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A letter a day to number 10. No 1,447

Saturday 28 May 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I am sick and tired of fear and hate mongering. Your threat of war if we leave the EU, Boris Johnson’s argument against staying by comparing the EU to a Nazi superstate, the latest Osborne threat to pensions and pensioners if we leave, Priti Patel wanting to halve the ‘burden’ of the EU social and employment laws to give a guesstimated £4.3 billion boost to the economy on Brexit and create 60,000 new jobs without workers protections (we have more than enough job insecurity as it is).

Let’s not forget Zac Goldsmith and his shameful use of the 7/7 bombings against Sadiq Khan in the London mayoral election and especially Iain Duncan Smith’s terror campaign of sanctions on poor and vulnerable people and the subsequent deaths.

It rolls on and on, it’s been going on too long and it is a betrayal of the nation.

The latest breaking news is that there have been anonymous bomb threats to at least 27 schools up and down the country, many of them primary schools, threatening beheadings and shootings, forcing evacuations and, of course, a massive police response.

It is detestable that terrorism and modern warfare, which is itself terrorism, routinely target civilians. Despite all the weasel words, civilians and civil infrastructure are primary targets in modern warfare. This is the vilest kind of war for which governments and terrorist groups are guilty, though not in equal measures, state warfare far exceeds terrorism in civilian deaths across the world. Unicef reports: “Civilian fatalities in wartime climbed from 5 per cent at the turn of the century, to 15 per cent during World War I, to 65 per cent by the end of World War II, to more than 90 per cent in the wars of the 1990s.” Children are not spared as Unicef notes, “It is estimated that 500,000 under-five-year-olds died as a result of armed conflicts in 1992 alone.” Under fives – military targets!?! Half a million children is not a mistake!

And who can forget Madeleine Albright’s response when asked if the half million children who died in Iraq (more than died in Hiroshima) due to sanctions was worth it, “I think this is a very hard choice,” she said, “but the price – we think the price is worth it.”

What makes me sick to my bones is not just that school children are under threat from filthy anonymous cowards, but that in asking myself who would benefit from such an obscenity I now have to acknowledge that government itself has a stake in such fear and terror tactics. I have to question just how low would my government stoop in spreading terror across this nation? And you know what, I will never forgive you that such a thought would ever occur to me, but you have brought it on yourselves. You are as guilty as sin if for no other reason than the lies and fear which you have sown.

A government that lies to the people renders itself illegitimate.

Boris Johnson compares EU to Nazi superstate

Who let the cats out? Priti Patel suggests we could lose half our EU work rights after #Brexit



A letter a day to number 10. No 1,427

Sunday 08 May 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

It’s a curious juxtaposition; Lynton Crosby knighted for services to dirty politics by an unelected head of state and Sadiq Khan becoming Mayor of London on the biggest personal democratic mandate in British political history.

Bizarrely Sadiq Khan was also the target of the dirtiest election campaign in UK history by Lynton Crosby’s team of purveyors of political filth.

Jemima Goldsmith, sister of Zac Goldsmith, front man in the campaign against Khan, publicly criticised the appalling campaign and was reported as saying it ‘did not reflect the type of person she knows him to be’. Maybe so, but then the best we can say of Goldsmith is that he acted in a spineless and contemptible manner.

In the MailOnline Goldsmith wrote, ‘London stands on the brink of a catastrophe, the shockwaves from which would be felt across the country’, above a picture of the remains of a bus destroyed in the 7/7 London bombings. He went on, ‘As a beacon of freedom, diversity and prosperity throughout the ages, London will always be in the cross-hairs of pan-European terror movements’. You could almost taste the implied bomb threat being masterminded by Khan.

Hidden in the background of the elections we learnt the following. Nicky Morgan U-turned on forced acadamisation, until she can find a sneakier way to do it, I suppose. Jeremy Hunt has agreed to suspend the imposition of the junior doctors contract and to talk; seeing will be believing. G4S has fouled up again, against claims of staff assaulting children, Medway Young Offenders Institute will come under government control. How many foul up’s does it take to stop you using and abusing our tax money as a cash cow for private companies?

Using UN data the Food Foundation thinktank reports that more than 8 million people in Britain struggle to put enough food on their tables. You know, the right to life is not an abstract idea; without the means of survival then the right to life is being openly abused and austerity is a human rights issue especially given that we can seemingly afford to give tax breaks to the wealthy and for corporations. Austerity has always been an ideologically driven imposition aimed exclusively at the poor for which people are paying with their lives.

There is a line, Mr Cameron, and it was crossed so far back it’s out of sight, but thankfully not out of mind. Since 2010 you have served Britain with malicious intent and you and your government are corrupt to the core.


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,422

Wednesday 04 May 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Congratulations on being the party of hate, prejudice and fear, one of the most loathsome, putrid, stains on Britain in our long divisive history.

From the Irish potato famine genocide, to the massacre of 379 unarmed and peaceful demonstrators in Amritsar, India, in 1919, to the destruction of thousands of documents of the colonial crimes of the British empire, Britain has a long dark history of what can best be described as the brutal oppression by its aristocratic elites of the lives of ordinary people. It’s not a history that is taught in schools, certainly not in my day, and it’s never mentioned by those who expect us to break out the bunting and wave flags to celebrate Britain’s greatness in slavish devotion to the majesty of power.

