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Rich moment

The pound, like all money, has no fixed value, it is changing all the time, predominantly downwards. Due to creeping inflation it is a shadow of its former self. An item costing £1 in 1973 would cost around £10.55 in today’s money. Odd, then, that pay has been ever decreasing for the last 50 years when we should be earning 9-10 times more than we earned in the 70s.

The value of the pound on a daily basis is measured in how much confidence the financial markets have in it, if confidence goes up , the value of the pound goes up and vice versa.

Money is an entirely human construct and the value of notes and coins is merely symbolic, they do not in themselves contain the value they represent. In the natural world they only have the value of the materials from which they are constructed, which in all cases is mere pence or even less, and in real terms, belief in money has more in common with religious faith than science or nature. It works because we all believe it works. We have faith *hallelujah*. A faith which we are discovering is increasing misplaced, as Germany discovered in 1923 when, through hyper inflation, the price of a loaf of bread went from 250 Marks in January 1923 to 200 billion Marks in November 1923.

Money is a really bad measure of the worth of anything, including human beings and the value of our labour and our needs for the necessities of life provided by nature, whether naturally occurring or through some process of manufacture.

Money has always been a means of oppression and workers receive pay, not based on need but on a scale of merit which has no bearing on our real value or worth. Cleaners, for example, are notoriously paid less than they need to live on and yet their value is incalculable and almost entirely taken for granted. From our streets to hospitals to CEO offices, without our vast armies of cleaners the world would descend into chaos in less than a day and the more urbanised our environment the more vulnerable it is to the never ending tsunami of filth, waste and rubbish.

What about human beings then? Like all animal life on Earth we have absolute needs without which we simply die and, no matter by what means we obtain them, the Earth, naturally, or through human ingenuity, provides everything we need for our survival. The price of a dozen eggs or a cabbage might fluctuate, but the real value of eggs and cabbages never does, because we grow or purchase them for their food value in enabling our survival.

It is astonishing that we can argue over whether we have a nationalised postal service, transport services and health services, but we never discuss nationalising food production which is as vital as the air we breath. Theresa May doesn’t even want our children to have a decent meal at school in the middle of the day. That may be because she is simply not right in the head, but if so, nor is the rest of her party of the privileged which is depriving people of the means of survival on an epic scale.

Which brings me neatly to the biggest problem we face today. The Tories have weaponised money and are using it as a tool of oppression to enforce compliance to an existence of want and brute slavery or perish.

The Tories have always had a vastly inflated of sense of their own worth and that of the privileged few and a brutal contempt for the lives of ordinary people, that is why the Labour party came into existence, to challenge the Tory orthodoxy of brutality and then, as now, the Tories have always held Labour and the lives of ordinary people in contempt. They simply don’t want us to get on in life, least of all flourish, they only want obedient worker drones

As a subjective measure of our enslavement to money, it’s imposed scarcity and means of ideological oppression, just reflect on many times and in how many ways you think about money in any one day? How much does worrying about money and your ability to manage in the 5th richest country in the world affect your life?

We have reached a stage in our human development when the old colonial attitude of conquest and domination has had its day. The Tories are a historical throwback and a terminal wrong in the world. Nothing will do other than their eradication as a political ideology. They do not mean us well and their removal from office cannot come too soon.

Money should be the servant of the people, not their master. It’s not rocket science, except to the Tories and their kind who seem incapable of any evolutionary progress.

KOG. 25 July 2017



A letter a day to number 10. No 1,435

Monday 16 May 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Following on from yesterday on investigations into electoral fraud, had the election results been different, not only would your majority have been in question, but the vote to cutES ESA by £30 a week for the sick and disabled people would also have been in question. 309 Tories voted for the cuts against 274, no other party voted for the cuts, whilst 26 Labour MPs abstained.

I have no idea who those abstentions were, but shame on them anyway. Had they voted with any sense of social justice the vote would have been 309 to 300.

What an entirely different story that might have been if the alleged corrupt elections had produced a different result and a few more backbones had straightened up.

Your wholesale attacks on sick and disabled people are without precedent, you have weaponised money to assault the poor. Any government that can afford to give tax breaks to the rich whilst targeting cuts at the poor to supposedly pay down a debt which the poor had no part in creating has abandoned all decency and descended into barbarity.

Let’s make no mistake, Stephen Crabb, who has replaced that arch villain Iain Duncan Smith, is a neoliberal sock puppet, as is Priti Patel who seems to find abusing the poor amusing. It is a great pity Patel cannot be prosecuted for electoral fraud as a self serving political careerist. Actually, were such a thing possible, it would spell the end for your party, there may be a few exceptions amongst you but I can’t think who they are.

Topically, I am reminded of William Shakespeare’s, “Cry ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the dogs of war” Money was once a means of exchange, now it is a means of economic warfare, as such it is globally the most used and abused weapon of mass destruction.

Little did we realise at the time, the bankers global economic crash was a window of opportunity to attack the poor, to rebrand us as grasping losers, as welfare opportunists and a source of modern slave labour. You have abandoned civilisation for plunder. You leech off us and loathe us in equal measure in your, as Ken Loach said, “conscious cruelty” towards the poor. It makes me grateful that by fortune of birth I was not born into your loathsome, bigoted, privileged world of inherited wealth and worth.

07_april_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,395

Thursday 07 April 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Tax evaders have an implicit arrogant expectation that everyone else will pay for the social infrastructure that supports their criminal lifestyles. Tax avoidance, whilst technically legal, is the equally morally bankrupt equivalent of tax evasion.

Those who exploit such practices even have the temerity and arrogance to accuse people (like me) of the politics of envy. What they fail to understand or wilfully propagandise to their own advantage, is that it is not envy of their wealth that prompts indignation and even outrage, it is their self serving greed and their disdain for the common wealth of ordinary people that supports them.

You really should understand this better than most as your own father established Blairmore Holdings Inc, in Panama in 1981 in which its 2006 investment prospectus stated, “The directors intend that the affairs of the fund should be managed and conducted so that it does not become resident in the UK for UK taxation purposes. Accordingly… the fund will not be subject to UK corporation tax or income tax on its profits.” At this time it is moot whether you profited by your fathers tax arrangements, what matters is the issue of financial arrangements which exist to evade or avoid taxation of which you are indisputably fully aware.

Even the most politically ill informed must surely be aware of the issue of tax dodging but it is likely that these shady pursuits could well have continued unremarked were it not for one thing, you have weaponised money in the UK. Under your government money (the means of survival) has become weaponised as a means of punishment and torture in order to force compliance to government dictat causing material and life threatening harm to millions.

It is possible that you might still have got away with your ‘permanent austerity’ and ‘all in this together’ rhetoric were it not for egregious policies that reward the rich with tax breaks and protection, including tax havens in British crown dependent territories, whilst impoverishing and depriving poor, sick and disabled people of support and even the means of survival, costing thousands of lives.

The pressure you are under is of your own making. If you want someone to blame for the political storm that is sweeping this country, look in the mirror. If you are feeling hounded and persecuted, it is no more than you have been dishing out for six years to millions of ordinary people. It is too late to expect mercy, the mercy ship sank a long time ago and you were at the helm and if tax evaders and avoiders are beginning to exude some perspiration, it is not before time.

Cameron tax avoidance: If dodgy Dave isn’t getting the money, who will?