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The right wing media, the Telegraph, Sun, Mail, Express, etc. are celebrating the hiring of Lynton Crosby to run Theresa May’s election campaign. They describe Crosby in such terms as ‘mastermind behind 2015 win’, ‘political guru Sir Lynton Crosby’, ‘the architect of David Cameron’s victory’, but he’s also known as ‘master of the dark political arts’.

Psychological manipulation and perception management, better known as propaganda or PR, lie at the heart of much of what we are going to be assaulted with in the following weeks.

This is a real time information war, a media onslaught against the best interests of ordinary people. The elites (very much the Tories) are for the elites and no matter how wealthy they get, they always want more and the source of their wealth is always ordinary people.

Every time they foul up, create a financial crash, boom and bust, they expect the victims, the ordinary tax payers, to pick up the tab regardless of the cost in the lives and well being of the people. And the media is fully complicit in this, telling ordinary people that the rich and powerful are the only people we can trust, even whilst sucking us dry, and demonising socialists and anyone calling for a fair and just society.

Anyone wanting a clearer picture of what is going on has to make an effort to find sources of information other than the main stream media. But in order to do that, it first requires that people begin to suspect that they might not be getting the full story. Even then it is not easy to gather information, it takes practice.

Alternative media sites are ranked lower than the mainstream media (MSM) by Google and other search engines. Type any trending headline and the MSN is top of the list. Information is sifted in favour of the dominant narrative of those in power including those who own the media.

What you will see are news articles from the Guardian, Telegraph, Sun, Mail, Express, etc. What you will not see are independent sites like Vox Political, Dorset Eye, Skwawkbox, The Canary, Evolve Politics and so on. Any reputable news site will source their information enabling readers to check what they are reporting for themselves, rags that the Sun, Mail and Express, the more extreme right, don’t bother to do so because they are in the business of manipulating their readers, not informing them.

Even the least curious, least media savvy, people will have heard how awful or useless Jeremy Corbyn is, and indeed, are likely to be the most vocal in their denunciation of him. They have likely never heard him make a speech, other then the soundbites offered by the mainstream media in discrediting him, never looked at his policies, never questioned what socialism is and perhaps strongly suspect it is really just the western face of communism, a wolf in sheeps clothing, and that Corbyn eats babies for breakfast (I think I am jesting there, but who knows?).

Theresa May would not have called this general election if she were not very confident of winning and she certainly wouldn’t be refusing to appear in debates or accepting any media presence (even those loyal to her) at her staged rallies or any questions from anyone about her policies. And she’s ahead in the polls. In fact she is supremely confident that she will get an overwhelming majority.

In front of us, then, is a battle royal.

I was raised in a dirt poor royalist Tory household and I learnt my politics in the school of hard knocks and I am now a socialist to my bones and I am certain of one thing, we have to take the Tories down. It’s been said again and again, we must get rid of the Tories, too many have already died at their hands.

We are faced with an opportunity, we have at our fingertips a means of mass communication unlike anything previously seen of the planet. If we are to be victorious then it falls to each one of us to use it and exploit it to challenge the propaganda that will be filling the airwaves over the next few weeks.

This is not the time for hopelessness, especially amongst those who are suffering the most under the Tory jack boots and who have my every sympathy. This is the time to fight, this is the time for vengeance, this is the time to direct all the pain and suffering, the fear and desperate anxiety, at taking out the enemy within. This is the time to use our fury and bring the Tories down.

For every moment of fear of the dreaded brown envelope falling though the door, hit back! For David Cameron saying, “For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens ‘as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone.” Let’s give it right back and hound them out of office.

Those who know me will know I never argue or debate. I share information to the best of my creative ability and care nothing for trolls and shills and Theresa May is nothing if not a troll and a plague on our lives.

I am not a democracy, I am a sovereign human being and do not agree or submit to being subjugated by anyone, least of all by the likes of Cameron and May, but Theresa May is the subject of democracy, she is seeking to remain in office as Prime Minister and she has a duty to the people, to the democratic power of the people and the people have a right to be informed. If she will not do it, and she won’t, we can and must. She wishes to rule by deceit, that is what she has employed Lynton Crosby to do. We have to call the shots and challenge every lie and they come up with, every deceit, every rotten ploy to deceive the public, using all our intelligence and creativity and the tools at our disposal.

And above all, set our teeth, our minds and hearts, to WIN! It is time to commit the nasty party to history. Whatever the result on the 8th of June, that is for then, this is now. Fight to wipe the smiles of their arrogant faces and eat their mockery of us. Fight to win back our lives!

