening narcissism and greed.

It is the perception or the rich that they are the ‘deserving rich’ and it is unsurprising that when the public ask for more money the Tories, the party of the rich, are affronted. Fire fighters, nurses, paramedics, police, can be heroes, but they have a damned cheek if they ask for more money. It’s the Oliver Twist moment, the masters have their hands on all the provisions of wealth and its distribution but god help the damned urchin who dares ask for more.

Indeed, they are shocked by such effrontery. It was plain to see when a nurse asked Theresa May for some more money in her pay cheque. May didn’t quite splutter with indignation, but it was barely controlled as she told the nurse, “There isn’t a magic money tree that we can shake that suddenly provides for everything that people want.” In her head, May, devout Christian that she is, was probably thinking, “Well really! The damned cheek of the girl, who does she think she is? She should take what’s she’s given and be grateful for small mercies.” It is likely that the reason Theresa May wanted no part in public debates was the admonition of her Lord not to cast her pearls before swine, because she certainly behaved that way.

Contempt for ordinary people comes easy to those for whom privilege is assured, who live a life in which appearance, position and status are everything yet who lack any of the real substance of humanity. ‘They’ do not believe, as an article of faith, that the common people have any right to speak in political debate in our rude voices and indelicate proclamations. It was just such a situation that led Gary Streeter to respond to admirably robust journalist Paul Mason by saying, “This is why i hate social media. It gives a voice to people who dont deserve one”. There can be no doubt that Streeter was also referring to you and me, people who are common, the uppity masses, who should not interfere in matters which are above them and which should be left to their betters to decide for them.

Grenfell Tower and the hundreds of missing, presumed dead, people, and the survivors are, shell, ashes and living, right now, a monument to the historic abuse of the ruling elites against the lives of ordinary people. The inferno and the human cost was a disaster waiting to happen, it cannot in any way be described as an accident. Nor was it in any way down to human failing, it was guaranteed to be a disaster through the knowing decisions of those who felt entirely at liberty to cut corners which made a human habitation ripe for exactly what happened. Not only that, but those residents who warned of the dangers were silenced and ignored and, now that the inevitable disaster has occurred, are still being silenced and ignored by an establishment that simply doesn’t give a shit. However, something else has emerged from Grenfell Tower, in the war being prosecuted by the ‘ruling elites’ against the lives of ordinary people, ordinary people are no longer willing to silently slip into our graves without demanding a reckoning.

The Tories are holding on to power through lies and deceit and, above all, their overweening arrogance.

In the beating heart of Britain, another disaster is happening, although far too many are still, as yet, ignorant of it. That ignorance is neither wilful nor neglectful, it is an ignorance manufactured and maintained by the policies of the Conservative government and the secretary of state for health, Jeremy Hunt and his predecessor Andrew Lansley. Universal health care is being dismantled and destroyed by a government who care less whether we live or die in pursuit of profit. Public outcry is still muted, the government and Jeremy Hunt will never admit that they are presiding over the last stages of the privatisation of our publicly funded NHS. Jeremy Hunt is a liar and a thief who deserves nothing less than to be publicly tortured until he personally screams out the truth in Parliament Square. One of the richest people in the Tory cabinet inner circle, Hunt cares nothing for the health of ordinary people, he is lining up the vultures who hunger only for profit at our expense.

Whilst they despise our inconvenient lives and our human needs, they treat us a convenience for profit. The cancer living in my neck which will eventually kill me is just a rich source of profit for the likes of Richard Branson and Jeremy Hunt and all the financial vultures hungry for profit who are devouring yours and my NHS. Does that sound emotive, a bit too much, a rude statement, a bit common? Good, I am glad, it should sound rude. It’s the brutal truth.

Theresa May has bought herself a fragile space through betrayal, for betrayal. She has stolen a billion pounds from us to buy herself time to finish the job of selling us all for profit. We, the people, are just marketable stock in her eyes.

But here’s the thing. They are losing the war. The tide is turning right now. The dominant media voices are those of ordinary people. It’s messy, uncoordinated, good and bad, much of it rude, crude and a fairground for trolls out for a ride on nit picking personal insult and vitriolic hate, but that’s the icing, not the cake. In a world of form without substance, real substance is getting a grip and gaining traction and despite all the power and wealth being expended against it, it will not get back in the box of confinement in which the grasping elites wish to imprison it.