Nothing has changed, the patronising, authoritarian, arrogance of your government is an indictment against you, treating ordinary people like serfs, telling us to be hard working when you have no idea what hard work is, telling disabled people they have to earn their keep or starve, robbing women of their pensions, casting aside care services for those who have spent their lives working for this country, rebuilding it after WWII. The blind self serving arrogance of it takes my breath away.

Who does Zac Goldsmith think he is? He’s just some rich popinjay with barely enough sense to tie his own shoelaces. His bigoted racism towards Sadiq Khan has all the arrogance of a court fop, I am surprised he doesn’t hold a scented kerchief to his nose when he’s amongst the hoi polloi. I suppose he’ll attract some votes from those too blind to see, more fool them.

The Independent reports that ‘more sick days are lost to depression and anxiety than any other illness at the Department of Work and Pensions, more than 112,000 days off sick because of mental health problems in the year to 31 January 2016’. It’s hardly surprising in a regime designed to brutalise and punish the poor, although, of course, the DWP has come out with its usual fatuous denial saying, “Mental health problems are complex, and to try to link them to one thing – such as welfare reform – is misleading and irresponsible.” A department that thinks the poor can be incentivised by depriving them of the means of survival is, I am sure, convinced that those forced to impose such sanctions have a cushy number.

Since the crash the rich have more than doubled their wealth ably assisted by your government, the notion of the trickle down effect, that the poor will get to enjoy some crumbs falling from the tables of the rich, is revealed for all its sick, arrogant, nonsense. Blaming the poor, mistreating the poor, exploiting the poor and hounding them to death is traditional, it’s what made Britain supposedly great, great for the few at the expense of the many. It was ever thus, but never so utterly loathsome as you hate filled Tories today.


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,421

Tuesday 03 May 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I do not know Zac Goldsmith, I’ve never met the man nor spoken with him, but everything I’ve read about him suggests he is a likeable guy.

As he’s running in a bid to become Mayor of London I would not normally pay too much attention given that I thankfully live in the lush green hills of Somerset but the stridency of his campaign drew my attention. My principle thought was, this campaign has Lynton Crosby written all over it and I was not surprised to learn that his campaign team includes key members of the Crosby team who led your election campaign.

Crosby is a dirt digging propagandist of the worst kind and knows how to make dirt stick and I am guessing the two of you probably got on like a house on fire.

Back in 2013 Goldsmith apparently said he wasn’t interested in running for Mayor, calling it a “suicide mission”, saying, ‘People have had enough of white male Etonians.” He got that right and should have stuck to his guns, instead he decided to run and what followed has been a different sort of suicide mission than perhaps he expected, but he might just have well have put his head down the toilet and pulled the chain.

I have read more than one report that Goldsmith is not comfortable with how the campaign is being run and confided that his handlers were working him to the bone and it appears to me that he hasn’t really got what it takes to run such a dirty campaign, it doesn’t gel.

But before anyone gets dewy eyed for poor old Zac, he’s walked into this eyes wide open and with enough independent wealth to have told the everyone involved to shove their campaign where the sun doesn’t shine. But he didn’t!

So not only is he a hapless fool, a victim of vile propagandists himself, he’s also a gutless fool who, when the going got tough, caved in to a campaign team with all the moral considerations of a bunch of sharks in a feeding frenzy who were prepared to use an image from the London 7/7 bombings to suggest that this is what Londoners could expect if Sadiq Khan, a Muslim, a civil rights lawyer and chairman of Liberty for three years, is elected Mayor of London. Not only should Goldsmith be forced to abandon his pretensions for mayor, he should be drummed out of parliament never to darken the doors of politics ever again.


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,419

Sunday 01 May 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Politics is a cess pool of filth. What we are seeing today is a crime that lacks a name, it’s a PR driven filth machine.

Every politician engaging in this filth is a vile creature without conscience and part of a cancer that should be utterly crushed and eradicated.

I am ashamed of what I see and have to endure on a daily basis. There is no debate, no sense or reason, other than the pursuit of personal gain through the most vile and perverted means.

Zac Goldsmith is a political disgrace, engaging in what’s called dog whistle politics, he’s seeking election through vilification. He has nothing to offer and is a self aggrandising propagandist.

The EU referendum is awash with liars pursuing agendas that have nothing of the public good in them. Fear mongering and falsehoods abound on both sides showing utter contempt for the public. In or out, we are assaulted by liars.

I am proud to be political, politics impacts every facet of our lives and I adhere to the saying, ‘the personal is political’, but when I see it being corrupted as it is today I am filled with loathing and disgust.

Your behaviour at Prime Ministers Question Time, were in any other sphere, would merely shame you, but given the office that you pretend to, yet betray daily, is a personal insult to everyone in the nation.

The House of Commons has become a circus ground in which serious political debate and profound social issues are mocked, jeered and ridiculed. People starve and die and yet Tory MP’s laughed and jeered when told of the hardship people were suffering. Your kind of politics is a festering, suppurating, boil that needs nothing so much as lancing and being forcibly expunged forever.