KOG. 22 April 2017


Apart from the inevitable blip after the banks insatiable greed took down the global economy and the public were forced to bail them out to the tune of some £850 billion (UK), revenue from taxation has risen year on year ever since.

Britain is not, nor ever was, broke, close to bankruptcy, or in need of any austerity measures whatsoever. As Mike Sivier put it in Vox Political, “Simon Wren-Lewis re-states a valuable point in his latest Mainly Macro post – that the UK has suffered under Conservative austerity policies, not because there was a need for spending cuts but because the Tories had an excuse to impose them.”

What the crisis enabled the Tories to do was to implement plans, long in the making, to privatise the state, lock, stock and barrel and to rob the public blind with catastrophic cuts to services and provision across the board. The entire Tory reign of terror and, specifically, the war on the poor, has been the greatest scam in UK history. People have starved, died and committed suicide for an obscene Tory lie.

If you examine the attached charts you’ll notice that the entire corporate and business contribution to tax revenue this year will be 7%. The Tories have repeatedly lowered corporation tax and done nothing about tax avoidance or evasion. As Britain mobilises for work each day the profit from people’s labour is sucked out never to be seen again, meanwhile corporations enjoy massive public handouts, which the Guardian reported in 2014 amounted to £95 billion.


As Brexit approaches it is fair to ask what is going to happen to EU land subsidies in the UK? Under the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), in 2012 land subsidies cost the average British household £245 a year. Britain’s wealthiest landowners, including the Queen, are gifted money as they sleep, a land tax would add billions to tax revenues, easing the burden on ordinary people. What the Tories plan to do about land subsidies after Brexit remains to be seen, but it is not hard to guess and nor can we expect it to get any mention in the press. They look after their own.

There was no need for any of the austerity that has wrecked the lives of millions of people across the UK, many now dead. As Mark McGowan, the artist taxi driver, said in 2010, ‘This is not a recession, it’s a robbery’, which became the title of a movie he released in 2013.

There are local elections on May 4th. For the millions of people with no idea what to do or how to survive, wondering where their next meal is coming from, using your vote matters if we are to end this national travesty and tragedy undertaken by the thieving Tories for no reason other than the transfer of the nations wealth into private hands.

If you have not registered to vote you can do it here:

Get mad, start getting even, vote the thieving Tories out.

12_april_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,400

Tuesday 12 April 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

My own MP has now waded into the great tax debate. Jacob Rees-Mogg, Honourable Member for the 18th Century as Vox Political aptly describes him, has apparently said, ‘tax avoidance is a matter of law, not morality’. He’s right, of course, but to quote Vox Political again, ‘Yes indeed – but when the law is made by people who participate in tax avoidance, because their own riches permit them that privilege, it is also corrupt’. Those who rig the game are the ones who are in the position to play the game and they make damned sure the game is rigged to maximise their advantage. People like me don’t even have a ringside seat, it’s simply no part of my world and nor do I want it to be, simply because it’s tedious, mind numbing, stuff.

What sparks my interest is corruption and the overwhelming dishonesty of people like you who practice deceit behind a pretence of morality without a grain of substance.

It was you who decided to make a public example of Jimmy Carr condemning his involvement in a tax avoidance scheme which you described as “frankly and morally wrong”. You went on to say, ‘It is not fair on hardworking people who do the right thing and pay their taxes to see these sorts of scams taking place’. Unlike Rees-Mogg you are quite happy to ramp up the noise on the affairs of others, sowing divisiveness for political advantage, but when I comes to your own affairs regarding Blairmore Investment Inc, and your father, you bleat, ‘I think it is being unfairly described and my father’s name unfairly written about’. Spare us, please.

Over the course of last week you finally admitted to some of your financial arrangements, but, as ever, the truth was still on holiday. You informed us that your wife, Samantha, doesn’t own any properties but owns a field in Scunthorpe. What you failed to mention is that apparently that field is a £77,000 stake in prime arable land in Normanby Estate Holdings or perhaps, as reported in 2013, it is worth. £200,000.

Who knows with you? Your life is so entangled in lies, it is impossible to know. Everything you are seems to be an elaborate pretence, a PR creation without any real substance. The only job you’ve had outside of politics was at Carlton as director of corporate affairs, gained through the help of Lady Aster on a tidy salary of about £90,000 a year. Privilege has its little perks eh, Mr Cameron?