The powers that be are terrified of change, but change is the lifeblood of living. The world spins on the axis of change, the seasons, life and death, the weather and all we see and experience in the constantly moving shift of time. The last thing the Tories want is change, they want a frigid world of their own ideological making, dragging its knuckles in 19th century oppression, grubbing for wealth and resources that rightfully belong to us all, each and every one of us.

It can truly be said, these are the best of times and the worst of times, terrifying and invigorating. I produced a poster the other day because I am tired of seeing posters telling me to keep calm. My poster read, “Don’t keep calm – We are the people we’ve been waiting for”. The terrifying power of the many is the very last thing that those who consider themselves to be the masters of all and who profit from our lives want to see and they certainly don’t want to experience it, which is precisely why they should. They would like to maintain a world in which our lives are an irrelevance to them apart from the benefits they can extract from us for their personal gain, I think it’s long overdue the tables were turned for all our benefit.

KOG. 1 July 2017


I have today spent a session with my therapist (H) talking politics and by that I mean real up front and dirty politics.

On Thursday this country will hit a fork in the road the like of which it has never seen before and for many of us that fork will revolve around life or death issues. Our votes will either save our nation or it will mean the end of it as we know it. As I said to H, if the Tories (Conservatives) get back in I have no expectation of surviving the next five years.

I am not an old man, but I am getting on, I have incurable cancer and live an isolated life due to a lifelong battle with depression and acute social phobia. I am now reliant on my pension and DLA which pays for my therapy and a small vehicle which is a life line for someone with both cancer and social phobia. If the Tories win the General Election, I will at some point be transferred to PIP (Personal Independence Payments), for which I will doubtless be awarded zero points on assessment and the loss of the extra support will mean the end of therapy and my vehicle without which getting to hospital for cancer treatment will become extremely difficult. The Tories have also refused any promise to protect pensions and the triple lock which guarantees that the basic state pension will rise by a minimum of either 2.5%, the rate of inflation or average earnings growth, whichever is largest.

But enough about me for a moment. If the Tories get in, their plans to privatise our NHS and to bring in health insurance will be assured. They will continue to cut public services, schools, social care and they will bring in the ‘dementia’ tax. The costs of a University education will rise even higher than they are now and young people will continue to be denied housing due to escalating unrestrained housing costs. The DWP sanctions regime will become even more draconian and disabled people will see their support slashed even further. The privatisation of the state and state assets will carry on and our taxes will become nothing more than a slush fund for privateers and vulture capitalists. Britain will become the first nation to declare nuclear weapons as a first strike option. We will finally see the end of the human rights act. Thousands more will die and become just another statistic that the Tories will ignore in their Orwellian pursuit of genocide and an end to useless eaters.

That is one fork in the road ahead. The other fork will see all of the above addressed and restored, a National Investment Bank, a living wage rise to £10 by 2020, our rail system brought back into public ownership, the restoration of Nurses’ training bursaries, 100,000 council/association houses built per annum, energy price caps, the re-nationalisation of water companies, scrapping the bedroom tax, abolition of tuition fees, restoring public services and a very great deal more.

A Britain that will literally work for the people of Britain and not just the corporations and already exceedingly wealthy.

Because of the appalling reputation politicians have in this country, justifiably earned since Thatcher rose to power, it needs to be said that if Jeremy Corbyn and Labour do not hold to the promises they have made, then heaven help them. Personally I do not think they will renege on the promises for a country that works for the many and not just the few, but given the parlous state of Britain right now, Corbyn and Labour certainly have a tough job on their hands and the corporations, the right wing press, the Tories and the super wealthy will fight them and us every inch of the way. Given that Britain has the most right wing press in Europe, it is to be hoped that some efforts can be made to reign them in and to be held accountable for the propaganda and lies they so routinely deal in.

The fork in the road is either the road to ever greater division, poverty, hardship and death or the road to restoration, social justice, hope and a country that works for us, not against us.

I am old enough to remember better times and to have gained my step up from a poor working class background to a free place at university which changed my life forever. I want better times for every young person growing up now and the option to achieve their best in life.

As an elderly bloke I want to remain a contributor, I am notionally retired, but that does not mean I have nothing left to do or contribute. What I have no desire for is to wither away in destitution to meet a lonely death caused by want, denied any dignity in my advancing years.

