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Terrorist isn’t anything other than a sobriquet, a meaningless, but convenient, nickname for anyone who does something, or might do something, against society or the state. It exists on a par with yob, layabout and hooligan. It is a lazy and deceitful term brought into play by George W Bush in his bogus ‘war on terror’ who first used it on 20 September 2001 after 9/11.

Terrorist means anyone and no one, and has been used ever since 9/11 for indiscriminate killing absent of any evidence. A drone strike on a terrorist cell tells us absolutely nothing other than it is a group so labelled by politicians with deceitful intent. It means huge profits for the military industrial complex and misery for everyone else at an estimated cost (over a decade) of ‘$4.4 trillion to western tax payers’ and has not made a single person safer but has made the entire world less safe.

The war on terror is a war against an enemy or enemies unknown who may or may not represent a threat to western interests and who may or may not commit acts of terror, it is a war without end because it has no meaning in real terms. lacking entirely in specifics.

Terrorism is a political ideology, like austerity, and both serve a dishonest political agenda.

The recent incident in London was called a terrorist attack within minutes, which was all that was required to set the world ablaze. The Police have since reported that ‘Khalid Masood (now named but unknown at the time) acted entirely alone for reasons that may never be known’.

Anyone who uses the term terrorist is participating in a monstrous public relations scam, it is a triumph of public manipulation by unscrupulous politicians and specifically George W Bush and the hawks who surrounded him.

The war on terror is primarily a war for profits, and arms and security industries have flourished since 9/11 and they are just the tip of an enormous iceberg of rapacious corporate greed for global resources.

But the war on terror is first and foremost an ideological war of words, of public manipulation and psychological distortion. It is an aggressive war prosecuted by the powerful, including the media, over the lives of ordinary people. Our best weapon in this war is resistance and calling it for what it is, a scam perpetrated by corrupt politicians and liars with vested interests in its continuation.

KOG. 26 March 2017

How the front pages of newspapers are reporting the London terror attack


08_december_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,279

Tuesday 08 December 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

The late great Howard Zinn wrote in ‘Our War on Terrorism’: “Let us begin by recognizing that terrorist acts – the killing of innocent people to achieve some desired goal – are morally unacceptable and must be repudiated and opposed by anyone claiming to care about human rights.”

He makes it clear at the beginning of the piece that he was ‘calling it “our” war on terrorism because I (Zinn) want to distinguish it from Bush’s war on terrorism, and from Sharon’s, and from Putin’s.’ In other words, the people’s war on terrorism. That’s a fairly novel idea, that the people have a war on terrorism quite distinct from that pursued my political figures and the media and it is an incredibly important distinction to make. It is a distinction that lies at the heart of protest and activism, the right to peaceful protest, free speech and freedom of expression, those precise rights you are seeking to suppress.

In September this year a coroner demanded that the government take action to ‘prevent future deaths of disability benefit claimants, after concluding in a “ground-breaking” inquest verdict that a disabled man killed himself as a direct result of being found “fit for work”.’

In your ideological war on the poor, the imposition of permanent austerity and the cuts aimed at poor, disabled and vulnerable people, like the bedroom tax and ending the Independent Living Fund, you  and your government have wreaked havoc in vulnerable lives and have terrorised them. People talk about the fear of the brown envelope, a fear I am intimately acquainted with, wondering what kind of hideous DWP imposed nightmare they might contain. Worse still is that you pursue these policies without regard for the views, experiences and suffering of ordinary people. We are denied any voice in your pursuit of dismantling all state provision in favour of privatisation. As Polly Toynbee and David Walker put it, “Cameron seized the 2010 “crisis” to realise his ideological ends. By exaggerating the parlous state of national finances, he was able to pursue his longstanding ambition to diminish the public realm. Margaret Thatcher privatised state-run industries; Cameron’s ambition was no less than to abolish the postwar welfare state itself. The Office of Budget Responsibility recently announced Cameron’s victory – by 2018, it forecast, we would have a state the size it was in the 1930s.”

In pursuit of such an ideological goal, the cares and considerations of those affected do not matter, that people are terrorised in the process is entirely predictable and, of course, must be routinely and ideologically ignored, just as they are. Your latest move to ban peers from overturning legislation is entirely necessary because in dismantling the state by deceit (never honestly declared), you must silence all opposition including the second house. That people are driven into poverty, homelessness, despair and death, is just collateral damage and exactly what Zinn was talking about: ‘the killing of innocent people to achieve some desired goal’. That is ‘our’ war on terror.