You claimed in your manifesto, ‘We are the party of working people’. But it’s all a front, PR, the most ridiculous, vapid, nonsense. Right now, I do not doubt that your only concern is damage limitation, how to spin, lie and cheat your way out of your current difficulties. Defence minister Penny Mordaunt doesn’t think you’ve done anything wrong and that you’ve just damaged your credibility and must now demonstrate and build up ‘trust and rapport with the general public’. Once again I have to wonder what world you all live in? Has she paid no attention at all for the last six years? Your cabinet really is entirely made up of snake oil salesmen.

Here’s why Jacob Rees-Mogg is a bad choice to defend David Cameron’s undeclared financial interests

12_may_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,083

Tuesday 12 May 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I see that Iain Duncan Smith is to stay in the DWP as the minister in charge of depriving people of the means of survival and dismantling the welfare state.

The man is indefatigable and remorseless in targeting vulnerable people. Latest figures show that people with mental health problems comprise 62% of all ESA sanctions, dished out at a rate of more than 100 a day. Way to go! As our friends across the pond say.

As someone with serious, life long, mental health problems, I am in a position to know that targeting people in this way is guaranteed to cost lives and how well Smith clearly knows this. The longer he delays publishing the data on the number of Incapacity Benefit and ESA claimants who have died between November 2011 and May 2014, despite having been ordered to release it by the Information Commissioner to Mike Sivier of Vox Political, the more he just fuels suspicions that the figures must be damning indeed.

The Royal College of GPs reported in early 2014 on the sharp rise in the number of people between the ages of 15 to 34 suffering from depression, stress and anxiety. To any sensible human being this indicates that there are serious social problems behind this increase and even more sensibly would expect research to be undertaken at a government level as a matter of priority.

As M Scot Peck observed, depression is anger turned inwards, devouring the individual from the inside out. It is a measure of the feelings of impotence to effect change resulting in self blame, loss of any sense of worth, overwhelming feelings of hopelessness and giving rise to despair and suicidal thoughts and, in too many tragic cases, suicide itself.

Does Smith care? Is he even capable of care? Do any of you market driven ideologues who know the price of everything and the value of nothing even remotely care about the lives and well being of ordinary people across this disunited kingdom? Clearly not.

29_march_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,042

Sunday 29 March 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

The Disability News Service (DNS) yesterday reported that a terminally ill woman “risked being charged with an ‘offence’ and would lose part of her benefits if she used an insurance policy windfall to pay for her own funeral”. What we have seen over the past five years of Tory misrule is the extraordinary lengths to which your government will go to interfere in peoples lives depriving us of autonomy and choice and imposing top down intrusive micro management of our lives. The Claimant Commitment Contract enforced under the threat of sanctions is a prime example of this.

Regarding the woman’s funeral arrangements a DWP spokeswoman said: “A decision-maker looks at each case on its own merits to decide whether any capital asset should be taken into account. These decisions carry a right of appeal”. Implicit in that statement is the lack of the application of any human discretion towards people managing their own affairs. Of course there needs to be measures in place to detect whether people are wilfully disposing of income in a way that “could be considered deprivation of capital” in order to exploit the benefit system and, indeed, such measures have always been in place. What we are now witnessing and experiencing is the blunt brutality of a DWP dictatorship that is devoid of any humanity.

The DWP stating that their decisions carry the right of appeal is about as helpful and welcome as a rat in a larder. That someone with a terminal illness might be forced to waste their last precious days on Earth battling with the DWP is an abomination!

But let’s move on to the leaked documents ‘prepared by civil servants at the request of Conservative Party officials’ seen by the BBC about proposed cuts to welfare. You and George Osborne have refused to give any details of what Osborne’s proposed £12 billion in welfare cuts, on top of the £20 billion already made, are likely to be. The BBC reports: “A spokeswoman for Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith said: “This is ill-informed and inaccurate speculation.” Maybe, but speculate we must because we are the ones who will be paying for these cuts with our lives. I have no sympathy for villains who are caught out behaving like victims and crying foul play.

The truth is that these cuts will cost lives and this is, as fellow blogger Mike Sivier of Vox Political powerfully put it, a Tory plan for a benefit system massacre through “chequebook euthanasia programmes”. As one of the people at risk of paying the ultimate price in this lottery of death I take extreme exception to the thought of having the means of survival further stripped away to the point where I am likely to be starving or freezing (or both) to death whilst waiting for the DWP to grant me the right to appeal the decision to kill me. These murderous policies must be exposed and challenged whilst I am still living as once I am dead I’ll be no good to man nor beast but I’ll not be shamed by you or anyone for the necessary paupers funeral. In fact the thought of such a state funeral is pleasingly farcical, a touché to the public’s very generous £3.6 million state funeral farce for Thatcher who was, as far as I know, neither disabled nor poor.