All of this hinges on the 8th of June, a mere 24 hours away as I write. Choose well my friends, this is a nation that belongs to all of us, let’s, please, take it back for all our sakes. I shall be including you in my vote, please include me in yours. Love and peace and hope for a much better country than we’ve had for the last seven years.

KOG. 07 June 2017


I had a dream a couple of days ago, in which my home and my kitchen, where I was working, were invaded by three of the most, obnoxious, arrogant, officious and rude, self serving, obstructive and intrusive men imaginable. I was put in the position of having to force myself past them do anything and, after battling with them for some time, their obstructive disdain for me was so offensive that the particular individual I was trying to get past, in the moment, gave rise to an explosion of rage in me.

He towered head and shoulders above me and as he looked down on me his face and his gaze were a living sneer of contempt. I flung myself at him and in the restricted space all I could do was grab his collar and tie and grind my fist into his Adam’s apple with all my strength in a bid to crush it and choke him to death. I know little enough about how to kill, but it was working until I snapped awake.

I sat on the edge of my bed to calm down, but my instant thought was that my dream state had offered me an insight into the Tory world we are living in and how deeply I felt about it.

It hit me that the Tories rely entirely for their brute rule on our being civilised, a line they crossed years ago. With the dream still clear in my mind, I knew that my actions had been entirely appropriate and I was glad that my dream mind had offered me the insight it had into Tory brutality.

When I wrote in my first letter to Cameron, “Clearly your contempt for the people of Britain can have only one logical end, so why not begin the cull now?”, little did I fully realise at that time that they had begun. Plans long in the making were being put into action and the rest, as they say (though still ongoing), is history.

The expression, ‘crossing the line’ is about where a situation or circumstances move from being acceptable to being unacceptable. When the line is crossed, the situation has gone past the point of compromise, it is the place where it becomes necessary to make a stand, no matter what. That is the place I reached even before I started the letters in March 2012, and nothing has changed in me since, other than reinforcing my position.

As suicides began to be reported, when ten people had taken their lives in despair, that didn’t make the first one acceptable, and now thousands of lives have been lost there is no place of compromise which says a few hundred was ok.

There is another expression that is relevant to this, ‘crossing the Rubicon’, which relates to Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon river as an act of insurrection and treason from which there was no return. As he did so Caesar was reputed to have said “alea iacta est” – the die is cast. Whatever happens now, the Tories are long past the point of no return.

In their war against the poor there are inevitably factions and those who support the Tories either in ignorance or knowingly.

The facts remain, the Tories are attacking the lives of ordinary people to the point of death. They began with the poorest and most vulnerable, but it has spread far beyond them to front line services, our NHS, doctors and nurses, schools and children, young people entering the world of work and independence, the bedroom tax, the brutal sanctions regime, students, access to legal redress, housing and so much more. David Cameron even had the bloody gall to write and complain to Ian Hudspeth, the Tory leader of Oxfordshire County Council, about cuts to front line services that he, Cameron, was responsible for creating.

Whatever their motives are, even if it is blind stupidity, they are without excuse. so far as the Tories are concerned my heart has been turned to stone and my will is utterly set against them. They are a pernicious evil and no matter how powerful they are, no matter what forces they set against us, no matter how formidable they may appear, they must be brought down.

Theresa May said that this is the most important election in her lifetime, I disagree, this is the most important election in my lifetime and the lifetimes of all those she is attacking on a daily basis. She is fighting for her political career, we are fighting for our lives. As a disabled pensioner, I know they are gunning for me, it is my own life that is at stake and for which I am fighting along with millions of other ordinary people across the length and breadth of Britain.

To use the words of Dylan Thomas, I will not go gentle into that good night, old age should burn and rave at close of day; rage, rage against the dying of the light: the light the Tories are hell bent on extinguishing. Life is too precious to give up silently. The closer I get to my end the more precious each moment is, and the more my heart swells for the love of it. Death will inevitably take me in my time, but without surrender to any Tory coward or their vile policies.

KOG. 30 April 2017


Cities are incredibly vulnerable places and I am not sure that the Tories and neoliberals across the world have thought this through.