27_november_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,268

Friday 27 November 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

You claim that air strikes against Islamic State militants in Syria would be in the UK’s “national interest”. As Mark McGowan, the artist taxi driver, said in a recent video, the worlds two greatest super powers, the USA and Russia, are bombing Syria, do we really need you to join in? Nothing is clear about the situation in Syria, the world and her uncle has an opinion, but no one even knows, not even you, what the name of the threat is apart from some dumb acronym. Is it ISIS, ISIL, IS, the Islamic State? What bloody state is that?

What is absolutely certain and beyond question is that the situation is becoming increasingly unstable, not helped by the damned media and talking heads engaging in endless and pointless speculation. Speculation is not news. Johnny falling off his bike is news, bringing in a social affairs correspondent, a psychologist and his mother to discuss why Johnny fell off his bike and what familial or societal factors might have been involved or was this a subconscious call for help is mind numbing nonsense.

Terrorism is the gift that keeps on giving. National leaders get to do a whole lot of barrel thumping and play acting as gung ho statesmen. You get to bring in ever more oppressive surveillance. You’ve even announced that 10,000 troops are going to take to the streets of Britain in the fight against Islamic State extremists.

Regarding this deployment of troops you had the audacity to say, “It’s being there at the disposal of the police , perhaps to provide a security cordon or particular amounts of safety. In the past we had rather an artificial divide between these two functions and I think it’s time to get rid of it.” The divide between domestic police and our military defence forces is not artificial, it’s a crucial divide, and you removing it creates an internal militarised state. There is nothing artificial about it at all and once again you’re talking cross eyed badger spit (thank you Douglas Adams… yet again).

You are planning a ‘£178 billion investment in defence equipment and support over the next decade’, how about nationalising the arms industry and not filling the pockets of the obscenely wealthy whilst robbing us blind so that you can play with the big boys at the top table? Bush got his bloody war on terror and it’s been escalating ever since. None of what is happening existed before Bush announced the worlds new manufactured war on terror and planted ‘terrorist’ in the minds of the world in a deluge of bullshit propaganda. It’s beyond obscene! War, what is it good for? Profits and lunatics! Nothing else.–President-Bush-Declares–War-on-Terror-.html

18_november_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,259

Wednesday 18 November 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I know that Russia isn’t your flavour of the month just now but I’m afraid I must mention Russia and add it to the list of countries you said were bombing Syria – ‘the US, France, Jordan and the Gulf countries and (yes) Russia. Don’t you think that’s enough countries bombing Syria into the stone age? Are you really still gung ho to get in there as well?

Do tell me, since 9/11, which prompted Bush and Blair’s little war on terror and bringing democracy to the Middle East, how would you say it’s going in terms of resolving one single damned thing? What has all this bloody war achieved?

The tragedy in France hasn’t come out of nowhere, it’s come out of a radicalised Middle East, countless civilian deaths that are barely worth a mention in the news any more, we’ve moved on from collateral damage, Saddam Hussein long dead, but we’re still going at it like mad dogs. If Britain was under such heinous military attack as the Middle East is right now, you and the entire media would be pumping us up with patriotism and radicalising a nation to take the fight to the enemy. Radicalised people would be hero’s, just as long as they’re our people.

If you get what you want, to bomb Syria, how many more refugees will there be? How many more radicalised people who hate the West. How many more children will die, including the half million who died from sanctions (imposed most enthusiastically by Britain and the US)? How many more adult civilian deaths? How much more damage and destruction of a people’s country, a country of some 22.85 million children, women and men; that great vast majority who don’t get a say in any damned thing?

Ordinary people involuntarily get caught up in the aspirations of the powerful and corrupt, as it has always been, cannon fodder, collateral damage, valueless in the games of those who presume to lord it over everyone else. Haven’t we learned anything, haven’t we had enough of all this utter waste of life, over and over and over again, learning nothing on the way?

Since becoming leader of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn has been brutally attacked for being a peace loving man, you even said, ‘Labour are now a serious risk to our nation’s security, our economy’s security and your family’s security’. You know, medical science has come a long way but it will never find a cure for stupid.