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01_july_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,480

Friday 01 July 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

When Michael Gove said that ‘people in this country have had enough of experts’, he did something rather spectacular which sums up the problems of our time and the referendum. As a media savvy elitist, he spun a deliberate falsehood which meant that people opening their door to find some kind of sense, reason or expertise were first met by people like Gove, not to mention you and Johnson, who had set themselves up as guardians of the lie blocking the door and befouling the road to any kind of truth.

So sure and certain is Gove in his awe inspiring arrogance, he’s standing to be the next leader of your party and so great is his overweening confidence in his feudal arrogance, he probably dines off the backs of serfs laden with platters glazed with the Union Jack.

Yes, the Union Jack, that national symbol of Britain’s greatness, a symbol of imperial might, ownership, rulership, war and oppression (what else are flags for?). Small wonder you have adopted it for your party logo as you drive us back to the heady days when people knew their place and were dutifully subservient to their masters and betters who so utterly despised them, as now.

It reminds me of my early days of writing to you. I was contacted by someone who told me I had no idea how to write a proper letter to the Prime Minister of Great Britain and proceeded to rewrite one of my letters, with never a care for asking my permission, into official, respectful, meaningless gobbledygook. The poor chap was most put out when I refused his noble efforts to educate me into the language of proper servitude.

I was incredibly impressed by Boris Johnson’s Brexit speech, he had all the conviction of a man speaking at his own funeral. It is of no surprise that he will not be contesting the Tory leadership because he is too craven to sup from the poison chalice he himself filled. Bad career choice, eh?

War is the sport of those who rule, Mr Cameron, and what a bloody war it is that you wage against us. You gave us a referendum, but none have sought to manipulate the result more than you and your band of liars who would never trust us with a free and informed vote. You’ve all made it the most divisive vote in our history.

Whatever happens now, one thing is sure, the war on the poor will continue, Osborne has promised us that. However the vote went, we would be punished, we had austerity before the vote and we’ll have austerity after, people will die but that means nothing to you. Whatever happens, you are certain of your own life of luxury in which betrayal is the most valuable coinage. For you it’s a game, for us it is deadly, because only we pay the price. In an uncertain world, that is certain.

Boris Johnson ‘takes the coward’s way out’ in the face of Michael Gove’s betrayal



A letter a day to number 10. No 1,476

Monday 27 June 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

If anything should have been learnt from the referendum, although I do not think it has yet been properly driven home, it is the utter scorn and contempt which the so called elites have for ordinary people.

I was reading an article on the upcoming Tory leadership ‘race’ and came across this little nugget regarding Michael Gove and Boris Johnson. A friend of Johnson apparently said, “I think a Boris/Michael dream ticket would be the most likely. Perhaps with Michael as Boris’s chancellor.”

You’ll have to forgive my cognitive dissonance, but ‘dream ticket’? The reward for misleading the Tory Brexit campaign is that Boris Johnson could be the next Prime Minister and Michael Gove, the man who stated, ‘people in this country have had enough of experts’, as chancellor of the exchequer? If an economically illiterate George Osborne can make an utter pigs breakfast of the economy, what is a cloud cuckoo cuckoo land Gove going to do?

It must also be noted that at a time of intense uncertainty over Europe and a change of leadership in your party, fools within the Labour party have taken it upon themselves to challenge the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. Contempt for the electorate and the well being of the nation is not restricted to you Tories, although I am pleased to see that those involved have been given short shrift.

What matters, and matters crucially, here is the utter disdain and contempt for the people of this country by those who exert their arrogance and privilege for entirely self serving reasons.

I mentioned the petition yesterday calling for another referendum, there is a lot that is wrong headed about this, but high on the list has to be that unless there is political reform in this country in which the government and ‘serving’ members of parliament are held to account by the people, nothing is going to get better.

Every member of parliament should have one burning agenda and duty right now and that is the well being and security of the people of this country. You have spent six years dismantling Britain, you have failed the people of Britain in every conceivable way and that very much includes the handling of the referendum. Britain’s future is what matters right now and any and every politician with any agenda other than the well being of this nation is an enemy of the people. No if’s, no but’s! Do your jobs or get out!