London is becoming increasingly gentrified as a matter of policy, big money is enforcing social cleansing, it’s getting rid of the poor and creating a haven for wealth, and wealth in and of itself is essentially useless, relying on others to make the stuff that sustains life and having it imported, hence the super port called ‘London Gateway’ in Thurrock, Essex.

The culture of greed of the global 1% enshrines competitiveness as if it is holy writ, whilst denigrating cooperation as weak, leftist, bleeding heart, socialism.

We are in the midst of a global economic apocalypse, driven by greed at the cost of everyone and everything else on the planet and the poor in particular. Those who are amassing global wealth know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

Right now our NHS is in crisis, this has been caused wilfully and with intent to privatise the nations health service and introduce an insurance payment system which, because such a system is predicated on profit, not health, will deny comprehensive health care to millions of people. People will be abandoned to die for want of care because their needs are a profit loss and therefore of no value.

The staggering stupidity of this is that they seem not to realise that they are driving people out of health care professions, which makes health care precarious for everyone, including them. The junior doctors dispute caused by Jeremy Hunt, has alienated an entire national group, a labour force, of real, actual, people, personally, politically and professionally.

Biting the hands that heal us has to be the very pinnacle of stupid.

Living in cities has, at its very core, dependence, there is not a city on Earth that is capable of providing its needs without a vast infrastructure to provide for those who live there by road, rail, sea and air. Supermarkets are contingent on daily deliveries of stock, Millions of people live one pay day away from starvation whilst entire cities and towns are just a few days away from starvation reliant, as they are, on ‘just in time’ deliveries.

I well recall going to a local supermarket for a loaf of bread after an overnight snow fall to discover that the bread shelves were empty, along with eggs and milk, I drove out of town to a bigger supermarket to find their shelves empty as well. The very fact that I could drive there says everything about panic buying for no reason and the fragility of supply.

Whilst governments hold us to ransom to sustain the competitive thirst of big business for profit, big business also holds us for ransom for overpriced goods to sustain their profits.

Cities like London, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle are consumer monsters, resource hungry, not least in fossil fuels, for their daily survival.

Prior to the 2008 banker driven crisis this may well have seemed an irrelevant issue to raise, but with the imposition of austerity on ordinary people, increasing poverty, inequality and global unrest, the cooperative endeavour that maintains modern life is not just being denigrated, it’s being attacked by those whose only motivation is greed, which includes the government which is hell bent on finishing what Thatcher started.

The so called ‘free markets’ are anything but free for the vast majority of ordinary people who are merely food ‘stock’ for corporate greed and the wealthy few. The richest 1% own more wealth than the rest of the entire world and a mere 62 people own half of all global wealth.

We no longer have a ‘salt of the Earth’ working class but a denigrated, demoralised, demonised and penalised working class who are being killed off at a terrifying rate and whose only function is to serve greed or be abandoned to manage, somehow, or die. Homelessness is on the rise and homeless people are being criminalized in a country in which the government makes no attempt to address the housing crisis. If the government really cared about jobs and housing the answer would be to build social housing! That they don’t and won’t is the measure of the hostility and contempt they have for our lives.

Those who live the most precarious lives are being targeted by government and if the consequences of that are of society rotting under the insanity of neoliberalism, it has only one direction to go and we’re already seeing the results. Student debt, shrinking the welfare state, the destruction of front line services, including our NHS and those who staff it, asset stripping the nation and selling off everything that we, tax payers, have paid for and maintained, if all that isn’t creeping rot from the bottom up I do not know what is.

On 17th January 2017, the Guardian reported that the government is failing to deal with corruption at home and in Britain’s overseas territories, David Cameron said at last years anti-corruption summit which he hosted, corruption is “the cancer at the heart of so many of the problems we need to tackle in our world.” He was in prime position to know, but there are consequences to state corruption which I am not sure he’s really thought through any more than Theresa May or the rest of the right wing ideologues.

Servicing cities and, indeed, an entire nation is a mind buggering undertaking and yet it goes largely unremarked, it’s tempting to call it a logistical nightmare, except that it carries on day and night, a gigantic cooperative operation organised by countless people in countless ways. In human terms roads and railways are the nations arteries, then there are great ships and planes traversing the world and all the technology to make it all work, including all the communications networks and who makes it all work? Not the government. There is nothing coordinating the entire system, it’s an astonishing collective effort run and operated by millions of ordinary people in which we are all players, reliant on one another and yet almost all complete strangers to each other.

If one person ceases to be able to function, however that may be at home or at work, it’s no big societal deal, but as life becomes more precarious and unstable for increasing numbers of people then the system will become affected, in ways great and small, and the more that is pushed by government policy and corporate greed, the more complex the problems become and the more chaotic.

All of this is being caused by a neoliberal agenda of unrestrained vulture capitalism and greed which, according to right wing doctrine, left to its own devices will privatise everything and sort the world out and do it more efficiently and offer better value for money and choice than public ownership and collective action. That is the same as saying that in order to sort out the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, what we need is another tsunami, bigger and more destructive than the first one that caused it.

I look forward to the day when the whole thing unravels for only one reason, when a banker comes to rural Peasedown St John, where I live, with a bar of gold, begging for food because he and his kind have turned London into a wasteland, I want be in the front line to tell him that having done it all for what’s sitting in his hand, he can now “Fuck off and eat it!” Bear in mind that David Cameron and George Osborne, the two arch criminals and architects of austerity for the poor in Britain, are currently (Jan 2017) reported to be earning five figure sums for 20 minute speeches to bankers, the architects of the global economic meltdown in 2008, at the World Economic Forum in the Swiss resort of Davos. The solution to greed is yet more greed (economics for the terminally stupid).

Our day will come although it’ll get worse before it gets better, but sooner (probably) rather than later, we will either wrest the world from their grasp, or it will unravel through their senseless greed, and we will have to restore sharing, cooperation and collective action for all our sakes, but never forgive those who caused it and have treated us with such brutality and contempt.

There are two certainties in life, they say, death and taxes, now there is a third, the absolute greed of the few at the expense of the entire planet. The world is drowning in their arrogance and stupidity.

This is global economic warfare, and there is no possible excuse for it, nor is there a way out unless we resist and fight back in whatever way we are capable of. Our essential instincts of flight or fight won’t help us here, there is nowhere to run that can ever be anything but a temporary shelter from greed. The world is our birthplace and our birthright, it is a closed system, but it is also now a prison being run by criminals who are destroying it. Our only choices are to do nothing or fight. It is as hard and as simple as that, but above all, never, ever, vote for them, that’s not democracy, that’s suicide.

KOG. 19 January 2017


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,465

Wednesday 15 June 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

In the years since WWII, there is one beacon that I can see standing out in which I cannot just see but experience the greater personal and public good, something that exists for everyone in this country in an everyday real and tangible way.

It’s something that you Tories can’t hold a match to and you modern day city puppets are mere juveniles overshadowed by giants that you despise.

In all the long history of these islands I do not think anything greater has ever been achieved for the common good than the post war consensus. In essence it lasted 34 years, from 1945 until 1979 (with the election of Margaret Thatcher), but you Tories were always its enemy, just as you have always been the enemy of ordinary people.

The founding of the welfare state, the NHS and a massive programme of house building at a time when we were essentially broke, should have been celebrated annually, perhaps as a public holiday, lest we forgot that phenomenal achievement and found it written out of history as you are seeking to do today as you oversee its destruction.

As this accursed referendum, which sickens me more each day, lumbers on, ordinary people, according to their lights, want something good out of it. Even the most rabid, xenophobic, racist, bigots want, in essence, something good for them. Yet I do not think anything more divisive has occurred in living memory, overseen and manipulated by those who care nothing for the common good, you Tories.

Rupert Murdoch and his shit rag Sun has announced his will, a billionaire media whore who lives in America and yet enjoys the ear of the UK government, wants Britain out of the EU. I am sure he does, but for reasons that will best serve himself, caring nothing for his readers other than the power he wields over them. Nothing says, in or out, more than vested interests, money, corporations, power, greed, the aristocracy of wealth in which ordinary people are but bit players expected to vote for some crumbs of meaningful worth and value. We are a nation divided and for what? So that we can watch the spectacle of fools parade themselves selling opiates to the masses? People begging for the one that offers the greatest pain relief and hating their neighbour just in case they get the better one or force everyone to have the worst one.

I was thinking today that the thing that would influence me the most would be knowing how many more people must die before Britain, in or out, finds sanity again and is rid of the most evil government in our history. The most attractive vote I can think of is whatever meant I would never have to hear or read the words Tory or Conservative again, because nothing good is ever going to come from a Tory unless it’s as history. If we vote remain for the protections that Europe offers the lives of ordinary people, let us never forget that does not compare with the phenomenal positive good of our post war achievements that, in or out of Europe, you are stealing from us.

envelope_stickers005The Tories have changed the entire political landscape of Britain, and it hasn’t been a bit of cosmetic landscape design, it’s been a seismic shift, a devastating earthquake.

Many people have struggled, and many are still struggling, to believe what has happened, their credulity simply won’t stretch that far, yet. Many are in shock and still others steadfastly refuse to see what is happening in plain sight.

The government is committing acts of terrorism and economic warfare against the people of Britain on a scale that does beggar belief. Many people are in a state of shock, and it is right that they should be. I cannot find it in me to blame people for being in denial or unable to grasp the enormity of a situation that was none of our making.

As more and more people come out of shock and disbelief and begin to engage with this war against us, more will follow, as a chain reaction and be reassured that they are not going mad and that they are not alone.

The veneer of civilisation remains, lamp posts are still standing, pavements are not heaving, bent and buckled, the earthquake is ideological, it’s hidden in plain sight and it’s minds and lives that are buckled and bent.

The more people engage, the more they take action, the easier it becomes to for people to see and understand. Meanwhile it requires patience, not a sit back and wait patience, but a determined, deliberate patience in which to act and not wait for others to catch up or even complain that they haven’t, yet.

The great body of the British public is a multi person behemoth that is slow to get moving, but once moving it steadily increases in pace until it becomes relentlessly unstoppable.

I am just one old guy, just an ageing hippy, who’s been writing a letter a day to number 10 for four years now and I do wonder every day what more I could do. Chain myself to a lamp post. Paddle a kayak from the source of the Thames down to London with a fucking great banner. Find a wall or a gallery where I can put up a copy of every single letter so far. Block the local bypass and get arrested. Or any of dozens of other ideas that flit through my mind. But right now I’ll keep on doing what I am actually doing until some shattering ray of light blasts me in another direction.

If we do the best we each can do and keep on, keeping on, no one can demand more from us or point a finger which does not have three others pointing back.

So I’ll end with this note.

If it begins with T and ends in ORY it is now abundantly clear that it should never be seen outside of a straitjacket and should be kept under armed guard at all times.

Love, peace and solidarity.

KOG 20 April 2016

01_october_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,217

Thursday 01 October 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Britain under the Tories, who know the price of everything but the value of nothing, is like the cold slab of an altar of greed, on which life, culture, community and people are sacrificed to the god of the ‘free’ markets. The scale of the cost is utterly staggering, not least in the dismal greyness of your vengeful dismal policies.

I learnt today that a care home in Harrogate has been reprimanded by inspectors for using terms of endearment with the residents. In Britain terms of endearment are ubiquitous, they are part of the rich culture of society and community the length and breath of Britain with incredible cultural variables. The Harrogate incident is a fitting tribute to life under you Tories, devoid of any human expression or care for the lives of ordinary people.

Your much used and abused expression that Britain is for ‘For Hardworking People’ is as patronising as it is meaningless as it is dismal as it is valueless and empty. Yet you trot it out and use it to demean everyone and anyone who, for whatever reason doesn’t fit your ridiculously narrow narrative of work, work, work. Gone are the days when we might be allowed to think that we work to live, in Tory Britain we must live to work and anyone not conforming to your shabby view must be penalised.

Even housing is just another commodity, in which communities are destroyed to make way for property speculators and you are planning to end lifetime tenancies as if community and roots have no value what so ever, even ‘social cleansing’ has become a familiar term in Tory Britain.

I had put off watching Jeremy Corbyn’s speech at the Labour conference, knowing it would upset me, but I watched it this morning and, yes, it upset me greatly. It was a speech of inclusiveness, of common sense and reason in a country in which such things are being eroded daily by the soulless brutality of you and your party.

A life of great privilege, about which you apparently claimed to have been born with two silver spoons in your mouth, doesn’t seem to include any understanding of humanity leaving you hopelessly inadequate for the post you currently hold in which you are betraying the majority of your employers for the benefit of the privileged few who, under Tory austerity, have seen their wealth double. A politics of the people, by the people, for the people is a welcome step in returning this country to sanity because the one thing this country cannot afford is the party of privilege, the Tories.